Pebbles Didn’t Cast The 1ST Stone … Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas Did!


Pebbles Reid Negative Light

“The continued slander from all will help prove just what was done.” ~Pebbles

It’s safe to say Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas’ choice to bust it wide open for L.A. Reid — behind [then-wife] Pebbles’ back — isn’t included in the storyline for VH1’s TLC biopic “CrazySexyCool.” That’s why we’re standing behind Pebbles on this one!

Reports reveal Chilli and T-Boz recently took to radio airwaves to say Pebbles’ ‘sinister’ portrayal in the TLC biopic was ‘toned down.’ Since the “The Breakfast Club” Power 105 broadcast, Perri ‘Pebbles’ Reid took to social media to announce she’s not taking this one sitting down, and is getting ready to sue her pair of former proteges for slander.

Here’s what being reported:

“T-Boz and Chili were asked was Pebbled really as bad as she was portrayed. They replied, not only was she that bad … they actually toned it down for the movie.”

Here’s what Pebbles took to Twitter to say:

Pebbles Threatens Slander Lawsuit Pebbles Reid Fights Back Pebbles Reid vs. TLC Pebbles Chilli & T Boz

Did Pebbles treat the group [who probably should have taken the time to read all stipulations in the contract they signed] accordingly after walking in on Chilli getting smashed by her then-husband? Of course! Just ask Excel Sharrieff.


  1. I agree. I stan for Pebbles on this one. I listened to the radio interview. As soon as Chilli said that Pebbles had fired her, I asked out loud: “Did you say why? You were sleeping with your boss’s husband. What did you expect?”

    Pebbles should have kicked her ass, and then fired her.

    • Pebbles is a lying fake Christian bitch. She was creeping on her own damn husband with his partner. And if it was Chili sleeping with LA why cheat the other girls? Sister Perri is a lying ass non-talented heifer. She didn’t dispute the shit for years. Left Eye was the most verbal about her shady ways when she was alive and she never came for her. But now that she’s fake Sister Perri she’s innocent. Cry me a fucking river. And her music was always shitty so it’s hard to believe she has stans. Pebbles is that you ^^^. LOL

      • Pebbles may not be innocent. But, if her employee was having an affair with her husband, Pebbles had every right to retaliate. Who Pebbles was or was not sleeping with is beside the point.

        • Thank you! You don’t bite the hand that feeds you! it really doesn’t matter what pebbles was doing, what matters is that her employee was doing her husband, what she was just supposed to look the other way?

        • Business is business. Now if Chili did f*ck LA Reid..that in itself is another issue totally.Yes it was wrong on both her & LA’s part. As far as business is concerned you don’t cheat a group out of money owed to them. They should have had their own lawyer and gone over their contract more closely yes..but they were young and new to the business.Like so many other up and coming artist happy to be put on and naive to the business side of the the industry.

        • YOU SOUND LIKE A COMPLETE JACKASS! WTF does someone sleeping with Pebbles husband, even it is was true or not, have to do with swindling this girl group out of millions of dollars you Imbecile. One has nothing to do with the other. You refer to TLC as employees which they weren’t Dumbo, any employee who works for an employer has to be paid for the time they labored. That’s why they call them state labor laws. But TLC were not employees you idiot. Go back to school before you post Ignorant Sh”t. Outside of that, what Pebbles and LA Reid did to these young girls was unconscionable and downright disgusting and after all the money they made for that record company, you would at least think they could have given them some share of what they helped them bank. And for Pebbles to to demand another 3 million from them, 1 million for each letter of their TLC name was just adding insult to injury. Pebble and LA Reid both need to be held accountable, big time. You f”cking Imbecile, if there ever is a time if you decide out of the blue to sleep with your boss, make sure that you don’t have the audacity to go back and demand your paycheck for the time you put in and worked, because according to your Idiotic Dumb comment, the entire group should not be paid for the entire decade they busted their azz making Pebbles and LA Reid rich from Hit record after hit and Double Platinum Albums.

