Pilar Sander’s 22-Year-Old Jump-Off Named


Plot To Land Deion’s Dollars Revealed!

Pilar Sanders Jumpoff Revealed

She Who Casts The First Gold-Diggin’ Stone?

HSK Exclusive – We now know the reason behind Deion Sanders’ decision to divorce his former wife of more than 12-years.

Sources tell us Pilar Biggers was far from being a model wife to the NFL great. Sure, previous reports point to a secret jump-off at the center of infidelities between the estranged couple – but those infidelities wouldn’t be actions Deion is guilty of. That’s because HSK has exclusively learned 39-year-old Pilar Biggers was cheating on Deion Sanders with a 22-year-old Dallas man!

You may remember back on September 23, 2011, Deion Sanders served Pilar with divorce documents. Sources tell us that’s after the football legend learned of Pilar’s ongoing extramarital affair with 22-year-old aspiring singer Derrick Smith aka ‘D-Jo’. Sources say Pilar – who we’re told is looking to break-out as the newest female rapper – attempted to dodge being caught cheating by claiming to manage the young music man while the pair were secretly smashing. But that’s not all!!! We’re told Pilar is also sexually connected to a well established New York City native and multi-platinum rapper!

This news comes as the 19-year-old woman previously reported to have been involved in an extramarital with Deion Sanders, during his marriage to Pilar Biggers, admits those reports were lies! Aleea Stanton has since surfaced to retract the statements she says her mother – Angela Stanton – created to generate a buzz surrounding her upcoming book. In Stanton’s own words, “The most I ever did with that man is hug“.

Let’s not forget – after Deion Sanders demanded a divorce from Pilar, sources say she initially pleaded with the NFL legend to make the marriage work. We’re told the cheating and abuse allegations against Deion only began to surface after Pilar Biggers realized Deion was adamant about his decision. Sources say this was all a scheme created against Deion to secure Pilar big bucks after their divorce. That’s exactly why insiders say Pilar took to social media and press outlets to paint a picture of being betrayed by Deion, while covering up her own dirty doings.

Here’s what an insider had to say about Pilar’s recent open letter to Deion:

“Pilar and her crack-smoking publicist Kali Bowyer are trying to deface Deion for quick bucks. She’s currently receiving $5,500 monthly, but I guess that’s not enough money because she has to pay for Erik’s studio time and her own luxury lifestyle.

How could Pilar use such lies to hurt Deion? Pilar is also claiming her and Deion have marital property – in Prosper, Texas – together. But that’s not true because her name was never on the deed. It’s Deion’s house and all he wants is to show his kids the most love a father can give.”

To be sure, Pilar’s open letter was released shortly after a Texas judge recently awarded Deion temporary custody of their two sons and slashed Deion’s child support order in half – from $10,500 a month to $5,000 a month.

HSK’s calls placed to Deion Sanders have not yet been returned…


      • Nor do we need rappers over 40 still walking around with pants sagging or one pants leg up.

        Talking to you,Jay and LL.

          • hip hop done took too much beatings lately who wanna hear pilar rap?

            bad enough these wiggers done destroyed hip hop with their fake non ghetto ass rhymes pretending their black.

            but hey that’s the story black man makes the music the world hatyes it until whitey gets enough nerve to cover the music and get rich and then eveeryone else recognise it as an artform.

          • Rap not dead. Just need to start “diggin in tha crates”… just peeped Ghostface’s album Ironman the other day… its still bumping in my Benz

          • busta needs to quit while we have decent memories of his best years in the 90’s.

            it’s called young money for a reason but hey baby’s past 40.

  1. Why do our woman do us so bad?
    Especially when we got money. I wonder, do the black athletics and the other blacks who only date outside their race cheat on their wives before or after they realize she’s only with you for what you can provide. Excluding love. Smh
    And why do other races treat black man so good rather if you’re rich or not?

      • Can you please explain to me why you say that?
        When we as black men do fine us a black woman to marry, wonder why we cheat. Do we do it before we realize she not gonna change her ways no matter how good I am to her? Or do we do it after, or do we do it just because ? Pilar is black if you ask me.. No matter what she’s mixed, and this one of many stories where the black man is gonna be on the losing end financially . I just want to know before I marry my African Queen. African American Queen that is. Y’all are some good creatures underneath it all. The best on this earth. But when y’all no longer want to behave, and act accordingly as wives or just spouses should, y’all are the most vicious,craziest, heart breaking sons of bitches on this earth. I need a woman to help me with this topic.

        • You sound vey ridiculous cause the way a woman act doesn’t have nothing to do with her race its about how she is as a person so don’t say things that don’t make sense. So is it true all black man are dogs? Nooo that’s just another ignorant ass comment ..

          • Well let me tell u race has a lot to do with how ppl go about there everyday lives weather u agree or not!

        • Sorry hombre, can’t agree with you on this one. Has nothing to do with race. Some people are just a-holes, and that is what is comes down to. So if she was white it would make difference? Not hardly. But then again if I remeber correctly Mr. Sanders was not the best husband. Behave? That is a bad word for an equal partnership. Now, if you just someone to come to your every call, then that is different, but if you want an equal partner. Behave is a term you use for a dog. Not a partner.

          I will hip you to some game from the south, not that you already don’t know, but back in slavery days, the males had to be protected. It wasn’t out of hatred but out of love, to let the children survive, because in that time in history if the owners thought you were too smart, or gaining to much influence, black men were killed. Not punished not just whipped. In fact a lynching was just not hanging, they would cut the mans genitals, burn him and hang him, at picnicks no less and pass out the burnt flesh as memorabila. So I feel your anger is very misplaced. Back then the women, had to protect and you would expect no less from any mother. With that being said. Instead of getting mad at women, get mad at the source. Just friendly advice if the shoe fits, then wear it, if not, don’t worry about it. Eat the meat spit out the bone, but everyone has a great deal of POS in them. Can’t judge.

          • Just a thought????? If the women was the cheater got booked kicked to the side …….y ant no black women stand up for the man that was doing good by he’s duties at home!…I’ve yet to c or ever hear when blk woman stand up and say I feel for him…. All u women do is point fingers point blank end of the day…. If a man says ur he’s women he lives by it… And even when he’s fed up he will never leave u out to dry (if he loved ur ass) bottom line is u women need to own the bullshit u do we men r dogs o.k that’s been known from a very ass long time ago….but do u ever think a women can b a part of the reason us men r the way we r.

