Paul Mooney: “White People In Boston Deserved What They Got”


Paul Mooney Boston Massacre Joke Gone Bad

Black Comedy?

HSK Exclusive – We’re not exactly sure what in the hell Paul Mooney was thinking when he decided to deliver a super tasteless ‘joke’ about the recent Boston bombing, but he sure did shock his stand-up audience.

Now, Mooney is left in the hot seat –and people are understandably pissed!

Sources say after the comedian announced “White people in Boston deserved what they got”, members of the audience began leaving the Levity Live Club in Nyack, New York.

Here’s what Paul Mooney said to his audience, Saturday night:

“White people in Boston deserved what they got and it was OK to lose a few limbs … and as long as no blacks got hurt, it was OK.”

Here’s an HSK exclusive drop from Paul Mooney, told to Jacky last month at a Studio City, California Starbucks:

“You can’t trust Black people in America, because they all got white blood in them. Afro Americans are doing the White man’s work for him, because they feel that they’re White.

It’s hard to trust your own kind because they look black but they are really White. It’s all that slave blood. Do you know who knows the white man? The American Indian. He knows all about the White man.

Jacky, call me and we can rap some more.”


  1. The american Indian does know well & the mexicans show you what happens when you mix with them to the point that you are replaced as a new race & become extinct…mexicans were american indians also until the europeans from spain got to them…

    • At That’s right on! All people have to do is use common sense to research “real” history, and not fictionalized history.

      And another thing, some of y’all people have a very short memory. Remember Hurricane Katrina back in 2005?!
      My question to some of y’all is, what was so different about Paul Moonies’ statement as opposed to our former President George W. Bush’s actions of not helping all those poor people (of all races)?

      True, I don’t wish harm on no one. But like somebody else said in the comnent below me…this catastrophe was AGAIN perpetrated by our own government(just like 9/11 was). And many of you probably don’t know this, but when these bombings happened, our government was in the process of beginning to pass the proposed CISPA law. This was just a smokescreen.

      Another example is when Michael Jackson was murdered back in 2009, the government knew the world would be entrenched by the live funeral. And sure enough we all were. All the while, all the leaders of the world, including our very own President Barry Barack Obama, attended the meeting. In which the former Pope called for a one world sovereign law for all nations to abide by. All you all have to do is pay attention.

      • I so agree with you @K.1985 . It’s a national tragedy when white people are hurt or killed. People of color in the same situation no one cares. SMFH

        • You are wrong.

          Black-on-white violence is exploding across the nation, but the press won’t report it.

          But when poor little killer Trayvon fucks up,then it’s: evil whitey.

          Open your eyes

            • ran76:

              Don’t you know how to look things up, asshole?

              Let me help you: look up 2013 (or any other year) for black-on-white crime at FBI sites; also the Dept of Justice sites.

              Everyone knows this but you.

              Still ‘vague’ now? Learn to read. ‘Blacks the foundation of our culture’. I’ll take half a day to laugh.

          • wow, that was… vague. can you be a little more specific? like, I don’t know, a police or news report saying Martin killed some one.

            • Look it up yourself, asshole.

              Zimmerman killed the little thug in SELF DEFENSE.

              I’m really sorry you don’t like that?

              Ya gonna learn how to look things up yet?


            • ran76-

              Tell ya what: learn how to read and maybe you’ll understand what I’m saying, OK?

              Stormfront? Is that what you are? On a Paul Mooney site?

          • “2013 (or any other year) for black-on-white crime at FBI sites” nowhere on the FBI site does it say Martin killed someone. put his name in the search engine of the site and 2 articles comes up, one about a guy in Virginia and another about a girl that’s been missing for 13 years. or are you suggesting he kidnapped some girl when he was less than 2 years old or involved in a gun incident *AFTER* he’s been dead for months?

            The fact is, you are either too lazy to support your own claim, or just an outright liar. It’s pretty apparent with the oh-so-original “look it up yourself” argument.

            so let’s review:
            *YOU* make the assertion Trayvon Martin killed someone. *I* ask for a source supporting your claim. Instead of supplying a source, like a mature adult, you go the lazy, kindergarten route of a lame insult and “look it up yourself”.

            what’s next? are you going to try to change the subject, make another baseless claim or go with another ad hominem?

            • You’re just pissed that I put tons of truth-telling conservatives on the planet, aren’t you?

              Well, I’m going to bed now, little pussy boy.

              Learn to read and not pick your nose, and maybe we’ll talk tomorrow.

          • oh, ok. you went with option a: change the subject. let me know when the Ritalin kicks in, so we can stay on topic. seriously, do you have any evidence outside of a Stormfront forum post?

          • “Tell ya what: learn how to read and maybe you’ll understand what I’m saying, OK?”
            what? you mean you didn’t call Martin “a poor little killer?”

            “Stormfront? Is that what you are? On a Paul Mooney site?” are you talking into a mirror again? seriously, how stupid are you? please, for the love of all that’s good, don’t breed. there are enough morons on the net as it is. the future doesn’t need more of you, Tina.

            and with that, I bid you good bye, seeing as you’re too stupid or lazy to defend your poorly thought-out position.

            • ran76:

              poor little pussy boy: losing the argument, are you?

              By the way, I am a grandmother; I have 4 adult CONSERVATIVE white children, and TEN white conservative grandchildren.

              Know what little pussy liberals like you call the conservative winning the argument? A racist (cuz you’re losing!)

          • Tell me, Grandma: how can I lose an argument when you can’t even stay on topic? Alzheimer’s maybe? seriously, you can’t even back up your own claims and I’m losing? FFS woman, what kind of ass-backwards thought process were you programed with? can you even comprehend the term evidence? because you’ve done fuck all in providing any to support you’re claims. that’s not winning an argument, that’s just wasting everyone’s time.

            as far as calling you racist, I actually have evidence to back up my accusation. it’s in a number of posts on this thread. that’s the difference between us. I feel sorry for your descendants. I really do. Because if you’re an example, the only choice left is to nuke em from orbit. it’s the only way to be sure. May Jesus Christ have mercy on you and yours(Remember, he was a liberal too)

          • An ad hominem again? c’,mon granny, you can do better than that… no, wait, you can’t. otherwise you wouldn’t be ducking such simple question as where is the evidence Martin killed someone? I bet it’s eating away at you that you can’t come up with a single verifiable piece of information. Which of the 3 options are you going to go with this time, granny? the only thing left is make up another lie. you did the first 2 a couple times already. try to use that brain you have, I know it’s difficult in your case with the Alzheimer’s and all, but I believe in you!!!