          • I agree tired of the deceptions, TLC WAS rip off and deserve the upmost respect. I don’t believe anything Pebbles said, made me sick in the stomach, On Wendy Talk Show she got off the subject focus on Chilli and not how she rip them off. I’ve done that, change the subject get people to focus on something really less important to me. Now Pebbles daughter threaten to hurt Chilli on Wendy Talk Show, this was below Ghetto, Going to Kill her for what, that’s the message I got out of it, have nothing to do with Chilli Pebble daughter have her own demons to deal with, I talk from experiences, I hate another person, want to do them harm when in fact I got my own issues to deal with. Anger only eat away at the soul. I done the blaming game for years still have to work at it, the differences now doesn’t control my life like before, it’s not destroying me as before.

      • @Anonymous 09:32-
        Pebbles is not the only one Left Eye called out. She called Chilli’s hoish ass out also for sleeping w/ their producer (Dallas Austin) and wanting the group to pay him big $$$ to produce their songs. Chilli is the one that started to unravel TLC. Also some chick from ATL was blabbing a few years ago about TBoz wanting to whip Chilli’s ass when they were all in high school for sleeping with TBoz’s man. Even Suge Knight called Chilli a hoe and said she’s been with every dude in the industry so I’m gone ride with Pebbles on this one. Not saying Pebbles is an angel cause she’s not but Pebbles dirt don’t have ish to do with Chilli laying up with the husband of the woman who put them on.

        • Yo fuc all this how da fuc ya kno chilli was getting it in with la what pebbles said man fuc pebbles n who ever else stands with this bitch real shyt wat

          • OT/ What in the hell are you trying to say? Why have English come to this ebonic/slang crap.? WHAT THE HELL IS “DA” IT’S “THE”; “YA” IS YOU; “KNO” iS KNOW…HOW HARD IS IT TO RIGHT THE CORRECT WORD(S) WHEN YOU ONLY HAVE TO ADD ONE OR TWO LETTERS!!!!!!!!!@!GOD!!!!

        • Yeah if you watched them on Wendy when they bought out the cast, she asked chilli how was it to be thrown out the group. She says something like pebbles thought I was too loose..they couldn’t replace me..and then she let me back in the group as long as I went to counseling. So safe to say she was a ho back then

          • SO STUPIDLY FALSE.

            Just because Pebbles didn’t want her to be loose and sent her to counseling DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE.

            People are so fucking stupid.

            Chilli stated flat out that she was in love with Dallas. That’s who she was with and Pebbles didn’t like it. She also was probably jealous because Chilli was considered the “sexy” one. Pebbles was just a hater.

        • Firstly, tboz wanting to fight chilli for sleeping with her man from high school? they didn’t even know each other in high school. And if you mean dallas, they clearly knew about that from day one. Also, I don’t believe the rumors that Chilli slept with LA Reid to get in the group, because PEBBLES found her, and put her in the group. Yall just lie for no reason nowadays. smh. lol

            • @Niqui, That is correct. LA did found Chilli and she was definitely was dancing for LA new talent Damian Dame. In fact, she was in the video “Right Now”.

            • She was already making moves she did NOT sleep her way in nothing and she was not the one sleeping with LA. Check the photo’s she have a sister that some what look like her to the point you would think she was a twin.


          Just because Pebbles didn’t want her to be loose and sent her to counseling DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE.

          People are so fucking stupid.

          Chilli stated flat out that she was in love with Dallas. That’s who she was with and Pebbles didn’t like it. She also was probably jealous because Chilli was considered the “sexy” one. Pebbles was just a hater.

        • ^^Oakland hoes?? Just what do you mean and about whom are you referring?!

          Secondly, neither one of you can spell nor correctly write a sentence.

          I don’t usually step in to ‘critique’ anyone’s writing style but you got me with the ‘OKland hoes’ comment.

          The correct spelling is Oakland.
          To the previous poster (right) should be write. (Hoes) refers to a garden tool. The correct pluralization for ho is hos.

