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Suge Knight Assassination Attempt @ VMA Pre-Party

August 24th, 2014

Suge Knight Dead

With your Host…Chris Brown!

Death Row Records founder Suge Knight is undergoing surgery after being shot twice – once in the arm and stomach – during a VMA pre-party hosted by Chris Brown.

Knight walked out of the club following the shooting, according to police sources. He was then put in an ambulance and taken to hospital. Continue Reading…

Nikko Smith Pulls Smash N’ Shoot On Nicole Murphy?

August 22nd, 2014

Nicole Murphy Sextape

Turn Up Near NJ Turnpike???

HSK Exclusive – Could Nikko already be plotting his sex tape sequel … with Nicole Murphy smashing in place of Mimi? We may soon be seeing the reported Scandalous play take effect! “Nikko is in possession of the sex tape,” says our source. “Sooner or later, he’s going to start the leak with stills.” Continue Reading…

Bill Cosby Drops Book of Side Chicks & Turnt Times!

August 22nd, 2014


‘Cosby even talked about how aging had affected his roving eye for women.’

Dang! It must suck to be in Camille Cosby’s shoes right now. That’s because it seems like Bill Cosby – Camille’s husband of 50-years – just put their personal business out there… infidelities and all!

“He told one longtime girlfriend that he wanted to put an end to their relationship, and then he invited the woman and her mother - who had always disapproved of her daughter being involved with a married man, out to dinner.” Continue Reading…

Beyonce Rollin’ WITHOUT Jay Z TO Big VMA Night!

August 22nd, 2014


Industry word reveals Beyonce will be without her Jigga on her big night. We’re talking about the VMA’s, going down this Sunday.

Assigned seating for the televised event reveals “Bey will take the front row, just seats away from Lil Wayne.” As for Jay Z’s seating placement, there is no mention made. Continue Reading…

Talib Kweli Accuses Don Lemon & CNN Of Delivering ‘Oppressors’ Narrative’

August 22nd, 2014


#Ferguson : The Real Deal From The Front Line

Talib Kweli has spoken for the people! His message is clear: “Without the people on the ground – like Occupy Wall Street – there is no story.” According to the rapper and human rights activist, if it weren’t for peaceful protesters, such as himself, the REAL STORY may not be told!

“As an artist, I wanted to put my money where my mouth is,” said Talib Kweli. “Supporting a community that’s been brutalized. I have a son that was Mike Brown’s age, it could have happened to him.. it could happen to me.. it could happen to you.Continue Reading…

V. Stiviano Outs Sterling To Cover Tranny-Tracks?

August 22nd, 2014



“She claims for three-years she was Sterling’s opposite-sex escort, who he paraded in public to conceal a truth he wanted to keep private.”

Is V. Stiviano attempting to cover-up any trans-gender-traces by putting out word that she “helped Donald Sterling hide his homosexuality”? Who knows or even cares? But since Stiviano brought it up… if Sterling is gay, wouldn’t that place V. Stiviano in the questionable bracket? Just sayin’… Continue Reading…



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