          • A couple of kids and grandkids doesn’t amount to “tons”, unless they’re all morbidly obese. I see you went with option b: deflection… again. *sigh* this is getting repetitive. It’s obvious to anyone who might be reading this that you’re either a troll, willfully ignorant, not very bright or some combination of the three.

          • of course they are… tell you what, Granny, I’ll make this easy for you. Give me one, just one, verifiable, reputable link that says Treyvon Martin killed someone and I’ll gladly admit to being wrong on that topic. just one. Hell, I’ll even accept a Fox news article.

        • You’re absolutely right… Calling attention to #Everything whites do, and everything that happens with them. Black lives matter just as much…

      • You sound like one of those people you just described – lunatic. GET YOUR HEAD OUT THE DUFFLE BAG AND READ!

      • Thats not what he was saying he was saying AFTER Micheal Jackson died the media attention was used to divert the real issue…read and understand dumb motherfucker

      • K.1985, I don’t know what you’re on but would you share a bit of it, please? It must be drugs–even contemporary education couldn’t twist reality that much.

      • “My question to some of y’all is, what was so different about Paul Moonies’ statement as opposed to our former President George W. Bush’s actions of not helping all those poor people (of all races)” For one thing Dubya actually had the power to do something to help the people in the area

    • The truth hurts doesn’t it. Nothing that comes out of a Black man’s Mouth or any other race of Ethnic origin can be compared to the attrocities imposed upon this Land by the “White Man”. It was Russian’s who did the injustice, not the Black Man!White on White crime is Fine by Me!!

      • black on black crime is fine by me,your race kills more of its own kind every year than any other. truth hurts but its a fact. if not for the white man your race would not be here,we also founded this country,farmed it and industrialized it. go back home if you don’t like it here. you will all be dealt with accordingly anyway,including ragheads and borderhoppers. yes im racist and don’t give a shit what you think about it

          • No, whites built the U.S. I’m sorry you didn’t have a central role in it. You helped, but you didn’t write the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You didn’t dig the railroads, and explore the place like we did

            And um, I’m sorry, we white came from blacks ONE MILLION YEARS AGO. We’ve kicked ass since then, what have you done?

            • “but you didn’t write the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.” neither did you, or are trying to tell me your over 240 years old?

              “You didn’t dig the railroads, and explore the place like we did” the blacks and the chinese would like a word with you.

              “And um, I’m sorry, we white came from blacks ONE MILLION YEARS AGO.” that’s probably the closest you’ve been to being right about anything so far.

              “We’ve kicked ass since then,” no, no you haven’t.

              “what have you done?” besides being the foundation of your culture?

        • Jomama what fairy tale are you reading from? “I will take ignorant of her history for $600.00 Alex”.

        • and if it wasn’ for the Chinese, Arabs and every other culture, Europeans would’ve been living in shacks alot longer than they did. Name an aspect of Europena culture and history and I gaurentee you’ll find it was either adopted from or influenced by a culture from outside of the continent. From weapons to food, to religion and fashion. So next time say “Thank you for making Europe a little better” and go about your day

          • Europeans have been in Europe for thousands of years.

            They invented their OWN culture, whether you like it or not.

            ALL cultures adapt from one another-what? Did the Europeans adopt more successfully than your culture?

            • “Europeans have been in Europe for thousands of years.” so have people from originally outside Europe. or are you ignoring,for example,the Achaemenid Empire and the Moors??

              “They invented their OWN culture, whether you like it or not.” If that were true there wouldn’t be so manner aspects originally from Asia and the Middle East.

              “ALL cultures adapt from one another-what? Did the Europeans adopt more successfully than your culture?” what makes you think my family isn’t originally from Europe? because I’m using actual facts? the difference, it seems, between me and you is I actually paid attention in my history classes.

              adapt and adopt are two different things by the way.

              Odd, in one line you say Europe “-invented their OWN culture”, then in another you say “ALL cultures adapt from one another” so which is it? you can’t have it both ways.

          • The Moors came WAY after the Christians did to Spain. Remember, Christianity is 2,000 years old. Islam started 700 or more years after that.

            And excuse me, all cultures ADOPT parts of cultures, and then ADAPT those parts to their own.

            Don’t you know English?

            • “The Moors came WAY after the Christians did to Spain. Remember, Christianity is 2,000 years old. Islam started 700 or more years after that.” What’s your point? Christianity came from the Middle East. Who do you think the first Christians were? Here’s a hint they rhyme with “Dew”.

              “And excuse me, all cultures ADOPT parts of cultures, and then ADAPT those parts to their own.” So you admit I was right about European cultures being influenced by others and the 2 words aren’t the same thing. Good, that means your willing to stop being ignorant of reality.

              “Don’t you know English?” No, I’m writing this in Japanese. What do you think? *SMH*

          • Gotta answer down here, since they won’t give me another reply box.

            Please don’t rewrite American history, OK? You blacks did your part. But don’t try to write the integral part out of it. Victimology is not history.

            • wait… I’m black now? since when? why hasn’t anyone told me? One would think friends and family would mention a sudden change of race.

              “Please don’t rewrite American history, OK?” What did I rewrite? you really trying to say Blacks and Chinese had nothing to do with building the railroads? who trying to rewrite history now?

      • yuck! you are a bad person… no really, you are hateful! and have nothing to offer to the human race

    • People in America believe they are blessed because they got money. Having money doesn’t mean your blessed. Look at all the junkies in Hollywood. Paul Mooney just keeping it real a lot of the “minorities” even though the majority of the world has color need to research their history. People going to church dont even believe in the bible. People lusting to be greedy and do evil. Acting just like their oppressor lost in their mind.

    • Paul Mooney is a living legend he can say wtf he wants too. What he said about you wannbe white negroes was spot on. Is brand of comedy isnt for the coons. Peace to the families involved in that tragedy, but there are great dividers in the black community, and its killing us.

      • he may say what he wants while hiding behind a computer but i gaurantee he wouldn’t say that shit to my face and get away with it !!! if ya don’t like carry your black ass back to afrika since you are so damn proud of that shithole or wherever else you are from.

        • we will as soon as you pay our reparations and passage to get back to Africa and you whites get back in steerage class to Europe

          • Do you truly want that? And I don’t mean the reparations, but the whole “end of US citizenship” deal? If you were offered 50K tomorrow and given a ticket one way to Johannesburg with the proviso that you renounce your US citizenship permanently?

            If you do, that’s cool…I just can’t understand it from a practical point of view. Having spent a lot of time on the African continent, I can tell you that the violence, corruption and racism there makes our problems here look rather mild.

            I wouldn’t choose to move there with less than 2-3 million USD in solid assets, but with that sort of a nest egg, it would be tempting.

