Pebbles’ Youngest Son Tian McKissack Speaks Out!


Pebbles Secret Son Tian

“Me and Perri do have a relationship. Are we close? Hell no, I don’t want to be. But we are speaking.” ~Tian McKissack

HSK Exclusive – Pebbles’ 19-year-old ‘love child‘ is setting the record straight, revealing never heard before details about his life… in the shadows of his famous mother.

She [Pebbles] came to my 10th birthday party … that’s about it. But we did have frequent phone conversations, so I’ve known her all my life.

Sebastian ‘Tian’ McKissack, an Oakland tattoo artist, exclusively tells HSK a little about his late father; the person who acted as his mother, during his comfortable upbringing; and the current state of his relationship with his biological mother, who he refers to simply as ‘Perri’.

“”I was raised by my grandmother (Perri’s mom). I was well taken care of, I wasn’t poor. My dad was present often. My mom? Not so much.”

Here’s what Tian McKissack reveals:

“I was born and raised in San Diego, but I live in Oakland now — with my wife and son. My father wasn’t a drug dealer, he was a pediatrician. He passed away last year.

I never spoke with her [Pebbles’] other children until I went to Atlanta with my grandmother to visit them … but I wasn’t presented as Perri’s son, I was presented as a cousin. Me and Ashley got kinda close during those days. I was there and we kept in contact, since I explained the real story to her.

Aaron? No.. he dislikes me to this day, but I could give a shit.”





  1. This makes no sense. If Ashely was 11yro at the time when Tian was born how did she not know that was her brother and the same question goes for Aaron.

    my brother anf I are three years apart and I remembermy mother being pregnant with him.

    The milk is sour.

    • I’m Sorry Sunni. But your lack of education is showing! How do you NOT know that Thousands of women give birth without Ayone knowing they were pregnant??!!! Sometimes even They Themselves don’t even know until going into labor! And many women for their OWN reasons don’t reveal their prenancys to those living in their own house!!

    • Yeah that do soung a lil suspect…There are rare times when you cannot tell a woman is pregnant, but most times everybody knows, even children. That is crazy that she hid her kid if that is true…

      • Y’all are making the assumption that she was a good mother to her other children. How do you know she didn’t leave them for months at a time, like say, 9 mos.???

        • This whole story is somewhat confounding. I have read it 3 times and i’m still not sure I understand who gave birth to whom and when.
          They are real cute kids tho.

      • In essence, inner-life is a gift and a woman giving birth is a gift, honor her for that whatever her mistakes, she made as a mother, forgive her, she still is a genuine good mother, that deserves respect and human dignity sister Perri, is a great woman, who confident and firm and a realist, who set healthy boundaries, and have backbone, as a real classy woman and lady.

  2. No wonder me and him was bumping head on the other post! Lmao! Damn Tian! My birthday is April 25th! Damn! Lmao! No wonder he was headstrong like me! Boy we Tauruses are hell! Lmao! No wonder he was laughing me! Damn Imma him for that one! Lmao! This is too funny! Lmao! Tian if you reading this, Lmao! Imma get you, Lmao!

  3. Another reason why Tian and Aaron is not getting alone is Taurus (Tian) & Scorpio(Aaron) are polar opposites! Shit I don’t blame Tian! I wouldn’t get with him either!

  4. Tian, so sorry to read about how your mother disregarded you, you didn’t deserve that, but at least she had enough decency to leave you with your grandmother, who I am assuming (correctly, I hope) raised you with love.

    As a woman who hasn’t been able to have kids, it always saddens me to read how some women just toss aside their children. If you would have been my son I would have never treated you like you were something to be ashamed of, like you were something that had to be hidden away, regardless of how the circomstances of your conception occured.

    I pray you have a happy life, and you and your wife enjoy a long life filled with many more good times than bad, and that you child(ren) bring you joy.

    Be blessed.

