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Lil Scrappy Unleashed Over Alleged Racist Resort Staff

July 24th, 2014


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Lil Scrappy snapped on Wednesday in Orlando, at the Nickleodeon Suites Resort staff- Know why? Because during a contest, the staff of the theme park were allegedly favoring the white children over Lil Scrappy’s 9 year old daughter Emani. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mama D, who was there as well.

Here’s what’s reported: Continue Reading…


Say Word! Angela Bassett Backs Down To Bobbi Kris?

July 24th, 2014


The fat lady has officially sung. The sh*t has hit the fan. It’s a wrap. They’re giving out them passes for everyone… and Angela Bassett just joined ‘em! Less than a month ago… Bassett handled Bobbi Kristina after the 21-year-old set off on a wayward tantrum because she didn’t get her way. Now here’s comes ‘Stella’ apparently pulling out all the stops to get her directorial groove on.

Let us take you back to Bobbi’s bombs on 55-year-old Bassett: Continue Reading…


Questlove: Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ Is Song Of The Summer

July 24th, 2014

QuestLove Love Iggy Azalea

“We as black people have to come to grips that hip-hop is a contagious culture.” -Questlove

Not too sure what ‘Roots’ Questlove ever claimed, but one thing’s for sure… Mister ‘Neo-Soul’ just joined the ‘Sell Out’ movement. Don’t believe me.. Just ask ‘Fancy’ Femcee, Aussie ‘Slave-Master’ Azalea — who Questlove has officially bowed down to.

“I will say that ‘Fancy,’ is above any song that I’ve ever heard or dealt with, is a game-changer in that fact that we’re truly going to have to come to grips with the fact that hip-hop has spread its wings.Continue Reading…


Singer Mat McHugh: ‘Will I Am is not a musical genius… Just a corporate mouthpiece.”

July 24th, 2014


Could Will.i.am’s corporate deal be coming close to its expiration date? I don’t know, but The Voice token seems to quickly be turning transparent. Just ask singer Mat McHugh, who has called out Will.i.am as a machine-made fraud!

The Aussie music man’s drop doesn’t come to us as a surprise. Know why? Back in February 2010, HSK was the first to report Will.i.am. as a ripoff artist. Don’t believe me… Just ask Phoenix Phenom. Continue Reading…


Michael Rapaport Challenges ‘Shit Stain’ Spike To Pay What He Weighs

July 24th, 2014

Michael Rapaport vs Spike Lee

“Yo, you do Air Jordan commercials and all of that…put that into your film.”

Not only is Michael Rapaport not buying the love Spike Lee professes for the poor people of NYC, he’s calling out the ‘Do The Right Thing’ director for possibly using his gentrification talks to his own film budget benefit. Rapaport says he’s already proven where his heart lies… explaining that he didn’t make any money off of his Tribe Called Quest documentary, even though he put his own money into the film.” Now, he’s checking Spike to do the same. Continue Reading…



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