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@Questlove uh…eek…er..uh Sorta Confirms HSK Guru Story

April 21st, 2010

The only thing speculated in the article published on HSK yesterday titled, “The Real Gang Starr Story: RIP GURU” is whether or not the death bed letter released by Solar as Guru’s last words could not in fact be the last words of a dying man. The rest of the story is based entirely on facts known first hand.

To further validate our content a simple search shows EVERY SINGLE news outlet reporting that Guru was 43 when in fact he was about 3 months shy of his 49th birthday.

While this “TRUE” story has not been covered or referenced by any other media outlets (major or indie, television to blog) it has been embedded in almost all search-able discussions on the web and to date is the only accurate representation of the relationship as it was between the late legend and his “partner” John “Solar” Mo’Sher

Steven Seagal Like ‘em Ethnic

April 21st, 2010

Another woman has surfaced with sexual allegations against Steven Seagal.

Granddaughter to the legendary Ray Charles, Blair Robinson claims the incident happened at Ray Charles’ 2004 funeral. That’s when Robinson says she met Seagal. Apparently, Seagal later invited both her and her father Ray Charles Jr. to his home to “talk about Blair getting into acting.”

A month later, Blair says Seagal hired her as his assistant. She says she ended up quitting after just her first day on the job. Know why? Because she says Seagal demanded massages from her, mane. More specifically, Blair says Seagal entered her room and volunteered to massage her so that she would know exactly how to give him a proper massage. The grand daughter to the late Ray Charles says because Seagal wanted sexual favors as a part of her job duties, she was forced to quit. Continue Reading…

The Real Gang Starr Story: RIP GURU

April 20th, 2010

The rap group “Gang Starr” was born in Boston, after Big Shug gave it life with partner Keith Elam now known as “Guru”. At that time Big Shug and Guru were faced with the financial hurdle of funding their studio sessions, so they came up with a plan to solve that obstacle with a robbery…that plan was for “Big Shug” to do the jack and “Guru” serve as the getaway driver, but that didn’t work. Know why? Because when “Shug” was doing the robbery, “Guru” ended up getting scared and took off. So, the robbery got muffled and “Big Shug” did a three-year sentence for robbery.

While “Shug” was in jail “Guru” moved to New York City. There, he ran into “DJ Premier” who just came from Houston Texas. Together, they formed the now legendary group  known as “Gang Starr”. Continue Reading…

“Fuck Compton Rapper” Tim Dog Touring with Male Exotic Dancers

April 19th, 2010


Tim Dog (real name Timothy Blair) born 1 January 1967 [1] is an American rapper from the Bronx, New York who rose to prominence during the early ’90s with his debut LP Penicillin on Wax and the celebrated “diss” record “Fuck Compton”.

In March 2010 Tim Dog took a group of male strippers from Atlanta to work in Australia for the ladies and guess what Tim decided to call his new touring act? “The Chocolate Fantasy Tour”. Continue Reading…

Eric B Addresses Nikki Minaj & “Internet Lies”

April 19th, 2010

Despite what you may have read or heard, Eric B doesn’t have the time to play Tweet games with Nicki Minaj, or anyone else for that matter.

In a recent conversation I had with the brain behind “Eric B & Rakim”, Eric told me “There’s three big lies happening on the internet at the moment…number one, Lil Wayne got beat up in jail…number two, Lil Wayne is working on suicide watch…number three, Eric B had time to tweet Nicki Minaj.” Now, Eric tells me he’s ready to hit back through the airwaves in his upcoming radio show. Continue Reading…

Who is Jacky Talking About? – April 19, 2010

April 19th, 2010

This dude once rolled with the late rapper known as Big L. This before dude became popular after releasing a couple of albums and decided to quit. Know why? Because he discovered his recording contract sucked. So, he retired from the music business to become a man of the cloth. That’s when he moved to Faglanta and started his ministry.

While living on the land of peaches, dude got caught picking up a transvestite for sexual services Now, there are police reports to validate this.

Here’s the question I’m asking – Was dude gay from the beginning of his career, and did his boy Cam’ron know? Continue Reading…

Lindsay Lohan Needs to Just Say No to Credit Cards (and Drugs)!!!

April 19th, 2010

Lindsay Lohan is reported to have racked-up a $600,000 bill with one credit card company…WTF?!?!

Word on the street is Lilo uses her credit cards to support her partying lifestyle, and she refuses to slow down. Now, she’s being cut off from her credit company, which is in the process of negotiating a payment plan with the actress. They say if she doesn’t keep up with those payments, they’re prepared to sue her….OUCH!!!

Lindsay is spending more money than she’s making, which may be why she recently fell two months behind in rent…owing her landlord $23,000. Continue Reading…

Jacky Survives 1st Week Without Cigarettes…

April 19th, 2010

Jacky Jasper documents his quitting of smoking after more than 20 years of smoking cigarettes.

This was a rough week. On my fifth day of quitting cold turkey, Saturday, I woke up and discovered that my flu symptoms (which sparked on Friday) were gone. When Sunday came I was delighted to be relieved from my constipation.

Each hour that passed (and passes) I struggled with the temptation for a cigarette. So, I chew “Juicy Fruit Gum” and after about 10 minutes I spit the gum out, and the craving is gone…that is until I eat a meal. That’s exactly when I am accustomed to having a smoke…after a meal. But, I guess my body is picking up on my new habit of saying NO to NICOTINE… Continue Reading…

Lady Gaga Doesn’t Impress Grace Jones

April 19th, 2010

They say imitation is one of the highest forms of flattery, but despite Lady Gaga’s growing popularity Grace Jones is far from one of her fans. That’s because the former ‘Bond GIrl’ says Gaga is nothing more than a carbon copy of a what was created by the now 60-year old unique style icon.

Jones is widely known for her pushing-the-envelope attire and sexual innuendos, and once served as a personal muse to the legendary artist Andy Warhol. It’s not ironic that Lady Gaga is now known for the same. Know why? Because she’s biting Jones’ staple style mane! So, it’s no surprise that when Gaga asked Grace Jones to collaborate on a song with her, Grace turned her down. “I rather work with someone who is doing something more original and new,” said Grace. Continue Reading…

Kim Kardashian Playboy Magazine (December 2007)

April 18th, 2010

Here is a throw back to Kim Kardashian’s early days, before all this celebrity non-sense she was just a regular porn star!



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