        • @Black man-Ok so where to begin with this one? Well let’s begin with you . What are you doing to make the relationship work? Are you “behaving”and acting accordingly? Normally i tend to be a bit biased towards the men in these situations seeing as i was raised by my father. Women, in my opinion, tend to be a bit too hostile towards men like yourself and keepitreal especially when they are honestly looking for answers from women. So you want to know why some(not all) women cheat? Well here is my opinion-they cheat for two reasons. Reason one-they are unhappy. They have a man who is no longer interested but is not man enough to say so or he is simply a cheating low life dog and since they have children with him they feel trapped and stay for the kids cuz they don’t want to be the bad guy in the situation by leaving. They may be in a situation where the man is the breadwinner and they feel if they leave they will have nothing and have to start all over again. Or maybe they still love him which is common with us. Sometimes women(and men) cling to the fantasy or hope that a relationship that is dead will come back to life. That this person who used to think you were the whole world will do so again. It is sad, desperate and pathetic but it does happen. And men as well as women have done it. As a matter of fact you sound like you’ve been there and done that. Other than unrequited love there is no love more painful than one sided love. Reason two-because she can. Ahhh bitches and hoes you men know you love trollops, tramps, slutbuckets and wenches! Why? Because you don’t have to work as hard for them as you do for regular women BUT here is the gotcha in dealing with them-they don’t love you. See you’re just a dick to them and when you’re a slut that’s easy to find. You men believe that you can make a hoe a housewife and that she’ll “act right”once you put that gold plated dick of yours in her but the dirty little secret is you can’t please her. She’s had so much dick she gets bored with the same one after a while. Why do you think she became a whore in the first place? Cuz she loves dick!!!! Not just yours-ALL DICK!! But you captain save a hoe thought she was gonna be different with you didn’t you? Fool hahaha!!! See a no good man can’t be changed by a good woman’s love and a hoe can’t be changed by some good dick. That only happens in the movies. So what can you do? Well you can work on YOU. Make yourself the best man you can be. Get educated, get a good job, tend to your family and above all don’t go looking for a woman to complete you. If you are a complete man who is happy within himself and is just as content alone as you are in a relationship. Chances are you will attract a woman who wants a man with those qualities. That is not guaranteed but it’s a start. And treat a woman the way you would want to be treated. Don’t cheat, lie or do things that would hurt you to her. Know that you attract what you are so if you are tired of what you have been getting in relationships be man enough to ask yourself is it me? And be man enough to accept the answer-good or bad and if it is bad change it. One last thing-no good women come in all colors, black women don’t have a corner on the market in that department so don’t think going out and getting an asian, latino or white woman is the answer cuz you might get one who treats you worse than we do. Hope that helped you some, black man.

          • My experiences have taught me that many women are unhappy in general. And as a result they look to others to replace that hapiness. That is problematic because underneath it all no one is responsible for your happiness but you. More importantly many women have no idea what they want. Complaining constantly is the best evidence of that. You can give a woman everything she asks for and she will want more. And at the end of the day they still will cheat with guys like me because they dont want a man who they can control. That’s boring. They want a man who is his own man and will tell them to stay in their lane when it is appropriate. I have dated women of all races and when it aint right I drop their ass like a bad habit. Relationships aint all that important to me so I have the ability to be objective. Humans can only take so much hurt and then they become damaged (goods). Seek out those who are not. Relationships with damaged people is pure hell. Thats all I got.

            • @keepitreal-true your happiness is in your own hands and there in lies the problem. Many women(and men) keep looking to a partner or mate to make them happy which is why i told black man learn to be happy alone then you can deal with someone else. I disagree that most women are unhappy. I believe that they are dealing with the pressures of daily life and job related issues. The women of the new millenium are dealing with things women back in the day didn’t have to so it is new territory for us and for many the whole i can have it all thing is a bit overwhelming. I agree that many women don’t know what they want and cuz of that they seem to be all over the place and confused. I think that is a by product of having more choices than ever before like i said a minute ago. But i will say it seems that lately there is an influx of angry women out there. I’ve never seen so many sistahs who seem to just hate black men. Yes you bruthas can be irritating, bull headed and nerve wracking to the bone but so can we. We live in era that tells women that all of the problems of the world are the fault of men and that women are blameless. So it makes sense that when men ask questions like why do you act this way and why are you so mean they get stock answers like men are dogs and all that. You know yourself from the skirmishes you have had on this website that angry black woman syndrome is spreading and make no mistake it is not an an accident. Someone on here said that interracial dating is about business and they were partially right. The other part goes hand in hand with the angry woman thing. It is a plan to divide black men and women. Think about it-if you make black men and women hate each other and you throw in interracial dating you dilute the gene pool and over time what do you get? Extinction. Black folks will end up going the way of the dodo bird if we don’t wake up and start seeing the bigger picture. Now don’t get me wrong i am no conspiracy theorist but i can’t be the only one who sees that white people have become the minority in this country and for racist whites that has to be a HUGE source of discomfort. Imagine the horror of thinking pretty soon the inmates may be running the asylum and there is already a black man in the white house. So you figure that one out. As for the cheating thing well you should be ashamed of yourself on that point.”At the end of the day women will still cheat with guys like me.” If you were a woman you know what that would make you right? Like george carlin said let’s not have a double standard one will do nicely. You are letting these women turn you into a dildo with feet. My man is getting on my nerves so i’ll go to keepitreal and he will break me off! What you should do is tell these women go home, put on your big girl skirt and talk to your man and if you can’t come to some sort of resolution leave. Not for the night-for good. If the best we as women can do is imitate the worst behavior of men(i’ll go fuck someone else) then we deserve what we get. And it shouldn’t be men like you who allow themselves to become a human sex toy. Let those hoes end up alone the same way the men who act the same need to end up. The reward for being childish and whorelike shouldn’t be an orgasm it should be loneliness. My sister tisme says i should just let ya’ll black men go but to me that’s too easy. When she posts i can practically feel her pain and as a black woman it would be easy to give in and have that attitude. But i am an optimist and i keep hoping that someway somehow us black men/women will be able to work out our problems. If not i think we may be in for a rougher time than even we know but dialogue like this is a start and if we don’t allow anger and name calling to get in the way maybe we can reach a happy medium. I have dated white, arab and an asian man and while it was fun nothing compares to black men cuz you know my struggle. You know what i go through on a daily basis. Idk if you saw the movie something new but in it simon baker and sanaa lathan play an interracial couple and at one point he asks her if they can have a conversation that doesn’t involve race. She says something to the effect of being black doesn’t stop for me i am a black woman everyday all day. I feel the same. Being black is a 24hr a day job and there is no hazard pay and no days off. Who would understand that better than you? So me let you black men go? NEVER!!! They will have to pry ya’ll from my cold dead hands. That is all.

            • Sorry i don’t have one but i am a regular here so you can find me giving my opinions here if the topic moves me. But thank you for the compliment. Glad to know people here appreciate my views. Fortunately there are many intelligent folks that post here on a regular basis which is why i keep coming back. Hope you do the same.*smile*

        • Men across the board cheat the same reason women do: BECAUSE THEY CAN!!!

          Don’t believe me,ask Olympic runner/hoe Suzy Hamilton.

          • Sweeping generalizations like all and every are inappropriate. I was a serial not because I could. That response is very elementary. There is always something deeper with people of depth. I cheated because I did not value monogomy and I love women. I love various things about various women and have the capacity to love more than one at a time. It allowed me not to hold their shortcomings against them by adding another woman who had that as a strength. In some weird way I was building the perfect woman with five or six imperfect ones. Physical stimulation is easy. Mental is much more difficult to find. Too many women only focus on being cute. Being a well rounded cat I needed more. The only problem was I was married at the time.

