Paternity Day Planned For Rich Dollaz!


Rich Dollaz Paternity Test

Is He The Father?

HSK Exclusive – It may have taken 12-years to do it, but Rich Dollaz is finally set to deliver his DNA over his suspected preteen daughter. The Love & Hip Hop personality exclusively tells HSK if he is found to be the father of Christie, born to Chandrea Nicholle in 2001, he’ll gladly provide financial support for the girl.

This news comes just days after Rich’s Memphis arrest, over his failure to comply with a previously court-ordered paternity test. Now, that test is scheduled to happen January 22nd.

Here’s what Rich Dollaz exclusively told HSK:

“I haven’t seen Chandrea in thirteen years… Now that I’m on television, everybody thinks my pockets are full. If the child is mine, I’ll pay.”


  1. Child Bye!! This nicca should have taken care of this 12 years ago. Why would he insult the public’s intelligence by stating,”…If the child is mine, I’ll pay”. Rich needs to stop, the only reason he’s taking the paternity test is because it’s court ordered and he was arrested.
    I hope the child gets all she’s due. I also hope she asks her mom: why she would choose to have a child w/a degenerate like Rich?

  2. Rich Dollaz=poor broke…what a loser this dude is…he comes off a a straight up Beyoatch …..I feel bad for his daughter

  3. if i was rich dollars duaghter seeing him on tv and his reputate i would have dis own him bump getting a dna test keep your 50 dollar checks !