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Cash Jones Details Yung Berg’s Studio Circle Jerk

December 11th, 2014


Cash Jones aka Wack100 is adding a little more detail to what he witnessed in the studio when he apparently unexpectedly walked into a studio session of Yung Berg and a lil homie, said to be the god nephew of Keyshia Cole. and it sure sounds like a good ol’ fashion gay bath house circle jerk to us…

Here is what Cash Jones put down: Continue Reading…

Yandy Smith Slams ‘Super Gangster’ Critics, Stands By Her Mendeecees

December 11th, 2014


He may have once faced child sex abuse charges after the teen-daughter of his first baby momma reported him to authorities, but Yandy Smith doesn’t seem care about that one bit … even if she’s about to give birth to a baby girl. And as far as what critics have to say about her controversial decision to stand by her man … Yandy doesn’t give a dang about that either!

“They don’t know what your story is, they don’t know what happens in your life and they just assume that they know everything.” Continue Reading…

Nas’ Daughter Confirms Carmen Bryan in Talks w/ ‘Love & Hip Hop’

December 11th, 2014

Nas Carmen Bryan Love & Hip Hop

Did Nas cut Carmen Bryan a ‘hush, hush’ check in order to keep from taking her story to reality TV? Can’t say for sure, but the pair’s 20-year-old daughter Destiny Jones has confirmed Carmen was in talks with ‘Love & Hip Hop’ to be cast on the show!

“What you see on ‘Love & Hip-Hop’, that’s not even my mom’s personality.” -Destiny Jones Continue Reading…

Drake Under Fire! Daylyt Plays Enforcer For His Diddy!

December 11th, 2014

Daylyt vs. Drake

It seems like anyone who’s got a problem with Diddy has a bigger problem with Daylyt! Just ask Drake, who may have just learned how much Diddy means to the Battle rapper.

You’ll recall … Daylyt previously announced his “I wanna f*ck Diddy” campaign.

In his recent message to Drake, Daylyt made it a point to let two things be known. “If you [Drake] lay a muthaf*ckin finger on my man, you gon have problems,” Daylyt said. “Diddy is my b*tch.Continue Reading…

Lil Kim Sets It Off On K Michelle!

December 11th, 2014

Lil Kim Slays K Michelle

Lil Kim just chopped K Michelle up to nothing more than “an insecure … pathological psycho b*tch!”.

Queen B’s shots at at K Michelle are in retaliation to the LHHATL personality’s recent open rant on Kim, where she cited Kim’s “pulled” face.

Here’s what Lil Kim had to say about K. Michelle:

“I wasn’t even going to respond to this insecure pathological lying sick psychob*tch @kmichelle I got bigger fish to fry but enough is enough. I need to put an end to this once and for all. Remember this picture y’all right? . This was the first and only time I have ever met this chick. She says I asked her this day backstage to be the Godmother of my child. Continue Reading…

Columbus Short Blames It All On Drugs & Alcohol!

December 11th, 2014

Junkie Columbus Short

If Columbus Short had his way, he’d be back acting on Scandal.

During a recent interview with Access Hollywood, the actor revealed he was “doing cocaine and drinking … and trying to balance a 16-hour a day work schedule” … using those bad choices as excuses for the SCANDALOUS behavior that landed him in the hot seat … and off the set. Continue Reading…

Superhead Did Diddy And His Adopted Son, Quincy!!!

December 11th, 2014


The latest word from Superhead reveals she’s smashing Diddy’s adopted son, Quincy!

The notorious video vixen came on IG eluding to just that, barely a day after HSK broke first word of Amber Rose’s hook up with Quincy.

From the looks of Superhead’s IG post, it seems that she snapped a morning pic of the back of Quincy as he fixed breakfast. The caption read, “Oh! Good morning babe, I didn’t even see you there!” Continue Reading…

NFL Player Sammy Hill Faces Rape Allegations

December 11th, 2014

NFL Sammy Hill Rape Allegations

A Houston stripper is crying rape against NFL defensive lineman Sammy Hill. The woman admits to having “consensual sex” with 28-year-old Hill … on the very night she says he raped her inside an Atlanta hotel suite. Continue Reading…

Drake Out Of Hospital After Beatdown By Diddy

December 11th, 2014

Drake Released From Hospital

Drake has not made any public statements since he suffered a beatdown by Puffy on Sunday night, in Miami.