            • You cheated because you are insecure and know that you have no character. Your name tells it all keepinitreal,not keepin it real.

              You create grand illusions about yourself and remain a petty little manchild lost in his own poorly structured sophistry.

              In other words, you are the type who can only get with a woman who is not sure of herself and doesn’t know herself.

              In other words, you the type of nigga that any intelligent, secure and confident woman would meet at a party and after 10 minutes would pick up their drink and leave you in mid-sentence of your bullshit.

              It sounds like you are divorced. Good, your wife got away from you and your mommy issues.

            • Always foudn it ironic when people frame promiscuity as’love’. So many men who are really just emotionally retarded or immature, run through women like a sprinter on an oil rig with his drawers on fire. I had a hell of a time getting one ex flame, who has been married at least a decade now, to leave me the hell alone. He, too, I’m sure thought: “I jus’ looooove me some women!” No, he jusst loooooved him feeling all smothered by a female: her attention, her focus, her goodwill, her essence. In my view? He was/is little more than an (extremely insecure) little boy trapped within a grown man’s skin. His poor wife.

        • You’re right. Sistas are falsely lead to be detrimental to their counterparts and sadly they fall for it in large numbers. The insecurities they are fed coupled with enabling is a sad reality. The shame is that makes it tough for sistas with sense. It’s only an ignorant generalization when it can’t be proven.

    • You seem to forget:

      Lorena Bobbitt cut her man’s wee wee off;

      Nicole Brown Simpson cheated with OJ’s BEST FRIEND;

      CoCo was recently caught up with another man;

      J-Ho left Pitty as soon as he got in trouble;

      Mama Kardashian had an affair;

      Kim Kardashian…we ain’t got enought room for that.

      So as you can see, RACE has nothing to do with character.

      Stop generalizing about black women.

      We are the only women on earth that are maligned by our OWN MEN despite being some of the most beautiful, LOYAL, individuals on earth.

      Respect your black queen and when you learn how to lead…we will follow.

        • And why must we ALWAYS be labeled hoes and gold diggers??? It takes ‘two to tango’. Pilar is no saint, but neither is her husband.

      • jessica simpson’s dumb azz cheated on nick lechay with one of those jackass boys talk about a downgrade.

        angelina jolie was sleeping with brad pitt while he was married to jennifer anniston.

        madonna openly cheated on guy ritchie with a rod.

        white women can cheat too and are just as money hungry.

        donald trump been married 3 times so was the late johnny carson.

        heather mills tried to take paul mccartney to the cleaners.

        terrance howard’s lame azz crying about how his whitegirl callewd him all type of niggers and threatened to get the russian mafia on him.

      • To add to the list:

        RG3’s fiance has a sex tape circulating and he’s still going to marry her.

        Evelyn Lozada only used Ochocinco for fame.

        Kobe’s wife Vanessa made it a point to stay married to Kobe for 10 years (look up CA 10 year marriage laws) even though there is no prenup.

          • Hank Bassett was prolly taught that he should get a white woman to erase those black genes at any cost.

            He is the poster child for the white man’s leftovers for dumb self-hating black men (or interracial men)

      • My screen name is keep it real. When i came here there was a poster called keepin it real so there was confusion. I added length to distinguish the two since you know every fuckin thing. I am so far from insecure sweetie. The average income of the women i date is low to mid six figures. So please go back to your Zhane novels and reality shows.

        • @keepinitnotreal:
          Negro please, the only women you can pull are welfare to work types who think you might be a catch and then realize you ain’t nothin’ but a petty negro with mommy issues who is still holdin’ a grudge against his 5th grade teacher. You can’t keep a woman, I doubt you can pull any for more than 10 min.

          You just a shit talkin’ negro on the corner. And you wish you could come up on a reality show, but you too small and provincial for that.

      • We are the only women on earth that are maligned by our OWN MEN despite being some of the most beautiful, LOYAL, individuals on earth.
        That’s a lie.White men malign white women all the time .That’s why these white girls think they’re to fat,too skinny,getting implants,botox,etc

        • When’s the last time you saw white men label their women:

          angry “white” females
          chicken heads
          jump offs


          Hell, that’s the first 15 seconds of the average rap record for us.

          Yes, white girls have body issues but society in general (and some misguided black men in particular) thinks they are the SHIT.

          If you don’t believe that….check out the beauty magazine covers at your local book store.

          • saw white men disrespect their women too.

            yeah hip hop cabe harsh but let’s not blame the rappers when you have white guys disrespect women.

            hugh hefner has his girls walking around in bunny suitas and posing nude in his mags and yes the most famous female celebs posed nude in his maghs but thats’ not degrading is it.

            • Naw. I’m sorry, but I DO blame the rappers. The shi@t-talkin’, community destroying, female-bashing, tricks!

            • howard stern don’t disrespect womem calling them bitches while they give him head.

              elvis never degraded women by treating priscilla like a ho by beating her and throwing vases at her saying he’s gonna kill her black side piece.

              white guys have white girls shake their pale asses in rock videos how many times we saw madonna naked, we saw britney act like a ho numerous times we saw paris, and lindsay in crotch shots.

              eminem dissed his wife, mom and black women but he’s still one of the best rappers ever.

              limp bizkit made that song the nookie where he talks about giving some girl anal sex.

              anna nicole was one of the biggest golddiggers ever.

              we know how pamela anderson caught hep c.

              who says white men don’t degrade wopmen ask that white guy who made a fortune off girls gone wild.

          • “Rappers” do not represent the black male population. Most of them never even finished third grade. Please give the intelligent educated black man more credit than that.

      • No real black man wants a white women so plz stop the b.s….black women push men away with there me myself and my way or the highway attitude!

    • I cannot believe this nigro is for real.you need to stop lying on black women.white women cheat on wealthy black men and take their money too.Not to mention black men have problems with ALL races of women period.Highest divorce rates with women in and outside of their race.Not to mention Pilar’s mother is NON black/white so maybe she learned her gold digging ways from her.

      • But the statistics show black women are the majority in thus case.
        I know all women do pretty much the same, but our women do it more.
        One case recently in Tennessee, it was 3 black men, who fathered 76 children, with 46 women. I don’t have to type what race this is..BLACK
        now yeah, the men are foul, but how is it that they manège to impregnate 46 BLACK women ? Neither ever married these women. WE MUST DO BETTER!

        • Our women should teach our girls that they don’t need a fucking perm or any weave in their heads. OUR HAIR ISN’T MADE TO BE SILKY LIKE WHITE PEOPLE’S! They should also show BY EXPLEM how to fix their hair naturally and be proud of the out come. Colors that a black person typically don’t have as an eye color shouldn’t be bought as contacts.

          Doing these simple things to remind and teach our black women that they are beautiful just they way they are. We as black men may not get that craving for what you as my black women are portraying to be. Making my craving for your naturalility grow even more than what it was from the start. You have to love yourself before anyone else can.
          A man is NOTHING with out a woman . Especially a BLACK MAN.
          And KNOW ONE know’s how to treat a BLACK MAN better than a BLACK WOMAN! We need to get better.

          • You should get out more. I see black people with silky hair all day every day. Expand your horizons and experiences. Maybe take a trip ot two out of the hood.