      • Again Pebbles is attacking and clinging on to the TLC biz. TLC struggled for years while Pebbles remains very rich. Looking at the scenario, I feel Pebbles got the money by way of the contract. They were manipulated at such young ages and could not have known what they were getting into, but Pebbles refused to modify things in her own way. She then ended up losing her beloved, now one of the wealthiest of men in music. Of course they toned down her role in the movie and now Pebbles is threatening to s-u-e them again??? They have a right to tell their story even if people’s ways are being put on check as the world watches.

      • Man, i tell ya… Babyface must have Judy Smith on speed dial cause his dirt stays underground. 1. I have never heard ANYTHING about his first wife. I only know he was married bc of an interview in Right On! magazine.

        2. Tracey leaves him for the gayest nigga in Hollywood – while Eddie is in the middle of a paternity suit (or something) with Mel B. Has Tracey always been a beard or did she just become one?

        3. He knocked up his backup dancer then starts a life with her…no big deal that he was cheating with her…

        This is the man that wrote Soon As I Get Home. The knight in shining armour of R&B. Wth???


      • Yeah, that’s one thing about TLC–Their story of Pebbles and LaFace/Arista robbing them blind haven’t changed in almost 15 years of telling it, starting with their ‘Behind the Music’ that aired in early ’99. In it, LeftEye broke down how points (a.k.a. cents) on an album work–According to her, every album has (had?) 100 points, and TLC was only getting 7.

        That’s right, they were getting 7 cents per album sold. On an album that sold 10 million copies (Went Diamond) and was one of the first albums (Especially among R&B albums) to do so once that certification became official in the mid ’90s, if I’m not mistaken. So is it any wonder they went up to their labels demanding lost wages? ‘Sister Perri’ knows she’s been living good off of ‘That Old Industry Standard,’ which is to take a young, impressionable artist or group, fill their eyes with stars (Fame and fortune), and ultimately have them sign a bullshit contract that basically equates to slave wages for the artists and maximum profits for their bosses. That being said, if ‘Sister Perri’ was the ‘Good Christian’ she purports herself to be, giving TLC reparations wouldn’t be a second thought.

        • Raheim,

          Just a little clarification: every album has 100 points, with each point being worth about 8 cents.

          With TLC having 7 points they were actually getting 56 cents per album/cd sold.

          With 10 million cds sold they made $5.6 million…

          However, that had to be split THREE ways and used to repay their label for recording, marketing and promotion (i.e. videos, etc.); the IRS; managers; lawyers; etc.

          That’s why they were BROKE….and why they had to file bankruptcy to get out of their deal with LaFace.

          If I’m not mistaken I think they also had to pay the label for the right to use the name TLC moving forward.

          This, after enduring the HUGE conflict of interest of having their manager sign them to her HUSBAND’S label.

          If a manager is supposed to fight the label on your behalf but she’s sleeping with the label head how the hell does she have your best interests at heart?

          These girls were just young, wanted to be put on and signed a bad contract.

          Sister Perri knows this and should just accept her part in their demise (from a business standpoint).

          • I wholeheartedly agree. Peebles, Sister Peri, (or whatever her latest “venture” is), should be court-ordered to pay to TLC the millions and millions of dollars that she so cold-heartedly stole from these young ladies who were, as we all would have been, naive, intimidated, and eager to just get an opportunity to display God-given talents. For those young ladies to work that hard for that long and be the #1 girl group, and to have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to show for it is just INHUMANE, ENSLAVEMENT!!! Peebles, Sister Peri, was (is) quite the opportunist….a perfect opportunity to not have to rely on her vocal ability…just slither one’s way into the music industry by marrying a top exec, become a manager to unsuspecting, naive talent to ultimately become weathly through a well manipulated contract whereas she was in total control to get what would be millions and millions of $$$ without having to break a sweat herself. BRAVO to TLC for doing the movie and telling the truth with class and dignity while allowing the chips to fall as they may. I am a fan and was in my late 20s during TLC’s reign, and I vividly remember the shocking & breaking news when they announced filing for bankruptcy. “Sister Peri” should simply admit, have “come to Jesus” meeiting with her daughter, Ashley telling her the “truth” not her truth, but the truth (the good, bad, and the ugly). God Bless!!!

