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The Plot Against Mel Gibson Continues to Thicken

August 20th, 2010

Extortion Claim Pauley Perrette
Stephen Jaffe is scheduled to be deposed in the Mel Gibson case between Gibson and baby momma Oksana Grigorieva next week regarding claims of extortion against Oksana.

Hollywood Street King Exclusive - HSK has learned of some troubling new allegations surrounding “publicist” Steve Jaffe, who represented Mel Gibson’s ex Oksana Grigorieva until he recently was fired (or quit depending on whether you believe TMZ’s story or the one published by The MailOnline). The media has dubbed him a crisis manager, but he’s more of a professional crisis instigator. His own website advertises his “expertise in media attacks on the reputation of individuals.”

Accusations have recently been made public on various news and gossip sites assert that Mr. Jaffe was a co-conspirator along with Oksana in the creation and publication of the now infamous Mel Gibson recorded phone conversations with his Russian baby momma Oksana. While no claims were actually substantiated, it was the conclusion most people familiar with the case and/or Mr. Jaffe came to. You see, Mr. Jaffe employs similar methods of (legal) extortion with other clients he’s represented.

Don’t believe me? Just ask author Gerald Posner!

What has yet to be mentioned and very much could have also been a contributing factor to his recent departure from Oksana’s team, is the fact that the son of Mel Gibson’s attorney, Jeff Kolodny (WME), is the talent agent of record for another HIGH PROFILE client of Steve Jaffe who has already been publicly accused of utilizing similar (less than legal or moral) methods of entrapment towards rocker and actor Coyote Shivers during litigation. This client is none other than the current star of the CBS network hit series “NCIS” Pauley Perrette, whom Shivers filed for divorce from after catching her having an affair with pizza delivery boy Michael Bosman.

In fact, PRIOR to Mel Gibson’s claims that Oksana was committing extortion while working with Steve Jaffe, Mr. Shivers made identical claims that Perrette was committing extortion also while working under the guidance of Steve Jaffe.

Shivers says that just like with Mel Gibson, Jaffe had Perrette secretly recording him while trying to provoke an incident, except that unlike Mel Gibson Shivers did not react at all and eventually left the house so quietly that the recording later catches a drunken Perrette calling Shivers on his cellphone to find out if he is still home, only to find out he left some time prior.

Shivers says he found the tape later and made a copy, but Perrette didn’t know this, and with Steve Jaffe by her side in court, Perrette testified under oath that he “chased her out of the house as she ran for her life.” Now Shivers seems ready to publish the videotape, along with other evidence showing Perrette and Jaffe falsified evidence and lied in court. At one court appearance, the transcript indicates that Jaffe was ordered removed from the courtroom after being caught secretly signaling Perrette’s answers while she was on the witness stand.

HSK has uncovered evidence, including recordings, which bring to light Mr. Jaffe and Ms. Perrette’s plans to use the same methods to first assail rock star groupie Bebe Buell, mother of Liv Tyler, who was then Coyote’s ex wife. At the time, Coyote allegedly stopped Pauley Perrette and Jaffe from bringing Bebe Buell to public shame, only to have the duo (Bebe & Pauley) work against him during Pauley and Coyote’s eventual divorce.

This story is very much developing…..


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  1. Anonymous |

    Powerless Bébé Buell is as she always will be,a third class groupie whore jelous of high class compétition.who wasnt such a good fuck anyway.Bébé or Beverly and Tyler are the professional beggars and extortionists.


  2. Coca-cola or Pepsi |

    Powerless Bébé Buell is as she always will be,a third class groupie whore jelous of high class compétition.who wasnt such a good fuck anyway.Bébé or Beverly and Tyler are the professional beggars and extortionists.


  3. You |

    Are watched.


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