            • I was speaking of most black women. The ones in rhe “hood” and out.
              Most black women do have perms and weaves verse the natural look.

        • Hey Black Man,

          How about those WHITE mofos in Utah who have dozens of children with multiple so called “wives” and “sister wives” (just another word for outside hoes) — not to mention the intermarrying that goes on.

          Also, dear, wigs and weaves were created for WHITE women, who were them to this day.

          You seem to have a LOT of issues about your race and it would behoove you to get out more and expand your horizons.

      • Thank you. Have you EVER seen or heard of a white woman turning down ALIMONY???

        They generally take these young, stupid ass rich black men (i.e. athletes, entertainers, etc.) to the B-A-N-K!!!

        That’s why the white man ain’t scared to give ’em a big contract — cause he knows the nigger’s gonna end up giving it right back to them.

      • Lol, it could be. It says the darnest things sometimes. Always had a hard time creating a visual of this person because something is surly lacking.

    • there is no such thing as love…dont beleive me…than go fall in love…and ruin your life.

    • bla cksn sounds like he was raosed in a household were his momms cheated on his father & neglected her “duties” as a mother/wife

      • Lol..
        Not even, I just can’t find a women as good as mother was to my father.
        She also didn’t wear weave. Let’s not get childish like that last post and start talking about folks mother’s .
        LMAO! has did enough of that to Anonymous . I’m only seeking answers, and received some knoledge from @vermithrax.
        Thank you and the other ass holes for NOTHING!

    • Fool, mama got some advise for you about Black Women. Read up. I’m told the author is unknown.


      I’m making a black woman cake cause I’m hungry as hell. And the sweet tooth I have, only a sista can break the spell.

      Let me reach into my spice rack to see what I can get. To make a mix that will stick to my
      stomach you can bet.

      2 cups of intelligence,
      1 cup of sugar brown.
      Cause she’s got to be sweet,
      mental, deep and sound.

      Cinnamon is always good
      to accent the taste.
      A few cups of culture
      so she’s down for her race.

      You see I won’t bite into anything
      That’s not conscious of its own.
      That’s why I stick to chocolate.
      And leave angel food alone.

      I am adding butter
      cause she must be smooth.
      2 raisins for the dimples
      will also be cool.

      I must add eggs
      so she can reproduce.
      Can’t leave her hanging
      cause I like children too!!

      I think I’ll add a little salt
      to balance her out.
      And a dominant profile
      to show she has clout.

      For a responsible woman
      I’ll throw in some yeast
      So she’ll swell with juices
      when I’m ready to feast.

      I’ll add 7 cups of courage and into the oven to bake. Turn it to 360 degrees to balance out her mental state.

      Now that it’s done brothas
      I won’t share her wealth
      But I’m sharing the recipe
      As I’m consuming this black woman
      all by myself.

  2. Man its so ovious what she is doing.I hope she don’t get a dime!I hope she have to pay him money!Tiered of these golddigging ass females getting all this money and fame for doing shit but hoeing then walk around like they the shit!It really urks the hell out of me that these clown ass dudes allow it!Yeah but Deion a old school playa,he been in the money and female game alongggme!

  3. Good for her. lol. its not like men havent been doing it for centuries. i have a younger man too. i love it 🙂

  4. I also wonder, why is it that the white and other woman thats not black, but is with a black athletes or other famous blacks, usually make the man marry them before kids. And most black women don’t mind the baby daddy title. It is because theirs more black Jump offs in the clubs, and they’re willing to settle for what’s giving? Or do we feel as black men that if we can get someone who’s outside of our race we accomplished something?


        • I’m not a follower of his, but I did see a few of his videos about black women that are interesting . He seems as if he has giving up on the same type/color of woman who raised him and who he claims to have an child with. Which is a black woman. I obviously haven’t.
          I love y’all black asses! I’m just asking for a little “act right” when we’re up or down.

        • And I’m not ghetto because I want better out of my queens.
          No perms
          no blondes
          no weaves Is cool with me.

          • You have called yourself GodProtection on others boards, now you show up here as a black man still spewing your hate of black women.

            • Black Man has called himself SMH on other boards as well. He LOVES trolling black women websites. I see BOTH names on other boards. Black Man, you are fooling NO ONE!

            • Wow…lol
              Some of you ppl.
              If you have noticed that I’m changing names on this web site and others, you have to much time on your hands and your not using it wisely .

          • @Anonymous

            Can you ask your moms, what do she want on her 2 cheese burgers ?
            She said I can pay her with those instead of some loose change on the “next one”. Bu she’s not picking up the phone.

      (Author Unknown)

      I’m making a black woman cake cause I’m hungry as hell. And the sweet tooth I have, only a sista can break the spell.

      Let me reach into my spice rack to see what I can get. To make a mix that will stick to my
      stomach you can bet.

      2 cups of intelligence,
      1 cup of sugar brown.
      Cause she’s got to be sweet,
      mental, deep and sound.

      Cinnamon is always good
      to accent the taste.
      A few cups of culture
      so she’s down for her race.

      You see I won’t bite into anything
      That’s not conscious of its own.
      That’s why I stick to chocolate.
      And leave angel food alone.

      I am adding butter
      cause she must be smooth.
      2 raisins for the dimples
      will also be cool.

      I must add eggs
      so she can reproduce.
      Can’t leave her hanging
      cause I like children too!!

      I think I’ll add a little salt
      to balance her out.
      And a dominant profile
      to show she has clout.

      For a responsible woman
      I’ll throw in some yeast
      So she’ll swell with juices
      when I’m ready to feast.

      I’ll add 7 cups of courage and into the oven to bake. Turn it to 360 degrees to balance out her mental state.

      Now that it’s done brothas
      I won’t share her wealth
      But I’m sharing the recipe
      As I’m consuming this black woman
      all by myself.

  5. This whole article smells like bs. But the guy in the picture does look like he could be the guy in the pic that everyone thinks is trey songz kissing another guy.

  6. Never liked ghetto dion sanders he always acts so nigggerish. An embarrassment to the black race. She had to have some motivation to marry him whoever else wants to deal with his ghetto antics in public? dion acts like a run away slave and slavery has been over.

