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Is O.J. Simpson Dying From AIDS?

October 8th, 2014


Rumor has it, O.J. Simpson contracted HIV from Jazmena Jameson, who claims to be the former NFL legends jailhouse girlfriend.

Jazmena Jameson is saying, “The Juice” is near death. Know why? Because the transgender claims she might have given O.J. Simpson AIDS. Continue Reading…

Drake’s Plus Size Fetish Exposed

October 8th, 2014

Drake Big Girl Fetish

HSK Exclusive – Drake was busted trolling Atlanta plus size Instagram model, Christine Rawlings.

A source says Drake doesn’t write back to Rawlings when she sends him pictures, but he let’s her know she has his undivided attention. Know how? By letting her know he likes her photos and videos. Continue Reading…

Keyshia Cole Shuns Birdman’s Offer

October 8th, 2014


Keyshia Cole jumped on instagram to reveal that Bryan “Birdman” Williams is trying to buy back her love.

Here’s what Keyshia Cole posted on social media: Continue Reading…

Nightmares on Jay Z’s Street

October 8th, 2014

Jay Z Nightmares

HSK Exclusive - What’s said to be happening in the Carter’s household will definitely bug you out!

We’re told Jay Z, is suffering from night terrors. The “Lucifer” lyricist wakes up in the middle of his sleep, screaming and in a cold sweat!! That’s according to Gloria Carter’s former lesbian lover Dania Diaz. Continue Reading…

Melissa Rivers Says “NeNe Leakes Can’t Walk In My Mother’s Shoes”

October 8th, 2014


Melissa Rivers is displaying aggression towards the executives at the “E Network”. Know why? Because the daughter of Joan Rivers doesn’t think NeNe Leakes can walk in her deceased mothers shoes and should not be the replacement host for the television show Fashion Police.

But, Andy Cohen thinks it’s a great idea for NeNe Leaks to replace Joan Rivers and the executives at the E channel are listening. Continue Reading…

7th Heaven Actor Stephen Collins Is Going To Hell

October 8th, 2014


Stephen Collins wife Faye Grant leaked to TMZ, the audio tape of the “7th Heaven” actor admitting to molesting multiple prepubescent children. Know why? Because Stephan Collins and his soon to be divorced wife Faye Grant are going through a nasty divorce and Grant is using the press to gain leverage in the couples divorce.

Grant did it for money, not to seek justice for the victims or to prevent more children from falling prey to the pedophile actor. Continue Reading…

Nick Cannon Drove Mariah Carey To Substance Abuse

October 7th, 2014


HSK Exclusive - Nick Cannon is alleged to have been verbally and emotionally abusive towards his estranged wife, Mariah Carey. Insecurities caused Nick to tease Mariah about the men she slept with before they were married in 2008.

Mariah’s older brother Morgan told a source that it was Nick Cannon’s verbal and emotional abuse that led his sister back to drugs and alcohol. Continue Reading…

Adrian Peterson Uses His Charity To Pay Hookers

October 7th, 2014

Adrian Peterson Charity Fail

Adrian Peterson, the star running back for the Minnesota Vikings, who is currently on the NFL’s exemption list following allegations of child abuse, paid for four hookers using his All Day Foundation charity connected credit card.

Here’s what’s reported: Continue Reading…

The Weeknd Gives H*es To Drake

October 7th, 2014

Weeknd Jhonni Blaze Gang Bang

HSK Exclusive - After Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye and his “CP” crew ran a train on Jhonni Blaze, they later introduced her to Drake.

Our source is saying The Weeknd had his way with Jhonni Blaze and when the Wicked Games singer was done, he placed the Houston stripper on the phone with his homeboy Drake. Continue Reading…

Shannon Tweed Shuts Down Amber Rose

October 7th, 2014

Nick Simmons Amber Rose

HSK Exclusive - Gene Simmons wife, Shannon Tweed, warned their son Nick, not to get close to the gold digging Amber Rose.

An insider is saying Nick Simmons is fond to Wiz Khalifa’s soon to be ex-wife, but Shannon Tweed is strongly against the pair dating. Continue Reading…



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