            • Why should black people in America leave our homes here and go to a place we know nothing about.

              What should really happen is whites need to go back to Ireland, Italy, Britain, France, Poland, Russia and whereeverelsethefucktheycamefrom.

              The reason Im saying that is they cant seem to get along with anyone that isn’t white like them throughout the world where they have spread…So I think they would be a lot happier in Europe with each other and the world wont have the racism problem anymore since they seem to always be the antagonizer.

              They can leave America, Australia,New Zealand, Canada, Southern Africa, Madagasgar but they can keep North Africa because its a barren Arab shithole now anyway.

              I think they’ll be a lot happier with each other in Europe and the rest of humanity can finally live in fucking peace.

            • Christa & Anonymous @ 23:11,

              Very well said…
              BOTH OF YOU…

              As much foolishness going on here in this country there is NO way I’d be ready to venture to another place I have no ties & know nothing about. I challenge anyone to intelligently explain why any of us should even consider doing such a thing.

        • why don`t you pale face bastards go back to europe cave man.
          And you white boy are a bunch of pussy whipped faggots.


            especially that 6 year old white devil eh?


  2. thing about it is what he says was clearly f*cked up…just way f*cked up but dude really does talk sh*t about everyone. Nobody is safe with this dude.Not the living or the dead.He talks horribly about everyone.

    As soon as you think to co-sign the horrible things he says about one group of people,he will speak horribly about you and whatever group you are in.

    I wonder if Kramer will come through for Paul and stand next to him when he faces the media backlash for his words? And Paul only sleeps and has children with white women.He seems very confused to me.Like an old black man that never found his sense of self or dignity.Slavery and racism really did a number on black people.

    • Paul Mooney has always performed controversial comedy, often deemed to be inappropriate due to the subject matter.While I have agreed and even laughed at some of his comedy, I also believe that he crosses the line at times , and goes over board. This is one of those times. the joke to me is in bad taste period. PS. With him being or appearing to be so pro black I too was shocked when I heard that he had biracial children from relationships with non black women!

      • when kramer said the n word paul mooney went on tv saying he was shocked and scared.

        the crazy white junkie intimated paul mooneyt what paul wanted o stop saying the n word.

        heard his comdey back in the 90’s he’s onpoint with stereotypes but he’;s a hippocrite also cause he married a white woman.

        it’s like a klansmen who wants to hang a black man but gets a black girl pregnant.

        paul’s also bisexual.

    • I read Paul Mooney’s book: “Black Is the New White”.

      His first kids were identical twins with a white high school affair he had.
      Then he had a girl by somebody else.

      He had 3 kids by the time he left high school.

      Then he married Yvonne (black) in Los Angeles. They had 3 kids, one of whom was killed.

      Then he had another out of wedlock


  3. I was thinking last week about that EBT awards show where he talked about Diana Ross – and Tracee was in the audience.

    As the child of a alcoholic/bipolar BW, I thought ‘Wtf does she have to do with that issue?’

    Used to like Paul Mooney until I got bored one recent evening and had to fast forward through one dvd where he talked about Whitney and MJ. Wasn’t a fan of either but it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

  4. Oh you can?

    Okay–when your mother goes blind because some dumb fuck terrorist blows up a grocery store and she gets hit with shrapnel, will you still “see where he coming from?”

    It’s okay to say somebody is fucking stupid and completely off base when they’re fucking stupid–even if it’s somebody you really like.

  5. That nigga must have been HIGH on that CRACK that he luvs to play with WOW that nigga is really crzy to say sum shit like that even though BOSTON is full of those racist MF anyway Yo Paul tell your daughter I said Whts up

  6. I don’t wish death on anyone regardless of Race. Maybe what he was saying if you(The ones in Power) ignore other races senseless suffering and death. God will send some of the same your way. WE AS BLACKS have put those victims in our prayers. How many of them have put the Trayvon’s Martins, the children in the inner city like Chicago in their prayers.

    • Do you really think that your government couldn’t do more about the sufering that going on in the inner cities. I will go so far as to say they create the conditions for thes problems to exist. Am I happy what happened in Boston? NO. Is it comforting to turn on the news and not see a black mother, father, or family member cryingand being the victim? HELL YES. I STILL STAND BY MY THOUGHTS. P.S. THERE’S NOTHING BROADER THAN GOD.

  7. Stupid lack sheep’s do not even realize these bombings were staged by the government .ignorant black folks at there finest. Paul is right

    • Not only is he right, but the night before when Jamie Foxx wore that shirt(MTV Awards) with Trayvon’s face in the center, the whites came out on twitter and I mean all the way out. The next day, Pray for Boston-gtfowtbs. Also remember last year when the Boston Bruins was in the playoffs with the Capitals & Brotha Man scored the winning goal in overtime beating them, they went ham on him too. Not his team…HIM. We need to stop holding hands with everybody.

    • No shizz we all are individuals but we are targeted and deliberately oppressed as a whole. NEVER FORGET THAT. We ALL live under a global system of racism and it is called white supremacy. To deny or ignore its existence is not only counterproductive for ppl of color, its absolutely STUPID and indicative of someone who HAS NOT done their research much less just open their eyes. I think Paul Mooney was insensitive, inappropriate and very mean spirited to utter such words because a crime to one is a crime to ALL…too bad Caucasians have not figured that out and from what I have studied they never will. For Caucasians to completely integrate with others they will have to scientifically face their own annihilation…not out of hate but it will be out of love because people of color Red, Yellow, Black and Brown will mate them right back out of existence. They were not always here as far as the time line of humanity…in fact they are very young compared to the rest of the human species. When ‘in the beginning’ is near the end for ALL ,when people look around and don’t see “white” people, it will be very clear that race was this grand illusion to economically marginalize billions for the comfort of a few…(of course, the ppl in that not so distant future will most likely not know or understand the barbaric concept of racism and it probably will be burnt history, similar to how ppl of color history was torched) Then it will be known that there is no such thing as a man defined by race but by who he truly is which is human. To recoginize someone who has positioned themselves to be your enemy and the enemy of your off spring should be not be approached by violence or anything of the kind, that recognition is enough and it is AWARENESS which should make you strong, and determined to not fall in their games of entrapment. To ignorantly live in the lie would always produce false unproductive existences. You can never act honestly when you are lied to, you can only do as far as you know and if that’s based on deception and manipulation its no surprise to see a person of color wearing a blonde lace front/ blue contacts and declaring we are in a post racial society.
      Keep marching and waving that flag for Neanderthals…But please take the time out to re or re-read
      “The Isis Papers” – Dr. Frances Cress Welsing,
      “They came before Columbus” – Ivan Van Sertima,
      “The white man’s Burden: Historical origins of Race” ,Winthrop D Jordan,
      “Africa Exodus: The Origins of modern humanity”, Christopher Stringer & Robin Mckie,
      “Selected writings and speeches of Marcus Garvey”,
      “Invisible Man” Ralph Ellison. “Autobiography of Malcolm X” Alex Haley.
      “Unbowed” Wangari Mathaai’s (this book tells you how Ppl of color were insidiously preyed on from literally the ground up, how the ecosystem of a people was destroyed which was the source of survival for many for thousands of years)