          • Pebbles was exactly gonna sign TLC to MCA Records, but LA Reid, slid his way in, and signed, because he knew that it could have been something big!! Pebbles says this in an interview

    • Wrong dumb ass she dated Dallas Austin the music producer. What movie did you see, pebbles was and still is a non talent whore fake pastor tramp

  2. It appears that TLC was made formed only as a money making opportunity for L.A. Reid and his former wife Pebbles at the time who served as TLC’S Manager was the fall guy or shall we say in her case fall girl T-BOZ, CHILLI, and LEFT-EYE was lied to from day one, they thought they were going to be very wealthy but only ended up being anger and somewhat bitter due to no fault of there own except for the fact that they were very young and knew nothing about the music business and it’s twin evil GREED Hopefully GOD will show all parties involved that they were consumed with total wickness AMEN

    • Right Pebbles was the “fall guy.” It wan’t the manager that walked off with all the money. Pebbles already had her own money. She married rich more than once. TLC did what many ignorant women do . . . blame the woman. Those producers, labels, and the filmmakers made all the money.

  3. Pebbles is the definition of scandal. Back in the day she use to hang out with a high profile drug dealer in Oakland. She was his bottom bytch.
    Before she came out with Mercedes Boy etc… she was seeing a married music executive. It was scandalous because she was fawkin dude in the home he shared with his wife and was wearing the wife’s jewelry and clothes.
    He eventually left the wife, married Pebbles and she dumped his ass when something better came along.
    In between all this she was seeing another guy who use to beat the shit out of her on the regular. To this day she’s in love with him and visits him in the penitentiary.

    • Pebbles was not seeing a “married music executive.” When she met LA, she was married to Oakland banker George Smith.

      • This is correct and let’s just say we all have skeletons. If you don’t want them release stay out of the public eye.

    • True she fucked DALLAS that ass along with T-bozz was mad that Chilli and Dallas got together. Shes just trying to get a check. The movie was to educate new artist so they don’t make New Eddtion and their mistakes,

    • Ha ha ha speak that truth. I know about that this is a ATL chic spreading this juice speak ma put that high price HO out there.

  4. So Chili started this huh? Well, do we know if what Chilli did was retaliation towards Pebbles for fukking over the group’s finances? Or was it that Chilli was taken advantage of by Pebbles’s husband? Was Chilli just hot in the ass or just attracted to a powerful man at the time???? So many questions because neither women are exempt from being blameless in this whole mess.

    • No LISA been put her ass on blast she can’t come for Lisa bc Lisa is not here. She was trying to get her family on board however they are on TLC side and T-bozz cousin and they get a check. Pebbles don’t. LOL!

  5. All of you all whose saying pebbles didnt like chilli for sleeping with la , yall are wrong. That was not the issue!. Pebbles would treat lisa and chilli like that, getting the worst treatment and tboz was her favorite- she put chilli out the group bc she wanted to b with dallas and the baby situation etc

    • True and Lisa touched on it in one of the songs bc she and Chilli wont going out like that they wanted there money.So they went after it and T-bozz didn’t want to.
      Rap “Howu going to say we alike when the house burn down I took the blame and when the money got funny I fought for it when most of u chics wouldn’t”

  6. 25 years ago, Pebbles was a absolutely gorgeous woman who couldn’t dance and couldn’t sing. She became a superstar because of her looks and access to two of the best music producers in black hollywood. This bitch has been a trouble maker since day one. Currently she is a fake preacher acting like she is a woman of God with no flaws. I don’t believe it! I strongly advise all men to stay away from bitches like Pebbles! These type of women will ruin your life and cost you tons of money!

