Pharrell Williams Hooked On Heroin?


Pharrell Williams Hooked on Heroine

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HSK Exclusive – When Pharrell professed to be “up all night to get some” he wasn’t exactly talking about the obvious. That’s according to our inside source, who’s exposing The Neptunes NERD for being hooked on heroin!!!

“He’s known in the industry for chasing the dragon.”

Here’s the drop:

“Whenever Pharrell gets high on H, dude goes into a zone and talks about how much he loves Kelis.”

Is Pharrell ridin’ that white horse all by himself? Of course not!¬†Just ask House Of Balloons boy … The Weeknd.


    • Are you referring to the woman in the above picture? If so, that’s Kelis. She and Pharrell were together back in the day, which is basically how she got put on.

      • No, the mother of his child. Who does actually kinda looks like Kelis in that picture.. Her skin is a little darker and she has golden, yellowish blonde hair.

  1. So sad. Drug addiction is no joke, especially heroin addiction. It has had a hold on quite a few celebrities so this is not surprising. Heroin will have you M.I.A. He should get in contact with Sade. I believe she has kicked the habit although most of her songs are still about her relationship with heroin.

  2. nerd made a song a few years back called everybody nose it was about girls snorting coke or lines in the bathroom lindsay lohan haS A CAMEO IN THE VIDEO.




    • Yes, it is quite obvious his creativity has been largely due to being under the influence of some HEAVY, mind-altering substances.
      In search of… and Fly or Die are two of my FAV albums!

      • Oh, and they talk alot about dealing, drugs, and Methodone treatment in In search of…

        Listen to the tracks Am I High and Bobby James.

      • Yesss!!! It was so slept on. Fly or Die is awesome. All of their music is about drug use or sex…

  3. Well, I guess time will tell if he’s really chasing the dragon because as of today, he still looks pretty good to be a H addict. I know they say, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, so maybe he’s what they call a functioning addict.

    • As long as your money is up you can look the part except when you’re high because to zone in and out of sleep and drool. It’s really sad but very believable

  4. If this is true then I hope that he finds the strength to kick it. It is a hard drug to give up but if the mind and body are willing then …

    Here’s hoping.

  5. Pharrell recently collaborated with the most popular and influential electronic duo Daft Punk, also known as the “Robots”.

    In an interview he did to promote the robots new album Random Access Memories and the song he co-produced “Get Lucky”,

    Pharrell talks about how the Robots gave him something to help with his jetlag,

    “they gave me this tablet- something you put in water.” “more on the ‘holistic’ side”…

    It was probably MDMA, aka MOLLY.

    Watch the interview for yourself. He talks about the substance/tablet he was given @ 1:59-2:45, but the whole interview is worth watching.

    And if you haven’t listened to Daft Punk, please do so. They are AMAZING!!!

    • Love Daft Punk! I have all their stuff!! It’s a smooth jazz cd that has a tribute to them out. Check it out.

  6. Not trying to equivocate on the drug issue, but if he truly is just chasing the dragon as opposed to the usual IV use, he is free from the danger of the OD, and his outward appearance will never take on the look of a typical junkie. Now the big elephant in the room is, will the time come when he isn’t getting high from the smoke, and thus “graduates” to the needle?
    He’s such an “all American” looking guy too…probably the LAST dude in the biz who’d I suspect of having a serious problem.

    • @ Christa: I agree with most of what you said, but if the H is pure enough, you can OD on snorting heroin.

      The muscles don’t get fucked up when you snort as opposed to shooting dope so that is why he doesn’t have that “high on the horse” junkie look.

      • It all depends on the persons tolerance. Trust me I know PLENTY of functioning addicts. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, soccer moms. Plenty! One thing functioning addicts are good at is deception. Best believe that.

      • Anonymous Maybe I misunderstood the item, but I took it to mean that he was chasing the dragon, which would be inhaling the smoke from the black tar H when lit. I actually had a doctor tell me that IF one is only inhaling those vapors it was impossible to OD. I completely agree with you that snorting H is almost as dangerous as running it, and it is completely possible to OD in that case.
        Heck, none of it is healthy, but i guess of the 3 possibilities, the 2 which do not involve a needle are what would be called risk reduction in the medical field. Plus…when you are involved with IV usage you also have to factor in the real possibility of getting HEP B, C or D(like Pam Anderson) or even worse HIV. I know that Pharrell can certainly afford all the clean needles in the world, but I also know that when one is high as a kite in a heroin haze…sometimes they make poor decisions and share a needle. I hope he decides to nip his habit, whatever it truly is, in the bud now. He has so much going for himself. I guess this proves the point that addiction doesn’t have a thing to do with material worth or success. It’s all about how you feel about yourself on the inside when you’re all alone. The need to escape is so powerful when you are not happy in your own skin…and the work that it takes to fix that situation is MASSIVE. I know.

  7. The most popular, resonant, timeless, provocative songs were created while under the influence of significant mind-altering substances.

    Don’t believe me? Ask your favorite artist.

  8. “I went to see what my friend was talking about(drugs).”
    “He told me cocaine will get you clout”…
    -‘Provider’ lyrics.

  9. Jay-Z’s “I Know” track from the American Gangster was produced by Pharrell and the Neptunes. The whole song is an extended metaphor between heroin, music and love.

    • I love that song! I just knew a heroin addict/drug had something to with it. It described heroin to a tee. I grew up in Bushwick and I saw a lot of my friends fall victim to that shit. Now you got pills wreaking havoc. And from pills you graduate to heroin. Word.

      • Cosign that Sugie. First pills…then H. It nearly always happens. And it doesn’t discriminate based on race, sex or net worth.

  10. Oh no. Nor Pharrell. That’s terrible. He always seemed to have his head on straight–never seemed to be apart of any negative publicity. I hope he gets himself together.

  11. No not my boy……don’t wanna believe it. Wait….I don’t believe it. He’s getting married but not to Kelis. And drugs……naw

  12. Devastating news. I pray it is not true. That drug was the scourged of the black community in the 70’s. Wake up my people. Please don’t go there.

  13. Heroin has killed millions of us. Very few people can beat a heroin addiction. I just don’t understand why a person would want to do smack. Pharrell keeps doing that shit, he will have big puffy lesions all over his arms. Drugs are truly the devil’s poison!

  14. Wow, it just breaks my heart to even think that P would be hooked on that shit. Lost a sister to that evil after she wrecked our family in the process. Hope this is not true. P is my favorite person out there today!

  15. I always thought it was coke that he used. But after using coke some addicts may use the heroin 4 a downer. I think they call it speedballiog
    After I saw the picture of him and his fiancee looking phucked up coming from the Met ball I knew something was up. Just couldnt put my finger on it