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Kate Moss Snorting Cocaine

May 10th, 2009

P. Ditty: Upset Over Multiple Nude Photo Controversies!

May 10th, 2009


Word from the streets (I don’t know if it’s true but I am running with it). Here it is……

Puffy is freaking out. My snitch is telling me Bad Boy is in an uproar.

We all know Cassie is the only artist at Badboy getting paid and why is that? Cuz she’s fucking the boss, A.K.A. Puffy, and guess what? The naked and indecent pictures of Cassie were not photos she ever sent to Puffy. Puff is pissed. Badboy is on lock down while they try and figure this all out.

The coming of J LO’s nude photos and again the connection with Puff is stirring controversy.

That’s what my snitch is saying, do you believe it?

Revisited: That’s NAS Wife Right There (Kelis Sex Tape Confirmed)

May 9th, 2009

Jacky Revisited from November 11, 2008watch-Kelis-Sex-tape

I had a short viewing of her SEX TAPE.

It’s her! It’s true!

I can validate that it’s real but long story short, I had to meet my weed dealer which was much more important.


I asked the following question to the pervert who’s showing me the material, “is there an anal scene?” He replied, “no.” I screamed, “BORING” and I began to watch the tape on fast forward.

I called David my driver to come scoop me from this digusting man who edits porn material all day. I am not going to say anything about the tape until you the public see it. Then I am sure her husband Nas will respond to it. Then I Jacky Jasper will speak on it. Continue Reading…

Rihanna Nudes – God Does Exist

May 8th, 2009


Lonely, after a break-up with Chris Brown, Rihanna sends nude photos to her new significant other, KATY PERRY.

A week later they were seen vacationing in tropics.

I think Rihanna “kissed a girl” and I think she liked it.

Enjoy the FULL COLLECTION of Rihanna’s leaked photos after the jump!




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“Give me a V” – Cassie Cheers for Puff!

May 8th, 2009


Check out exactly what Puffy gets for his monthly allowance to Cassie of $50k  (She is the only paid artist on Badboy Records)!



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Cassie Nudes – “Im Not Free Puffy”

May 8th, 2009



Doesn’t Cassie get 50k a month from Puffy through Bad Boy?

She’s the ONLY one gettin’ paid on Bad Boy Records actually, I wonder why?

How much did Dannity Kane make?

Uncensored Nudes after the jump!



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Jacky’s Bud Review: Cherry Pez is a Classic

May 7th, 2009


Cherry Pez it’s a Hybrid meaning it’s a sativa/indica and it’s good. Get this strain it will have you focused. It had me ready for meetings.

The taste is totally amazing, get the bubbler out. Don’t pass the bong or the blunt know why? Swine Flu is going around.

Did I say munchies, that’s what you are going to be doing after smoking Cherry Pez. Welcome to fridge hopp’in.

Cherry Pez has money staying on your mind, it also allows you to see your enemies and I truly appreciate that, and you will too! I strongly recommend this bud for those who need to stay on track. Delivery is flawless with this smoke lifting your soul.

People like: Continue Reading…

Another Day From The Set Of Jacky’s New Film!!

May 7th, 2009


Like Roman Polanski has done with other films, Pianist to name one, he directs remotely from his locale in Paris France….

T.I. Got Set-Up!? – The Untold Story

May 7th, 2009


We all know T.I. is in jail at the moment and if you didn’t know this information now you do. Here’s the million dollar question did T. I. know that his artist Cedric Alfa Mega Zellars was a snitch?

Cedric Alfa Mega Zellars is truly the worst; know why? In 1995 he was busted for guns so guess what Cedric did? He became an informant. This Cedric fella is a piece of shit and I blame T.I. for getting busted why not? My grandma always said, “Show me your company and I’ll tell you who you are”. Cedric worked for T.I. The last time Cedric was busted he got out of jail early ‘cuz he testified against Ali Baaqar. Ali was a heroin drug trafficer, now in jail thanks to Cedric. Dude took the stand on Ali’s trial and snitched him out. In return the system shaved off 18 months of Cedric Alfa Mega’s jail time.

Cedric works with the DEA didn’t T.I. know? T.I. took the trial stand and became a government witness just like Cedric Alfa Mega; why do you think T.I. got a reduced sentence? Do you still believe that these assholes are still representing the streets? Ask Lil’ Flip. Remember him? He’ll tell you. And if you go over to the Alfa Mega’s Myspace he leaves his phone number just like John Walsh.

Don’t call they’re collecting phone numbers.

-Guru Jacky

Jacky’s Shit List (Necole Bitchie Added)

May 7th, 2009

(Update From teddyREVOLUTION: Ironically enough after the re-launch of GlobalGrind.com and  this “self-proclaimed bitch” having editor capacity on the site, Jacky’s Features have been disappearing from their front page…Didn’t Jacky basically own that front page up until this week? Jacky is the street’s loudspeaker and that’s power you can’t ignore. Wether or not a bunch of “suits” are on our dicks or not, the people have spoken!)

This chic, whoever she is, tried to diss me.

Here it is; a few grown men including myself, were having a discussion on GlobalGrind.com.

Blackspot, Russell Simmons, and myself. This big mouth Necole Bitchie jumps in and says some shit to Russell.

“A  press release, really”, etc etc.

Who the hell are you?

“Editorial Satire with an Edge”?

What’s so edgy about you Necole? That you tell people on Twitter when you get your nails done a different color?


Her bio reads that she won the Black Blog Award and she’s and AOL BlackVoice writer. However, I didn’t really see anything on your site that backs you up.
I decided to call someone that knows a thing or two about being Black. Public Enemy’s Prof. Griff! He said, “she ain’t black enough”! Can’t argue with that!

Russell like the pimp that he is put her in check immediately after her remarks saying, ” Jacky is a smart marketing guy”. Continue Reading…



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