Pebblez Da Model Charged W/ Homicide for Concrete-Butt Injections


Pebblez da Model Mugshot

Video Vixen’s Dirty Doings Come Back To Bite Her On The Ass…

The video vixen reported to have fatally administered a concrete injection, while performing an illegal butt enhancement has been arrested. Sources say Pebblez Da Model, whose real name is Natasha Stewart, was captured in Memphis, Thursday. This after authorities were on the hunt for the 39-year-old former fugitive in connection to the death of a Mississippi woman. Now, Stewart is charged with homicide among other crimes as well.

Sources say at the time of her arrest, Natasha Stewart was with her friend, 21-year-old Shannetria Newberry. Newberry – who was also arrested – is being outed as an accomplice, charged with aggravated assault, failure to appear on a felony case, bodily harm, and criminal forfeiture. Both are being held at the Shelby County Jail in Tennessee.

Here’s what ABC News is reporting:

“Pebblez known for videos and photos featuring her 48-inch backside, was wanted for questioning in the death of a Mississippi woman who had her buttocks injected with concrete.

Stewart was wanted for questioning and was arrested on January 3rd then charged with being a fugitive from justice in relation to the homicide. She is currently being held at a Shelby County Jail with another woman, Shannetria Newberry.

Pebblez Da Model is a native of Memphis and has appeared in videos for for rappers like Cam’ron , in magazines like ‘Straight Stuntin’ and ‘F.E.D.S’ and has a series of DVDS.”

Life after being a video vixen isn’t easy, leaving many of the one time it girls – who previously led luxury lives – to stoop to low levels, like running up high Punanny miles, just to survive. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Buffie The Body, Esther Baxter, Vida Guerra, Melissa Forde and Pilar Biggers.

Pebblez Concrete Butt Injections


  1. The sad part is Pebblez had a nice body before she injected herself with whatever she injected herself with.

    But I guess its all about marketing….Even if the ass is cartoon big.

  2. Is Pebblze gonna need a special cell and medical attention for her butt enhancement?

    Concrete shaper?

  3. are the taxpayers gonna have to foot the bill for a special toilet seat for Pebbs while in prison?

  4. I could care less about this story. You why, if they don’t care about their lives, why should I or anyone else?

    In the above pic is Pebbles holding up her ass, cause its too heavy to sit on its own? Tragic! Now you know you’ve done too much when you butt needs permenant support.

    The real story here is the accomplice’s name Shannetria. What in the fuck are blacks naming their children! With a name like that did we expect her to not end up in jail? Did we not expect her to run pumping parties in dirty hotel rooms? Shannetria#tragic!

  5. Concrete? Really? Im not even going to get into all the ways that the girl who died should have know better. RIP with all due respect, but come on yall you have to be kidding me. And why concrete?, did home depot run out of caulk? Dumbass…. heres you chair \__,- please have a seat Pebblez, wait hold on the seats not big enough for your fake ass \_________________________________,- there thats better, NOW please have a seat.

  6. Dont skimp on these kinds of procedures….Stick to the Dominican women with the caulk. Sometimes it pays to get the best.

  7. She looks absolutely and thoroughly disgusting!! Is this what men want these days? If it is no wonder i can’t find a man. Hell i got a big ass and this pic made me drop my phone! I mean why would a guy want her? You can’t even hit it!!!! You can’t hit it from the back cuz of all that ass and you can’t hit it from the front cuz she can’t lay on her back!!!! But her mugshot is priceless-you gotta love that steve urkel did i do that look!! Dumb ass!!!! To quote monopoly-go to jail, go directly to jail!!!

    • Vermithrax I think Pebblez prolly requires one of those harness sex swings that hang from the rafters to hit it in any way. LOLZ

    • vermithrax

      You are just jealous of pEBBELZ.
      She’s not disgusting…Shes sexy..Its a man thing so you wouldnt understand. Im not sure keepitealnotkeepinitreal can understand either.

      Yall just dont understand what power a woman like pebbelz has over us mortal African men.

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  8. I see a marketing opportunity. Free with your ShamWow and Ginzu knives – a concrete ass! Allow 15 to 20 years for delivery.

  9. Cmon Jacky, Pebblez ass gotta be 70inches or so! Lol!
    Mine is a 52in with a 32inch waist all natural, and my azz is not even HALF that size. Lol.

  10. <——I'd still hit.

    (being honest…..concrete or no conrete…How can a real man pass up that opportunity of given?)

  11. I gotta be honest. I think she looks better than Coco. Both have fake asses, but Coco’s is just ratchet.

  12. Jacky you have it mixed up. Pebbles is charged as an accessory because she got a finders fee for helping to set to the procedure. The person who actually give the injections is a tranny. I’m from mississippi, it’s all over the news. The tranny looks scary!!! Why anyone would allow it ( tranny) to do this to them when he/she looks like Frankenstein, is beyond me…. Anyway, check any of the newspapers or stations for Jackson, MS.

  13. When martin luther asked you black folk to build a rock hard foundation, im pretty sure he meant mentaly, this is insane.

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