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50 Cent Strikes Back

April 28th, 2009


Fiddy has done it again.  Live Nation is going to give him 100 million dollars for a 5 albums and all his concerts .

I should of seen this coming. L.A. Reid head of Def/Jam was saying all kinds of good stuff about Fiddy. 2 weeks ago Reid was saying 50 Cent is one of the best rappers in the game. To make a long story short Reid was on Fiddy’s dick. I was very surprised  because Kanye and Rick Ross are on the label Def/Jam. Continue Reading…

Is Scat Sexy Again??

April 28th, 2009





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Jacky Jasper Video Blog – Jacky Hits the STREETS!!

April 27th, 2009

Jacky’s In The Streets For You….

Mel B Turned-Out Long Before Eddie Murphy

April 27th, 2009


Who is Mel B? I know little about this milf. What does she do? I think she’s a singer. Oh wait, my intern said Mel B was in that horrific all girl group, The Spice Girls. Do you remember any of their songs? I don’t and most of you feel the same way.

You can’t remember a tune from the Spice Girls to save your life and you wanna know why? It’s because they were a shitty pop group. Just like Jessica Simpson and Brittney Spears you won’t remember a song from them either. Is Mel B really a star? Some of you think so I don’t. Mel B was the colored girl in a all girl white group she was the token negro.

Wasn’t she? Wasn’t Mel B the token black girl in the Spice Girls? I’ll tell you this much, Mel B did a song with Missy Elliot. That’s right I said it Missy had her rusty paws all over that Spice girl. Missy had her way before Eddie Murphy did! Continue Reading…

Are You a Slave to Bubblegum Kush?

April 26th, 2009

L.A. Bubblegum Kush this bud is an Indica. It’s very relaxing, it made my hectic day very easy and guess what? I appreciate that.

This Bubblegum kush is so good it only allows you to hear what you wanna hear. All the negative stuff missed me. Bubblegum kush could also be used as a hate repellent. I smoked it all day on 420.  I was totally numb to any and everything that wasn’t cool.

This bud increased my cool to another level so I highly recommend this strain for people like:

1) Christian Bale he yells too much. Christian was probably smoking Bubblegum when he was in character for his role as Batman. See how cool Christian was as Batman.

2) Rick Ross should try some of this L.A. Bubblegum I don’t know what they smoking down there in Miami but it ain’t L.A. Bubblegum. Know why? Cuz Rick Ross ain’t cool mane!

3) DMX he doesn’t need Dr Drew, he needs a jar of L.A. Bubblegum. He’ll be too cool to hit the streets for crack. Don’t Dr Drew and DMX both know you need one drug to get off another drug? Am from the streets I know. Continue Reading…

Do You Have Professor Griff’s Back?? ** Live Interview **

April 25th, 2009

Professor Griff speaks today about people who had his back. He names them and he gives thanks to all of them.

The series is coming to and end, this will be the last broadcast for now. Griff will be back and I truly enjoyed the interview. Didn’t you?

Today’s episode: Who Was there for Griff?

Thank-u & have a good weekend.


Jacky’s Bud Review – L.A. Confidential

April 22nd, 2009

jacky review LA C

L.A. Confidential is a Hybrid – sativa/indica.

I started my day with this bud for 3 days straight and like Tony The Tiger would say It was Greatttttt!!! I smoked this bud in my bubbler cuz the taste of the weed is impeccable! My god it’s one of the best tasting bud’s I’ve ever smoked. The high is so good I got vain. I needed wine and I had my girl feed me grapes she through away the soft ones. Some of you after smoking this bud can get grandiose delusions. My chic did and I had to remind her that she was a college drop-out now a full time stripper.

I strongly recommend this medicine for people who wanna feel better about themselves –people like Rihanna. She should smoke this stuff she’ll settle down; she’s traveling too much. People like Vicca Fox should hit this grass too. She’ll feel better about being a cougar to those young dicks she’s been chasing. And last but not lease Madonna! She should have a taste; maybe she’ll stay home with that little black baby boy David she adopted. Madonna’s always doing Yoga or riding horses or something else. Lourdes and Rocco need attention too. Ya’ll need to buy this A.S.A.P. Continue Reading…

Never Say Beyonce Can Sing…Because This Proves She Can’t!

April 22nd, 2009

Professor Griff Talks Airs Out Flav

April 22nd, 2009

It’s coming to an end. I am truly sorry but the Professor Griff series will be over this week. Please enjoy this remarkable interview.
Griff speaks about his friend and my friend Flavor Flav The Professor does not hold back any punches he tells it as it is.

Listen-up you might learn some’in I did.
Today’s episode: My Ex-Bandmate

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Q&A With……

April 21st, 2009



  1. What do you think is the sexiest fruit? Why?
  2. HoneyDew because its super sweet and if the juice happens to get on your body, all the better, it leaves a pretty scent behind. A lot of perfumes use it to sense the liquid

  3. What’s the sexist song you’ve ever heard ?
  4. Enigma, the whole album. I like to put it on before I know me and my man are going to get freaky

  5. What’s your favorite Hotel?
  6. 3 of them caome to mind. “Aqualina”in Sunny Isles Florida and the suites at the “Wynn” and “Planet Holleywood” Hotel and Casino in Vegas

  7. Which airline would you recommend?
  8. Virgin Airlines, its brand new. As soon as you board they play upbeat music and its lit with pastel colors, very futuristic . You feel like your in the Jetsons

  9. What’s your favorite car?
  10. I like cars with long hoods like cameros and corvettes

  11. Where do you like to vacation?
  12. I love Bahamas even though I don’t go as often as I like

  13. What’s your favorite sexual position?
  14. Continue Reading…



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