    • You needn’t bother warning men away from Pebbles and women like her because men will continually act like simps to bag a woman such as Pebbles. Even when all the signs are there that she is wrong, they will still want her. I don’t know Pebbles personally but I bet you she has NEVER EVER had to beg for a man to give her attention. I bet she has NEVER had to beg for a man to lavish her with gifts. And I bet she NEVER had to beg to get a man to marry her. I believe she has recently remarried a top lawyer. A man who supposedly has smarts doesn’t necessarily act smart when it comes to women.

  7. I have another point to make, what will Pebbles sue T-Boz and Chilli for? Those two old women are broke! Wasn’t T-Boz’s house forclosed?

      • @Keisha, What cut? She made the group paid her 3 million dollara for them to retained the right to use the TLC name. She doesn’t get a dime. That stupid ass woman will not get a dime from T-Boz and Chilli. Still trying to shit these ladies for money and know damn well she can’t do it. She need to chill out with that nonsense for them ladies will get after her for retainment of lost royalties.

  8. All of that gossip of chilli isn’t even true, the girl who wrote that had a lot of incorrect information in that article, and why would TLC ever have a reason to lie. That would be petty on their part and its very petty for pebbles to be so hurt about them telling their story. If she has a side, then she should make her own damn .movie

  9. I totally get that Pebbles did them dirty but why does Clive Davis (head of Arista at the time) not get publicly vilified like Pebbles? T Boz said once that TLC were so bereft when they found out they were plain broke because of that awful contract, that they went to Clive Davis house and pulled a gun on him.

    • Probably because he’s Clive Davis i.e. too powerful (And, most importantly, powerful AND white) to be taken to task like they’ve (Rightfully) been doing the Flintstones chick for almost 20 years now.

  10. For those who don’t know the story. TLC from their Crazy Sexy Cool era generated $75 million but the individual group members only received $50,000 each. When they quite rightly were upset, they spoke to LA Reid and he told them that Clive was responsible. So they went with their crew and guns to his house.
    Link to TBOZ interview

    • So first they were broke, because of Pebbles, which was around the first album, so they fired her, right? Ok, now second-album comes out and when they still don’t see the money that they deserve, LA then says that Clive got it?? So it went from the person on the bottom (Pebbles) was stealing to the person on the top (Clive Davis) got your money??? He has something to do with it!!

  11. This is some tea. Ok Left Eye died on my birthday on April 25. Now here it is 11 years later, and all of sudden, she wants to sue them. The judge is going to throw this case out the window. The statue limitation for whatever state they live in , I say either 1 to 2 years
    . I tell ya, Pebbles must be broke or crazy!

  12. Those girls were robbed,if she slept with that man I wonder why no one else is bringing it up,(wendy williams).its about time they told there story to bad lisa is gone.that woman should just come out and tell her side now.

  13. This is not about who was sleeping with whom or how many hit what. It is about dollars and cents and one’s credibility. So for Pebble’s and LA Reid (who knew the business) to steer and not inform these girls in the right direction to make sure they were paid properly is what is known as shady business practice. Once the smoke cleared, everything should have balanced out and it didn’t. This is their time and Pebbles is trying to once again “steal” some thunder. T-Boz expects a lawsuit and if and when that happens the truth will be forced from lips and Pebbles will still be known as the manager who ripped off TLC. Don’t get a twitter post twisted, the chick is a thief.

  14. who in the blazing hell think LA Reid is sexy??? crazy bitches all around if this is true. Peebles have a seat since we all know you’re a mess too. I will be watching.

  15. I havent been following up on the old threads about Pebbles. Do anyone know if she ever owned up to her alleged eldest son or if the rumors were true?

  16. Ok people when Wendy Williams was on the RADIO a million years ago she did expose the beaux that Chilli is and how she slept with LA Reid. Those girls got a crappy deal because that’s what they ALLOWED themselves to get. Just like New Edition. Not many new starts make money but, if you write and produce and do concerts –that’s the money. You can’t just make videos! And they could have very well gotten a decent lawyer and gotten the agreements voided or bought out.

