Perri “Pebbles” Reid Addicted To Getting Married?


Perri Pebbles Reid Addicted to Marriage

“She is a mess.” ~Anonymous

Christian Home Wrecker?

HSK Exclusive – With a total of four husbands under her belt, Perri ‘Pebbles’ Reid seems to have made it her mission in life to get wifed-up…again, and again, and again, and again. Don’t believe me.. Just ask the pop singer-turned-born again Christian’s lovechild, Tian Mckissack.

The fourth time walking down the isle – with her entertainment lawyer groom – may be a charm, but that doesn’t mean Exel Sharrieff was her first pick. That’s because a woman has surfaced to tell of Pebbles’ attempt to kick rocks at her relationship with her current boyfriend.

The woman – who chooses to remain anonymous – says during the summer of 2012, she discovered her boyfriend was cheating with Pebbles. After doing a little digging into her boyfriend’s email account, she says Pebbles was looking to land a ring from her man so bad that she found Florida marriage laws sent to him. It’s a marriage that didn’t happen, and was just a month prior to Pebbles saying her ‘I dos’ to Sharrieff in August 2012.

Here’s the drop:

“My boyfriend was seeing Perri “Pebbles” Reid last summer. I hacked his email and found some pretty interesting things.

First of all she was completely IN LOVE WITH HIM AND WANTED TO MARRY HIM. She sent him info on the laws of weddings in Florida. (apparently she rented a house in vero beach florida last summer). Pebbles wanted to marry him. HE did not want to marry her.

He told me she drank every night while she CLAIMED to be a “woman of Christ”. I also read several text messages — between the two of them that were very graphic sexually, it’s obvious they have been intimate. She even sent him a sexy video I found on his phone.

What’s interesting though, Jacky, is the fact that my boyfriend broke up with Pebbles in July and by August she was married to a lawyer in Los Angeles. It’s plain to see Pebbles just wanted to be married and didn’t care who the guy was. She is a mess.”


    • Pebbles is this pretty-faced, spirited woman-child with a look of innocence, and then there’s this woman who has relentlessly pursued husbands, money, and power because she refuses to live poorly. I do not agree with the dump them and divorce them mode of living, however I do believe Pebbles had the business smarts and savvy to build a business. She was very young and never attended college. Perhaps she turned to God in order that the deep scandals or the guilt would not take her sanity. It was her personal decision and a smart thing to do and so we must respect her relationship with God. I support Pebbles, and I wish her a happy marriage. New hubby appears no-nonsense and the serious type and so I hope Ms. Pebbs knows she cannot bamboozle this one!

  1. Despite all that.her son with la Reid is a very talented musician.with the connections his dad has I am surprised he didn’t blow up a long time ago!

  2. And after all that it doesn’t sounds like you left your boyfriend! He don’t want to marry her and don’t want to marry you either. SMDH.

    • @atlatl,

      If you don’t get somewhere & sit down…
      Stop reading my mind & telling the truth…
      You know damn well folks like the lady telling this story DON’T want to hear/read the truth!

      • Yep, this is funny because most women over 40 who have been married once are not in a rush to do it again (normally).

        But even more so is the fact that this dude did all this, you’re still together and probably all he’s bringing to the table is pretty eyes, good hurr or he’s a pipe man.

        Supposedly, Pebs is the one that is scandalous but what is the saying about the company we keep?

      • …your mind and mine, does she think she WON-she sat and listened to “HER” man (for lack of a better term) speak on Perri as if he was not with them both @ the same damn time. *Note to the author- YOU DO NOT HAVE A “Boyfriend” you are just Ms RITE-NOW, and you have to share that damn spot…..GET SOME HELP…..because you are LOST!!! #NOBODYEVERTODMEIWASWORTHY

  3. Dang! Pebbles, you ain’t quit your hoeing ways yet? I don’t think that her marriage is going to stop her. Being a so-called Christian sure hasn’t.

  4. she was dating some muslim dude. i think he is an arab prince or something. but wait! isn’t she a christian? lmbao

  5. This perri reid is a peace of work all these threw washed up. Has beens always cry 4 Jesus when the. World don’t want. Them no more
    She seems. Like a carnal christstian. Whitney had her faults but she had a big heart when it. Came to children. The late miss Houston would not have done. What. Ms. Reid had done. Hide her illegitimate child. Whitney as. Private. As she was whitney. Would. Have.proudly admitted she had a lovechild. Inspite what Ms fakey ass holy cissy thought Ms cissy. Shacked up with mr r houston while he was still married. To his first. Wife. No wonder. Whitney didnt visit her in her last years she probably knew1 all these people were fake as fuckin hell like Perrier Reid. Whitney should have known. That they wanted 2b her friend cause. She. Was an Icon Ms perri used whitney 2 boost her own career and. Tank scandalous biotch