    • You seem so hater-ish .
      What he did was classic. He put on a show because he was a athletic entertainer. He showed up on the field when its game time and he showed up when those camers came to HOUND him after the game for his ANTICS. Is it surprising that he stills has a career to this day? And other good sports players don’t? Call it what you want, I call it getting paid.
      A reason not to like him, is he’s horrible when it comes to how he treat his fans OFF THE CAMERA. He don’t sign shit! He may not even look your way if you want to speak to him. No ones is more important that the ppl who route for you when you’re not anything. It’s only right to do what you can to return that . Speaking signing Auto’s here and their won’t hurt…

  7. You make “Black Men ” sound like angels I aways say … No matter what race ..it’s people who don’t want to be faithful ..not just black women. I believe black men makes lots of mistakes with black women (treat them wrong).. then learn from them … Marry outside their race then treat them right … That makes them feel every race is better than a black woman … For getting his wrong doing … I know alot of white men who cheats on their wives …. What are you talking about? And Coco & Kristen (from Twilight) cheats on their men stop sounding like you don’t know what’s up .. Black women are not poison .. I can agree with you about the having babies before getting married that’s what I need help to understand… I even had children before marriage and I don’t want the same for my daughter.. I thank that’s why I like Beyonce outside of her music and I think that’s why I think alot of people hate on her

    • I wonder…
      Why are their more black fathers on child support than any other race?
      And please ppl, no stereotypes. Every black father doesn’t walk out on THIER young, some of 80’s generation and some of the 90’s are guilty of that shit. But black father have gotten better about being in their YOUNGIN’s life. I honestly fell our woman are all about their cash. She’ll get it with if she’s feeling you but if she ain’t.. You’re gone! Not giving a dam how it will effect the youngster. Why the Black girl friend or wife don’t suggest concealing ? The man has to keep the “IM THE MAN” look, so his dumb ass most like won’t suggest it, or be ok with it when/if she does.. n not all of our black ppl are like this, but it’s FAR to many.man and woman
      We really need to get better as a race. Our kids are showing the complete images of what we are showing them. And it’s tremendously UGLY!

      • Go to hell.You and every black male vent follower out there.Along with the hating ass Sotomayors of the world.I WISH all of you on non black women.May you have each other and everything that comes with having each other forever more.

      • I love to conceal. I am just getting in to contouring too. I guess some black women just let themselves go huh?

    • Black men (not all) do not treat ther races right, i.e., Tiki Barber, OJ Simpson, Chad Ochocinco, Amiri Baraka, Andruw Jones

      No, life doesn’t turn into paradise when they marry other than black.

    • but black men are having bi-racial children OUTSIDE of marriage every day in very large numbers.they are also abandoning those children and leaving them to be raised by single mothers.Black men highest non married rates.Black men highest divorce rates with black women.Black men highest divorce rates with non black women.Common denominator black MEN.

      Also it is not black women’s fault that black men don’t marry.Black women need to stop blaming themselves for this.Black have issues and like to sleep around.The only thing black women need to do is don’t get pregnant,have sex with,date,or marry black men.

      Keep in mind that since black men have low marriage rates,high divorce rates,and high rates of abandoning their interracial families black men are on youtube now claiming that there is something wrong with NON black women.

      You will soon see more and more non black women being hated on by black men as black men continue to date out in massive numbers.Black men will continue to ruin the lives of many non black women and black men will never accept responsibility for their actions.

    • I do believe that she is entitled to something. She was the one who stayed at home and took care of the kids while he was out plying his trade. Many women give up the opportunity of a career to look after the kids so that the man can have his career. Being a housewife is not as easy and carefree as some would thing; it is demanding and tough and tiring etc. Just because you don’t have to get dressed up and punch a time clock doesn’t negate the fact that it is still hard work. She should not get half, fair enough but if she is entitled to half due to nobody signing a pre nup then that is what she is entitled to. However if a pre nup is present then at least give her her dues, she deserves to be recognised for what she has put into the marriage even though financially she has made no contribution.

      • So she could have been a 35 year old rapper? Deoin needs his ass whooped for picking a bitch with no greater aspirations than Chief Keef. Jackass.

        • Who knows what she could have amounted to? The fact that she had his kids and ruined her body no doubt meant that being a top model became something that she gave up on because of him. Rather than being a hard working mum she could have taken the world by storm in any number of ways: she is attractive, has a great shape. She looks like she could have had a lot of opportunities to make it on her own but as I said she gave it up so that he could live his dream. I don’t personally feel that the world needs another rapper (regardless of age)- unless she happens to be damn good -which I don’t really feel Pilar would be – but I shall hope that she manages to get along just fine without him.

  8. Money changes people…
    It is the root of all evil and the primary reason most marriages fail.

    It’s not just the Sanders’, it is in every marriage that has ever been born out of greed and a desire to move up in status, be it political, or business, or even entertainment.
    Once someone has tasted luxury, they will want it more and more and more. It’s human nature.
    What separates us from others is our knowledge of what it means and feels to be broke. Slavery taught us this, we can handle poverty, which is why we don’t kill ourselves when we ain’t got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.

    Pilar fucked up… She bit the hand that fed her.

    Is Deion innocent in all of this? Most likely not, but so far the only thing that we can see him guilty of from the outside looking in, is that he didn’t spend enough time at home feeding the ego of a woman who clearly loves the limelight.

    Either that or he has better spin doctors and publicists on his payroll to tell him to shut the fuck up and keep letting her make a fool out of herself.

    She’s doing a fantastic job of that, by the way.

    • Another clueless black man. Having children is the limelight and it is dion’s ghetto ass loving the spotlight that probably ended his own marriage. Without her he wouldn’t have decent looking kids they would look like his little ghetto ass. Probably is the reason they don’t act like his ghetto runaway slave acting, lawn jockey ass too. Just a singing and feet shuffling everytime some white boy puts a spotlight on him. For what she gave him–a family and a future to look forward to after the game is over to enjoy with his offspring. All he did was donate sperm. She had to carry the children for nine months. He should want to make sure she is comfortable in life moving forward.

      Black men are selfish and that is the reason for the demise of the black race 88% not paying child support. There are niggas out there with 8 or nine kids by 6 or 7 different baby mommas and you dumb negroes are now in the strip club looking for women to marry.

      • Clearly you have some serious “daddy issues”.
        I’m raising my own, so i can’t you with your issues, but I do hope you find clarity…

        Or a shrink.

    • Money doesn’t change you. It just allows who you REALLY are to shine. A generous person can be more generous with money and an asshole can be a bigger asshole with money. Don’t nuthin change but the address and the trinkets.

  9. Ummm yeah like he was an angel he probably was cheating too. Its just no one caught him and really who the hell can judge someones relationship only they two know what kind of problems they were having .. So I will mind my own bussiness!

  10. only physical slavery. Black people have been suffering from mental slavery ever since the chains came off, and most of our people actually enjoy being a mental slave.

  11. ..ya’ll coming hard tonight…but this Pilar is making herself look bad, to her kids..cause in the long run the only one you should be trying to make happy is your kids…that’s why God put us here.

  12. To all y’all black women complaining about the black man chasing sluts all the time, walking out on their family, not paying child support, physically/verbally abusing you etc., ….why won’t you ever date outside your own race more often? Surely you won’t have AS MUCH of a problem right? You don’t hear about those problems IN EXCESS with the other races compared to the black man. However, you refuse to fuck with other ethnic groups FOR THE MOST PART, and complain about the black man. All I’m saying is you can do something like this to help your ownself out. Stop spreading your legs, stop chasing money, stop having children before marriage, and curbing that nasty stereotypical attitude would help too.

    • Black women are dating outside of their race more than you know, especially in the southwest. Black women might not care for White men, but they love Latino men!! Ask my husband, he will let you know.

