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Affion Crockett Channels Drake In His Latest Spoof Of “Headlines”

December 1st, 2011

Affion Crockett again hits it out of the park with this spoof of Drake.

You might ask yourself, “why are Affion’s spoofs so funny, but his brief attempt at television was such a miserable failure?” Well, for that you have to thank Jamie Foxx.

The reason Affion’s TV show was so bad, was because of a preconceived notion within Foxx’s camp that, “Affion thought he was bigger than Foxx and crew”. Affion wanted to write his material, but Foxx vetoed that in favor of himself and his own people (i.e Tyrin Turner). Continue Reading…

Kentucky Baptist Church Has Just Banned Interracial Couples

December 1st, 2011

Racist Religion
A small Baptist church in Kentucky has just barred interracial couples from becoming members or taking part in church activities. Know why? Because most members of the Gulnare Freewill Baptist church believe that interracial relationships is not a part of Christianity mane.

In June 2011 a white woman named Stella Harville, bought her fiance Ticha Chikuni who’s from Zimbabwe to the Gulnare Freewill Baptist church and guess what? In November the church banned interracial couples from attending church services. Don’t believe me? Ask Stella Harville’s dad.

Here’s what Stells Harville’s father had to say:

“It sure ain’t Christian. It ain’t nothing but the old devil working.”

Wait there’s more!!!

Drake Drops ICM For WME And Lil Wayne Is Pissed

December 1st, 2011

Drake Wayne Sweethearts
Drake fired his booking agency International Creative Management agency and moved to represented now by the William Morris Endeavor agency know why? Because the rapper Drake is taking legal steps to get off his record deal with Cash Money Records mane. Don’t believe me? Ask Cortez Bryant.

Here’s what an insider told the New York Post:

“Drake just felt like there were too many hands in his pockets. He was getting pulled in too many different directions.” Continue Reading…

Michael Vick Reaches Out To Nate Dogg’s Son

December 1st, 2011

Naijiel Hale is the son of the legendary and now deceased hook master Nate Dogg — and guess what? Naijiel’s mother entered her son into a Michael Vick’s contest on Facebook and told the Eagles quaterback that her son is a defensive back with good grades and he’s also a huge fan of Michael Vick.

Michale Vick responded with an email to Naijiel:

“Congratulations on a good season and thank you for the support. Sorry to hear about your father but glad to see you’re being strong and keep achieving.”

Here’s what Naijiel told his hero Michael Vick: Continue Reading…

Russell Simmons Sends Out An Open Letter Defending The Rush Card

December 1st, 2011

Russell Simmons is tired of everyone dissing his Rush Card so guess what? Uncle Russ decided to send an open letter out to the press.

Here’s Russell’s letter:

“Now, like many did with rap music before it, critics of OWS are attacking RushCard, which pioneered the prepaid debit card industry seven years ago. For years I heard from mothers, children in tow, waiting in lines for their paychecks, then in more lines to expensively cash those paychecks, then in even more lines to pay their bills. Truth be told, these Americans couldn’t afford the “minimum deposit levels” required by large banks to avoid monthly account maintenance fees. Historically, large numbers of these customers incurred overdraft and “insufficient funds” fees on a far-too-regular basis — and many of these customers are now simply regarded by the banks as being “unprofitable.” For the majority of these folks, there is simply is no alternative: no credit card to be approved for, and no bank offering a reasonable set of fees in their neighborhoods. Continue Reading…

The Major Label Music Business Model Is Theft

November 30th, 2011


For those of you who don’t follow Bob’s newsletter, but want a little insight into the music business, read the piece below that Bob published yesterday. I am republishing it here because its just that TRUE! Not only are artists not familiar with how they are getting screwed, fans and general consumers are also feeling the shaft.

Bob Lefsetz was a motivating factor for establishing HSK by giving me reason to breakdown what the bought and paid for media won’t tell you. It’s a longer than normal piece for HSK, but well worth the read.

P.S. Click the “SOPA” image above to learn about how the SOPA act will change the internet landscape for ever. A website could seized without trial, inquiry or even and proof of wrong doing.

“So (the big music chain’s strategy was) not about trying to excite the customer. To extract value from the labels seemed to be the pursuit. In essence, there was a lot of value available because not very much of that value (from the product being sold) was flowing to the artists. (Retailers and labels) would be sitting there on a $10 wholesale (CD) item, and it was basically $9 available to be thieved.

If Best Buy could grab $2 of it on a mark-down, the label could use the rest for car service and fancy meals; I guess that worked for a long time.”

Mike Dreese of Newbury Comics, as told to Larry LeBlanc: http://bit.ly/aQpmuY

The major label business model is theft. Continue Reading…



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