Politician Praises Shakira After Blasting Her As ‘Morally Damaging’ To Latino Youth …



Flip Flop Mode On?


HSK Exclusive – Just 48-hours after Marco Fidel Ramirez deemed Shakira ‘morally damaging’ — the Colombian politician is flip-flopping! This, after
the Public Option party Councillor — from Columbia’s Capitol Bogotá — launched a revolt against Shakira, surrounding the singer’s joint music video with RiRi ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You.’ This, using the hashtag #PeligroVideoShakira, which translates to ‘Dangers of Shakira’s Video.’


Councillor Ramirez now appears to be turning to the common social media cover-up, ‘I’ve been hacked’ as supposedly to blame for the slew of tweets citing Columbia’s Very Own 37-year-old Shakira, Shakira, ‘damages the moral character of the youth of Bogota, Colombia and Latin America.’

“Ramirez slammed Shakira for ‘promoting lesbianism’ in her latest music video for her collaboration with Rihanna …calling on Columbia’s National Television Authority to ban the video from being broadcast on any of the nation’s channels.”

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  1. Shakira is just another pawn in the game used to promote the homosexual agenda amongst young people. She is being bought and sold and will do anything for money and fame. There are very few female entertainers who are not pawns of Satan.

  2. I remember when Shakira was first introduced to America was on the Latin Grammy Award, I think it was on CBS about 10 years ago. She was so humble and talented. But, Hollywood’s got a whole of her now.

    I sure hope she doesn’t go off the deep end and end up doing something that would endanger her health and well being. She was great on the VOICE.

    Dang! I was shocked when Wendy Williams played clips from her video with Rhianna. The video looked like soft porn.

  3. I saw no agenda other than Shakira’s career outside of the spanish market being pitiful, so she used whatever tools possible to guarantee a hit – Rihanna, sex appeal and a video with lesbionic overtones. All the while masking that song is f*cking terrible.

    • I agree… there is NOTHING about that song that is anything worth listening to; not the beat, the words, nothing.

      The video has shades of another video I won’t mention but this video is as dumb as this song; nothing original and nothing really to see here. Rihanna I expect nothing but classlessness and ratchedness from her but now I see Shakira it trying to get the same billing.


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