    • This bitch is supposed to be some kinda of fake Christian saw her on the Christian channel laying hands on someone and praying for whitney,with cherrele the singer both off them are as shady as hell wasn’t pebbles and cherlle piping up the crack with Whitney back in the day?
      All I can say is shady…

    • @no reply

      Don’t watch my grammar im not writing no 15,000 word essay if you wanna do spell check or work on my grammer for me go ahead and “free yourself” from chronic anxiety and DO IT! if not STFU and go wash your ……
      nuff said

  6. 1st of all the story is definitely true. I am the woman that was MARRIED to the man Pebbles was seeing. the only thing that was misunderstaood is that he and I were NOT together when this happened. We were married for 3 years but divorced last year. we have a 2 year old daughter together. so NO he was not with us both at the same time. I don’t know Pebbles personally other than what I read in the emails and texts from my ex. I just find it disgusting that she calls herself woman of god

    • @princess305
      Girl, you know those hollyweird types are crazy.
      I couldn’t figure how she called herself so called saved after I read years ago how she stole all of TLC’s money and then had the nerve to boo hoo about Chilli slept with L.A. Reid. She exploited the hell out of those young girls when it was bringing in the $$$. That whole LaFace records scene in Atlanta back in the day was verrry shady.

      • @Dez,

        Now THAT’s the part I remember for certain.
        I’ve read the story first. I’ve silently followed all the comments.
        And…while I was steadily thinking about it no one but you brought up the fact that LONG BEFORE Ms. Pebbles was marrying multiple times, having illegitimate babies, sleeping with other women’s men & becoming a “Christian woman of God” she was in the business of taking TLC to their financial doom in an unreasonably greedy contract that nearly bound them until their deaths.

        And…girl, I wish the tale of “she did that to them because Chilli slept with her husband” would take flight & die. That had NOTHING to do with that whole situation. Pebbles deception toward those girls started from the very beginning. Chilli sleeping with LA Reid had more to do with “her being made to do it for certain reasons” verses her “just out being a whore.” LA Reid has long been turned out himself & has been sexing girls & boys young & old since the 80’s. He is no prize as most industry workers know. Don’t believe me? Ask Usher, Diddy, Babyface & soon…J. Beiber.

        Dez, thanks for pointing out the REAL!

        • Honey I’ll NEVER forget how those two (Mr. & Mrs. L.A. Reid) served those kids up to the industry. So yeah you’re right Chilli definitely “was made to do it for certain reasons”. I was thoroughly appalled at what I witnessed at a convention. Those little girls were no more than 14 or 15 yrs old at the time they performed a brief showcase for major label and radio execs. After they finished those dirty old men/pedophiles were literally salivating at the chops cracking all kinds of sordid sexual jokes in reference to TLC, while the entire room roared with laughter. The girls looked semi-stunned & dumbfounded but remained mute. I kept looking at them for a reaction but they just stood there and took it. Like lambs to the slaughter. Mrs. Pebbles Reid was standing right there with them. She obviously briefed them on how to act. I was mortified because I couldn’t believe how blatant it all was. Jeryl Busby (Motown) was the ring leader. I gathered that they were going to pass them around like a bag of skittles. I remember thinking how thirsty people will do anything to get put on. Next thing I knew they were all over the radio with their sexual anthem “ain’t too proud”

          • Oh my gosh really I never knew that, sooooo what u are saying is TLC had to go through a sexual initiation in order to get a single out?

        • @Ms Reg Says!”LA Reid has long been turned out himself & has been sexing girls & boys young & old since the 80′s. He is no prize as most industry workers know. Don’t believe me? Ask Usher, Diddy, Babyface & soon…J. Beiber. ”

          Ha! You forgot to add Johnny Gill to that list!
          They passed him around like candy too. He was their hobby.

          • @Dez,

            Damn it, Dez!
            Is THAT where all that “J. Gill gayness” came from?
            Way back when Johnny was singing with Stacy Lattisaw…
            (way back meaning if you’re in your 40’s getting mistaken for 24 like me..lmao)
            It didn’t seem or rather HE didn’t appear to show any signs of being subjected to the “good old this who & how you have to screw or get screwed to make it club.) I’m going to assume it hadn’t happened yet or was in the beginning stages. I know one thing….Stacy Lattisaw made her 1-2 hits/covers & got the hell OUT the entertainment business far as performing was concerned.
            Last I heard of her in terms of singing was SHE WAS IN CHURCH…

            Johnny Gill went on to other things including but surely not limited to being a member of New Edition & LSG. Both were great in my book & since I was good friends with 2 of the NE members WAY before JG got in the group….
            I STILL have no clue as to when his sexual identity changed or a better way to put it…when it became clear he was gay since to MY knowledge he has always denied it.

