Olivia Longott Loses Whip & Crib After Creepin’ W/ Salt’s Hubby!



    Olivia doesn’t seem to be gettin’ any Love after Hip Hop. That’s because months after the “Walk Away” singer’s Benz was repo’d, we’re told she’s back living at her momma’s!

    “Olivia recently moved back to her parents place in Cambria Heights because the checks from the show stopped coming in.”

    It’s a situation which Liv may have long had coming. Know why? Our tipster tells us … just one year ago, Olivia was creepin’ with [Salt-n-Pepa rapper] Cheryl ‘Salt’ James-Wray’s husband!!! So, while Gavin ‘Whatta Man’ Wray was playing house with Salt — as the pair raised their two kids together — Olivia was bustin’ it wide open for him on a sneak tip. That’s while dude’s said to have been secretly acting as the sponsor for Olivia’s whip.

    Here’s the drop:

    “Gavin used to pay her car notes for the CLK that she had, but when she started f*cking with the basketball player he stopped and her car got repo’d. Her credit is f*cked up. This is why Rich Dollaz’ mother co-signed for her Edgewater, New Jersey apartment.”

    Olivia Longott Car Repo'ed


    1. The scriptures always follow right after the hardship. If people kept God first, they may lessen their hardships or at least be able to deal with them gracefully. Olivia had no backbone. She thought she was more marketable than Erica Mena. Undoubtedly, Olivia’s voice is better than Erica’s, but talent means squat today. Erica is collecting checks from the show, has endorsements galore AND she is back with Rich. If Olivia had just done her and focused on her own career, she would still be collecting checks and at least have viable singles charting on iTunes. Her career is officially OVER. BTW, the basketball player has been in the picture for close to 2 years now. Gavin is late.

      • My man maintains my car precisely because I am not a gold digger. When a woman is genuinely humble, men tend to be generous, if that’s their personality. I never ask or expect anything and yet heh’s the sweetest most giving man I have ever known. All I’m saying is the only thing I hope to get a diamond…not a trashy Evelyn Lozada doorknob style monstrosity, either. I really just wanna be WIFED

        • So does my man. He just got me four tires for my Mercedes. He feels as its his job. Now when its time to cook his ass a meal, I get to it.

      • Anonymous | January 2nd, 2014 at 06:46,

        Trust me, I’m glad you posted your comment anonymously because you sound like a pathetic weak individual posing as what’s supposed to be a “MAN.”

        You honestly believe your comment was reasonable? Had you said you wouldn’t pay the car note of a lady you “weren’t” married to we’d understand but you came in here with some offhand backwards ass comment in regards to your WIFE of whom you are supposed to love & cherish. One could understand if you simply could not financially afford to pay your wife’s car note. THAT can be construed as real & plausible as that’s honestly the case in many marriages but that’s not what you said.

        Another anonymous writer said it best when they said you’re most likely the type “who won’t pay his wife’s car note because you’re too busy paying your other woman’s car note.”

        You would do well to master your man skills. As head of your household you should FIRST grasp the “hunt, protect & provide” theory. If you’re in here bragging about how you don’t pay your wife’s car note one can only imagine how F’d up your marriage may actually be…smh.

      • ‘Hustlin’ backwards’ ain’t the word. I’m still trying to figure out how you have not one, but TWO major record deals (One with the svengali of svengalis of music [Clive Davis], and the other with the one-time ‘Hottest rapper in the game’ and a savvy businessman in his own right [50 Cent]) and STILL manage to come up empty after being in the game for 10 years. Like I said before about Olivia, she’s pretty much Charli Baltimore status, the only differences between the two being that Olivia doesn’t have kids and Charli never appeared on a Reality Show. Apparently finding the right exec to f*ck and suck is more difficult than one would think *shrugs*

          • DaRa, I don’t get what you mean–She still didn’t go back to who? I don’t watch those bullshit shows so I don’t know about any of this. Like I said in another post about Olivia some time ago, I’m still surprised she can’t make it in the Industry despite being exactly what the Industry wants in terms of a ‘black (She’s mixed w/Native American and Cuban, similar to the top ‘black’ mainstream singers of our time, Beyonce and Rihanna [Inculde one of the Queens of the Tragic Mulattoes {Halle Berry is another one} Mariah Carey if you want])’ female singer: She’s mixed/light-skinned and attractive with non-African features which would make her a shoe-in for mainstream (White) acceptance, has talent which people have seen and can vouch for, and, perhaps most importantly in the Industry, is willing to sleep with and follow the directions of whoever will advance her career.

            That being said, it must be another reason Olvia can’t catch a break in the Industry, or at least a break actually worth something.