    • Exactly. Every boy band that Lou Pearlman ever managed signed original contracts which were every bit as bad as the TLC original contract. The difference is that NSYNC and Backstreet Boys retained top counsel and PAID a fukkin fortune to get free from Pearlman, after which they all got rich. TLC never had the sense to do that, which is very sad, but also very dumb.

  17. @Anon 18:39, only difference, New Edition got fucked over multiple times by multiple managers from teen stars to married men with kids. I have a hard time feeling bad for them.

  18. Sister Perri? Please with that mess! Y’all who are on Perri’s side are a mess too! She stole from TLC then turn yourself to God for forgiveness is what it is. Chilli is a sweetheart. And sweethearts get picked on. She got girls hating on her in high school too. Shooo Perri couldn’t picked on Lisa or Tionne about this lie cuz they would whoop her money hungry bootie. And movie isn’t out yet, so don’t assume Chilli got kicked out because she “slept with LA Reid.” Watch for yourself. It would make sense to me Perri wants TLC to go on so Chilli being pregnant would stop them from touring and making $ for her hungry a$$.

  19. Chilli & T-Boz did not go 2 high school 2gether, Chilli from Columbus GA. I do kno if u ask around town, many niggas say she was either real stuck up, or a straight slut, depends on who u ask. Or depends on if she was feelin the nigga like that I guess. She was a round the way type, I hear she grew up in the BTW projects or that general area. She left Columbus after high school & doesn’t like2 acknowledge her past there, but she isn’t a real ATLien.

  20. There should be a law that protects artist and especially. New artists from wack ass low life the likes of those that robbed and raped TLC . Once again fuck fruity pebbles.

    • Anon:2126, There is one. The late Tina Marie got a law called Brockheart Law that protect artist in situations like this.

      • Yes, she used it to get out of her Motown Deal and it’s Teena Marie “Brockhert Law” Brockhert was her last name. I would tell you to ask Rick James, but he’s not here. RIP to both of these amazing artist!

  21. i dont know if chili fvcked LA.
    i do know pebbles was sleeping with MARRRIED BANKER George L Smith while his wife was DYING OF CANCER. Ashely’s real name is Ashley Victoria Smith not reid, she is George’s daughter. The day of Mrs smith’s funeral Pebbles moved in.
    When the press got to negative and george was ; getting fed up she moved on to the next rich guy: LA Reid. She secured 18yrs of payments by having son aaron, then they divorced.

    since then pebbles has married 2 more times.

    If she is arev or minister or prophetess, why is she marrying and divorcing ? come on now!

  22. If someone ripped me off that badly, you bet your azz I’d fuck them five ways into next Friday, including fuckin’ their THIRD husband. Screwin’ someone takes on a whole new meaning in business.

    Furthermore, Chilli didn’t rape LA. Like Pebbles was shocked by adultery, GTFOH.

    And, don’t blame these young girls for getting ripped off. White artists get ripped off and you know the jhew lawyers ain’t gonna help no colored singers.

    • @Anon :18:15. U are right about that. I be damn you gonna screw me over about my money. I’m like Madea ” Imma get it two ways, Voluntary from your checking account or Involuntary manslaughter from your insurance policy.”

      • Shut up DA that’s what Tyler said o u huh Im’ma get it one way or another voluntary or I voluntary, LOL… U got ur _itch T to thank for that. She put u out there for the world to know about. Still want her LOL!

  23. Now u kno u aint right for that comment anony 14:04 lol and Jesus aint lil no mo u betta recognize u neva kno pebbles may have repented for what they claim she did and cud very well be one of Gods favorites..i like TLC as a group but they have made money since then Tbo was on the Apprentice and chili had her own show looking for love or whateva itwas called…and when lefteye passed wasnt she into some kind of mystic voodoo type of religion sometimes by ur affiliations u attract certain entities to u but I do like the group but I agree with peebles on this one sorry

  24. Did anybody saw their biopic? It was good and sad. But, Chilli and T-Boz along with Ne-Yo mad a saw about that will bring tears to your eyes.

