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Will I Am & Fergie Tell The JJ Fad Girls to “Fuck Off”

May 3rd, 2010

Will.I.Am is a Straight Thief…Another Set of Artists Fall Victim to His Game


Music executive Jerry Heller is speaking out about his connection, or rather lack thereof, to Will.I.Am’s scam on the J.J. Fad girls.

I spoke with Heller today. He told me that he sold his share of Ruthless Records back in 1999, and has since had nothing to do with the label. And, just after I mentioned Will.I.Am’s remake of J.J. Fad’s 80’s hit “Supersonic” generated five million units to be sold, Heller abruptly ended our phone call by hanging up on me.

I’ll keep you all updated as this story unfolds…


A trio of female recording artists have received the shit end of the stick after receiving NOTHING for a song which sold five million units worldwide.

Rialto, California natives, MC JB aka Juana Burns, Baby -D aka Dania Birks and Sassy C. aka Michelle Franklin, collectively known as “J.J. Fad”, have yet to see any up front cash for the remake of their 80’s hit song “Supersonic”, let alone royalties.

Back in 2006, Fergie released her solo album “The Dutchess”, with her second single off the album “Fergalicious”, a remake of J.J. Fad’s 1988 hit single “Supersonic.”

Apparently Will.I.Am disregarded J.J. Fad and went straight to their former label, Ruthless Records before striking a deal with the company. Continue Reading…

Jacky Jasper’s Third Week Without Cigarettes…

May 3rd, 2010

It’s now been three weeks since my last taste of nicotine, and guess what? It’s not easy mane…

Though my body no longer have cravings for a cigarette, when I awake in the morning my mind plays tricks on me by making me think I should have a smoke. But, I do not and will not cave!

I feel great to have finally kicked the silly habit of smoking…this even though I now suffer from fatigue, but I’m sure it will be over soon…

In place of nicotine, I have chosen Houston’s BBQ chicken and Bossa Nova shrimp. Know why? Because Houston’s is walking distance from the gym, and Bossa Nova delivery is available up until 3 a.m. mane! Continue Reading…

Who is Jacky Talking About? – May 3, 2010

May 3rd, 2010

The dude at the center of this segment of “Who is Jacky Talking About?” series is widely known as a cocky guy, but I think he’s very funny…he makes me laugh.

To be honest, I’ve never entirely listened to any of this artist’s albums, but many of you have and some of you would even call him a genius. Aside from his music, I have checked out his paintings which has lead me to conclude that he’s a much better painter than he is a lyricist.

When he entered into the rap game, that was a time when that genre of music was solely for real nicca’s…this before many cardigan sweater-wearing geeks (who may have thought they were more intelligent than most rappers) paved the way… But, it’s this guy who I believe is to blame for much of the destruction of rap music. And it’s all because of this guy that the door opened for the cardigan sweater rappers. Yesterday it was all about him. Today it’s Drake, and tomorrow it’s some dude from London, England. Continue Reading…

Halle Berry Kicked to the Curb

April 30th, 2010

Gabriel Aubry has given the Oscar-winning mother of his child her walking papers. The Hollywood couple are parents to a two-year-old baby girl, Nahla.

Though there’s no confirmation the Aubry had a full out intimate affair behind Berry’s back, sources say Aubry may be involved with another…leading him to spark the break-up so that he cut ties with his baby mama before things became intimate with the person he’s courting – OUCH!!!

This freeloading bum and so-called model, Gabriel, doesn’t seem to want much from the separation. But, he is asking for the Montreal, Canada home which was purchased by Berry.

This situation sucks, but Halle has come a long way. You may remember back in February of 2000 Halle got into a car accident on the Sunset strip. That’s when she drove away while her face was covered in blood. Know why? Because she was on drugs and alcohol mane. Halle later was ordered to pay $13,500 in fines, perform 200 hours in community service and was sentenced to three years probation. Continue Reading…

Basketball Wives Leaked Photos – Evelyn Lozada

April 30th, 2010



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Free Mp3 Fridays – Pop Star feat. Coco Marrow

April 30th, 2010

From Jacky Jasper & Kool Keith’s “7th Veil”
Pop Star”featuring COCO



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April 30th, 2010

Respect Says:
April 26th, 2010 at 11:47


how in the f- BEP went from a good ol’ hip hop group from la county to this pop phenomenon- music (hip hop to say the least) is dead. there is no integrity in the so called music business.

I am not sure if anyone knows or heard where the original concept of where “the e.n.d.” originally came from, or rather an original source, from my current understanding, and that is the last song to the pharcydes labcabincalifornia. the pharcyde originally came up with this concept, in the song they specifically mention to “[...]let your soul be free.”

Playmate Jenna Bentley Sexing It Up At The Beach

April 29th, 2010



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Lindsay Lohan’s EERIE Premonition

April 29th, 2010

more disturbing pictures on the flip Continue Reading…

Chelsea Handler is No Different Than Kim Kardashian

April 29th, 2010

I always suspected Chelsea Handler to have slept her way to the top…even Stevie Wonder could see that! Now I’m hearing confirmation that the late night television host has in fact joined the ranks of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, by having a sex tape.

Chelsea’s sex tape was reportedly shot when she first moved to Hollywood, about a decade ago.

Here’s what folks over at Radaronline.com, who watched the racy tape, say they saw:

It begins with Chelsea first introducing herself before beginning a stand-up comic routine. They say the next scene is Chelsea getting banged while she’s on all fours…Doggie Style, by a dude with a British accent. After the explicit xxx scene, the tape returns to Chelsea doing a stand-up comedy routine.

Here’s what Chelsea had to say in her defense: “ Continue Reading…



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