            I do know as time went by the stories of Johnny’s “escapades & various encounters with other male actors, artists & athletes” have been numerous to say the least. I witnessed a incident backstage at a concert held at a casino that had my eyes pretty wide which let me know with certainty JG DEALS WITH MEN, however, none of what I witnessed was of a sexual nature.
            So, Dez, while I can’t say for sure I feel there may be SERIOUS validity to what you said EVEN IF you were just kidding.

        • @christa,

          Chilli DID sleep with Dallas “The Druggy” Austin….
          While they never married she does have a son fathered by him which is why she had been able to withstand the brunt of the TLC bankruptcy debacle a little better than Lisa & Tionne.
          She’s pretty much landed on her feet with his financial support, her show & other endeavors.

          • Aha! That explains a lot. I saw his home on MTV Cribs, and while all the homes featured on the show are spectacular, his Atlanta spread was in a class of its own.
            It wasn’t a nouveau riche overdecorated mess either. It looked like something the architect Frank Gehry would have designed, and the interior was tastefully minimalist. Until then, I had no idea he had that kind of money.
            Thanks for the info re: Chilli’s baby.

    • Looks like I wasn’t the only one fucking her. I met her in Florida and she gave me her number. The same night we went out and she got messed up. So messed up she was half naked on the way back to her place. She is a mess, I figured that out. But she is the shit in the bedroom. Its sad to think about her young daughter. Not even in grade school yet and her mother is still whoring around. Feel sorry for all of those kids man. If she wasn’t a hoe. I would’ve wifed that too

    • this is really sad. why a woman would go to such a low level to hurt someone. to spread lies, rumors and gossip all to try to gain custody of an innocent baby. to hire a private investigator, to hack someone’s computer and cell phone. for what? THIS?? Perri is a good person. u all sound so devilish. May Allah forgive u Princess 305. u need help.

  7. …All I’ve got to say is if she was so ‘sanctified,’ then where is TLC’s money? God don’t like ugly, especially ugly that’s desperate to get married in a vain attempt to prove that it’s not past it’s prime. Praise Jesus! lol

  8. any woman who slept with prince’s bisexual azz back in the day.

    you know she did things unheard of.

    okay pebbles is a freak big deal she sold sex in her records just like prince wanted.

    laface records was shady their first group daMIEN DAME DIED A YEAR OR SO AFTER THEIR ONLY ALBUM WORD WAS DUDED HAD AIDS.

    • For more than 20 yrs, I was a major Prince fan and heard many thing but never a Pebbles connection.

      She sang with Bill Summer/Summer’s Heat in the early 80s. Did background for Cherelle and the Deele right before coming out with her cat-with-its-tail-stepped-on albums.

      Most Prince proteges either had a voice or stage presence. As pretty as she is, dancing was not her thing either despite being a Soul Train dancer.

  9. they dated back in the 80’s prince hit and dumped her like he did countless other females.

    all prince girls had one thin g in common they sold sex and did’nt have to sing as long as they walked around wearing lingerie showing ass and tits.

    how else could vanity and apollonia sell records back then.

    and carmen electra’S WACK ASS DANCING AND SINGING.

    • LOL!@crazychris You hit it on the money! All Prince did was present freaks in lingerie. They couldn’t sing a lick! Matter of fact I just saw Vanity on a Soul Train rerun I barely recognized her. I asked my husband “who is that”? He didn’t know either. He just cracked “Some wannabe that’s about 50 years old now”. It was hilarious. I remember Prince being so competitive with Rick James who produced the Mary Jane girls who could SANG. That’s when prince threw together Vanity 6.

      As for Pebbles being a Soul Train “dancer” for my ten cents those people on Soul Train couldn’t dance worth a damn either! She got a horrible review by a critic after her concert. He called her a cutout Barbie that was as stiff as cardboard.

    • I’m sorry Crazychris, but Vanity, of all Princes’s girls including Carmen Electra, was so gorgeous, she would have sold a few records w/o Prince once she was seen on MTV. Remember “Nasty Girl”?

      • @christa,

        OMG…wasn’t Vanity beautiful back then?
        Most people think Vanity was Prince’s woman & she was, however, SUSAN was his first real primary girlfriend BEFORE Vanity came along.
        Susan was absolutely gorgeous too & her & Prince were deeply in love too.
        PAUSE…this would go into a long story that I’m not willing to discuss here & now.