However… Continue Reading…

Was 50 Cent Pimp’in Stephanie Moseley?

December 10th, 2014

50cent Trey Songz Stephanie Mosely

50 Cent recently jumped on twitter claiming that he passed the recently murdered Stephanie Moseley to Trey Songz, then he passed her to Dr Dre and he then passed her to the homies. Continue Reading…

IG Model LadyyTatyanaa Calls Out K Michelle For Jack Move

December 10th, 2014

K Michele Jacks Creativity

Creatively Bankrupt!

Self-proclaimed model, apparently “famous” on Instagram, is coming for K Michelle. Know why? LadyyTatyanaa claims K Michelle jacked one of her IG pics and used it as a blueprint for her album cover “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?

Here’s what LadyyTatyanaa just put out there: Continue Reading…

Houston Family Furious Stacy Francis is Profiting Off Whitney Beef

December 10th, 2014


Pimp to Eat!

Remember the gone-viral video clip of Whitney Houston caught beef’in with an X-Factor contestant?

You’ll recall … Stacy Francis landed some shine after being named an X-Factor finalist. That’s before she caught beef with Whitney, which went down back in February 2012, during a pre-Grammys party. Continue Reading…

K Michelle Delivers MAJOR SHADE to Lil Kim!!!

December 10th, 2014


K Michelle just threw some serious cuts at Lil Kim … likely leaving Kimmy Blanco’s plastic surgeon to be the only person to trump the knives thrown.

During a recent radio interview, K Michelle didn’t hold back on her ill feelings for Kim. Continue Reading…

Tyga Drops $20 Grand On Drake’s Former Jump Off Dollicia Bryan!

December 10th, 2014

Tyga Dollicia Bryan

HSK Exclusive - One of Drake’s former jumpoffs just twerked her way to Rack City!

That’s the word from an insider, who says Tyga dropped $20K on Dollicia Bryan. We’re told the Tyga paid the one time escort the money in exchange for her appearance in his “Make It Work” music video. Continue Reading…

CNN Breaks Down Why Mark Wahlberg Does NOT Deserve To Be Pardoned

December 10th, 2014

Mark Wahlberg Racist Felon


Via CNN – Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. Eric Garner. The list of names of black men killed by white men who have subsequently gone unpunished — and in the case of Brown and Garner, untried — continues to grow. In each of these cases, an ugly theme has been raised in defense of the perpetrators: The victims should have known better. Why did Garner resist arrest? Why was Martin wearing a hoodie? Why did Brown not meekly get out of the street when ordered to by a police officer? The reasoning goes that their deaths were triggered by their deeds; they need to be held posthumously accountable for their conduct. Continue Reading…

K Michelle’s Baby Daddy Blues

December 10th, 2014


“My baby’s father went and married a friend, that’s some other s—t for me to deal with” ~ K Michelle

HSK Exclusive - A source is saying K Michelle’s baby daddy, fellow FAMU alum, Brian Bowman, cheated on K Michelle, with the the woman who became his wife after he left the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta personality. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Rasheeda Frost.

That’s not all… Continue Reading…

50 Cent Squashes Beef With Mayweather After Hayes Murder Suicide

December 9th, 2014

50Cent, Earl Hayes & Money Mayweather

50 Cent has reached out to his former BFF, Floyd Mayweather, in the wake of the murder suicide of Earl Hayes and his wife, Hit the Floor dancer Stephanie Mosley.

HSK exclusively reported that it was 50 Cent who introduced Earl Hayes to Floyd Mayweather Jr..