  5. It would really be nice for Perri to “fix this” between her children & finally for once TELL THE DAMN TRUTH…not to the public but to her family.

    • @Ms. Reg, Co-Sign, and let me add that Perri is going to NEED Tian! Trust she going to need this nice gentleman! He is A BLESSING, NOT A BURDEN!! I mention on another post he got a good head on his shoulders. He is going far cause his Outlook is real good and promising. Can’t say for Perri, I have NO RESPECT FOR HER!!!!

    • Ms. Reg, that would be too much like right. And unfortunately some people just can’t do that. It’s not in them.

  6. The interview Pebbles daughter gave was disgraceful.
    I hope for her own sake she can back up her words or at least has security guards.She better also hope she does not get sued by Toni Braxton and Chilli for those accusations she made.

    Reason 1,000,001 of why not to support certain people one day their children will grow up to be rich assholes who talk down on other people.

  7. This guy story has changed. First he was raised by Perri’s brother. Ashley stated that she was raised by her grandmother.

  8. What I want to know Jackie is about Pebbles prositution days back in Oakland. I’ve heard she has a lot to be repeating to God now that she’s an ordained Minister. The more she keeps tugging at the truth about what LA Reid and her did to these girls and Toni Braxton, the more it will come out about her scandelous past. I am sorry about the young man, he seems like a nice young man, however, I feel bad about his maternal mother Pebbles Perri Reed.

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  10. The only person my heart goes out to is Tian. This young man wanted his Mom in his life and what Perri has to say, NOTHING! PERRI THOSE SKELETONS YOU BEEN HIDING ARE COMING OUT AND CATCHING UP TO YOU! IT’S CALLED KARMA! What the hell so important to push your child off on others relatives to be raised instead of yourself?

  11. I think Pebbles needs to address him. It sucks that you would just throw a child away because you want a “Mercedes Boy” and “Always” want love to make things happen. If you loved this dude you were with so much, why didn’t you actually care for him, for them, yourself. I mean honestly, I don’t care whether it was his grandmother or uncle. The point is that she wasn’t the one who was raising him but that it was someone else. That her responsibility to be his mother, provider, and nurturer was lost. Now, he will always think of himself as being second to a Mercedes boy and his kids. It is sad that love makes things happen but it didn’t drive her to take in her own flesh and blood. It is just mind boggling to me. (Btw, Radiant1, I am a Scorpio and I usually agree with your points so, I would disagree on the opposites reference lol)

    • @E.Jones, I tried dating a Scorpio, No! I rather be friends with them. LOL! I agree about Perri should of been a mother first and the rest of the insignificant stuff comes second. My thing is why she haven’t told Ashley about her dad and why introduce Tian as a cousin? I am changing my way of thinking on Ashley. Cause this got to hurt her like hell to be lied too! Damn, both Ashley and Tian need to come on the blog cause this is crazy! How can push your kid(s) off to chase sumthing that is nothing but a fantasy?

      • Agree on the friends thing…. and yes! Because, that is how you hide your own dirt. Women don’t like to tell about their dirt and ruin their child’s view of them. It is kind of sad actually. I mean clearly, I would be offended if I were them as well BUT that in no ways entails the psychological damage that I think will cause her in the future. It is pretty sad actually. Clearly, someone talked them into deleting the footage.

  12. Classic example of ‘People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.’ Funny how one can abandon their own child and get rich from the demonic music industry, then claim to be a ‘person of God.’ Simply amazing.

    • Trust me, it is the most common in these types to seek the fortunes of the world and then speculate on everyone else…. funny really funny. These women be high off of the rwo most potent drugs, fame and conceit. The withdrawal leaves them thirsting for more attention. And if it comes at the expense of other’s soul and well-being, it is just like being in their former business.

