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Peter Rosello (RHOM) Being Investigated for Assaulting Homeless Man

October 5th, 2012

Update: Police have identified the homeless man who was assaulted by Rosello on video. The man plans to press charges against the reality show personality. Peter Rosello is officially a wanted man by Miami PD.


Son of a Bitch?

Miami PD is investigating Peter Rosello, who is featured on the Real Housewives of Miami as the son of Alexia Echevarria. Know why? Because the reality TV personality thinks attacking the homeless is a all just “good fun”.

Here’s the drop:

Rosello assaulted a homeless man on camera this week, then he posted the video online. Now, police are looking into the footage.

The video was shot in South Beach Monday night. You can clearly see Peter looking into the camera, and introduce the “prank” by saying, “Punching a hobo in the nuts.”

Peter then walks up to a sleeping homeless man and tells him, “I was gonna give you five dollars”, but instead drops his fist into the man’s crotch.

Peter and his cameraman then run to a nearby car and make their escape.

A rep for the Miami Beach PD says, the department is currently trying to identify the victim in order to open an investigation.

12 Responses to “Peter Rosello (RHOM) Being Investigated for Assaulting Homeless Man”

  1. c no |

    what a spoiled piece of scum


  2. Charles McQueen |

    Hey people! We all know what Peter did was not fun but remember he is still a Kid! He is an amazing persona regarles of his defects! im sure he will learn from this but dont judge him so Hard! believe me, the kid is the next James Dean!


    Cuban-ness Reply:

    You’re a fucking moron for condoning this behavior! A good kid?? Gtfoh! What good walks around with a camera with intentions on assaulting a homeless guy WHILE the homeless man slept?? What good kid then proceeds to post it online for all to see? I would’ve my child’s ass and recorded that for all to see. I guess since the guy was homeless its ok though, right? Smh….


    I CAN'T TODAY Reply:

    Get outta my head! Bcuz I was saying everything you just posted in my head. Co-sign. Co-sign Co-sign.


    Jaded Reply:

    He is 19 and could fight for his country…. How is that a child? And co-sign everything Cuban-ness wrote also


  3. luVn_liFe |

    I hope this little pompous a.s.s.hole gets charged w/the third degree Felony and PROSEcuTed to the fullest extent of the law.
    He’s a good kid my behind,He’s a self centered spoiled douche bag.
    By the way they did identify the homeless man.
    The Ball is Rolling!


  4. Sher |

    Thats It! The parents spoil these kids to death and don’t instill morals and values in them and then send them out into society. Sad…


  5. Anonymous |

    Hey Jacky,

    This lil punk’s stepfather is a former shady, money laundering politician from the Hialeah section of Miami,who’s on the DL. Alexis is just a beard. Look up Herman Echevarria…

    Also, Peter’s real father/Alexis’s ex is a notorious drug dealer from the Cocaine Cowboys/ Griselda Blanco era. Lea Black’s husband was his attorney. That’s why their on the show together.

    Half of the women on RHOM have links to Miami/Latin American drug money. Miami Herald did a mini-expose on this about a year or two ago.


  6. Na |

    Lol i know who this kid is…. Another idiotic bartard who cant make it a day without some xanax….hopefully this guy and all his dumbass lil spoiled punkass friends end up in the jack with him. I hope this ruins his life he doesnt deserve what his alien looking mother has given him. I am disgusted by these people and would definitely love to steal me a slice of their money, these pathetic phoney yuppies nee to have a lesson in life 101. Go for a lil ride thru the triangle then act like a punk.


  7. True Dat! |

    I HATE anybody fucking with babies, old folks and helpless people. No mercy should be given to them.


  8. yoo |

    imagine all the nut checks hes going to get in jail!!!


  9. carolina |

    I can not believe that this man thinks that what he did is funny. It is insensitive, its violence, it is
    lack of feelings, lack of moral, etc. The family hired a lawyer that will try his very best to defend him. The mother said that he was affected by brother’ accident(poor excuse, no excuse). His behavior is not the result of a trauma due to his brother situation, his behavior is the one of someone with no values .


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