Proof Bobby Had Raffles Pick Up Drugs For Him and Whitney


Proof Bobby Brown got Cocaine for Whitney Houston

HSK World Exclusive – Bobby Brown has gone on a media blitz the last few days, declaring that he did NOT get Whitney hooked on drugs. Claiming that before he met Whitney he only drank a little and smoked weed.

While that may be true, once Bobby became addicted to the heavier drugs, it was he who was enabling Whitney by securing the drugs, through none-other-than Raffles van Exel. Don’t belive me.. Ask Vanity Fair’s Mark Seal.

Here is the key paragraph, which points to Bobby Brown as a liar:

Raffles use to pick Federal Express packages from the front desk or concierges at the various hotels they stayed at.

These packages would have completed air bill’s on them but where not shipped overnight but rather dropped off by “runners” through Bobby Brown’s contacts. These packages contained cocaine among other drugs.

As seen above, page one of the affidavit that was handed over to Beverly Hills homicide investigators by noted Beverly Hills attorney Ronald Richards back in March, before the Whitney Houston death investigation was closed. Of course, Beverly Hills police closed the case without bringing charges against, or even identifying anyone who may have supplied Whitney with the cocaine that eventually killed her. However, this sworn statement seems to contradict Bobby Browns account of events over their tumultuous marriage and divorce.

We must keep the identity of the person who filed this affidavit confidential, but this statement was made under penalty of perjury. Only parts that would identify the witness have been redacted.

Was it in Bobby Brown’s best interest to keep Whitney under the influence? Of course it was! Don’t believe me.. Ask Patricia  Houston.

Entire Raffles Investigation revelations CLICK HERE


  1. Bobby is telling the truth..Whitney was using cocaine when he met her…

    I dont think he ever said that they never used cocaine together…Whitney was not some innocent imbecile…She apparently liked drugs and was probably opening those fed-ex packasges like a kid on Christman Morning.

  2. Maybe I need to read the whole article before I comment…I dont like reading avidavits, even if they are highlighted…

    Bobby says Whitney was a coke head when he met her.

    Bobby and Whitney used hard drugs during the course of their marriage and did so willingly.

    Bobby got clean..(except for alcohol, weed and ectasy)

    Whitney didnt.

    She was a grown woman and well versed in the rules of engagement.

  3. LOL@except for weed , alcohol and EX…weed I can accept but drinking and EX aint close to clean…dont believe me?? well u should cause I popped 3 mollys and drank Sunday night(out of boredom living in the burbs these days) and I was up and sure didnt handle any business Monday*smile*

    AINT NO VICTIMS IN LIFE …ONLY VOLUNTEERS….but yall dont hear me though…I keep it very real…so real imma be ANNOYMOUS!!…LOL

      • Yeah…I do have my moments..I may have to create a name on here so I can retain my individuality….cant have 2-3 Anonymous’s(Spelled that shit right this running around here

      • Not MDMA (pure exstacy) like they want you to believe. Its a whole other mind altering drug.

        Miley Cyrus sings about it, rappers put them in ladies drinks and rape them.

        Its not weed. Don’t try them .. its not worth it..

        I can think of a million better things to do on a boring Sunday in the burbs..

  4. Not! How easy it to use someone elses name and/or keep relationships with in-laws after a divorce. Whitney did have his daughter…i.e. a connection and she has the same name. This is reaching. Had Bobby been around Whitney…ok, but stop the madness.

  5. Cmon now… it was Gary Houston who whitney on coke, weed, and drink. That’s where it all started. ALL evidence points in his direction. No doubt Cissy knew about it. They were smoking that shit in the backyard back in Newark before Whitney became famous. You’re talking ’83-’85 time frame. That’s why no one wants to talk about How and Who got whitney started. It was right in the fam – GARY and MICHAEL. Now that’s the right there!!

  6. I’m an old school cat. I remember When Bobby was on Video Soul with Donnie Simpson talking about how he was in love with Whitney Houston and how he was going to marry her. You had never heard anything about Bobby getting into to any trouble with the law, drugs or anything like that until after he married her.

    She had all the money and fame etc. He is part to blame though for sure, I just think alot of people have jumped on the King of R&B (Ribs & BBQ)just looking for a scape goat.

    The Media can make anything up and make the public believe that it is true. You can’t believe what you hear or see anymore. you see they brought back Tupac @ cochella, thats whole other topic.(Project Blue Beam).

  7. But whitney didnt become a full fledged addict until she and bobby were doing the shit 100x a day after 1989 soul train awards. He controlled her, manipulated her, took her self esteem, abused her, used her money, etc., etc. That’s why she couldnt get herself clean after all these years. She was already ruined mentally. Addiction is a mental disease. Bobby needs to stop fucking lying already… Geeez. He will know the truth when he meets god.

    • Again…..AINT NO VICTIMS IN LIFE ONLY VOLUNTEERS…If Bobby did all the shit to her as you claim(it does sound plausible)…SHE LIKED IT enough to stay married for 12 years.

      …and Im an OLDER SCHOOL LA CAT than Don Nova…I remember in 83 when New Edition first got hot and Bobby trying to get weed and stones from people I knew as a youngsta..

  8. I dont believe Bobby. They were BOTH using before they hooked up and should not have hooked up because of that. He had way more time on his hands as Mr. Houston and obviously surpassed her usage because his looks went to heck not long after they hooked up. He was definitely codependant and posionous. If a woman is into something that Im not into I get what I need and move on. You dont stay and get turned out and blame HER. HE was the man of the house. He could have taken his daughter and lived well off child support. Instead he DESTROYED his family in a sad attempt at revamping his sad career with a reality show. He was entrusted to care for the greatest voice of this time and thats what he did with Whitney? Then bragging about being with her the week before her death. I think that was part of it because Bobby knew something. Remember he didnt break his neck to run out there to LA. Not even to see his daughter after she was hospitalized because he wasnt surprised. He was even screwing Alicia to get @Whitney.

