Omarion’s Male Lover Revealed…


Omarion Lover - Jason Lee

HSK Exclusive – It has recently been brought to my attention that Omarion has had a secret gay lover in the Los Angeles area for several years.

That person is Jason Lee. Jason is a Los Angeles area nurse who moonlights as a PR rep for various celebrities who can not afford a professional publicity representative. Don’t believe me? Just ask Claudia Jordan.

Here is what a friend of the pair revealed:

“Jason had a birthday party at a Los Angeles nightclub back in August. Omarion was his special guest. The two of them spent a lot of the night cuddled in a private VIP section of the club where no one could see.

They’ve had an ongoing relationship for at least 3 years that I know of”

Does Omarion have a thing for male nurses? Of course he does! Don’t believe me.. Ask celebrity stylist Joe Exclusive.


  1. Jason is a loud queen btw..he’s super messy… I wouldn’t be surprised if he planted this story himself.

  2. LOL reading this article made me think of that scene from one of those staged Kardashian shows where Omarion was trying to “settle down” with Khloe….lmao no one believed that shit because A, Omarion is gay as hell and B, his act cannot act at all and it showed in that episode. I mean when Khloe shut him down he could barely keep a straight face while supposedly being “mad”….probably because his man was back at home waiting lol…come out the closet already, icebox man!!!!

  3. Dat dude looks a little like Chris stokes. LOL chris used to tear into his boy group members. What a nasty perverted mother fuka.

  4. Question: when young boys are molested and tampered with, is it pretty much guaranteed that they will be bisexual or homosexual later in life?

    • I don’t think it’s guaranteed but it’s likely. If a boy has his first experience with a man and it feels good to him, he becomes confused….especially if he has never been with a female. Sexual abuse is not just physical, it becomes mental and emotional. The abuser takes away the victim’s right to decide for himself who he wants to become sexually involved with. This is why it is so important to protect our youth from sexual abuse. The abuse can be life altering in more ways than one.

    • Yes. I think more often than not they do become gay or bi. The ones who are straight still have problems with women. Oprah did a show last year with hundreds of male sex abuse victims. Quite a few had marital and sexual issues because of their abuse.

      Child molesters should be put to death IMO. The harm the do is great and permanent for a lot of people.

      • when you assume…..

        I was molested as a child (4 years old) and I am not a homosexual nor do I have issues with women.

        So much speculation I think should be left to proper science which NONE of reputable stature back-up your assumption.

  5. Not sursprised, Bow Wow is somewhere crying. He’s back to “pretending” he’s with Angela Simmons again. Meanwhile he’s in Baby’s “stable” of boys at YMCMB. Messy.

  6. who cares, I stiiiiiiiill luv when he did “Touch” with my baby momma Danielle Ninja.. and I like a lot of his songs.. “I gotta ice-box where my heart used to be”.. some good ass writers for sure

  7. I really do not think that he is gay……I don’t have proof, I did however, see him performance once and he was not at all giving me any signs that he was a poop pusher. I think he likes girls with pretty smiles:-)

  8. You people believe everything you hear. Jason used to run a site called Low Key Messy, he’s a messy dude and thats for sure. But this little rumor is so false that it’s funny. Jason Lee is homosexual, but Omarion is not. They’re just friends, not even that good of friends. Relax.

  9. There has been many speculations on Omarion’s sexual preference , but no actual valid evidence to support tthis claim. However, there has been verbal allegation from his former members from B2K of him being homosexual. But again no valid proof.

  10. Omarion ain`t gay his hot and yall just jelous and hatin cuz his getting all dem fyn girlz haterz will alwayz hate but will never stop poeple from luvin`u