        In an effort to stay ON TOPIC:
        Honestly, be it not for her being sick, needing daily dialysis & a bit of weight gain Vanity is STILL a gorgeous. I don’t know WHAT drugs she did in her past but it had to have been some horrible to have destroyed her kidneys so severely.
        She got off drugs, found her God, married her NFL player, has her ministry & is living her life. I’m just mad still to this day that she didn’t get all the “MAC, Visage Beaute’, Lancôme & all the beauty product lines” to pick her up back THEN.
        I always wanted to see her on commercials & big ads…didn’t happen.
        Prince didn’t market her for any of that…or maybe he couldn’t at the time. ;-/
        Her & Jayne Kennedy were who I idolized far as beauty was concerned back then.

        • First of all, OMG…Jayne Kennedy is my idol!!!
          I was just telling a friend this week that there isn’t one woman today who could hold a candle to Jayne. What makes her beauty even more exceptional, is that she was all natural.
          I am embarrassed to admit this, but I saw the home video Leon Isaac Kennedy made of them in the bedroom back in the very early 80’s. I’m as strictly dickly as they come, but I have never seen such female perfection as the 30 minute scan of Jayne standing up which he shot panning from head to toe, rear view and front. It was as if he was shooting pre-surgical photography…not sexual at all. It was as if he was documenting her flawlessness for posterity.
          For the record, I stopped watching the 30 minute tape after 5 minutes when Leon began to get “rough” and Jayne began to cry. What a tool.

          Secondly, I am 90% certain that Vanity was a heroin addict and I’ll tell you why. She was engaged to Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, and during the 80’s through the early 90’s he was such an addict, per his autobiography, he OD- flat lined twice. Again, what a tool.

          • @christa,

            This will flip you out….
            And, like you I could not watch Leon hurt her like that. He was forcing himself on her anally & wouldn’t stop even when she asked him to…smh

            And…thanks for explaining away my confusion about Vanity’s drug use.
            I FORGOT she was married to Nikki for a time…smh
            Prince seems to have come away from that time in life unscathed.

            • Hey girl! That is really a coincidence that we both have seen the infamous video. In my original post, I meant to say, “30 second scan of her body top to bottom” rather than 30 minute! That would have been a bit of overkill were it true. lol
              In a weird way, I almost wish some of the young women today could see the first few minutes of the tape. It would show them what real beauty is all about. The growing obsession with implants, breast and behinds, is out of control.
              Even though he was an SOB, Leon wasn’t hard to look at either was he?

              Finally, I had an epiphany after writing about Vanity and Nikki Sixx: is it just a coincidence that TWO of Prince’s women were seriously involved with TWO members of Motley Crue? In addition to Vanity, Mayte Garcia was engaged to Tommy Lee! Weird, huh?

            • @crista,

              I’m having a “how could I possibly have forgotten THAT” moment because one of my dear friends was having an “on again off again” relationship with Tommie Lee that was SOMETHING OTHER ELSE to say the least. Girl, I can’t begin to discuss that mess ” in here” out of respect for those involved BUT just know at that time “it was a whole lot going on.” Not so oddly enough Mayte now has a baby fathered by Eric Benet, Halle Berry’s first ex husband. And…again I can’t stress the fact that “there was a lot going on back when” and a lot of people you know of who was dealing with a lot of other people you know of and most if not all of them had relationships going with other people of whom you may and/or may not know of. YOU would be shocked to know some of the nicest most innocent and cherished folks in Hollywood are NOT at all so innocent. Trust me on this…

              And back to our ever beloved Jayne Kennedy…it didn’t matter if you meant 30 mins or secs. Jayne was, is and will always be the epidemy of NATURAL BEAUTY! This will never change at least for us. The younger ladies seem to appeal and gravitate toward something polar opposite of what you & I are talking about. And you know what I intended to tell you? We were discussing Chilli of TLC in one of our conversations, right? Take a look at Chilli in a photo of her with little or very natural make up and see if she doesn’t strike you as having Jayne-like natural beauty qualities.
              Let me you think.

            • I had never thought of that before….I can see it now. Chilli is a very lovely natural beauty too. (I don’t want to sound like a nit picker, but Chilli is very petite, which was perfect for TLC, but Jayne was statuesque. Woman had it ALL.)

              Oh and I would believe anything about the Tommy Lee/Pamela/Nikki/Mayte crowd. Anything.

            • Mayte doesn’t have a baby with Eric Benet (wrong Prince ex wife)but with Prince ex wife Manuela Testolini which Eric Benet is now married to.