      We have to properly engage one another and when someone is inquisitive about your information and sources it is a sign of intellect to provide someone with the resources that gave you the knowledge that supports your beliefs. We have to STOP throwing shade at one another and start throwing books at all of the ignorance that is so rampant these days.
      Only a fool would state that because slavery has been over for some time that we are not still enslaved mentally, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually enslaved therefore physically under a system that has positioned Caucasians in power whether you recognize this or not WILL not STOP western imperialism which are code words name for white supremacy. A white man has no power over me but his system sure weighs heavy. “READ! READ! READ! and never stop until you discover the knowledge of the Universe” – Marcus Garvey… Typed with L-O-V-E.

      • I really appreciate your response and that you supplied sources and resources for others to enlighten their knowledge. So refreshing to read this versus reading foul language hurled at other posters simply because they post something someone does not like.

      • F…YOU! I hear lil tongue waggers like you suddenly getting hot and bothered now because you have had some sudden waking, some pseudo-enlightenment….then go out and practice oppression and objectification of women and hating on gays…stuff your righteous indignations…selll that b.s. somewhere else….if u REALLY gave 2 shits to a shinola about “justice”, you would rail loudest and hardest, and not rest till it happened due to just how much darker it is, against the group OPPPRESSED, MURDERED, ENSLAVED, AND EXPLOITED MORE THAN ANY OTHER WORLD WIDE AND IN HUMAN HISTORY…INCLUDING PRESENT TIMES, and thats WOMEN, duce, like it or not…until most of you dudes are sputtering and yelling for womens rights as hard as you yell for your own, you’re full of shit from beginning to end and ain’t me and nobody else wants to hear you strut about how “offended” you are….

      • White people are waking up to the fact, that if they marry out, they self-annilate.

        The globalist bosses want everyone to mix, to better control us.

        Don’t do it.

  8. It never ceases to surprise me…how racist Paul Mooney is. He’s dumbfoundingly racist! I mean, I would expect a White man to say that about Katrina and Blacks in the AOL comments. Come on, Paul! You gotta do better!!! How does he even get booked for shows??

    • and Nyack, NY is very white! I’m shocked he told that joke over there. If he had done his show in Roosevelt, Hempstead or Uniondale it would have made a little more sense. I can’t believe he would say that to a more than likely majority white audience.

    • He also said he was glad NO BLACKS were hurt. The day of the Boston Marathon their were far more black victims and deaths in America. The numbers are not even close. What you are falling into is the trap of what WHITE AMERICA terms as being a TRAGIC EVENT. US DYING IS NOT TRAGIC. How many times, how many days this YEAR have there been when three blacks lost their life. I WISH NO DEATH ON NO MAN. BUT YOU SEEM TO HOLD THEIR LIVES, THEIR SUFFEREING AS MORE OF A BIGGER DEAL THAN OUR PEOPLE DYING.

      • I understand the undercurrent(point he might have been trying to make) of the comment, but it was all types of wrong the way he said it, but then again Paul Mooney has done this sort of comedy for more than 30 yrs , so its not that shocking to me.

  9. I am a fan of Paul Mooney. But, he was wrong when said that white folk in Boston deserved what they got. I would”t wish harm on anybody because wishing harm on others just might come back to me and my family.

    But, I do agree some black folk cannot be trusted. There was a reason for his comment. With very few opportunities available in the industry for black people, black folks will throw each other under the bus with a quickness in order to get that job or gig. Don’t believe me ask Jasmine Guy, she was suppose to play the part of Queen in the TV mini series but, Halle sneaked and stole the part from her.

    The Native Americans know how the white man is. They almost wipe the Indians off the face of this earth. I know they have problems but, at least they have their own laws, land, businesses etc…..

    We seem to be the only race of people that is constantly begging the white man for acceptance. All of the other racial groups are doing it for themselves.

    • Choco aka Hippie

      I am not going to go into what I meant when I said black people and the acceptance of white people because those who are enlighten and are not Kool-Aid drinkers know from which I speak.

      Tell me do you and the people you are surrounded by whether it be community, friends, family, associates, co-workers. Do you make up the entire black community? Just asking?

      I was speaking about black people as a whole.

  10. Was i the only one who heard the initial reports that they were looking for a black man in a truck for the bombings? Wonder how many bros got profiled in those first few hours?

  11. “We seem to be the only race of people that is constantly begging the white man for acceptance.”

    and the main race begging a White Jesus for forgiveness

    • There sure is a good reason why God put all the teachings in the Bible. It all makes sooo much sense.

      His word says, thou shall not have any false images of me.

      People get caught up in what someone drew him to look like. People don’t think about the fact that no man has seen Jesus. Not one.

  12. To: fyleformatz

    Did I offend you with my comment? There are millions upon millions of people who believe in the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ. The Name of Jesus is the only name that makes the demons in hell tremble.

    Last I read was Jesus had hair like wool and his body was the color or burnish bronze.

    I don’t put a color on Jesus. It is your right to believe what you want as do I.

    Before it’s all over more people than not will be on their knees begging for forgiveness.

  13. “I don’t put a color on Jesus.”

    just because you don’t doesn’t mean that’s not the established norm”

    speaking for yourself doesn’t make a lie a truth

  14. The only blacks in this country with white blood in them are the ones with white fathers..The man carries the seed so Paul Looney might wanna edify himself alittle further before he make such Haphazard statements.FOH!

  15. Bottom line when Mr. Mooney steps foot in Boston , he will get caught. Security or not , he rolls with ass kissin white people . We don’t play that shit in Boston , some people ca it racism , we call it bein real . In Boston most whites from the city are Proud of there heritage , we don’t have the ” White Guilt ” .Too bad I had respect for this brother , but your number is up , if you ever touch down in Mass it better be on Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard . watch your ass brother

    • Boston ain’t hard-core! I am from the NYC area (CT) and rolled up to Boston Yankee geared down and went to the Red Sox stadium looking to cause trouble and all they did was look at me mean. When they asked me a question, they just asked where I was from or they suggested that I was from NYC. I don’t know how some towns think that they are so hard, but i’ll show what hard-core is all about. I was gonna go up there right before this bombing happened.