  25. For all those stanning for Sister Gravel you should probably know that L.A. fugged Chilli to get back at sister Limestone for who he caught her fugging. They both cheated on each other, sister Cobblestone just took it out on the group.

  26. In order for T-Boz and Chilli to keep the TLC name, they had to pay Pebbles 1 million dollars for each letter which was 3 million. Now everybody know when TLC went to earn two pair of Grammys for their work, That’s when they went to the After Grammys Press back stage when the reveiled to the world they was broke!! I’m like the rest of the majority of the group. How in the Pebbles had these young talented women make all of these millions and nothing to show for and here is Pebbles saying she doesn’t deal with entertainment business no more? That bitch is what U called a double bare back lyin greedy two faced hungry ass BITCH! I should go on Twitter and call her ass out! How in the hell you talking somebody slandering her name? Bitch, U are NOT in the music business anymore according to word of Sister Perri Reid, but U wanna sue them for telling the truth? Now wasn’t she the one who said the Crystal Jones didn’t have the talent to make the trio? Yep U betcha! Talking about lawyers on deck, take your dumbass back Stab your ass wayyyyyyy the fuck back ,Mississippi!

  27. First of all, Chilli never slept with L.A., wtf? Where’d that rumor come from? Am I hella late or what lol. Second, Pebbles straight cheated them out of their money. You know that the broad had the same lawyers as the girls?? >>>conflict of interest<<< He didn't have their best interest at heart. He told them that no one thought they were gonna make it. But what happened? They did. Pebbles is a thief, and she shows the signs herself, she's so damn transparent, so she can bring on the Demi Moore tears and try to be the victim if she wants.

    Better yet, Crystal said she got kicked out of the group for not being able to sing and not signing the contract before her mother read it. Does that tell you somethin? Pebbles is shady, shadier than Eminem.

    • TLC Lisa and Chilli asked to take what they were signing with them so someone can explain it to them, Pebbles made it sound like it was their only op and they should trust her so they signed and had some test and had to fight and God showed up and let them know the battle is not theirs and they won and made history AMEN

  28. Every body signed to laface got played and robbed blind except usher. Look how they did toni Braxton. .. she was bigger than life and sold millions and made millions for l.a and babyface.

  29. Sis. Perri Pebbles is 1 of those fake church christians
    If she was really sincere, why not sincerely apologize and try to make amends with the girls?
    Thats the reason why I dont want to go to church today
    Because of these type of christians.

  30. ummmm is everyone forgetting that l.a.reid was screwing janet during this time? and that prince is the one who bought pebbles into the business and we all know about prince.. i know im late responding on this. but come on pebbles this isnt the first time its been said. these girls said it for years in interviews. and i do remember a tv show where you admitted that you took most of the money… it was in the contract.. those girls made 10 cent on the dollar off every song. and then you made them pay for their agents, managers, studio time, videos, etc out of that 10 cent on the dollar.. i also remember chilli and left eye damn near going to blows about something to do with dallas charging them so much money to write a song for them. so please bitch dont try to act all offended now. because we all know you fucked babyface and his brother from take 6.. unbelievable that you think peoples memories are that fucking short.. you should have stuck to sucking lil old white dicks.. yes i remember that story also.

  31. Regardless, of the circumstance these girls were given a opportunity of a life time. They probably would have gotten it a second time in a big way. Not saying it makes it right, but the old music has been doing it for years. Trust me there were other ppl who were involved and got paid as well. Pebbles just the fall women. Unfortunately sometime it cost to be the boss!

  32. I will say this, everyone on this post has a past and is no saint. I don’t think Perri’s has anything to do with TLC or their money issues. You guys are missing the point. I think everyone should be accountable in this situation. Arista and LaFace for taking advantage of the girls and Pebble for letting them. Finally, TLC for signing up up for something they knew nothing about. I’m sure it’s a lesson they have learned from and as far as Arista, LaFace and Pebbles. The truth always will come to the light.