            • Rah, Rich actually told Liv she could come back but she didn’t. Rich hinted he had a crush on Liv and still do. I think it has sumthing to do with Erica Mena and the fact that Rich took her song and gave it to Liv. That’s why her and Erica can’t get along because of a song. Rich knew Liv had talent, but Erica well let’s just say no talent brod with heavy auto tune.

              • Got it, DaRa. Thanks for clarifying that. For a second there, I thought you meant Olivia had the chance to go back to making real money at one of the labels she got dropped from (Not that G-Unit could do anything for her now, anyway–They’ve been floundering since before she got dropped) lol

    2. clive dropped her, and her album with g unit never came out and yes 50 was all about himself she was dyking with missy.

    3. olivia was putting in gavin who was supposed to be holier than thou heard he was on rap a lot a while ago.

      or was it salt who is holier than thou never fell for those bullchit christian attitudes anyway always whjen the money stops and the fame dies some artists wanna find jesus.

      • I was kinda around them hills.. Liv and Alicia Keyes ummm couldn’t get along after a while.. lets just say Clive knew who the cash cow was..I think if Liv NEVER mixed business with pleasure she would have MORE oppurtunities.. BUT SO WOULD MOST OF US.. HAHA

    4. Damn she is stupid! If I was messy a married man that got money like, Imma make damn sure to 1) Keep my shut, 2) Make damn sure he will be the ONLY ONE WHO IS GETTING MY WHO WHO, AND NOT OTHER MFS. & 3) Made damn sure he giving me money because I am sure is going to put it in my bank account. I told yall she can’t hustle worth a damn!

      • DaRa… gurrrl you give me life! I know this is an old thread and post, but I’m just now reading it for the first time. You have a way of breaking things down to the nuts and bolts like nobody else. I’m so glad you started posting here and I hope you never stop. πŸ˜‰

    5. Majority of these individuals on these reality shows are broke. Music doesnt pay the bills. Unfortunately Olivia your time came and went. Its time to work a 9 to 5 like the rest of us.

          • Tommy Mottola, Mariah Carey’s ex, was the one who disposed of MJ. Clive Davis disposed of Whitney. Remember Aretha was extremely ill prior to Whitney’s death? Whitney was still on that stuff, so it was much easier to set Whitney up. That’s why Aretha didn’t attend Whitney’s funeral.

    6. This singer seems to have a bad energy stuck on her. She seems to look as if something stinks all the time. She is so frowned up and a singer needs to have a good attitude from some where, some how find a light with in she is supposed to represent the hope. Mean while she sits around like a hopeless little brat being very mean to people who are trying to kiss her too pretty for her own good ass. Momma Jones said she was a jump off and now it looks like her career may have jumped off to.

    7. U got that rite! I heard Fantasia just reunited with Clive
      I hope she be careful cause Clive remind me of a serpent

      • There are rumors swirling around Fantasia re: her being suicidal — again. I pray she makes it through her struggles. She has had abortions, lost her mansion, her career took a tumble and she is unlucky in love. Her son’s father is garbage. He used Fantasia for a come up, but that backfired, so he returned to his wife. Her son’s father will get what’s coming to him, though. I think he and his wife were even speaking about trying to get custody of Dallas. That would push Fanny over the edge. Smh

    8. SMH @ this never-was has been.

      This bitch’s entire “career” has been f*cked up, lol! Now she stooping to f*cking married men to pay for shit. HOE if you was gonna do that, you should have f*cked for TRACKS instead of car payments. SMH @ this OLD ASS BITCH NOT KNOWING THE GAME YET.

    9. is she still the basketball player and you guys think her melanie fiona and chrisette michelle are simillar or on the same boat music wise?

      • No, because Melanie and Chrisette are at least new(er) artists who still have a chance to do something. Olivia has been in the game over 10 years, had two major record deals, and only has one relased album no one cared about, a shelved second one, and a handful of singles that (Again) no one cares about. She’d have more of a chance if she got w/the right team, but that’s becoming more unlikely by the day, especially when she was on that bullshit ‘Reality’ show just to garner interest and a few paychecks. Not trying to be cruel, just stating facts.

    10. I never liked olivia on the show, her attuitude was stank, her singning wack and she was a major hater to everyone that wanted to do something muscially.

    11. Cheryl β€œSalt” James of Salt n’ Pepa Is Forced Out of Her House! Selling Before She Put Out!” Gavin probably was paying for “whips” then when The James couldn’t pay for there home. I would kick his ass!

    12. Never have any type of relationship with a married man.Olivia is just reaping what she sowed! Casey Grimes-Finley Chicago,Illinois


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