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Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Chad Ochocinco Checks In…

February 25th, 2011

Day 13th at the cabin retreat…

Chad Ochocinco Vacation Photo Leak

Colin Powell has changed the name of Jefferson Davis Square to Harriet Tubman Square, and this has Bill O’Reilly furious.

As the Fox Newsman rushes over to share his thoughts with Donald Rumsfeld. As O’Reilly approaches Rumsfeld, Senator Harold Ford walks over to him saying, “Mr O’Reilly…if any Negro bothers you on this plantation, just tell me and I’ll shoot them!” That’s when Rumsfeld walked down the steps of the cabin’s porch wearing army fatigues and holding his AK-47 and said to O’Reilly, “I already know that Powell re-named Jefferson Davis square. Now follow me over there.”

Meanwhile, Colin Powell has convinced half of the blacks at the plantation to join his revolt. Those blacks are burning the cotton fields and destroying everything in their reach. While this is happening, Puffy is teaching Jermaine Hall and his wife Siobhan O’Conner how to do the Macarena dance…

Oliver North is driving around an M41 Walker Bulldog tank and Rumsfeld is leading a army. Some of Rumsfeld troops include house Negroes who wish to stay and save the plantation. Suddenly out of no where, Sheriff Joe Arpaio appears riding on a white horse screaming, “Let’s go kill some Niggers!” Sarah Palin didn’t miss a beat…she quickly screams back at the sheriff, “Harold Ford and Judge Clarence Thomas are good Negroes!” Continue Reading…


Kanye Warns Fans About Gold Digger Tactics

February 24th, 2011

Kanye West Abortion Tweet

Women purposely getting pregnant and plotting for hefty child support payments, was Kanye West’s recent topic of discussion. In a recent Tweet, the rapper warned his 2,508,962 followers that chics are getting knocked up just for the cash.

Here’s what Kanye had to say on the issue:

“An abortion can cost a ballin’ nigga up to 50gs maybe a 100. Gold diggin’ bitches be getting pregnant on purpose. #STRAP UP niggas! It ain’t happen to me but I know people”

Why is Kanye telling us stuff that we already know? Maybe it’s Kanye who’s just finding out about gold diggers. He’s a rookie with a lot of money, and whores like Kim Kardashian see guys like him coming from a mile away. Don’t believe me? Ask Amber Rose! Continue Reading…


Is Charlie Sheen on a Road to Paradise or Hell?

February 24th, 2011

Charlie Sheen Caribbean Vacation

Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Brooke Muller seem to be trying the put their differences aside to mend their relationship. The crack-smoking couple recently packed up for a tropical vacation, taking their entertainment with them — Charlie’s live-in porn star girlfriend, Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly (who they claim is their “nanny”).

Here’s what an inside source had to say:

“Charlie is back to his old self — and that’s not a good thing. So much for rehab at home. He took off with the girls on Wednesday. Kenly is not Charlie’s nanny she fits into his hedonistic fantasies. Charlie talked about building a porn family and now he’s got three women all living with him and taking off on vacation with him.”

In recent months, Charlie Sheen has checked into hospital for smoking crack…Charlie loves crack…female crack, butt crack and cooked rock crack! I believe Charlie’s lust for dangerous women and drugs will lead him to an early death.

Don’t you agree?


Ray J Says He Makes Chics Famous…

February 24th, 2011

Did He Create Kim Kardashian?

Monica Danger Leon - CRAZY!

Ray J recently told a reporter he’s responsible for Kim Kardashian’s career, adding the porn star turned reality personality’s $65M dollar profit is all because of him. Know why? Because Ray believes he created Kim Kardashian as we now know her.

Here’s what Ray J had to say:

“This how I feel about it – I don’t hang with stars, I create stars. So you know Kim was created, Cocktail was created and now I’m off to a new project…I wish them well, I hope they have major success in their life. They’re great girls, they got good heads on their shoulders and I want them to be successful, and I off to the next project.”

Ray J can think what he wants, but the truth is Kimmy used Ray J to become a star!

Ray’s only role was that of being her on-camera sex partner, which catapulted Kim to become the richest porn star ever. So, should Ray get a piece of the Kardashian’s income? Whatever the answer is, that’s not gonna happen. Know why? Because Kris Kardashian has claimed the pimp title! Continue Reading…


Lil Wayne Detained In Opa-Locka Florida – February 24, 2011!

February 24th, 2011

Lil Wayne Arrested Again - February 2011

Update: Wayne was detained after the flight because DEA received a tip, according to our source there were 50 agents on the flight in what sounds to us as a situation where they were all out to get Weezy flying dirty.

The anonymous person who reported Wayne was lying. Know why? Cause Wayne was released with-out any charges a short time later.

So Wayne was essentially detained and then released!

Police – 0

Wayne – 1


Breaking News Exclusive – Our friends at WBHH down in Miami just broke the news that Lil Wayne has been detained today at the Opa-Locka airport (Miami/Dade County) following the landing of his flight from Los Angeles where he has been shooting a video during the last week.

Weezy is currently detained. This story is still developing so please check back soon and we will have updates for you!


Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Steve Stoute Checks In…

February 23rd, 2011

Day 12 at the cabin…

Steve Stoute Artist Rendition

As Bill O’Reilly puts together the 1st Annual Uncle Tom’s Coon Awards, Colin Powell forms an uprising at Jefferson Davis square to break the bondage at the plantation.