  10. She still being a hoe? After being a mom of four you would think she had a little since. At age 45 she had a little girl who’s 3 now withe same man that supposed love child is with. If you had common since , wouldn’t you want to stop being a slut your kids. Not even all of them, but for your BABY DAUGHTER. Not even trying to down her but facts are facts.

  11. did’nt say vanity was’nt attractive cause she was.

    was stating that she used sex to sell records.

    carmen electra cannot dance but she sold sex on her records too and kissed girls on films and she has a thing for bisexual men rodman, and dave navarrou.

  12. About Pebbles, what can I say? We never know what a person endured as a child or how they grew up. She seemed so desperate to capitalize in the music world and at any cost, with little regard for a marital vow, as if marriage was just an anchor. Later, Pebbles became outcasted, hurt, and shamed by many folks. She cried many tears but hopefully realized she brought it upon herself by her greed and selfishness. We have to put God at the forefront of our lives and never trample on others for profit.

  13. Pebbles has a very handsome new husband. He is gorgeous. How she nabbed him is her own business. People have to remember that God has everything to do with vows. If hubby accepts the fact that she’s been married 3 other times, so be it. Apparently he sees cha-ching!!

  14. Perri “Pebbles” is a kind of a weird story.

    I wonder who her parents are – since there’s zero information about them or her before her first attempts at music industry in 1981 (Con Funk Shun).
    Probably it was a really messed up family.

    If she wrote her wikipedia page, then it’s really a sign of deep shame, since even her first husband is not mentioned.

    And this whole “born again” is shady, with more marriages following, which Jesus called as adultery.
    I sure sinned a lot before God and Jesus Christ, even after calling myself a christian, through lust, porn and masturbation sins for years.

    But the turned christians that i read before, would confess their past sins – drug addictions, sexual sins, pride, etc.
    They’d tell God saved them from these sins, addictions – thus praising God and Jesus.

    No such thing from Perri “Pebbles”.
    In her i only see glorifying her own looks (though they are a blessing from God), which will fade one day, but not a word of praise to God and Lord Jesus Christ.

    You can’t call yourself a christian, without confession of sins and repentance, this means leaving your sins, not using a “born again” mask and Jesus as a cover, to continue sinning.

    I’m sure Jesus Christ would accept even Perri, like He accepted a repentant prostitute, and the woman at the well from the gospels, who had five husbands and who believed in Him as Messiah.

    Hopefully Perri “Pebbles” will follow their path of repentance and true faith, not hypocrisy and fake born-again, and will be changed by God’s grace through Jesus Christ.

  15. I agree, Pebbs should pen a book about her life because she has this 30-year history of running men. I loved her music, she was so talented and she’s learned from some of the best musicians, but sooner or later stuff comes back to haunt you. The betrayal, scandal, heartbreak, broken promises, deception, and downright ruthlessness she displayed is awful. She lost her following and she soon ended up with a very bad reputation, that’s hard to overcome. I would not wish to be in her shoes. Forget that tactic. If you have talent and faith, soon the right people will notice you without your having to sell your body and your soul to make it.

  16. After watching Behind the Music on VH-1, there is no way TLC should have suffered financially, endured heartbreaks of the industry, and neither should one have died. Did evil spirits consume their musical world and if so, who brought them in?

  17. Pebbles’ story is weird!! When she first came on the scene, she looked really mad or even sad on her album photos. It was only until after she got married to L.A. reid did she begin to smile and embrace a happier spirit. She was fly, glossy, and glam, but her face was angry. She should tell the story of her rise. Right her wrongs to the people she hurt. Most people assume she’s hiding behind the cloth but there’s no way to know if she is true. Could be that she chose the ministry to keep her name and face visible and to hide the millions she allegedly made thru TLC.

  18. I am convince that Pebbles is c-r-a-z-y!!! Although she’s rich off of someone else’s money, she has trampled on a lot of folks to get it. No surprise that L.A. divorced her quickly. Who would stay married to someone who is a bad thief? She will never be happy without Babyface & all those who made her wealth possible, because she wasn’t that great as an artist to begin with. They all soon turned their backs due to many lawsuits, the mudslinging that went on and now look how TLC gets to tell their story and how L.A. wants to help TLC get back recording. I wish TLC can reap all the money they were due 20 some years later.

  19. Hello, the so called wife said that this story is not true and fabricated. KEEP READING THE COMMENTS. IT'S THERE! Why do people hate on this lady so much….because she's beautiful and rich! It sad. I hope she finally sues TLC RACHET asses and bring out the truth (1 was a hoe, 1 was a drunk AND 1 was stuck on stupid), AND I think that all three were liars.