Pastor Deitrick Haddon Nude Selfie Exposed by Jump-Off


Pastor Deitrick Haddon exposed nude

The side piece of L.A. Pastor Deitrick Haddon is upset with her trick, so she leaked some photos, text messages and more personal details of the Preachers of Los Angeles star.

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  1. Don’t know how, but I KNEW some shit like this would eventually come out about one of those “men of God”. This comment is not to judge because I worship no idols, I don’t fall for the hype and I realize they are not God himself, but are real live in the flesh human and flawed men, reguardless to whatever it is that they do in life, but seriously… lol! could the timing be any better? Reality shows needs views to remain afloat. Not saying this was planned. That’s something I don’t know, but I do know the timing is perfect. lol.

  2. I had never heard of these “men of God” before but if they were going to have their own reality show I knew some drama had to be involved and I wanted to know what it would be so I watched the show. It’s damn near comical to me.

    Here is my question: Did Minister Haddon actually have his own church when he sent that nude selfie to his jump off?

    Him and Pastor McClendon jumped out to me as being suspect on the first episode. Bishop Jones is a close third. lol

  3. Mugs stay taking pictures of themselves. It’s like ok bitch just saw you yesterday.

    This me with the hat on. This me without the hat on. This me with a scarf in a knot. This me with it off to the side. And here go a picture of my pee pee. Cause at the end of the day…….

  4. And all the Ministers of Music around the country are so happy tonight. You know they all probably looked at the di ck pic.

    • Haha. Very funny. This sounds like a set up. Pics n emails from five years ago and this heifer decides to release them now. Cmon son!!

  5. How do I know that this is D’s Dong… I mean it’s not as if there’s a pic of him holding it. I need more proof.

  6. “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” Mathew 7:15. But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. 2 peter 2:1. These preachers aren’t of God they’re of the world that’s why the world promotes them.

  7. D.Haddon must of really pissed someone (McClendon) off for someone to hunt down a jump-off from 5 years ago to get some dirt….More drama to come,Mr. Entourage(McClendon) got more skeletons then clothes in his closet….Just ask he alleged new pregnant jump-off…

  8. These fake Preachers are gay or bi also. People wake up don’t believe them. When they want fame and want to be celebs too the same thing applies. Y’all can’t tell me they don’t look gay on their new reality show. T.d Jakes is illumaniti also believe it

    • And just HOW MANY of them have had to submit to “private counselings” with “Ms. Bobbie Jones” in order to get “put on” in the gospel circuit?

      Here in Atlanta ALONE, on a Sunday night, you find MORE than a handful of these “men-of-the-cloth” on the popular “Ho- or Tranny-Strolls”, picking up the latest tricks, after delivering their last Sunday sermon and “breaking bread” with their family and friends. NOTHING new HERE. Hell, THAT’S how MA$E got busted a few years ago here in Atlanta when he was trying to pick-up a tranny on Spring St., and when a cop came cruising by, he tried to speed off and ended up crashing into a woman’s BMW or Benz. As he tried to flee the scene, ALL of the trannies in the area circled his car, blocked him in and made sure 5-0 got his ass! #PRICELESS!

      But the REST of these gospel artist are off-the-hook, and have been doing dirt outside of the media’s eye for YEARS!! The Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc, founded by [Ms.] Rev. James Cleveland in 1967, has ALWAYS been KNOWN (by ANYONE “in the know”), as an annual gathering amongst people in the church who “wear [their] lipgloss [that] brings boys OR girls to da’ yard”. Don’t believe me?

      Ask those CLOSELY-affiliated with the Hawkins’ family, Crouch family, Winans family, Donnie McClurckin, Yolanda Adams, Rev. Cleveland, his adopted son/NOW-HIV-positive lover, Christopher Harris, Pace sisters, Shirley Caesar and MANY more! It is “alleged” that several of them are “sponsors” or “initiators” to up-and-coming artists. Just peep “Sunday’s Best”.

      • And I’ve heard many of the church conferences have married pastors and Bishops in attendance blatantly with their girlfriends at the hotel too. AME Zion is the worst! You think the Catholic church is bad. AME Zion just transfers their pastors from church to church after an affair(s) has been outed. Just sick!

        Someone needs to have a blog busting some of the denominations and their practices wide open. There are some good pastors left.

  9. Thank you for keeping your word & I pray you will continue to expose them one by one & the wives & girlfriends too…

  10. I knew there was a reason I never watched that show. Some pastors are no more worthy than a person on the street trying to persuade someone to do evil. Anyone who sits under someone like that deserves to go to hell right with him too.

  11. Yall gotta be the dumbest bunch of birds. First off you see a picture of Dietrich with a towel wrapped around his waist…the next picture is only of a d@$ do u know its his d@#k..yall some thirsty birds.