    • @ATL bully-good point but they won’t do that cuz when that white, latino or asian man leaves them they will be forced to confront the truth. And that is -it’s not the man it’s me. See it’s always easier to blame someone elss than to have to admit your own shortcomings. Black men are not the devil incarnate and black women are not angels by any stretch of the imagination. These same women who are quick to point out the wrongs of men won’t take responsibility for their own actions. It’s a lot harder to admit that your nasty attitude, quick temper and foul disposition drove a man away. So they take the easy route and say black men are dogs, are no good and hate black women. Some are like that but a lot aren’t and if you ask the ones that aren’t you will get an earful. Black men want to feel wanted and loved just like us sistahs but it seems these days like a lot of black women are incapable of that and cuz of that the black race as a whole is losing. Our relationship with our men used to be rock solid now it is almost nonexistent and both black men and women are responsible for that. But to hear black women tell it it is all the men’s fault. Instead of going elsewhere we need to start communicating with each other. NOT YELLING , NAME CALLING OR INSULTING EACH OTHER but trying to repair this damaged relationship. Cuz we need each other and without each other the black race is doomed. Sites like this one are a good start which is why i like hsk cuz it gives us a chance to speak our minds.

        • @anonymous18:24-THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I thought i was all alone in my thinking. It is nice to see another sistah tell these black women out here to take responsibility for their choices. When said,”I don’t entertain foolishness”i jumped out of my chair! I don’t know who this woman is but her statements were completely on point. Everything she said was TRUTH. And i loved how she broke down tyler perry cuz i truly thought only me and my guy friends were catching that mess he sells to women. This vid made my day!!! More sistahs need to watch it but then again they probably wouldn’t like it because it is too real and it doesn’t push that terri mcmillan/oprah nonsense of it’s not you it’s them. Personal accountability has been a subject that is not up for discussion and it is nice to know i am not the only one demanding it. It’s time for black women to put on their big girl panties and stop blaming men for the rift in the relationship between black men and women. Men have their faults and shortcomings but so do we and it’s been past time to acknowledge that. My black sistahs we must do better!!!!! And it definately was nice to see a woman besides myself defending our men. I will be sending this vid to all my guy friends and to all of my girlfriends! Excellent post!!!!!!

        • So if you think that,
          Why do you clam BLACK MAN! is really a white boy for his views? He sounds like a confessed black guy if you ask me. From this post and the others he’s spoke on. And you (Anonymous) seems like you are seeking some type of attention that you aren’t getting else where. You and the manny ppl/names being used on here.

          • Sorry dear. Not the same Anonymous. I’ve only made two posts here and neither of them had anything to do with Black Man. Please be mindful that there may be a lot of different anonymous’ posting.

            • And all y’all moms is outside at the Laundry Met across 110th street giving oral pleasur for loose change.

    • They would fuck with men of other races if they could, the men of other races aren’t stupid enough to fuck with them. Ever notice how you’ve rarely if ever seen a black woman cuss out a whiteboy, but you’ve witnessed black women cuss out a niggaz for saying “hi” on numerous occasions? Luckily all of our women aren’t brainwashed to destroy the black community, but most of them are.

      • go to hell.White men have always liked black women and still do.It’s white women who should be afraid of black men especially with the high rates of MURDER black men commit against their black and non black spouses.The demon is you all.

    • “stop chasing money” you sound ridiculous most women who will have children care that the father can provide.I do agree that no woman of ANY race should sex,date,marry or have kids with an nigro like Deion and many other black men.

      • You sound dumb as a box of rocks. Black women chase money without having ANY kids and will even get knocked up on purpose when they meet a nigga with money cause they feel like that’s their ticket out of a bad situation. Where do you think the terms goldigger and sugar daddy come from? You act like you were born yesterday or sumthn.



    SHE’S GONNA MAKE A SONG ABOUT HER SHAKING Azz at a club, or I’m a sugar mama my man’s 22 and I’m balling I’m making them dollars what.

    she’s better off writing a tell all or going on the reality tv circuit I can see her doing that rather than rap.

    • @crazychris-what can a 39yr old woman rap about? Lots of things like stretch marks, car pooling, mini vans,oil of olay, paying bills, menopause…hell she has far more to talk about than some 20yr old. Now whether people would want to hear it is a whole different question altogether. Now would i buy her album? Probably not but hey to each his own. Lol.

    • @crazychris-and one other thing if no talents like chief keef, nicki minaj and the whole young money crew haven’t destroyed hip hop pilar damn sure won’t!!! Besides there are plenty of 39yr old female rappers out there!*long pause* Well i can’t think of any right now but i know they’re out there so ease back!*slams down mic and jumps into dodge caravan blasting rapper’s delight*

      • the no money crew cept baby and weezy is what passes as hip hop.

        do you think pilar can find a audience in the hip hop world?

        I can see her doimng the reality show buzz she might be on hollywood exes next year.

        • @crazychris-do i think pilar can find an audience? Well nicki minaj did. And porn star pinky has mixtapes out that are doing ok so it is possible. A lot will depend on, well i was gonna say if she has talent but that isn’t a prerequisite any more is it? Most of the females out here today are better at sexual gamesmanship than rapping. That being the case pilar might be successful if she is willing to suck/fuck the right people.

          • we know how pinky came out in the hip hop game sionce porn and hip hop go hand in hanmd plus she has her own propduction company.

            nicki’s young and when she first startted the hip hop game needed someone fresh to come in when she came in.

            the industry prefers young talent pinky was already famous doing porn so her making rap songs about her lifestyle ain’t nothing new.

            still pilar would be a one hit wonder she has no credibility cept being married to deion.

            will eddie murphy’s exes make a rap album?

            • @crazychris-eddie has only been married once(as far as i know) so which exes are you talking about? Nicole could make the first tranny rap album. Johnny gill already has a career as a singer but he could do like bobby brown and be a rapper/singer if he can take time off from giving eddie the linda lovelace treatment. There is that tranny prostitute he tried to pick up but he/she already has a promising career in back alley ankle grabbing so… There are always career opportunities available in the rap industry for those who are not afraid of getting their hands(and knees) dirty and have no issue with working hard(on their back). Just sayin

            • tracie edmonds and some of eddie’s ex girlfroiends like mel b, halle berry, halle berry, jasmine guy, and lela rochon.

              oh yeah eddie has another baby mama.

  14. Wow. Good discussion so far. Let me add the flaw in the discussion: most enterts and athletes come from dirt poor broken homes. Grant Hill is the best example of what two parent middle class upbringing produces. Project niggers who get a million dollar contract are still project niggers. No offense but thats the truth Ruth.

  15. Marries Deion Sanders
    Wants to begin rap career at 39
    Dates a 22 year old boy
    You cant give me a cow with judgment that poor. She is a shining example of why men with money go to other races. Shes not bad looking and had access to resources most sisters dream of and you choose papping over a Harvard MBA. Good luck with Carlton Banks mama.

    • “She is a shining example of why men with money go to other races”

      except you forgot to say that when they (I assume you mean black men) do go to other races,it is the biggest ho latina, asian, white that their own race doesn’t want.

      And a nigga that picks that usually deserves that.

      • Would you please take your ignorant ass completely off of this we site?
        I’m sure you’re holding up someone who’s truly intelligent from being able to get their point across.

