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Canada Boycotts Nicki Minaj

July 27th, 2010

Canadian border officials didn’t grant Nicki Minaj the green light into the country, forcing the man-made rap artist to cancel a recent Toronto show.

In a recent Tweet, Nicki Minaj explained that the country north of the border thinks she’s “dangerous”, but that’s not true, because I know Canada will ban an American with only a DUI on their record. Don’t believe me? Ask Kool Keith. Continue Reading…

Hulk’s Ex-Wife is WAYYYY Outta Pocket!

July 27th, 2010

With Linda Hogan naming the 50-foot yacht (bought with Hulk’s hard-earned money) “ALIMONEY”, it’s no secret that the 50-year-old mother of two “Hulksters” has taken her divorce to the ultimate level. Now, it looks like the woman who seems to have no shame has topped her disrespectful shenanigans.

The former Mrs. Hulk Hogan is reportedly set to tie the knot with her boy-toy, who’s young enough to be her son! That’s right, insiders say Linda will be saying “I do” to 21-year-old Charlie Hill, next summer…and it’s all set to happen on “ALIMONEY” (no pun intended). Continue Reading…

Jacky Jasper’s 4th Month Without Cigarettes…

July 27th, 2010

Urban Guru – It’s been four months since I’ve had a cigarette, and I feel great. Since I quit smoking, I’ve put on 15-pounds, but the weight is mostly muscle. Know why? Because I’m in the gym three to four days a week, and muscle weighs more than fat. I’m healthy and fit mane. My advice to anyone who’s about to quit smoking is join the gym!

When I smoked I never noticed how much love I have for food. Now that I’m cigarette-free, I actually plan my meals, which are mostly home-cooked ones (my fav). I try very hard to stay away from junk food at all costs.

Now that I’m without cigarettes, my sex life is better…I have a better taste for food…I no longer smell like smoke, and most of all, I feel better about myself! That’s very important.

Don’t you agree?

Is MIke “The Situation” Now Too Big For Jersey Shore?

July 26th, 2010

Guru Jacky says,
“Remember where you come from”

Word on the rumor mill has revealed Mike “The Situation” has developed a huge ego from the popularity he’s gained on “Jersey Shore.” Now, it seems like other cast members of the hit reality series find it irritating to work with him.

Here’s what an insider says:

“The others are all aggravated by him. They can’t bear his ego and that he’s earning so much from deals outside the show. They feared the new season would end up being ‘The Situation Show’ so they are relieved they’ve all signed again. Expect fireworks, because he thinks he’s invincible. Some of the cast are secretly hoping they can force him to walk out like Angelina Pivarnick did on the first season.” Continue Reading…

Who’s Jacky Talking About? – July 26, 2010

July 26th, 2010

This 22-year-old Barbadian beauty was just 16-years-old when she came to America. Since then, she’s done very well for herself. Know why? Because she’s making a living off of something she can’t do too well, which is sing.

Early on in her career, an audition she did for Jay Z landed the non-talented chic a Def/Jam contract (a deal which insiders say she did favors for). Once she signed on the dotted line, Def/Jam gave her the spotlight she was promised, taking the limelight away from other singers like Christian Milian and Terirra Mari.

She dropped her first album in 2005. A track off of that debut record is said to be one which Christian Milian turned down, before LA Reid gave the song to our blind item (who girl can’t sing or dance). White America loved it regardless.

Continue Reading…

M.I.A. Can’t Keep The Charade Up

July 26th, 2010

When the curtain is pulled we see a confused women, with little talent, beats either straight jacked or created on a Casio, and a fake revolutionary who married into one of the wealthiest families in the world. What an ungrateful spoiled little bitch!

Who needs revolution when you have $EAGRAM$!

This past Saturday, July 24th, Governors Island was taken over by music enthusiasts and as Die Antwoord, Rye Rye, Ninjasonik, Skream + Benga, Theophilus London, 12th Planet, and more performed for Hard Fest NYC, headlined by M.I.A.

