Pot-Lovin’ Bernard Pierce Has His PR Camp Working!!!



Bernard Pierce may be okay with the world knowing he’s knocked-up a ratchet stripper, but the Baltimore Ravens running back seems to have a big problem with people becoming hip to his recent Philadelphia car-jacking at a local weed spot. Don’t believe me.. Just ask dude’s agent, Marty Magid — who’s apparently pulling a cover-up for the press.

Here’s what USA TODAY Sports is reporting:

“Marty Magid, Pierce’s agent, said police in Philadelphia are continuing to investigate the crime, adding that Pierce’s stolen BMW sports utility vehicle had been found and is being processed by police.”

Here’s what Marty Magid had to say:

“It’s just an unfortunate situation. He was just home after minicamp, in a good neighborhood, daylight. He was just grabbing a slice of pizza. They don’t know if it’s even NFL related. Might just be car related.”

Is a Houston stripper named Jhonnie Blaze running around telling people that she’s pregnant with Bernard’s baby? Of course! Just ask Terrell Suggs!


  1. These young, rich men will just not learn.

    Sometimes I wonder how much more advanced our people would be if, once financially successful, we would make effective uses of our time/money/energy into investing our lives with people who can grow WITH us, and not be a distraction or a hinderance.

    I just can’t believe he said to himself “One day when I’m rich, I’m gonna impregnate a booty-poppin’, pole-slidin’ garden-tool & make her the mother of my future children.” But, I could be wrong.

    Good luck, young man. And next time, wrap it up TWICE!

  2. HELLO! I’ve been lookin at this dude’s pictures for 2 days in 2 different threads, and I am starting to dream about him!!

    • Christa,

      Seriously, I’m with RC on this one!
      We’ll be needing you to take ALL that down a several notches, darling!

  3. CHRISTA — STOP THAT MESS RIGHT NOW! That jackass cd easily end up on one of yr flights — & yr picture will end up on HSK!!! 🙂
    You got it EXACTLY right Ms. Gemini! Here, have a cocktail on me. 🙂

    But DAY-UM! If homes wd shave that bush off his face, he’d be hella fine!

    For every knucklehead on these boards hollerin’ abt how “the Jhews” are keeping us down, there’s an avg. White doctor, lawyer, small company CEO reading all this shit & thinking “Generally speaking, rappers & ballers are the highest-earning Blacks in the 21st century. If they wd follow what other ethnic groups do when they start making money, marry a decent woman & focus on growing their wealth & building a strong family, we’d have to SERIOUSLY worry abt them running things in 20 yrs!”

    [THINK ABT IT — Indians, Paks, Koreans, Taiwanese, Black Brits, Iranians, Saudis, Nigerians, the Chinese ESP. (when’s the last time you got invited to a wedding btwn a rich Chinese person & somebody Black?) — their men come here, get their education or start-up business straight, marry a woman from Their Own Tribe, THEN start a family & focus on stackin’ paper! They ain’t trickin’ off their $$ on strippers.]

    (White dude lights is cigar & pours himself a hit of single malt.) “But as long as most of Black men clocking those dollars keep squandering their resources by having babies with various hoes that they’ll have to support for the next 18 yrs. & getting in legal trouble over dumbshit, they’ll keep making 1 step forward & 2 steps back — which is the definition of never getting ahead! Not to mention the $$ our women manage to siphon off by hooking up with super-rich Brothers like Tiger Woods & Michael Jordan. As long as that continues, White man will remain large & in charge! And I can sleep well at night.”

    With all the colleges in the Balto. area, if a fine, well-paid Brother like Bernard Pierce can’t find a decent Sistah to date, if he’s driving to Philly to fuck w/strippers, Whose Fault Is That?

    His mama’s? His father who was prolly not around? His agent who she have gotten him a handler? S’plain this to me, pleese!

    These are truly the last days. If the apocalypse doesn’t happen in my lifetime, stupidity & breeding w/Jimbonies will cause Blackfolks to become extinct.

  4. Simma down RC and have a few sips, or maybe swigs, of my freshly made RCC! YUM. Now isn’t that better?
    Oh dear, you are so right it hurts. It is the unsolved conundrum which does seem to afflict our people more than the all of the Asian immigrant peoples you listed.(although I have known more than a handful of Iranians who came here after, the Shah was run outta Teheran, for the purpose of obtaining an advanced degree…and THEY ran off the rails w/Daddy’s $$$ knocking up strippers etc.)
    But you are 100% right. If our people spent and invested within the family like Koreans and Chinese, we would be in a completely different boat. Not to rationalize, but that sort of thinking and planning has been a part of their culture for over one thousand years. Family, elders, keep it together, love/sex comes second, yadda yadda yadda.
    I could write a thesis on this subject, but this isn’t the place for it. It would just provide that Hamburger “anonymous” dude more fuel to throw on my fire. lol
    Now as for Mr. Fine Ass above ^^^^ if you just glance at him quickly, and kinda squint, don’t you see a hint of Marvin Gaye?
    I hope things are going as well as possible with your family situation. I know it’s a rough time for you now. I remember you in my nightlies.

    • Let me go back up there & take another look at this guy. At first glance he looks pretty much “like a dude who takes no shame in impregnating a pole rider.”

      I could be wrong & maybe I just didn’t look closely enough…let me see.

    • I most certainly do, Christa, becuz I have Marvin as my desktop background, so I see him all the time when I’m online! I posted a link for Ms. Reg so she can make the comparison.

      And thanks for thinking of me.:) My aunt’s funeral was a hot mess — too much ‘culture clash’ for words. It’s weird meeting adult ‘family’ members you’ve never met or haven’t seen since you were a baby (esp. when you discover you have fine male cousins!). But Mommy & I got thru it OK.