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Plies is a Fake Goon!!!

October 29th, 2009

As you all know, I was in Florida,  on vacation this past summer. While in Miami, I grew tired of the scene. I found that I needed a little more peace and quiet, so I headed up The Sunshine State to Tampa Bay.

In an effort to check-out Tampa’s night life, I took a cab ride over to the Penthouse strip club. After I was inside, I ran into a dancer who I ended up partying with. “Plies ain’t real, he’s living through his brother who’s a real nicca,” she said. “When he comes to the strip club, dude be frontin’. He don’t throw no money and he only tips strippers big in his songs. He’s a bitch ass and he acts like he scared of everybody.”

I’m now hearing the same shit on Plies, from Jamie Foxx. “Plies was hiding in the bathroom when real nicca’s showed up on their video set, ” stated Foxx. “In Plies’ songs he talks about killing all kinds of people.” Seems like Jamie is also calling out Plies as a fake nicca. I must agree…Buss this!!! Plies was performing a show at FAMU. Dude sees an underage fan, so before he did his fake R-Rated hit song “Bust It Baby”, he gave the underage fan a $1000 to leave because he didn’t want to offend her…WTF!!!

But wait, that’s not all! Plies is a dude who’d give away his gold chain to a chic at a basketball game – just for some pussy. It’s rappers like Plies and Rick Ross, who are putting a stain on the Hip/Hop game. They’re fucking fake ass mutha fuckers, and I must blame DJ Khalid because he’s the one who brought them to the table.

Don’t you agree.


Jacky Talks POP Music on Conspiracy Radio Worldwide

October 29th, 2009


Jacky Jasper is a Hollywood Street King. He is an online hip hop guru. But most importantly he is a man who fears nobody and faces open discussion with little or no inhibition.

Join us on this exclusive clip from the 30 minute roller coaster of an interview (considered too controversial to broadcast until now), as we talk Kayne West, Suge Knight, Death Row Records and much more.

Enlightenment is a euphemism for this one.

Download Audio HERE!

Conspiracy Worldwide Radio: http://www.conspiracyblog.net
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Conspiracy Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/conspiracyradio
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Fergie’s Husband Josh Duhamel Caught with Stripper…

October 29th, 2009


Fergie’s  husband, Josh Duhamel, was in Atlanta earlier this month filming a comedy called, “Life As We Know It” — co-starring Katherine Heigl, Christina Hendricks and Josh Lucas.

Apparently 36-year-old Duhamel had some free time on his hands, because he took a trip to an ATL strip joint called “Tattletables Lounge“. That’s where Josh ran into exotic dancer, Nicole Forrester. We’ve learned, when Nicole is on the job, her moniker is “Delilah”. Fergi’s husband introduced himself to Delilah as “J.D.” Nicole is not a stupid girl…Know why? Because she knew exactly who Josh was, so she played along with his silly game. Nicole stated that after Josh took in some Grey Goose, he paid her  to do a nude dance.

During their seedy encounter, Josh (the cheater), even told Forrester that he was in Atlanta to shoot a porn movie…WTF!!! Doesn’t Josh care about his pop-star wife, Fergie? Continue Reading…


Where is Kanye West???

October 28th, 2009

Kanye West Missing

Kanye is reported to have disappeared, after the silly ass MTV Awards. It happened shortly after Kayne interrupted Taylor Swift’s thank you speech, and grabbed her mic. Since then, Kanye’s remained in the cut. Here’s an interesting fact — Taylor Swift was caught partying with some dude wearing a Nazi logo on his T-Shirt! WTF??? Why is it that nobody seems to be causing a ruckus over that?

I say Kayne is a complete riot, so the pop game is boring without him. Just last week, I checked-out his short film by Spike Jonze, and I found it too funny. Although, I’m not exactly sure if it was meant to be a comical project…I just saw it as such. Continue Reading…


Stephanie Pratt DUI Mugshot

October 28th, 2009



Kim Zolciak Up-Skirt Photo

October 27th, 2009

Real Housewives Mistresses Golddiggers of Atlanta actress Kim Zolciak pulls a britney, lohan, hilton and shows her pussy to the world!



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Flashback to Jennifer Lopez’s Flashback

October 27th, 2009

To Bad Jenny from the block is and always was a knock-kneed bitch!

Jennifer Lopez Flashes Her Breasts


Celebrity Nip Slips | Amy Winehouse Falls Out….

October 27th, 2009

Amy Winehouse Topless

Big fake titties or not.. Amy ineeds a LOT of work!

Picture Gallery Here


Necole Bitchie was More than a Stripper!

October 27th, 2009


It’s a fact Necole Bitchie once flirted with the adult entertainment industry , and I have the pictures to prove it (thanks HSK reader in ATL)!!!

Let the record state that I am only doing what a good journalist does, and that is to bring you the cold hard facts. Point blank…the pictures in question were delivered to my desk, by my street sources. I must say some of these pictures of Necole are the same format and style as Vinnies Vixens, and we know those girls are definitely NOT just modeling Lingerie.

It seems like when she was younger she could have been a total freak, and if she was out here in Hollywood, during her hay day, she could of done a few scenes for Westcoast Productions. Necole might of been one of the chic’s on the ” BootyTalk” series, but it seems like her life did a 360 – still her past has come alive to haunt her – Don’t you agree?

many more pictures after the jump Continue Reading…


WTF!!! Rev Al Sharpton Awards Joe Jackson for Good Parenting

October 26th, 2009


Just days ago civil rights leader, Reverend Al Sharpton praised Joe Jackson for demonstrating exceptional parenting skills, by honoring the King of Pop’s father with an award.

“I wish we had more stern fathers,” said Sharpton. “Then, we wouldn’t be shooting each other up.” But just days after Michael Jackson’s death, the world learned that he himself was shooting himself up…with drugs. MJ has openly admitted to blame his father for much of his life’s pain, and dark past.

“I was physically and emotionally abused during incessant rehearsals, whippings, and name-calling,” said Michael Jackson. “One night, while I was asleep, Joseph climbed into my room through the bedroom window, wearing a fright mask and screaming.” It’s reported that for several years following the deranged incident, the King of Pop suffered countless nightmares of being kidnapped from his bedroom.

Michael’s brother, Marlon has even spoken out against the man the Jackson kids refer to as “Joseph”, NOT dad. “Joseph held Michael upside down by one leg,” said Marlon. “Pummeled him over and over again with his hand, hitting him on his back and buttocks.”

Nonetheless, Rev. Al Sharpton stands by Joe Jackson, crediting Jackson’s parenting methods as being solid ones. “The arrogance of (people) attacking a man for being a stern father,” said Sharpton. Continue Reading…




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