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Exposes Quincy Jones as Key Figure in Destruction Plan…

June 9th, 2011

Professor Griff Reveals What He Believes is Responsible for Hip Hop’s Demise!

“If rappers didn’t shoot one another up – somebody didn’t get raped, or somebody didn’t get robbed – they would provide an incident for something to go down, because they’re setting hip hip up for destruction.”

“Homosexuality is on the rise, and they made the new cleavage become the butt crack.”

The current state (or shall we say, non-state) of the hip hop culture – is no surprise to people like Professor Griff. The former member of Public Enemy called it all along. In his recent book Analytics, the head of The Security of the First World makes a slew of allegations against top players of the music game – namely, Quicny Jones – who Griff says is to blame for setting up sex rings in Hollywood. According to Griff, those sex rings are all a part of homosexual rituals followed in the Illuminati secret society.

There is a long list of artists who all have Jones to thank for introducing them to the business of music – Fresh Prince (Will Smith), Queen Latifah and Tevin Campbell, are just a few. But, it seems those people have a lot more than just Jones in common – they all allegedly agreed to the secret rituals required to make it to the top. Griff says though Tupac didn’t exactly go the entire distance, the legendary rapper may be somewhat responsible for marrying homosexuality to hip hop. “Tupac was asked by Quincy Jones to fuck him in the ass, explains Griff. “When Tupac said ‘no’, that’s when he was marked for death.”

Professor Griff, whose also known in the hip hop community as The Minister of Information, says though many have tried to silence his words he refuses to stop educating people with the truth. “Media really means Multi Ethnic Destruction in America or Manic European Devils in Action,” preached Griff. “You can easily dispute what I said, but what’s here in black and white – it’s hard to refute this.”

Check out Professor Griff as he breaks it all down, and share your thoughts…

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55 Comments on "Exposes Quincy Jones as Key Figure in Destruction Plan…"

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May 26, 2014

No matter how you look at it,it is really sick and demonic.


February 13, 2014

Is he talking about Quincy Jones Jr. or Quincy Jones III (QD3)?


December 3, 2013

Lol just accept the fact that your favorite star is either getting fucked in the ass or doing the fucking
:’D (Not all tho)


November 19, 2013

The homosexual sex ritual has to do with the Jungarian phallus worship and this was a way to maintain psychic and spiritual control of their subordinates.





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