Ochocinco’s Ties To TheDirty.com Exposed!!!


Ochocinco & Thedirty Nik Richie Connection

HSK Exclusive – Chad “Ochocino” Johnson is being revealed as a secret source for TheDirty.com.

We’re told the fallen football star most recently used Nik Richie’s platform as a spot to report positive news about himself, just before he was hauled off to jail. Don’t believe me.. Ask Evelyn Lozada.

Here’s the drop:

Ochocino is a fame whore dude. He sends Nik Richie stories everyday, asking dude to post them. Most of Ochocino’s stories were about himself because he’s a fucking egomaniac.

If Ochocino was sending Nick stories, I’m sure he was sending TMZ stories too.”

Nik Richie & Chad Ochocinco Johnson


  1. I could tell that Chad needed to be put on when he changed his name to two spanish digits.. ocho, cinco gthoh. what would I sound like changing my name to Sher 8 5.. It would definitely be obvious that I needed attention. It’s too bad that he is walking around with such a great deficit, that he has turned himself into a clown. Maybe it has something to do with their father. On RB Diva’s Syleena said, “he’s the worst father ever.” smh

    • just a black man shame; he may have always wished to be noticed. but boo, this isnt the way to do it suga.

  2. This is the same asshead that was walking around with a Homemade Hall of Fame yellow jacket. What a thirsty dykhead.

    • wow; hall of fam jacket; that was made up. he wont go on the route of a hall of famer now…. just a real life looser.

  3. This kneegrow right here sets Black men back about 150 damn years. His thirst for the spotlight is so lame. Any woman that sorry excuse of a man to have sex with her, impregnate her or marry her deserves everything she gets.

    • R IN NYC,

      So, in layman’s terms “they don’t deserve a damn thing” because along with all the OTHER dumb-ass things we’ve all heard he’s done we have to add:


      Film At 11p.

  4. In reading all of Chad’s financial, domestic problems and getting arrested, I know that Cheryl Burke his dancing with the stars pro partner, is glad that she kicked him to the curb.

    He was wining, dining and giving Cheryl lavish gifts, while trying to get with her. It’s really sad to see him go down like this.

    But, they always say that pride comes before the fall.

    • Black Pearl,

      Was he doing all this “wining, dining & bearing gifts” before or after he cease to have the ability to make his 5 child support payments is what I’d like to know.

      I’m telling you…
      I find it so hard to feel sorry for this guy.
      Him & Evelyn could have “pulled off that charade called their marriage, got their show, made an ass of themselves while getting paid to do so & go on with life” BUT…neither of them could contain themselves & what we see now is a result of all that.

      My thing is this…
      Are those children going to get their support money & when because the everyday black guy who is NOT a ballplayer gets no slack from the courts and not to mention…the KIDS have needs & necessities. I’m not discussing the mothers because he didn’t marry them & THEY ARE NOT HIS RESPONSIBILITY but those kids damn sure are & far as I’m concerned HE WENT OUT OF HIS WAY TO MAKE EACH OF THEM BY NOT PROTECTING HIMSELF.

      • He was on Dancing with the Stars about 3-4 years ago. I really didn’t know anything about him until I saw him on the show.

    • trust. him giving gifts, wining and dining isnt nothing new 1 bit. he feels he had it so why not do it, on top of being a womanizer.

    • hmm true; and thats only if he didnt do the right thing with it. trip; do you ever see him praising the 1 above? nope not at all. its always a chad time, and want to be seen as a bling bling type of dude, he have self doubts about his own self. poor child….

    • it sure is. and will stay the same. hey chad; why was u out in la, being at a wannabe so called football trainer training camp. ur so lost with real time. ballers are young bucks now; didnt you see the draft; seet 20 yr olders is popping it. ur days of shine is over. go sit in the corner and hide. suck ur thumb.

  5. I know I’m wrong for doing so at this late juncture, HOWEVER, I can’t resist…

    Is this big dummy fool out of jail yet?

    For those who may not know…
    This “idiot” slapped his attorney on the ass WHILE IN COURT thanking him for “taking care of his domestic violence case.” THIS all BEFORE the judge was about to let him go with probation & a few hours of community service. The judge got mad, changed her mind & gave his ass 30 days in jail! Even with all the money he’s had he STILL doesn’t know how to behave…not even in court!

    I said it first! 🙂