    • Yea they move toward Mooney and they will be comatose
      Paul Mooney does not play That man has plenty of security and it is security with in the crowd LOL!! ever see Jurassic park where the hunter has the Raptor in his sites LOL!!

    • You Think Paul money is scared of your lil inbreded. Albino white white irish ass kahahahahahahahaahshaha ok monkey

  16. It was wrong to say what he said.

    Paul Mooney is a genius. I have liked him and his writing, even when others were performing it(SNL and In Living Color)and I believe with genius comes a bit of madness too. I have seen his live performances 3 times and it wouldn’t be Mooney if he didn’t step on the toes of nearly every ethnic group(including Blacks and biracials) several times during his act. Everyone who buys a ticket to see him is a fan, so they know what to to expect. Hence, the strongest reaction he gets to some of his intentionally politically incorrect jabs comes in the form of some OOOOH!s and some uncomfortable chuckles.

    The vast majority of Americans don’t know who Paul Mooney is. Now, all they know or care is that some Black man is saying Boston got what it deserved.
    They aren’t going to bother to Google him or learn a damn thing about him and his razor tongue. This is not Louis C.K. we’re talkin bout here.

    Shit, I didn’t even hear Farrakhan make an ill conceived comment on Boston. IMHO, mouthing off racial discontent after 98% of Americans feel that we have suffered a tragic act of terror, just to shock and get a moment’s attention in the news, is bad for us and no one wins.

    And OF COURSE Katrina was a far worse tragedy, but that is not what we are addressing in this thread.

  17. …I must say, as fucked-up as Mooney’s comment about not trusting black Americans (Still an oxymoron in this day and age when you really think about it) is, he does have a point–There are COUNTLESS black Americans who, once they become/became successful, get a few paychecks, or, in some cases, are simply smiled at by a white person, magically think they’re white, starting with the Boule (a.k.a. the so-called ‘Elite,’ mostly light-skinned [By design through generations leading back to slavery] blacks who basically glorify being rape victims of both whites and white America) and the majority of ‘rich’ & ‘wealthy’ blacks (Those behind the scenes in both the Entertainment Industry and Business in general immediately come to mind) all the way down to ‘common’ blacks.

    Mooney himself called it ‘The illusion of inclusion,’ and the evidence is and has always been all around us. People such as Clarence Thomas, Oprah, Tiger Woods, Halle Berry, Bryant Gumble, and Earl Graves are more obvious examples, but blacks-who-think-they’re-white aren’t hard to identify at all. ‘Traitors to their own skin’ is what John Henrik Clarke calls ‘black’ people like this.

    • TYPICAL Black, ALWAYS blaming WHITES, while BLACKS in AFRICA mutilate, rape, kill BLACKS. No wonder BLACKS , after 300 years, STILL can not assimilate into society, as other ethnic populations do. Now you can call me a RACIEST, while you slander WHITES. SCREW you, bring it on, we will be ready and waiting. Your intimidation will NOT work. Stop feeling sorry, get off your lazy a$$, SUPPORT ..YOUR children..We, WHITES are fed upwith your excuses, and taking care of YOUR kids.

      • Black were running the world before you savage albinos came into our European land and gradually took it over using sex and force. Go to and realhistoryww

        • @proudwhite–You pathetic, puerile, laughably stupid, deluded, Inbred piece of shit. NOT ONE POST or reply here said anything negative about whites, which means that you’re either another racist Troll or someone else hired to stir shit up in the comments section of this blog. As for the former, it never ceases to amaze me how you cowardly (Thinking you can hide behind the so-called ‘anonymity’ of the Internet) white racist assholes claim you hate blacks so much, yet spend countless hours online searching for, reading/watching, and replying to black-related sites, blogs, and videos.

          And since you want to talk about kids being taken care of, check the facts (And the poor, illiterate, welfare-cheating, good-for-nothing members of your own race): Whites on welfare have ALWAYS far outnumbered blacks; as a matter of fact, Welfare was created to benefit blacks, so cut the bullshit. You may be able to pull that shit off on blacks who don’t know any better, but I’m not one of them, and will hit your bitch.ass with FACTS.

          Speaking of FACTS, while you’re talking about how blacks are the only racial or ethnic minority that hasn’t ‘assimilated (A racist term and process if I’ve ever seen one) into society,’ all you’ve managed to again show how much of a stupid, victim-blaming asshole you are–The fact of the matter is that NO RACE OR ETHNIC GROUP IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD has been through what blacks in the Diaspora (I know a big word like that is beyond your childlike grasp of the English language, so I suggest your simple ass look it up before continuing) have been through, especially black ‘Americans.’ No other race or ethnic group has been completely and utterly dehumanized to the level of farm animals, stripped of their names, history, culture, and religion until they were basically blank slates to (ideally) be molded into the image of a people (i.e. you and yours, Jethro) who despise them, THEN blamed for everything that’s happened to them since their ancestors were kidnapped from their homeland. Therefore, the fact that blacks haven’t, according to you, ‘been assimilated into society’ is something to be PROUD of, as I for one am sick of white racist Inbred assholes like you blaming blacks for EVERYTHING that goes wrong in this country and pretending that your kind haven’t had a hand in blacks Americans’ past and present status. In short, fuck off, peckerwood, pick up a book before coming online trying to talk shit about blacks, and let me know when you’re ready to DEBATE. With FACTS.

          You’re dismissed (And tell the person(s) who put you up to this that they can rot in hell, too).

          P.S.–It’s ‘Racist,’ not ‘RACIEST,’ you blathering idiot.

  18. I will say this, the bombing was horrible and I feel sorry for the people with this horrible crime. But the sad part about this bombing is that they wanted to put it on someone of color, yet it turned out to be two White Russian brothers, who were treated like kings, the whites gave them American citizenship after only 7 years, they gave them welfare, money to go to school, and in return for everything the white man gave them, they bombed their city, killing and maiming innocent people.

    However, when it comes to Black people or people of color we get nothing, we are told we are sucking this country dry, getting a free ride, and we are a bunch of lowlifes getting free money. When disasters strike the Black community, no one gives a damn, we are looked down on as poor people draining the economy, who are a burden on society, and don’t deserve any help. When the crack epidemic happened in our communities, killing our people, hurting are Black babies born with crack addictions, and we ask for help, no one gave a shit about our Black babies dying. Now that meth is destroying the white race and their babies (called meth babies) now everyone wants to say we have a major problem with this drug meth, and something must be done about it. So my point is, I understand what Paul Mooney is saying, perhaps the way he said it was cold and uncaring but I understand what he meant. We as Black people love our people and families too, and their is no difference when our loved ones are innocently killed, or injured either, just like whites who love their families and people.

