Power Lunch W/ Puffy’s Co. Will Cost You…BIG!


Time for Diddy

Growing God-Complex?

If you have plans to kick it with Puffy in order to pick dude’s business brain, be ready to fork out $3,250. That’s the number a recent Charity Buzz auction for entrepreneurs came up with — for a lunch date with Combs’ executives and a 15-minute phoner with the Bad Boy Records founder.

Sources say the money raised will be donated to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. Some of those ‘charities’ are funny things. Don’t you agree?

Here’s what Forbes Magazine is reporting:

“Time is money when you’re dealing with Combs. Even to get the mogul on the phone for a 15-minute chat it will cost you $3,250.”

Are Puffy and his baby momma Kim Porter currently being sued for six-figures because the frugal couple stiffed their nanny on 100-hours of free labor? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Amanda Jansen.


  1. It’s Puffy what do you expect…Nobody makes money in Bad Boys, but him…#I’m shutting down the Studio!!!

    • the only way i will open the studio back up…is if you walk to cambodia and bring me back some extra virgin organic breast milk from a cambodian man lol

  2. People especially men had better beware of Diddy’s power lunches because they might end up being his power bottom. LOL

    But, I am sure there are people out who are lining up to have lunch with him.

  3. And yet can still chew an apple through a fence. With those inflated consultation fees, one would think he would at least invest in Invisalign.

  4. Please who wants to pay money to get advice and speak with P Diddy – Puf whatever his name is about busines, I might as well ask my crackhead cousin for his advance!!

  5. This negro is high on himself if he thinks someone will pay that much money to learn how to stiff people their earnings. I wouldn’t give him a penny for his thoughts…..can you say arrogant? MAYBE it’s for charity but this is not the way to do it….next.

  6. everybody is trying to copy Warren Buffet now, but Puffy should be proud, he came a long way from the getto, and probably even had anal sex with Justin Bieber