Tyler Perry is dressed as Madea as he listens to Colin Powell. That’s when he runs over to Bill O’Reilly and says, “Mr O’Reilly I have news for you!” O’Reilly looked at Tyler with a serious face asking, “Where Is this betrayal taking place… Boy?” Tyler immediately began acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum…rubbing his eyes and stomping his left leg saying, “Powell Is starting trouble at Jefferson Davis square Mr O’Reilly!” O’Reilly pointed the index finger of his right hand at Tyler’s face and said, “Boy go put on some damn pants and a decent shirt and don’t you ever talk to me wearing a dress again!” Tyler started to cry and was about to speak when O’Reilly said, “Shut up and don’t answer me you lady man…Yes you better do as I say lady man…Go tell Donald Rumsfeld it’s Tea Party time…Get the flags and the guns. Why are you still standing here? Get out of my face… Pinhead!” Tyler Perry ran off dressed in drag to tell Donald Rumsfeld the news…

Not knowing that Harold Ford had already told Donald Rumsfeld about the uprising, Tyler heads towards Donald Rumsfeld who was seated on a chair on the cabin’s front porch. Tyler is screaming “Mr. Rumsfeld…Mr. Rumsfeld they’re trying to escape…They’re starting trouble!” Rumsfeld got up from his seat to walk towards a running and screaming Tyler Perry. Continue Reading…


Vibe Magazine Editor Jermaine Hall Files Lawsuit Against Jacky Jasper?

February 23rd, 2011

Jermaine Hall Attacks Bloggers

The editor-in-chief of hip-hop magazine Vibe wants to hunt down the anonymous author of an online rant who called his wife “an ugly wilderbeast [sic]” and accused him of using his position to steer business to her PR company, according to a recent lawsuit.

The poison pen poster, who goes by the name BETonBlack, also posted a photo of the couple’s child on the Web site.

Vibe editor Jermaine Hall and his wife, Leslie, slapped Lipstickalley.com, an online bulletin board dedicated to music, race and celebrity gossip, with legal papers demanding the name of the phantom flamer who they say has libeled them.

On Nov. 7, BETonBlack wrote that Leslie Hall “has a business called Iced Media where [Jermaine Hall] has hooked her up with contracts and clients”—an assertion that the couple denies.

It wasn’t the only time the poster attacked Leslie Hall; in other posts, BETonBlack has called Hall “a butt ugly heiffer [sic],” “the homeliest ugliest busted decrepit disgusting wilderbeast [sic]” and Jermaine Hall’s “manly fangled deranged rhymes with hacker wife.”

Race appears to have been the reason for BETonBlack’s venom. The flamer took offense at the Halls’ interracial marriage and alleged that there are few black photographers, editors or writers at the magazine.

In addition to the identity of BETonBlack, the couple is also seeking damages for defamation, claiming the statements were intended to harm their reputations and livelihood.

Calls to the Halls and their lawyer were not immediately returned. Lipstickalley.com did not immediately respond to a request for comment.



Ask Guru Jacky… (Well It’s More of a Statement!)

February 23rd, 2011

Ask Guru Jacky

By far my brother, your blog is the most informative and down to earth blog out today.

Thank you for an interesting and revealing read. I too am a musician. I’ve released two gospel CDs and I am prepping a new inspirational/smooth jazz project for the summer.

I will keep reading and catching up on your old posts. I wish you all the best my brother.


Thanks Ike. It’s because of people like yourself that I keep doing what I’m doing. I see that you’re a Jazz musician…that’s a beautiful thing…I love Jazz! I hope the new generation will pick it up and keep it alive. That’s why I was so happy when Esperanza Spalding won best new artist at the Grammys. It may have made Justin Bieber and his fan base cry, but I loved it.

We must keep real music alive! I thank you for your support. Keep spreading the good word…

Yours Truly,


Dancing With The Stars Invites Christine O’Donnell

February 23rd, 2011

Delaware’s Christine O’Donnell may have lost the senate race, but now she may be in the running for the title of one of America’s top celebrity dancers. That’s because the right-wing political figure has been invited to compete on television’s Dancing With The Stars.

Here’s what the Tea Party favorite had to say about the invitation:

“My initial reaction was to say no to the show, but others are encouraging me to accept. I’m flattered but my 2yr old nephew has more rhythm than me.”

I don’t know about you guys but I think it’s hilarious that Dancing With The Stars has inviting a woman who has openly admitted that she has two left feet, and is reported to have dabbled in witchcraft and promoted abstinence as the ONLY means of birth control. Continue Reading…


Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Whoopi Goldberg Checks In…

February 22nd, 2011

Day 11 at the cabin…

Whoopi Goldberg Vacation Photos Leaked(click image to enlarge)


Donald Rumsfeld has restrained Oliver North in a head lock as Rumsfeld’s henchman, Rapper Rick Ross (who’s suited up in his correctional officer uniform) aims his pistol at Oliver North’s head saying, “You better do what Mr.Rumsfeld wants Oliver!” Rumsfeld looked up at his henchman saying, “Put the pistol away…that won’t be necessary…Oliver knows I’ll kill him myself!” That’s when Rumsfeld addressed Oliver North as he tightened the head lock demanding, “Where’s my drugs?” Though Oliver began to choke, he was able to answer, “Flava Flav has it…I gave it to him to sell to colored and he was going to bring back the money to me…Donald I was going to give you all the money…I figured you will take the money to buy more ammunition!” Donald Rumsfeld released Oliver from the head lock and said, “I’ll handle Flava Flav.”

Meanwhile, Bill O’Reilly is having a talk with Sean Puffy Combs, “Listen boy I don’t care who you are…I don’t know you…But people like you and I want you to host The Coon Awards.” Puffy smiled as he replied, “You’re having an award show here on the plantation?” O’Reilly replied, “Yes…there will be an award show and you’re going to host it!”

All of a sudden, a voice echoed over the plantation grounds. It was coming from the P.A. system, and it was obviously the voice of Senator Lindsey Graham telling all the house Negroes not to talk to any of the guests until they’re spoken to. Continue Reading…



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