    • Educated white folks no longer believe that Blacks are, in your words, “Sucking us dry”. With the great decline on the American middle class, educated people are well aware that the white working poor and unemployed are the true source of concern. Not because they are inherently more important, but because there are so many more of them. We no longer are the majority of people seeking Federal a Aid and assistance. That’s the primary reason the Repubs are losing voters in free fall. They can’t win either way now. If the Right rails on about welfare freeloaders they are now talking about folks who used to vote for them. if they suck up to to Blacks and Hispanics, no one believes the BS. I believe that the Republican Part as we have known it for 35 years is about to go the route of the DoDo bird. And it can’t be soon enough for me.

    • These guys are not white. If you look closely, you can see the Asian in them. Being from the Caucases does not mean that you are white. You’d better look at real history, then you will see that the black man used to rule that area. Don’t bother waiting for white confirmation because you will never find it directly – only cryptically via movies, TV and books (The Hobbit).

      • I must answer to correct the ignorance. Where you are at doe snot mean that is where you are from. The US is a good example. My assertion IS correct and it does make a difference since some people want to ignorantly call them white. Just because your world and historical view is limited, it does not mean that everyone else’s is.

  19. @Raheim
    Love it!!!!
    I remember the breakdown you gave before.
    The boules.
    Example: Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Charles B. Rangel, Percy Sutton, etc.
    Im sorry 4 what happened to those victims, but shyt is about to get real.
    I also feel that the whole incident war staged by the government and white middle class america is about to feel really soon how our ancestors and our civil right movement demostrators felt.
    Thats why they have allowed a black president official in the WHITE house.
    To keep the blacks distracted and pacified. And to keep the
    ytes angry, distracted and racists. While all our rights as humans are being quietly stripped away with the passing of these bills being silently signed.

    • @Anonymous 17:31–Thanks! The more I’ve learned about the Boule over the years (special Shout-Out to the late Steve Cokeley who [if I’m not mistaken], was the first person to bring this disgusting group to the light, btw), the more I’m disgusted by them. I never thought I’d encounter blacks who actually GLORIFY being the progeny of rape (physical and, most importantly in this case, mental) victims, but there they are. Paul Mooney may have VERY fucked-up ways (he reportedly won’t shake peoples’ hands and has been known to be shitty towards his fans at times), but he gets props for calling this Boule (bull)shit out when he sees it, even calling Tavis Smiley out for having when he was a guest on his show that he (Tavis) employed too many light-skinned blacks (many Boule members are light-skinned from years of miscegenation with other light-skinned black Boule members and/or whites. Mooney also spoke on this years ago while discussing Oprah and Stedman, stating ‘…She ain’t never gon’ marry Stedman…You know, them light-skinned niggas marry each other to stay light’:

      (^Tavis Smiley interview)

      (^Speaking on Oprah–The above comment is near the end)

      As for the rest of your post, I wouldn’t doubt for a second that the bombing was a setup and agree with what you said about ‘Barry’ Obama’s role in all of this, and how shit is about to get real…As if it couldn’t get any realer considering how fucked-up this world is now lol But yeah, we as a people need to be as vigilant and strong as possible for the coming storm. Thanks again.

      • I don’t know about lights marry each other to stay light (that happens in the hispanic world, but now our world), but I know a couple who are light and they claim to be natives (of course you don’t see it at all) but one of their kids came out a solid brown and another is light-brown, so if staying light was the plan, it did not work! Dark-skinned people are the main Boule and Uncle Tom negroes. Just look at Bil Cosby.

        • …No, it eventually didn’t work, but if you look back from the first free blacks until, say, around the 1970s, the Boule consisted of almost nothing but light-skinned and/or mixed ‘blacks.’ A good book on this subject is ‘Our Kind of People,’ by Lawrence Otis Graham, who is a member of the above circle.

  20. Just heard mooney on opie and anthony. Says he said we not white ppl. One tweet started all this according to him. Denies saying it.

  21. I love paul’s stand up, seen him three times here in Philly but Hate is hate…Those bombers didn’t care what color the people they killed were..

  22. I ride with paul those bombs were supposed to go off after all it is april, research all the shit that goes down in april including vtech columbine titanic waco etc all orchestrated by the same people

      • Sigh try telling these brainwashed knee grows they would rather stick thier heads back in the sand than to hear that chez whitey don’t love them

        • …I know what it is, idiot–Unlike you, I’m not on here acting like I’m the be-all, end-all in EVERY post. Get a fucking life and stop thinking your opinion is more warranted than it actually is.

  23. What a horrible thing to say! I disagree and think he is heartless to say such a thing. I feel for the families and their loss. He would feel different if it was his family.

    • His wife was Yvonne, in the 70s. Then he lived with the white actress Lori Petty, roughly from 1988 to 1992.

      That’s from his book.

      Then around 2005, he dated Stacy J, a mixed girl.

  24. I read somewhere that the
    russian brothers actually worked for the fbi or cia.

    After the bombing, the brothers were supposed to play it off and turn themselves in. But instead had a change of heart and ran.
    Even their mother said in an interview that she talked
    to the agents not long ago and the brothers were suppose to be under watch.
    Which the mother concluded, if they were being watched how were they able to do this?
    I think i read this @daily mail
    and on some of the real news sites (not the conspiracy ones)

    Russia have seen and been through it all. They are not asleep as most are.

  25. I understand that you can speak for yourself, but I wanted to add a bit of personal history here at HSK into the mix.

    When I started posting here I was called everything from House negro, YT troll, Homeland Security agent sent to spy and misinform, an FBI Plant. I think that the only thing I wasn’t accused of was being a KKK member.
    By now I a, pretty sure that there are some very angry folks among us, and it is so much easier to point a finger than to look in the mirror.

    But it gets better…eventually as people get to know you they will be less suspicious of your
    alleged “agenda” and you will be accepted as just another poster with an opinion. Hang in please!

  26. lol…this is how paul mooney rolls…if you have ever watched his comedy show he always goes in hard on white people that is his style so NO one should be surprised by his comments…with that said..I 100% agree with him and I for one am happy someone black is speaking out in public about it…of course you will always have the house negros who will actually go out and protest what he said in defense of the white man and to me that is more shameful than the messed up stuff they continually do to us

  27. “you will always have the house negros who will actually go out and protest what he said in defense of the white man”


    and i’m willing to bet those same negroes pray to a White Jesus every Sunday too – – – coincidence? not really

  28. @Christa
    Maybe u r an innocent poster that believe everyone believe in unity.
    But everyone that frequent this site is not an innocent poster.
    And the person that u r telling to hang in there is a disinformation agent.
    See unlike u @Christa, this person is calling people names and bringing up old posters names, and trying to dumb people down on PURPOSE.