    • but Pilar is the other race that black Deion went to.She’s BIRACIAL not black.She’s what most of you coons consider to be exotic,. Her mother is not black.Had Pilar actually been black Deion wouldn’t have been with her.

      Black men have highest divorce rates of ALL men to ALL races of women.Lowest marriage rates,high domestic violence rates,high rates of abandoning BOT their black and biracial children.

  16. Deion is just another dull face no mustache having sambo. Like he gives a schit. He sold his soul in the 80s so any negative press this guy gets I invite more. Pilar is a lost fame whore. Hell when I cared about rap I still wouldn’t pay attention to them so I be damned if listen to a close to menopause having whore like that .

    Until our people officially break cycle this sort of schit will continue. We are lost. Black women and black men share the blame but you weak black men are culprit number 1. You don’t have a fkin clue how to lead because you are under another man’s rule. Of course blk women will be monsters in America because you cant defend your own and you wont die for the cause. You’re a mfkin coward. We can end it today but most wont pay the price.

    • Ok nigga, WHAT THE FUCK are you talking about? DopeGameBaby’s Return
      What cause won’t we die for? And who in the hell are the we’s?
      How is Dieon a “Sambo”? This is nothing but that “I hate black ppl, especially famous ones, because I wasn’t tought how to love my self at an early age” bull shit !
      It’s sad how you “brotha’s” act towards one another. on this site and as you kill one another in the streets. Who’s really gonna break the cycle?

  17. Who cares about this homewrecker cougar! She thought she would have babies with deion and secure her future but karma came and kicked in your door! Pilar why didn’t you go back to school and further your education(ummm develop your own career just in case or when karma showed up)! So dayum sick of this! COUGAR ON DA PROWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Deion Sanders is an arrogant, piece of shit. If Pilar is bringing all of this drama to him, then that’s what he gets. I hope she gets her head on straight, get a pitbull attorney, and take him to the cleaners.

  19. It is sad that 90% of what I seen on this thread is pure bs. I mean related to Pilar, you get what you put put in and you yield what you came into. With that being said, how many of us are doing anything to CHANGE the relationship between our peoples? How many of us actually care? I think before anyone can talk about interracial dating, can you discuss it without being offended if someone feels like it is wrong. Because like Tom said above, we are still mental slaves. It is the context that changes every few years. This whole interracial debate shouldn’t even be one (in my opinion). I feel the only way one should ever look for someone who isn’t within our race is if you are NOT able to find anyone within our community. Don’t use attraction as an excuse in or out. Most celebs despite what you think are no longer attracted to their mates and some people in other countries don’t know another race but theirs as mates that they can date. Our westernized thinking has us in a hole. Think beyond America and Western Europe for a second. How many of those who are basically independent colonies with people of Polynesian descent are dating inter-racially? And think about other races within America. Come on, see it for what it truly is. We don’t want to be confronted with who we are so we look for people who are outside of our race. And all of our mixed brothers and sisters are told they are excluded from blackness so now they willingly exclude themselves from blackness. For those mixed people, make them welcome and equal, not on a pedestal but equal to us who identify as mainly black. If you treat people as equal, they won’t take advantage of you. And tell them it is okay to be black and strictly hat because there are tons of men and women who are black and will NEVER I mean, NEVER will say it to you.
    No offense to anyone but I want to make the point that being black is fine. It is not the worse thing in the world.

    • Good point except many, not all of course, but many of those interracial kids are FAR MORE AFFECTED by the self-hatred of the black parent than any interaction with the black community.

      Do all black/white marriages have a component of self-hate? Of course not.

      But don’t think for a minute that the tacit message of white is better is not there. Don’t think for a moment that the search for a white mate for many of those interracial children is to findsome type of understanding or acceptance of themselves as white.

    • No this has nothing to do with black women.Deion married an exotic BIRACIAL woman who was raised and socialized by a WHITE woman.Black men and their biracial women need to get it together.

      Y’all tried the same shit when Nas and Kelis broke up.

      Kelis was Nas’ exotic NON black wife and he talked about how exotic and great she was in his songs. As soon as they divorced and she took his money all of the sudden she became black.

      That’s how you know a lot,most,black men truly hate black women.When they like their exotic half black women they claim to have left black women for a biracial.

      Then when they and the biracial woman divorce and the relationships turns sour, all of the sudden their beautiful exotic biracial woman is just a black bitch.GO to hell!

      • I brought up the identity issue and was saying that it is the reason these women mistreated these men. Plus, no matter how white she THINKS she is or how Asian Kelis thinks she is… they are still messy black women who want to run away from their imminent blackness by claiming people who don’t want shit to do with them.

      • I brought up the identity issue and was saying that it is the reason these women mistreated these men. Plus, no matter how white she THINKS she is or how Asian Kelis thinks she is… they are still messy black women who want to run away from their imminent blackness by claiming people who don’t want shit to do with them.

        One drop rule ALWAYS applies with mixed breeds…. sorry

  20. People cheat because they are not happy. It has nothing to do with race. Black man…. Woah I agree with the other poster… th

    • People cheat because they have no CHARACTER. There are a lot of men and women who are happily married — and will never leave home — but they still cheat because they have an opportunity and can.

  21. Deion is no saint either, making a fool of himself on national T.V…and having his kids speak against their mother….disgusting! I would never say anything negative about my childs father in front of my child -the child can make their own decisions about a parent without the manipulation.

  22. IR dating still poses the same initial challenges as regular dating. Getting to know you is a bitch in normal relationships even double in IR ones. IR rarely works with a stranger because as many have stated they dont know your struggle and for the most part dont give a fuck about your struggle. Can I keep it real here? Yt boy see yall fine sexy asses and catch a case of the fever. He just wanna hit it, take some freaky pics of you and show his boys. He may stay 6 months or a year. You rarely meet mama or walk down the aisle. White boys marry way fewer sistas than BM do. Real talk. So that shit is brief but its cool. I dont get on anyone for who they bang. I may have some opinion on the reason they do it but generally I dont care. BM on the other hand also catch the fever, they take a shot here and there with the forbidden fruit thing but I think it really varies by CLASS moreso than race. I know thug ass niggas who date white and its essentially a pimp/ho relationship. I know round the way dudes who do it just because. I know rich cats who are seriously tired of the drama with sisters and just want peace. Im not mad a the cats who go that way if theyre looking for real love. However, IR works best when the couple was friends or colleagues first and had some of the getting to know you out of the way.

    • Go to hell.There are many reasons white men and non black men like black women.If you can list varied reasons,good and bad, that black men like non black women you could have said the same about non black men and their attraction to black women.Most black men are just sick.That’s why they can’t get along with any race of woman MOST of the time.

      • So i have to go to hell because i share a different opinion than you. That is precisely the anger and drama i dont want in my home. Well balanced, intelligent, educated, secure women can handle opposong positions. Youre proving my point. Thanks.

        • no you can go to hell because of your lies and one sided views.you tried to debase black women as a thing white men will only have sex with,while black men are allowed to be attracted to non black women for many reasons other than just sex or something bad according to you.You tried it,you got caught,Fuck you!and Go to hell!

