Exposes Quincy Jones as Key Figure in Destruction Plan…


Professor Griff Reveals What He Believes is Responsible for Hip Hop’s Demise!

“If rappers didn’t shoot one another up – somebody didn’t get raped, or somebody didn’t get robbed – they would provide an incident for something to go down, because they’re setting hip hip up for destruction.”

“Homosexuality is on the rise, and they made the new cleavage become the butt crack.”

The current state (or shall we say, non-state) of the hip hop culture – is no surprise to people like Professor Griff. The former member of Public Enemy called it all along. In his recent book Analytics, the head of The Security of the First World makes a slew of allegations against top players of the music game – namely, Quicny Jones – who Griff says is to blame for setting up sex rings in Hollywood. According to Griff, those sex rings are all a part of homosexual rituals followed in the Illuminati secret society.

There is a long list of artists who all have Jones to thank for introducing them to the business of music – Fresh Prince (Will Smith), Queen Latifah and Tevin Campbell, are just a few. But, it seems those people have a lot more than just Jones in common – they all allegedly agreed to the secret rituals required to make it to the top. Griff says though Tupac didn’t exactly go the entire distance, the legendary rapper may be somewhat responsible for marrying homosexuality to hip hop. “Tupac was asked by Quincy Jones to fuck him in the ass, explains Griff. “When Tupac said ‘no’, that’s when he was marked for death.”

Professor Griff, whose also known in the hip hop community as The Minister of Information, says though many have tried to silence his words he refuses to stop educating people with the truth. “Media really means Multi Ethnic Destruction in America or Manic European Devils in Action,” preached Griff. “You can easily dispute what I said, but what’s here in black and white – it’s hard to refute this.”

Check out Professor Griff as he breaks it all down, and share your thoughts…


  1. Wow so much resistance. People cannot stand the thought of having their celebrity idol worshiping bubble busted. Everyone is entitled to their feelings though.

  2. Honestly there is always some type of truth behind a lie.
    I kind of think he is an aged rapper who wants attention now that his glory days are behind him.
    However he was apart of the biz. So there is more than likely truth behind all of it.

    All I know is black people do have a blame it on everyone else when it comes to homosexuality.
    Honestly I have more respect for the most feminine,queenly OUT guys than I do someone who builds a life based on lies.

    In short be you,live your life. I never understood why others are so fascinated with these celebrities sex life. Its not like you’re doing em.

    • It's just weird because there isn't any black male celebrities who haven't worn a dress and Dave chapelle talked about the same thing

  3. read behold a pale horse before any of u even reply griff is absolutely correct all this bullshit on television is distracting you all this BULSHIT u hear these motherfuckers talking about reall nigga this reall nigga that glorifying all the wrong things glorifying sellin dope and shit got kids thinking its cool to do that shit man come on get real these folks living in a fantasy world period

  4. sista sunshine, you are wrong about islam and homosexuality,in fact islam strictly forbids it,go educate yourself before posting ignorant and false statements as truth.

  5. If we stop worshipping man and that includes preachers we ll be alright. For one we ll never be disappointed in what they say or do or don’t say or don’t do. Remove the pedestal and they cannot fall. They’re just project niggas who hit a lick. No offense just wisdom.

  6. If the Bible was real, all of the people in it would have been Black. Please save that religious hype for your church on Sunday. Not wanted here.

  7. Almost none of you people on here know what you are talking about. The culture of celebism is hedonistic and what is encouraged for anyone who wants to advance to bankable stardom is that they demonstrate their willingness to shed their inhibitions. Homosexual activity, sexual activity in general but homosexual activity in particular because of its taboo nature, is one of the popular ways of securing group solidarity and signaling to the group that you’re one of them. Because few people are willing to indulge in these behaviors it established an exclusivity. Drugs and alcohal facilitate the release of these inhibitions and because living with what you had done is difficult to do sober many develop a substance abuse problem.

  8. so we know the mind control exist the point now is how to escape and truly emancipate our minds?

  9. Yeah saw this on YT Professor Griff made a lot of sense in this video, I believe that what he is saying is true. This past weeks my eyes have been opened even wider to the evils in Hollywood and the evil that is about to come. I thought HIP HOP was exclusive to this b.s. I should have known better.

  10. The truth of Griffs claim is in one of the three major hip hop magazines I rember reading it. Either Vibe (wich I know is or was owned by QJ) , The Source, or XXL. I KNOW I WASNT THE ONLY ONE TO READ THAT…..Where Pac claims himself that QJ wanted him ( Pac ) to fuck him.
    Pac actually made a statement or atleast was quoted sayong he was or wanted to gett at QJ’s daughter

  11. u know what kills me about some of you?( the deniers ) is that you who do not want to belive act like you actually know these ppl’s lives. ” oh he wouldnt do that and this ” how in the heck would you know? Unbelievable. I beleive it because i know dudes in the industry that i grew up with that toured with Diddy (and this was back in 97) that told me Diddy was having gay orgies in his hotel and paying off men with jewelry to keep hush. This was way b4 all this illuminati and conspiracy stuff came up. This has always been around. Why is it hard to believe QJ was a homo?

  12. Open your eyes people….the truth is right in front of you. The Professor is telling it like it is. Do your research yourselves people and find out the truth. Open your minds and stop believing that there’s no way that it could be true. Maybe it is….do your own investigations. Sometimes we don’t want to see the truth for what it really is…..and people, like myself, are considered crazy and nuts for even thinking that this goes on in the world. They have you all brainwashed….and you don’t even realize it. Wake up and see the world for what it really is….wicked and evil. Stop watching tv and listening to devil music….like I said earlier…..it’s their way of brainwashing you and they are winning.

  13. I could not understand all the hype about Gustavo Dudamel, now I do ty. This Guy is QJ’s and Tavis boy, how disgusting. I can only imagine the filth these animals cover up. May they all be exposed to save future children.

  14. I don’t believe any of that Illuminati crap, that Pac loved Kidada or that QJ had Pac killed. However, I have read enough about QJ to know that there is fire where the smoke filled sex stories are coming from. The man has a dark side.

    • pac and kidada was having sex he apologized to q after he was released from prison.

      pac said something about q was nasty for fucking nothing but white girls and having these mixed babies.

  15. Hey Didn’t Karrine Steffans AKA Superhead said in her book that she & Xzibit attended a party at P.Diddy’s house and after the party was done P.Diddy took them to a secret gay club?

  16. Wrong. All of history is composed of real conspiracies. Griff’s truth is so blatantly obvious we shouldn’t have to be told. Open your eyes.

  17. This comment section has been more informative than anywhere else I could have gone for information on this topic. I am so glad so many of you are awake. Being awake and aware is the only thing we can do as of yet. I am pleasantly surprised at the thoughtful responses to this article. Thank you for restoring my faith in the human race.

  18. The homosexual sex ritual has to do with the Jungarian phallus worship and this was a way to maintain psychic and spiritual control of their subordinates.

  19. Lol just accept the fact that your favorite star is either getting fucked in the ass or doing the fucking
    :’D (Not all tho)

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