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Michelle Bombshell McGee – Naked Photos

March 18th, 2010

Jesse James Mistress #1



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How Did Heidi’s Psychic Manager Not This This Coming?

March 18th, 2010


News circulating last week about Heidi firing her husband Spencer Pratt as her manager and replacing his services with a psychic who goes by the name Aiden Chase has come to a head.

Sources claim there was no paper work between Aiden and Heidi. So after a week of this outlandish publicity about her hiring a psychic as her manager she decided to tell Aiden his services are no longer needed.

Rumor has it that the psychic showed up at Adam Sandler’s set for “Just Go With It” Know why? Because Heidi has a cameo in the movie mane…And Heidi was pissed when Aiden the psychic demanded a significant portion of her “Hills” money.

I wonder how someone with such incredible powers in the 3rd generation of being a psychic could have missed such an obvious con. Perhaps Jacky’s psychic skills are more powerful than previously thought because he predicted this would happen. Continue Reading…

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee – Just Another Sex Cam Girl

March 17th, 2010

What do you expect from a girl whose Twitter name is @EvilCunt?



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Mistress Tells of Sex With Jesse James While Bullock’s on Set

March 17th, 2010

Sandra Bullock Checks-In to Heartbreak Hotel

When the cat’s away, the mice will play – And Sandra Bullock’s husband is reported to have done just that while the Oscar-winning actress was away for the filming of “The Blind Side.” That’s when James is said to have had an affair with tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

Apparently, James recruited McGee after she sent a Facebook friend request to West Coast Choppers. That lead to the tattoo model making a road trip from San Diego to Los Angeles to hook-up with the known married man. “I asked him, ‘What’s going on with you and Sandra?’ reveals McGee. “He said, ‘She doesn’t live here. She has a house in Austin. She is filming, and I can’t talk about it.”

McGee reports that she ended up having a week long affair with James, before a five-month period of sexting. Continue Reading…

Slim Thug’s Children Bred By Incest – WTF!?!

March 17th, 2010

Rapper Slim Thug whose real name is Curtis Wellington, is now the proud father of not one, but two children. But get this, the mother of those kids is HIS COUSIN! WTF? And, that may be something one shouldn’t be so proud of.

That’s right, the Formspring rapper has been involved in an incestuous affair with his second cousin…leading his relationship with ex-Destiny’s Child member Letoya Luckett to end.

It’s a shockingly sick mess, but I guess it’s a Down South Thang. Continue Reading…

Strip Club Exposed – HSK Undercover

March 17th, 2010

HSK Exclusive - After countless calls and several e-mails from our readers, from across the country and around the globe, checking in with HSK to get the real scoop on Tinsel Town’s night club scene, our staff has come up with a special series to answer the questions of our faithful visitors and wannabe starlets.

Starting next week, my investigative team will be going undercover to find out what’s really going on in Los Angeles’ strip clubs.

“Strip Clubs Exposed” will make its debut just a few weeks following an interesting night on the town of The City of Angels, which I shared with both my business partner and my homie  ‘The Mayor of Hollywood.’  That evening began with a visit to the KUSH convention. Because we arrived early, we decided to kill some time at a local bar. We ended up at downtown L.A.’s topless strip club called “SAM’s.”

The minute we walked through the doors of the seedy adult establishment, I quickly came to realize that the majority of the chics inside recognized who the fuck I am. I witnessed one group of chics scrambling to get the word out to the others, to let them know The King of Hollywood was in the house. At that time, it seemed to me that the minute the word was out, the chics resorted to their best behavior. That’s when I knew that there’s no way for me to personally gather the real dirt behind L.A.’s so-called ‘gentleman’s clubs’. Continue Reading…

Kim Kardashian Shaves Her Bush? Again!

March 17th, 2010


Here we go again! The Gossip Jacker has jacked the following:

“So one of my closest guy friends that plays pro football and I went to Drai’s at The W in LA this past Thursday and Reggie was there. We are all friends from college. So as we were talking at the bar of course the guys brought up Kim, and Reggie CONFIRMED that they are NOT together. He said he really cared about her but all of the negative media attention he got after he won the Super Bowl and Kim telling the media that she deserved a ring because he has one was too much for him. His Super Bowl win was such an important time in his life and she turned it into something about her kinda pissed him off.

He didn’t say if they were gonna try and work it out but at they moment they are not together”.

(below originally published July 13, 2009) Continue Reading…

Todd Bridges Needs Guns and Money!!!

March 16th, 2010

Eric B Tells Nicki Minaj To Go F**k Herself

March 16th, 2010

HSK Exclusive - This Nicki Minaj chic is currently the the most popular female rapper in the game – Why? I have no idea. But, it’s gone straight to her head. And, she’s pissing off a lot of people with her disrespectful antics, and the streets are talking mane!

HSK has exclusively learned from legendary rap mogul Eric B that the “Microphone Fiend” producer set out to meet Nicki Minaj, after his daughter let her dad know that she was a fan of Nicki’s mixtapes. So, E.I. hooked up the meeting for Eric B – He tells me that he figured it was the right thing to do for his daughter, so she could get her desired picture of her dad with Nicki. But, the meeting didn’t exactly go as Eric B thought it would have. He says when Nicki met him, she treated him like he jumped over barricades and snuck by security to meet her. Who the fuck is this bitch? Nicki actually treated an OG of the rap game like a peasant. WTF? She needs to recognize that she’s a new jack (and a shitty one at that) and bow down to those who started this rap game! But, she didn’t. And that’s exactly why Eric B told Nicki to go fuck her herself…I would too, wouldn’t you?

Check out what the streets think of fake ass Nicki:

CW Reality Show Exploits Racism, Homophobia and Drugs – WTF?

March 16th, 2010

It’s safe to say that anyone who tuned into to CW’s recent debut of its new reality show “High Society” were shocked by the racist slurs coming out of New York socialite, Jules Kirby – unless the viewer was a white supremacist. That’s because the ignorant fame whore announced to the world that she thinks it’s okay to use the word ‘nigger’, only dates white guys and “my friends tend not to be homosexuals and unattractive people and fat people.”

Now, an e-mail from Jules to the production company has surfaced. It’s said to be sent by Jules after meeting her producer via telephone.

Check it Out:

“Is (name disclosed) black? Asian? Jewish? A lesbian? Muslim? Super ugly? The reason I ask is that these things would offend the person greater if they were around friends and myself included on a regular basis. We say a lot of things as I think censorship has never been inert in us. Will you please send me a photo along with stats? Thanks!”

This ain’t high society…this is LOW society! What gets me is many of these people who hate blacks listen to black music, which I might add makes up most of today’s American culture. And, guess what? This Jules chic is guilty of just that, and you better believe that she’s not alone. Jules also admits to hating homosexuals, yet she kisses girls while she’s drunk. She’s admitted her hate for Jews, but I’m sure her lawyer and/or her accountant are Jewish. And, she’s admitted to hating Asians, but I’m sure she eats sushi and wears silk. People like her hate themselves and like to play the blame game. Just the fact that CW is broadcasting this junk during prime time for ratings, is despicable. What’s next CW? Porn and live executions? I’m sure if the FCC allowed it, you’d do it for the ratings!

Don’t you agree?



HSK Exclusive


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