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Ask Jacky… What’s the Real Story Behind Sam Cooke’s Death?

January 11th, 2012

Ask Jacky

Hey Jacky,

I really love your site!

I was wondering if you have anything else on Sam Cooke death?


Jacky’s Answer Here

Bobby Womack Exposed

January 10th, 2012

Bobby Womack Exposed
Last night TV One aired Bobby Womack Unsung and guess what — They forgot to mention the real reason why Barbara Cooke divorced the legendary singer.

Here’s what a reliable source had to say:

“TV One made sure they cleaned up Bobby Womack’s life story for Unsung. They left out a lot of key details like the real reason why Barbara Cooke divorced Bobby. Bobby was having sex with her then 14 year old daughter Linda.

Bobby was creeping into Linda’s room at night and having sex with her until Barbara caught him and held a gun against his head. She told him to get the f*ck out of her house. Bobby then ran to the garage where Barbara followed and shot at him grazing his scalp. This is the reason for their divorce in 1970. Linda would later marry Bobby’s brother Cecil and never speak to her mother again.

Bobby showed up at Sam Cooke’s funeral wearing Sam’s clothes. Bobby was sporting Sam’s jewelry and he was also messing with Barbara behind Sam’s back.

Bobby and Barbara named their first son Vincent, which was the same name of Sam’s and Barbara’s son who accidentally drowned in a swimming pool.

Bobby and Barbara had an orgy going on while their four month old was sleeping in the master bedroom. Don’t believe me.. Ask Lyrica Garrett. Continue Reading…

Is Sir Lady Java the First Transgender Working Girl Sponsored by Hollywood Celebrities?

January 10th, 2012

67 year old Sir Lady Java is the first Afro-American transgender women to be sponsored by Afro-American Hollywood celebrities. I would tell you to ask Sammy Davis Jr but he’s dead.

Here’s what was revealed to me: Continue Reading…

BMF Wives Reality Show Get’s Shut Down

January 10th, 2012

BMF Wives Canceled
BMF Wives reality show pilot got shut down. Know why? Because none of the ladies were ever married to any of the Black Mafia Family members mane. Don’t believe me.. Ask music producer Shawn “Tubby” Holiday.

Here’s what an insider told me:

“Big Meech and them cats shut down Tonesa Welch, and the rest of the fake wives reality show before it even got started.

Jacky, Toni got too many problems to be focusing on a reality show. Toni is 51 years old and she lives on a college campus with her two sons Corey and Jayson. Toni is 51 years old and she’s flossing in pictures holding a Hermes Birkin bag. Continue Reading…

Ask Jacky… What Are Your Thoughts About Contemporary Music?

January 10th, 2012

Ask Jacky Pop Music

Hey Jacky,

It seems as if you don’t buy into alot of these new artists and their gimmicks. Which new artists do you favor or like right now?

Jacky’s Answer Here

Is Carmelo Anthony Hiding In The Closet?

January 9th, 2012

Known as Chosen
HSK Exclusive – New York Knicks Forward, Carmelo Anthony, just may be living his life as a low-down switch-hittin’ brother. That’s because, a credible source says the NBA All-Star Player is playing for the other team (and you know exactly what team we’re talking about, ladies and gentlemen – nuff said)!

Here’s what was revealed to me about Carmelo Anthony, who is married to La La Vazquez:

” Five years ago, a dude who had Carmelo’s voice mail password played me and my friend a slew of messages. After cracking into the voicemail it became apparent that Superhead was on Melo’s voice mail, along with the voices of several dudes – asking Melo when he was planning to send for them, saying they missed him.

It was plain to see that Carmelo’s apartment was used for smashing and partying. The dude who had access to Carmelo’s voice mail and apartment was a cat known as Chosen.”

Sources say Chosen is a professional con-man from St. Louis – whose reported M.O. is to con his way into celebrity and socialite circles. Insiders tell us Chosen will do whatever it takes to get into those circles – including smashing men and women. Don’t believe me.. Ask Lisa Raye, who Chosen is said to have hooked Benzino up with.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there! Continue Reading…

The Real Story Behind Floyd Mayweather Domestic Violence Rampage

January 9th, 2012

HSK Exclusive – I’m getting word that the mother of Floyd Mayweather’s child Josie Harris, is having an affair with Chicago Bulls’ C.J. Watson – leading the champ into a domestic violence rampage.

Here’s what a source from Las Vegas’ Second Baptist Church (where C.J. Watson’s family congregates) had to say:

“We all know that Mayweather is now officially convicted of domestic violence. TMZ touched on the story, but stopped short after they conducted a scripted interview with the father of the person. Well, I can tell you with certainty that the rumor was true, and Floyd flipped out!!! Seems his baby momma was getting it in with the back up point guard from the Chicago Bulls, C.J.Watson.

They had been conversing back and forth on Floyd’s dime. C.J. was even playing rent-a-daddy when he came to town. Now for those who don’t know, C.J. is a local Vegas celebrity – homegrown, and even went to famed Bishop Gorman High School.

His mother, Kathy Watson, owns a cleaning service company out here. C.J.’s parents were very influential members of the Second Baptist Church, but quickly left when all the family drama started to occur.

Anyway, C.J. and Floyd were cool, they got dirt on each other, but when Floyd found out that C.J. was creeping with ole girl, he laid hands on her. Luckily, C.J. was on the road at the time. Continue Reading…



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