At around midnight, eclectic, South African hip hop/electronic duo, Die Antwoord, hit the stage and stunned the unsuspecting audience senseless. Easily the crowd favorite of the night, they definitely left a big impression on those that had never seen them before. Continue Reading…

ALL ABOARD!!!! Dr. Dre Joins Gets On the Justin Bieber Express?

July 26th, 2010

Word on the rumor mill has revealed Dr Dre to now be recording with (of all people) Justin Bieber. This new news may force some of you to ask WTF?!?!?!?! But this is not shocking news to me. Know why? Because I believe dude does anything Jimmy Ivoine says.

Dre has gone from recording songs like “Nigga’s For Life”, to helping to create pop records for Eminem. I can’t blame Dre…it’s all about the money, but to team up with today’s’ teen idol Justin Bieber is completely ridiculous! I guess Tupac was right all along, calling these dudes sell out house nigga’s.

Don’t you agree?

Die Antwoord Makes Eminem Seem Like a Trust Fund Kid

July 25th, 2010

Led by the controversial white trash hip-hop trio Die Antwoord, a slew of South African acts aim for a mainstream, international audience.

Consisting of tall, hulking rapper Ninja, tiny, mulleted blond vocalist Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and nondescript, portly DJ Hi-Tek, Die Antwoord (Afrikaans for “the answer”) have stirred up controversy in South Africa thanks to their white-trash, roughneck image. They call their music “zef ninja rap rave”—“zef” being an Afrikaans term akin to “redneck,” and while “ninja” refers to both martial arts and the leader’s handle, it’s worth remembering that in hip-hop slang it’s often a less racially charged substitute for another N-word. With his gold teeth, bared upper half full of ink (on his neck, “Pretty Wise”; on his left pec, a fist gripping a dagger), and a scary-intense gaze, Ninja clearly models himself on American rappers like 2Pac and Eminem. A promotional clip from December features an interview with the trio in front of their modest Cape Town homes, talking about their humble beginnings and present-day in classic keepin’-it-real terms. Continue Reading…

EARTH TO JACKY: Hoes Aren’t Your Friends

July 25th, 2010


Hey what happened? Why aren’t some of my girlfriends getting at me? What… I’m not handsome enough? Am I under weight?
Am I a horrible lover? What is it… Maybe it’s because I’m all about me?

Is it because when the chic’s are talking I cut them off and talk all about my accomplishments?

Could it be that I judge them from the low life men they have dated and don’t want my name to be affiliated with such trash?
Most likely they want somethin’ and I do have it but not for them…not even dick.

  • Why doesn’t Kelz call me anymore? K: remember when you told me the worst thing that ever happened to you? You were fucking Jezzy and he paid you no attention… Jezzy continued to write his lyrics while he was smashin’ you?!?!You said you felt like shit when Jezzy invited his boy to join in. However, you fucked them both anyways…didn’t you? Continue Reading…

Benny Hinn – A Man of Christ?

July 23rd, 2010

Vatican Priests Caught in Gay Sex
Now Benny Hinn Exposed as Adulterer

Self-proclaimed holy man, Benny Hinn has proven to have broken one of the sacred Ten Commandments.

The 57-year-old married television evangelist has recently been exposed as having an affair with a member of his faithful flock. Now, the noted “faith healer” is looking at a divorce. Hinn’s wife of more than 30-years, Suzanne, who Hinn took sacred vows with back in 1979, recently slapped the bible-thumper with divorce papers. This after Hinn was caught frolicking with a blonde during a secret getaway to Rome. That’s where Hinn was spotted checking himself and his mistress into a lavish hotel, reportedly under “an assumed name right out of the Old Testament”.

News like this is nothing new. Hinn is following in the footsteps of most christian preachers…before him Jimmy Swaggart who was also a adulterer, Rev Ike and Oral Roberts were some of the best con men ever . They’re all liars, thieves and hyprocrites mane. Just look at Kirk Franklin…he’s a sex addict and a gay dude who preaches lies every Sunday, and can someone please tell the Gospel group Mary Mary to stop wearing so much make-up and to lose the skin-tight clothes? Don’t they know kids are watching? Continue Reading…



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