  29. @choco aka hippie You are the walking definition of contradition. When Paul Mooney talked about White Folks you went Ballistic. But now that this WHITE dude is talking about doing harm to a BLACK MAN. It’s all good. He’s just repping his state. I went and got my degree because I thought it would make me more competitive. I bet you went and got yours because you thought it would make you better. AS far your response about blaming others. If I put you in a room with a pack of hungry wolves would you blame the wolves for eating your arm off or would you blame me for putting you in that environment.

  30. want to know about the history of “the white negroes”
    google “the boule”…..their history of selling us out goes back to W.E.B Dubois vs Marcus Garvey.

    Stop being spoon fed history and wake up !!!!!!!!!

  31. Not only did Paul Mooney show himself to be a racist, but then he had to go and double down on his racism. Then some of the above comments defend that racism. What the hell is wrong with you? If you hate someone or a group simply because of the color of their skin, you’re a racist. If someone tells you that someone is out to get you because of the color of your skin, and you don’t do your own follow up to see if it’s true, you’re an idiot; and maybe a racist, too.

    I couldn’t care less what your skin color is. If you act like an idiot, I’m going to call you an idiot.

  32. Paul Mooney is a very funny man.
    However, he needs a filter. Some of, no, a lot of his Caucasian jokes me cringe.
    There are humorous aspects of all branches of the human family.
    But I feel you must never forget to respect people’s feelings. You can be funny, without bing brutal.

  33. If anyone is a fan of mooney do him a solid and google his interview on the opie the day after the incident. Its about 20 minutes long. Its really not fair to judge til u hear his side. He might be jus covering his ass but he sets the mood in the club for you firsthand.

    • @keepitreal,

      I’m going to check out the interview shortly…
      I’ve been a fan of Paul Mooney only over the recent 7-8 years or so. I feel he can be crass & quite blunt to say the least but he tells the truth no matter who &/or what the subject matter is.
      I love him even if I disagree with something he may say, however, I do wish he had not made THIS comment out loud. I feel most of us were taught even as children “Everything we think should & even some of what we may know should not come out our mouth.”

      Thanks for sharing the info about the interview.:-)





    if i white person made that IGNORANT statement, they would be drawn and quartered.. YOU SHOULD BE EXPOSED FOR THE PIECE OF RACIST SHIT YOU ARE..

  35. @jomama,

    I’m not one to ever spew off negativity to anyone here or attempt to suppress anyone’s views or opinions. Having said that I’d like to say on behalf of Jacky Jasper whose site you’re on & all MY friends here first:

    We rebuke you & all the hatred you possess.
    May all those things you said here in writing about various races of people but especially about BLACK people be sent back to you and your family for generations to come. May all your wishes for OUR harm & demise return to you for your ultimate harm & demise 10 times worse than you had planned for us. Let your words of hate bring US to OUR highest good in ALL things you evil vile bastard…
    And it so,
    In Jesus’ name

    Come in here with that “dramarama” if you want to.
    You think you can come in here with your disrespect & no one will check you on it…I have some news for you. You marked yourself with that one. Even if Jacky & his staff took your comment down…

  36. If the racist is angry as hell about the comment made by Paul Mooney DON’T COME TO THIS FORUM TO VERBALLY TAKE YOUR FRUSTRATION OUT ON ANY OF US HERE.


  37. I think the victims from the operation enduring freedom and any country in debt to IMF and world bank would concur. Don’t agree with his comment without reservation, if indeed given, however we can’t ignore the past and working history of this criminal Empire that we support which politically militarily and financially dominates non white people globally.

    Blacks cannot make progress due to rogue DNA with conflicting interest coursing through their veins. Black unity will not happen until black families shake their trauma and repel rouge DNA. It will take collective exorcism to free ancestoral memory no small feat. Hopefully the conflicted ones who crave non African people, rituals and culture continue to pursue Becky, cakebread wine and the American dream, assimilate in peace while participating in vigils – as civil liberties are taken away and America transitions to Nazi Germany 1930s.

    • Yes my sister is a biologist at NIH Regardless I’m aware and genetics has nothing to do with culture. Africans who live in indigenous societies are not plagued with western disease since they are less likely to be altered genetically and they do not follow Western culture. So no childhood diabetes, cancer, 30 year old men with erectile dysfunction, mental illness or being prone to addictions. Those who have been raped and breeder cannot say the same

      Also behaviors can trigger certain codes, if two siblings have a diabetic parent, though they both are healthy at birth, if one eats whole and lives under peace vs the sibling that eats flaming hot cheetohs for breakfast guess who will more like develop diabetes?. It goes beyond skin color and propensity to diseases, as taught by Western medicine. Nonetheless blacks will not achieve unity in this lifetime due to this and learned behaviors. Marcus Garvey touch briefly on this in life and lessons.

      • I prefer soccer and no I’m obsessed with humanity and how actions affect others and who and what values and agenda people identify with. You are committed to making a debate on an assumption.

  38. If some of you stupid coons and halfricans knew what Bob from accounting said about you, the father of 3 killed at the bar in Philly just trying to recharge to get through another week, or the mother in chicago shot in a cross-fire, you would stop being the lead ass-kisser of white people. No matter what you do, how kind you are, how many times you risk or give your life in their wars, they will never LIKE you. Take that in.

    Without recounting the horrors, you KNOW what THEY did and continue to do to black people. Today, legislators, judges, prosecuters, crooked cops (redundant?), bigotted hiring managers etc, all work together for YOUR destruction everyday.

    You think having white people upset with you is the hot seat? You are afraid they might take their anger out on you? That Paul might mess up your situation? You cowardly, pathetic shell of of soul.

    • Wowsers. But there is a biracial president in office and what about Oprah? Tee hee.

      Glad to know everyone hasn’t conformed. Mazel tov! Lets not forget detroits population dwindling by half in 15 years, gentrification, the search and frisks fiascos in NYC, the list goes on….mazel tov!

    • @theSouthCarriedTheTorch,

      I don’t mean to be nosey but…
      Did I read a comment to you from @Non importante stating basically that we have a “biracial president in office and what about Oprah?” as if THAT’s suppose to mean something special? Did I miss something because I read your comments & understood you clearly but maybe you can enlighten me on the response you received because I damn sure didn’t get it!