          • And at the end of your swirl you still havent met mama or shared Thanksgiving dinner. So fuck you trick.

  23. “I know rich cats who are seriously tired of the drama with sisters and just want peace.”

    Nigga please, ask white dudes who killed their wives and are serving life if there was peace in their home.

    Damn, sistahs obviously gave you no play, huh?

    • Lady i wAs talking about ppl i know personally. Wtf does that have to do with white boys in jail? Reading is fun DA mental.

  24. Any way, fuck this Pilar chick, Deion’s ho azz wanted “other” and he got it. They deserve each other, just like Chad Ochozero and Evelyn Lozero.

    In interesting news, National Enquirer is reporting that Whitney Houston might have been murdered over a $1.5M drug debt. We can laugh at the Enquirer, but several times they have been right.

    • @Anonymous

      A wise man once said,
      That blacks hate blacks more than any other race . Why do I feel that to be true when I read what you posted?19:44

      You and that BITCH MADE magazine should let Whitney rest in peace.
      We all know she was a dope pheen, but bringing this story to light isn’t gonna help anything. How about going to the police so they can find the mother fucker who did it and lock him up? If this story is even true.
      Which I highly doubt. A Dope pheen who has money is faithfull to their suppliers,. Why wouldn’t she pay him off? She wasn’t that broke to wear she could get her fix, and pay it in full.

      • fuck YOU,Deion’s coon ass, AND your white and other non black bitches like Pilar.

        You are not fooling anybody with this “why are black women bad” speak.You know damn well Pilar is not black! born to and raised by a non black woman.Pilar is the exotic non black woman you coons wanted.Her behavior has NOTHING to do with black women.Fuck y’all!Leave black women out of this.

        • Ok, we hear you Anonymous = tisme.
          I hope Jacky gives you a piece of the cut that he’s earning from this site. You’re working EXTREMLY hard to prove ?????????

          • exactly what I stated before.This post should not have anything to do with black women.Black men want non black exotic women like Pilar and then get mad at black women who have two black parents when these non black/biracial and white women dog them and I’m sick of it.

            Keep black women out of it.If Pilar was black Deion wouldn’t have been with her.

            If a black woman was seeking out non black men, because she didn’t like black men.Then she ended up with a so called exotic biracial man, whom she liked because he didn’t look like most black men. Then that biracial man treated her bad, how could she then get mad at black men?

            Why not get angry with the exotic biracial non black men that she valued over black men?
            like I said leave black women out of it.

            This post has NOTHING to do with black women and everything to do with the fact that black men are not getting along well with NON black women like Pilar,Kelis and many many others.

  25. It’s just something about that smell and those deep long throats that never goes dry.
    I’m not saying their better than away other race, but it some talents out weigh others .

  26. Please someone update me on these new descriptive terms people are using nowadays.

    What is an “exotic” woman?

    What would be an “exotic” man?

    Is “exotic” good or bad?

    What is it exactly that “exotic” people do that unexotic people may have fun doing?

    • a woman who has different types of ethnicity like half black, chinese, indian, and latino.

      few examples
      kimora lee
      zoe saldana
      jada pinkett
      foxy brown

      they’re all biracial or multicultural whatever you wanna call it.

      • Who created this definition and in what year was it created?

        I would like to see the definition and have it explained from the source of it.

      • I dont see any men on that exotic list.

        Are Blake Griffin , Delonte West and Tiny (TI’s wife) exotic also?

        They all are not having two black parents also.

  27. Not sure if I believe this one only because my understanding is that Pilar has never dated a broke man.

  28. If two light slinned blacks have a baby will u call it exotic? Yall some self hating bastards. Black is black.

    • I’ve never heard of human beings being categorized as “exotic” before… I ‘ve only heard of pets being labeled as exotic.

      To white people that would mean any animal thats not a cat, dog or a squirrel.

  29. Try to hail a taxi, have a pizza delivered or refinance your crib. Youll find out if yo ass is black. Lol. Never heard exotic used to describe anything other than chicks from near the Equator. Just cuz people use it dont make it right. Are Nigerians exotic? Be consistent ppl.

    • Just because someone looks black, doesnt necessarily make them black. Henry Skip Gates looks black but when he did his DNA test, he found out he was 50% Caucasian.

      Snoop Dogg is about 35% Caucasian. You have some light skinned people who look mixed but are mostly African.
      You cant go only by what someone looks like. That can be very deceiving.

  30. Yo Jacky, are you ok? You haven’t been posting as much, or as frequently, as you normally do, and I’m getting worried about you! Did you expose too much truth about something and now somebody’s trying to silence you???

  31. He’s not even cute or remotely bosslike in his look… I just saw a younger guy working at the supermarket that I would have to go rounds and round with… but ioonoo, hope this dude at least got some $$$$$$

    • what that she was supposedlyt murdered wake me when someone’s actually arrested.

      she owed a lot of drug money yeah, yeah, yeah she was an addict her family misses her so much.

  32. Jacky who gives a rats butt about some dang pilar sanders. Ur making her stay relevant. Chill on her. Her time has been expired. U bringing her back to life. What is this chick known for? Ill tell u…being a fball players wife. So #nexxxxxxxxxxt #giveussomeBETTERtea

    Thanks in advance

  33. @crazychris-all things considered i don’t believe he dated any of these women. I believe they were all beards and mel b got paid to have that baby to throw people off of finding out eddie is gay. We all know his true love is johnny”suck it like a porn star”gill. He ain’t fooling anyone with all those fake relationships.

  34. okay he had quick flings and casual sex with all the women above.

    in hollywood dating means casual sex.

    and marriage means business arrangements cause lots of them seem to have quite a few million to throw away on a spouse they don’t even want and you wonder why celeb kids haVE ISSUES.

    • @crazychris-no i don’t believe he had casual sex or dated any of them. Tracie edmonds is a high priced hooker/beard. She covered for babyface and eddie. Halle berry and lela rochon are slores who will do anything for parts or money aka beards. As for jasmine guy she is a lesbian, debbie allen turned her out and she is a known slore too. Tramps have no problem covering for gay men for money. And mel b made a deal to have that kid as long as eddie took care of her and that baby for life. You aren’t about to convince me she’s still living on spice girl money. These undercover gay men will pay any amount to keep their secrets.

      • spice girlas are gone they were lovers anyway.

        mel b’s bisexual her other baby daddy look kind of queer himself.

        guess lela’s white boyfriend at one time was paying good for her think lela’s dating a black guy last i checked but Im know at one time she and halle were both notorious white boy lovers in the 90’s.

        halle used to date danny from new kids on the block.

      • we know about debbie allen and her lesbian antics different world was a show that secretly advocated lesbianism.

        jada’s carrer took off since her different world stint.

        other shows that secretly advocated lesbianism was girlfriends, livin single, half and half, sister sister, clueless, friends, and many more.

  35. Um! I am not sure about everything else but I personally know D-JO first of all he isn’t 22 years old. Another thing is that he is NOT dating Pilar that part is not true somebody provided false information to Jacky. D-JO is from the Dallas/Fort Worth area I’ve been knowing him since we were kids.

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