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Kendra Wilkinson Pays the Bills

September 22nd, 2010

Hank Basket has just moved to pimp status. Know why? He’s now living off of his wife, Kendra, after being dropped from the Philadelphia Eagles. Now that the wide receiver needs a job, I suggest he packs up the family to move to Canada – that’s where he could play in Canadian Football League.

Hank is a bum dude who fumbled the football during last year’s Super Bowl, costing the Indiana Colts the game. Washed up football players like Hank are now stooping to playing arena football just to continue their American football careers, proving Kendra’s theory of the N.F.L also standing for “not for long.” So until Hank gets a job, the profits from Kendra’s porn, book and reality show will fund the family.

Don’t you agree?

Pastor Eddie Diddles His Spiritual Sons

September 22nd, 2010

A sex scandal has surfaced surrounding one Atlanta, Georgia ‘holy man’. Now, a pair of the well-known pastor’s victims are speaking out and suing the disgraced Baptist leader.

Pastor Eddie Long is now facing allegations of coercing spiritual sons of his church into sex…WTF?!?!? According to the now 20-year-old and 21-year-old alleged victims, Pastor Long began targeting the boys for sex when they were just 16-years-old, one year older that the legal age of consent in Georgia. That’s when the pair of ‘spiritual sons’ say Pastor Long seduced them with cars, money, clothes and jewelry — all in exchange for sex. They say on several occasions Pastor Long paid for the boys to accompany him on several overnight trips across the country, adding that Pastor Long dubbed them his ‘spiritual sons’ to keep them on the church’s payroll. Continue Reading….

California Pot Growers Join Teamsters Union

September 21st, 2010

California medical pot growers have join the ranks of organized labor. Over 40 growers have joined the Teamsters union, and they all have one thing in common — they work for Marjyn investments, an Oakland business which contracts marijuana growth for patients.

Growing pot is a good job to have during this lengthy recession. Know why? Because these gardeners, trimmers, and cloners are now set to set pensions, paid vacations, and raises (jumping from $18 per hour to $25.75 per hour).

Here’s what a Teamster who acted as the growers liaison had to say: “This is a whole new ballgame. I’m not sure what the union will do if it’s new members run afoul of federal law enforcement but I do believe state laws makes the industry legitimate. The Teamsters would never organize an illegal business.” Continue Reading….

Playboy Offers J-Woww Big Bucks To Get Naked

September 21st, 2010

Playboy magazine has offered Jersey Shore’s J-Woww $400,000 to pose naked. And though the reality personality, whose real name is Jeni Farley, has no qualms with baring all for the magazine there may be some stipulations in her contract with Jersey Shore that could stop her from taking the deal.

Here what J-Woww had to say about the offer: “Final offer is standing, Hopefully, it will go through.”

I can’t believe this non-talented, ugly, steroid-taking tramp is being offered close to half of million dollars to take off her clothes. What have we as a society become? Sadly, teenage girls look up to airheads like J-Woww and Heidi Montag — that’s disgusting…especially when we all know J-Woww would get naked for free (just give her a few beers and a couple of lines of coke and that should do it).

Don’t you agree?

Who are You Calling a Gossip Columnist?!?

September 21st, 2010



UPDATE: HSK told you back in November about LA Reid being ousted from Def Jam….Well that day has finally come. Now who are you calling a Gossip Columnist? (via TheYBF.com)


HSK has received a handful of comments from people claiming hollywoodstreetking.com is a gossip site, but guess what? They are so fucking wrong.

I do not base HSK posts on gossip, they are based on facts, and information as we know it. It’s a fact that Interscope Records is reported to be solely releasing singles, in the coming future — Ask Jimmy Iovine.  I’m also told that Def Jam Records will no longer be a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, because it will folded under the umbrella of Universal Music Group. Plus, it’s reported that L.A. Reid is set to be removed from Universal Music Group — Ask Chris Lighty. Continue Reading…

Cheating Scandal Victim Speaks Out Against Home Wreckers

September 20th, 2010

Chico DeBarge Children

HSK Exclusive - As HSK continues to bring our readers detailed coverage of cheating celebrities, our audience seems to be happily entertained — but has anyone really sat down to think about the damage done to families as a result of these cheating scandals? Now, one woman who has sadly fallen victim to the wrath of a woman who’s now being dubbed a home wrecker is speaking out against the model who aided in destroying her family’s bond.

Andrea DeBarge is living a very messy and painful divorce from Chico DeBarge and after 9 years of marriage is just now learning about his numerous affairs including an extramarital affair with former Deal Or No Deal model, Claudia Jordan. What’s even more troubling is the fact that this isn’t the first time Jordan has been exposed as having intimate relations with taken men. Continue Reading….

Who’s Jacky Talking About? – September 20, 2010

September 20th, 2010

who is jacky talking about

The blind item at the center of this week’s Who’s Jacky Talking About segment is a woman who exploits her children for money and fame — on the streets, she’s known as nothing more than a 55-year-old female pimp. This broad is no stranger to cocaine-fueled parties — back in the day she and her late husband partook in such parties with Nicole Brown and OJ Simpson. Don’t believe me? Ask Faye Resnick.

She was born and raised in San Diego. In 1978 she married her lawyer husband, only to divorced him in 1990. But the truth of the matter is our blind item was sleeping with her current husband while she was married to her first husband, who died in 2003. (She’s a California girl, so I’m not surprised that she cheated on her first husband.) She gave birth to three daughters and one son (all fathered by her first husband), but by 1991 she was divorced and married to her current husband (who’s an Olympic gold medalist). Continue Reading…

Jacky Jasper Uncovers Freddie Foxxx’s Top 5 Fav Songs…

September 20th, 2010

Freddie Foxx Top 5 Favorite Songs

Early today I called Freddie Foxxx (Mr. Bumpy Knuckles) to find out what his his Top 5 Favorite Songs songs are.

Here’s what he listed:

5. Children Story by Slick Rick

4. Smooth Operator by Big Daddy Kane

3. Say It Loud by James Brown

2. Thriller by Michael Jackson

1. King Of Rock by Run DMC

Stay tuned for more celeb Top 5 Fav Songs…

Bench Warrant Issued For LiLo

September 20th, 2010

Lindsay Lohan recently failed her court ordered drug test, testing positive for cocaine and amphetamines (but the actress is prescribed  Adderall, which is an amphetamine). Now, a bench warrant has been issued for Lilo.

Lohan is ordered to face the hanging judge Fox Friday morning…Ouch!!! It looks like Lindsay may be forced to do some more time boys and girls. (Hasn’t T.I. breached his probation too? Why has T.I. the snitch not also been issued a warrant for his arrest?)

Guess who Lindsay and T.I. both remind me of? If you guessed DMX, you’re so right.

Snitches To Testify Against Buju Banton

September 20th, 2010

The jury is in place and trial has begun, surrounding Buju Banton. These Tampa, Florida federal court proceedings come about nine-months after the Jamaican Dancehall superstar was arrested after surveillance camera allegedly caught the singer and associates making a drug transaction with an informant to buy more than five kilos of cocaine. That’s when the informant reportedly told DEA agents that he saw Buju inspecting the cocaine.

If convicted, he faces a possible life sentence. Continue Reading….



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