  39. This is Anonymous 17:45
    Thank you @Ms. Reg
    You have a loving, mature and powerful character.
    Your prayer also rebuked me in my mischievousness and
    brought my focus back to reality.
    And I must remember that the preaching of the cross is foolishness to them that believe not. And everything we say or do, believer or non believer is being recorded by the angels in heaven. Whether we do good or bad.
    Thanks for that reality check
    @Ms. Reg.
    Even though you are typing hidden behind a computer screen, You still display good character. Something we all need.
    They laugh now, we weep now.
    They cry later (if they dont repent to God)
    We rejoice later.
    But God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise

    Back to the topic and reality
    Its was sad how Paul Moony said it,
    but it was somewhat true

    People harming and killing each other everyday without remorse.
    But the sad thing is another race wont go against their kind for a black, but we go against our own 4 nothing (MOST of the time not all)

    People are perishing for the lack of knowledge.

    Im going back into lurk mode. But thanks again @Ms. Reg for your prayers
    May God continue to bless you

    • @Anonymous 17:45,

      Don’t worry yourself at all…we all fall short in our daily lives & behind our computer screens.
      Look at how mad I got at the comment by @jomama.
      The comment was taken down but I see it’s back again which is fine because I’m over the hatefulness now due to “my prayer.” I don’t care what they say now. I’m not worried about them speaking that nonsense over us here by way of their computer because I am certain WE ARE ALL COVERED & ALL THAT THEY WROTE ABOUT US WILL BE RETURNED TO THEM 10 TIMES WORSE THAT THEY PLANNED FOR US!

      I also took some time to re-read quite a few comments on this article & I’ve come to realize there IS a correlation of things going on including the “appearance of an extreme racist” now so it is best for some of us to be in “lurk mode” as you say!

      I’m not super religious or a holy roller but it’s a lot to be said for “one who protests the word of God most. I’m just saying…

      Have a blessed & wonderful day!

  40. @TheSouthCarriedTheTorch
    Speak the truth and shame the devil. Most of them dislike us, and most nationalities despise us.
    And most of us hate each other.
    Its got to be some truth with us being the chosen 1s cause its too much hate toward us and amongst us

  41. The government has woven the most intricate and sticky pattern of deception to entrap us in a transparent web of genocidal, premeditative, entanglement and illusion.
    You better ask somebody.

    • @FyLe ForMatz,

      LMBAO….I would help you start it but we’d be killed before we get started good because
      “the powers that be” wouldn’t let allow it. To accomplish that would mean the end of them!

  42. FUK UM…ALL
    Mr. Paul Mooney!!!
    I love U PAUL…ALWAYS Shocking & too damn Funny…I understand what Paul is saying…Come On…..He’s a Comedian…DAMN…Do you think he really wanted WHITE PEOPLE TO BE HURT/KILLED…
    Paul I live in L.A. where Hollywood has our BLACK Boys & Girls perplexed.
    GOOD EXAMPLE: Magic Johnson former Laker…Says he’s proud of his SON being GAY….
    Yeah Fukin Right…He FELT he had to say that shit because Magic & Cookie are a prime example of Team Hollywood Afro Americans who are doing the White man’s work, because they feel that they’re White or they don’t want to get on the bad side of Team Hollywood… I’m sure Magic and Cookie love their son.
    Keep Pissing Them Off …Cause We Love U Mr. Paul Mooney

  43. “the powers that be” wouldn’t let allow it. To accomplish that would mean the end of them!


    so when are parents gonna start being honest with their kids and tell them that Black people aren’t on an even playing field from day one?

    and when are the kids gonna start LISTENING?

    because the pastor is gonna just blame an INVISIBLE MAN for your condition…and the teachers are just gonna gloss over the topic because it’s not politically correct.

  44. Paul Mooney is a very angry man and being in his 70’s – I can certainly understand it. Any black person that age has seen true, genuine racism that today’s young people cannot compare their lives to. Racism will always exist even among your own race and if you are a cross over artist – you get it from both sides. So, I fully understand how people feel about the issue. But this was tasteless and hateful. It could have happened to any large gathering of whites or blacks. Just being an asshole for the sake of doing it is not ‘the truth.’ We all need to be better toward each other and get past this shit.

  45. first who can can be shocked at comments like that coming out of pual mouth this thats even if he said the ish like that in the first place.its all bout shock factor with paul ive seen and heard white and non black comedians say waaay far more worst ugly straight up cold hearted insensetive things bout black being slaves being ghetto being black lsa limp biskit still to this havent been pull to the carpet for calling blacks niqqers on if pual made that statement he was wrong and needs to apologize the incident hurt innocent people no different from hurricane katrina my heart and prayers go out to those people who were hurt.when things like that happen you have to put color aside but what i think is that pual is hurt and angry about the outcome of the zimmerman trail and decided to lash out.the trayvon martin trial has affected hurted and un raveled alot black folks sum handled it differently.when your basicaly being told by the justice system that because of you being black and the other being white or passing for white your life is not worth more then his your not really free and you no real rights.we can make up laws to protect him and jail you.thruth is ugly mofo for blacks to really look at and see.

    paul mooney lived during the civils rights era and seen a plenty of unfiar treatment towards blacks by non blacks.weve taken it over and over and over again like whippings.

  46. You ppl are so easy, stop believing and feeding in on what you read on the web…paul never said those things.
    I know I was there.

  47. I wonder would Paul Mooney say white people deserved what they got if his white sons happened to be in Boston that day?

  48. Don’t let Paul Mooney fool ya.

    He is going to wake up smelling the breath of a white woman or the balls of a old white man tomorrow morning.
    That’s why he is so obsessed with them and cant stop talking about them. He sleeps with them.

  49. Take responsibility for yourself, for your actions, and stop blaming other people. If you want to act,
    speak and think ghetto, then you will remain ghetto.
    People such as Shelby Steele have tried to explain it to you repeatedly. Don’t you get it yet?

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  52. No one deserves to die.Paul Mooney do have racist issues he needs to address to God. If comedy all about putting a race down in such a way he does That’s not comedy That’s expressing hate While others expressing hate after this innocent. Thou shall love all God created. Hatred is not allowed in God’s eye. I watch his video His history is incorrect and the rambling keeps going about a certain race turned me off.

  53. I used to LOVE Paul Mooney, but as time wore on I just realized that his entire act is just, well, white people bashing. For sixty to eighty minutes at a time. I’m not a sensitive guy either, but what he says makes it feel like there’s an underlying prejudice against white people. Sometimes Paul Mooney is saying it like it is, but other times he’s just going too far into shock humour territory and it just makes him look like a bit of a bigot in my opinion.

    He can still be funny at times though.