Earl Hayes Committed Suicide Like His Mentor Shakir Stewart

December 9th, 2014

Earl Hayes Murder Suicide

“Mayweather was on facetime with Hayes when he opened fire on Stephanie. Everyone now assumes it was Mayweather who was smashing Moseley, and Hayes made him watch her murder” ~Confidential Source

HSK Exclusive - Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team recording artist, Earl Hayes killed his wife, Stephanie Moseley, yesterday at the Palazzo apartments in Los Angeles. Know why? Because a jealous Hayes believed his wife Stephanie Moseley had cheated on him.  So, Hayes shot Moseley multiple times and before turning the gun on himself. Similar to what his mentor, Shakir Stewart did, minus the murder aspect. Continue Reading…

Puffy’s Beef With Drake Revealed

December 9th, 2014

Reason Diddy Drake Fought

HSK Exclusive - We now know the reason Diddy and Drake threw down at LIV night club in Miami over the weekend. It all boils down to money and hoes…

Drake wrote songs and laid down vocals for Puffy’s up coming album and Puffy never paid the How About Now lyricist. This while Drake has been calling Puffy and the Bad Boy Records CEO has been been ducking the Canadian rappers phone calls and text messages. Continue Reading…

T.I. Bought The Video Of Him Making Out With a Transvestite

December 9th, 2014

Rapper TI Caught in Tranny Scandal

HSK Exclusive - We posted a story last month about the rapper T.I. being caught on film kissing a transgender prostitute named Jessica.

Now, we’re getting word that the Mediocre lyricist bought the footage. Continue Reading…

Young Thug Is One Very Confused Rapper

December 9th, 2014

Young Thug Prison Experience

What What???

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, rapper Young Thug made the claim that while incarcerated as a youth, he “didn’t do shit there but gamble, smoke and f*ck.”

Here how YT put it down:

“I was in the streets at eight, nine years old,” Thug says. “I was going to school so my dad and mom would keep buying me clothes, but when I got out I did what I wanted to do – fighting, all kinds of shit.” Continue Reading…

Is Jay Electronica An Angry Black Man?

December 9th, 2014

Jay Electronica vs. Obama

Jay Electronica recently posted a series of angry tweets dissing President Obama for not speaking up for Black America. He then went on to call White America land thieves.

Here’s Jay Electronica’s tweets: Continue Reading…

Yung Berg’s Studio Lover Speaks Out

December 9th, 2014

Yung Berg Studio Lover Speaks Out

HSK Exclusive - Yesterday, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood personality, Yung Berg, was exposed as a down-low rapper by Ray J’s Manager, Cash Jones, who alleged on social media that, he walked in the studio and caught Berg in a gay sex act. Continue Reading…

RHOA’s Porsha Williams Casting Models For New Lingerie Line

December 9th, 2014

Porsha Williams Lingerie

“Omg!!! You all gave me the push I needed IG babies! Porsha Lingerie is on the way! Thanks for your time today @uyo I’m so excited! #makingmoves.” Continue Reading…

Industry Hoe Kat Stacks Off The Stroll?

December 9th, 2014

Katt Stacks Dubai Prostitute

RE: Expose these hoes Jacky

Hey Jacky,

Some Dubai Guy asked to spend a night with Katt Stacks and she started to front like she’s too good to be doing this, i’m a little confuse especially when she was the same chick thats been guzzling down dudes for $100 dollars n she acting like she got money like that. Continue Reading…

J.Cole Banned From Performing In Detroit

December 9th, 2014

J. Cole Banned from Detroit

Eminem’s goon/rapper Trick Trick jumped on social media to announce that he banned the Roc Nation artist J.Cole from performing in Detroit. Know why? Because J.Cole released a track titled Fire Squad dissing Eminem.

Here’s what Trick Trick put down: Continue Reading…

Money Team Rapper Kills VH1 Personality Wife Then HimSelf

December 8th, 2014

Chris Brown Stephanie Moseley

Rapper Earl Hayes, who was a member of Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team, murdered his wife, VH1 personality, Stephanie Moseley (Hit the Floor) and then killed himself. The motive for the murder suicide is that, allegedly, Stephanie had cheated on him with a “famous singer”.

Here is what’s been reported: Continue Reading…



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