Pilar Sanders Is Getting Divorced — Who Did She Date Before Deion?


Deion Divorcing Pilar
Legendary former NFL player Deion Sanders has just OFFICIALLY announced that he and his wife Pilar Biggers are getting divorced, but guess what–HSK broke this story months ago (when Deion formally filed the papers).

Here’s what Deion Sanders said about the breakup:

“Pilar and I have decided to end our marriage and move on to the next phase of our individual lives with mutual respect. We are friends and our top priority has and will continue to be the well-being of our children.”

Now I’m going to tell you who Pilar dated before she met Deion.

Here’s what an insider revealed to me:

“Pilar always wanted to be a singer and a star that’s why she dated music producer Chris Dixon. She was Deion’s mistress before they got married.

Jacky, did you know LL Cool J was also tricking on Pillar back ‘n’ the day?”

Why is Deion Sanders divorcing Pilar? Deion Saunders is divorcing his wife Pilar because Deion wanted his wife to be a stay at home mom – but guess what– Pilar doesn’t have the time for household duties. Know why? Because Pilar is too busy working on her music career and she’s still dreaming to be a huge movie star mane.

Don’t believe me… Ask Tyler Perry.

Deion Divorcing Pilar


  1. I wouldn’t have believed Pilar was mistress who lucked up and became wife untill pilar sister confirm on tweetet @deethickchickk4u she said to deion sanders daughter via twitter :you just mad cuz pilar took yo daddy from yo mammy u a cry baby. now what kind of thing is that for a over 40 woman to say. this is a carbon copy of pilar she gloats in what she did.

  2. Women try and get your own husband.I always say that when a woman takes someone’s husband & marry him, the 2nd wife loses so much & usually her house. A former friend of mine is experiencing losing her house. She’s a preacher & so is her husband. Why is it that when you cheated with the married man it was okay, but when he cheated on you it was terrible? My sister lost her home–she’d blatantly cheated with someone’s husband. A lady I knew took a husband–her husband died,her daughter died,& she lost the house. I took some money from a married man as a congratulation present. I bought a microwave & lightning struck it at least twice.
    Women we gain temporarily, but overall lose nearly everything when we cheat with a married man.