  13. Pebbles, man U need to sit down and talk to your kids. All three of them in a room together. Skeletons are out the closet and Karma is knocking on your door! Three kids, three fathers and one mother. Smh. Tian, we done talked about the situation and I can relate! One thing about us Taureans, we can feel anything cause we are the most groundeat and earthiness. One thing I well say is this, we don’t like fake ass shit! No fake friends etc. But on the real, if their mom is suppose to be a minister, why not repent and tell the truth? So many people are being hurt and lied too that it is crazy!! Smh….

  14. Yes, Jackie, you really should blow Pebs Oakland days up … like how she REALLY got her first Benz. While we all have skeletons she should simply be quiet and keep it moving. Pebs must be a friend of the site … *SMH* … I see you Peri, from Oakland, CA to Orange, NJ (hangin’ w/Nippy)!

  15. I don’t understand how any women can only acknowledge two of her children she has 4 at least Ashley and Aaron are the only ones she talks about and its not right. Tian also has a sister 6 years older. her mother is Pebbles as well.her name is Phaze.

    • That phaze girl is his uncles child, thats his cousin but they grew up together so the call eachother brother and sister. Thats been cleared up.

  16. I dont know who her dad is. I know she live in Ca. I don’t know how there relationship is, but she does know pebbles is her mother.

    • Boy, Pebbles got some explaining to do!! Boy oh boy Pebbles skeletons are out now! What is her last name?

  17. I’m not sure, but it wrong for Pebbles to Act like butter doesn’t melt in her mouth and she hiding children. who does that. if there your flesh and blood be proud, just talking about the 2 and not all is disgusting to me, who does that. she is a beautiful young women and she looks like her too.

  18. well I was told she was her daughter too. so if thats not the case. then I stand corrected. but I was told she said that was her mother. so I dont know. but whether you have 3 or 4 children,hat isn’t right. you shouldn’t be treating them differently. just saying . how would you feel if the women who give birth to you only talked about the other two and not you. I wouldn’t feel good about that.

  19. My grandma had a child by another man and not my grandpa, but he raised the child as his own..their was a lot of arguements though…poor child..but u really cant miss something u never had

    • Anon, 04:35, Tian didn’t get bullied, if anything he is innocent!!! All we saying why his mom did what she did and didn’t think of weren’t coming out in the open? Bullshit ain’t nothing but chewed up grass!!

  20. I want to thank everyone who supported me and believed in me through these hard times. and the people who didnt. Me and Perri are on speaking terms, thanks Jacky. You made it happen.

  21. Tian is fine as he!!… That baby girl is beautiful..who would want to give away such beautiful kids.. Wow…how could she?

  22. Um so I did research on this boy and he went to jail for beating his “wife” or girlfriend whoever hes dating. No respect for that.

    • You must have the wrong person. This man is a complete family man and a little skinny teddy bear. He would never ever ever put his hands on any woman especially his wife. We raised him better.

  23. Ok so Tian, if you read this, how do you who your dad is? I can tell you now its not Fransisco Vasquez. He might have raised you but he is not your dad. Me and you both know who it is and he is a singer. I tried reaching out to you Tian but there was no reply.

    • Okay your name is Barbra right? Well listen kinda close. El Debarge is indeed speem donner but a dad isnt what created you. Its a man whos loved you and been there for you your whole life. Notice I say El Debarge not dad because he hasnt been one to me. You must follow my instagram or something because you seem to know alot about me and him. Yeah I see him, we take a few pictures, and say goodbye. Chico was more of a dad then El will ever be.
      Ive always known that I just never cared to share it but since you brought it up, be happy

      • I was only speaking the truth. El Debarge is your daddy and youre claiming another man. thats pittyful

  24. The guy in the picture is named Greg. This story is fake. Greg had no idea his image was being used like that. His pictures were jacked from his twitter and Instagram. Greg has stated that He, El, and Pebbles are of NO relation. I don’ t know anything about Perri having a secret son, but I damn sure know Greg ain’t it. Furthermore, there is no Sebastian McKissack. A smile search of the California Birth Index should put your mind at ease.