  9. This affidavit does not change a thing. A dope addicted husband getting drugs for himself and his dope addicted wife should not be an “Ah ha!” moment for anybody.

    What does it matter who was an addict first and who got the drugs? They were both WILLINGLY doing a shitload of drugs.

    She died and Bobby’s still here catching DUI cases from the cops. Bobby Brown is not clean and I don’t think he ever will be. Just like Whitney he is an addict in denial and trying (FAIL) to fool the public into thinking he’s clean.

    The only victim I’ve seen here is Bobbi Kris and her victim card is about to expire too.

    • I doubt they were actually high while the cameras were on them(those of us who have used that shit know how paranoid it makes you) BUT they did act weird and most folks who “smoke” do act weird even days after a binge…sad story all around…BUT Aint no victims in life ONLY VOLUNTEERS

      • They were doing crack cocaine on that show, I know many crack heads and they were high as a kite reaching the sky…..


  11. Entertainment tonight just advertised for tomorrow a vanity fair investigation involving a CON ARTIST that was with Whitney the week she died. Are they talking about Raffles? We’ll find out tomorrow.

  12. Who cares? I wish Raffles would be let back into the USA so he can help enable and kill more sellout Hollywood freaks from our people who dont wanna get right and stay serving that evil.

    RAFFLES if you reading….come back and give Michael Jordan some drugs as well…Lil Wayne…KanyeGay…Jay-z&Beyonce…Russell Simmons to start off

    Set it up at that Beverly Hills hotel….hang a sign up on the door that says DONT DISTURB THIS FIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!

  13. I doubt if raffels has what it takes to get to russel,kanye nevermind beyonce and jay z ..thats a reach maybe rhi rhi he was in pictures with her.ive seen men force alcohol on their wives ,its like ok here have a drink with me ,and when they say no its like ohhhh its just one ,and they continue this every other day until bammmmmm. then they stop drinking but cause you to continue and watch you become a lush seen it with my own eyes.some women are stupid when it comes to a man.

  14. People are forgetting one very feasible scenario…


    thats a very real possibility.

  15. I personally know of some suppliers he had on speed dial from her hometown Brick City whenever they were in NJ.

      • Miles was married to Cicely Tyson…I dont think he was married to Dionne…

        Im still recovering from the news that Miles Davis was gay…The things you learn (and sometimes dont want to know) on HSK…

  16. may whitney rip. But i will say (and not co-signing using drugs) that bobby hav sum gd nerve tring to act innocent. Hell amongst the drug use whitney finacially took care of him and his kids. After whitney took a 100million dollar advance and helped him with his debts, after all the money was gone and the gravy train stopped, bobby is clean, whitneys dead. If anything bobby, admit where u phucked up on not stepping to the plate correctly and try to cover ur ex-wife shortcomings by adominishing her in her death. Stop it with the tattle telling a fingerpointing about who got high first. The question that need to b answered is who stepped to the plate being responsibile then, and after whitneys death, who is goin to step to the plate being a responsible adult role model for ur kids now.

  17. bobby is a damn lie! he had a coke problem when he was with new edition and thats why he was kicked out the group. he may not have got whitney on the drugs but he surely enabled her usage.

  18. There are so many immature and unknowledgeable folk on this post. NONE of you have been so famous that you could no longer trust people and have a need to be “handled”.

    I suppose none of you have had to live with or around the mental illness/ weakness known as drug addiction. Or how difficult it is to get the help, treatment, privacy, genuine love, support, and respect you need once you decide to clean up.
    Or how these same handlers/ enablers and USERS themselves will block your attempts because it does not serve their own purpose. These are the type of “friends” that will blackmail you and even discredit and hurt you to bring you back to drugs.

    Ask Elvis’ manager. They say Elvis was living off 10% of his earnings and was drugged up and blackmailed to no end.

    It’s a tough world when there is no one you can trust including family and spouse. Here’s hoping your family or children never “volunteer to be victims” (LOL at that ignorance). I bet it will be just as tough for them except they won’t be nearly as famous as Whitney or have half her responsibilities.

    Alot of folk talking about “I’m old school” well I am too except I was LIVING in the 80’s not just present or going to school. I partied hearty. The reason the new generation will NEVER be like us is because the drinking age was 18. So we started partying at 15 and 16 and were mature about it. Moving that drinking age to 21 is one of the reasons why the young people are still so wet. 26 is the new 18.

    Anyone really and truly on the scene in the 80s will remember how quickly crack swept over our neighborhoods. It was almost unavoidable if you were a part of the secular world.
    So being born in 1985 and coming up here with all these knowitall “volunteer victim” statements make you sound stupid. Why? Because you weren’t there. In the 80s I saw some of the best and most beautiful people fall over night and of all ages and economic backgrounds. SO MANY people died and are now gone from that era between the guns for drugs trade gang violence, AIDS and yes, crack cocaine. Whitney was a product of her era unfortunately. The only others from that 80s period still going strong are those that clean themselves up like Smokey Robinson for example who was GONE in the 80s but pulled it together. The 80’s party scene is like the 70’s if you can remember you probably weren’t there and if you were there you are more than thankful to still be alive. Even Method Man says he started smoking Woos at a young age. YOU HAD TO BE THERE TO KNOW, UNDERSTAND AND DISCUSS THIS GROWN FOLKS CONVERSATION.

  19. I’m sorry but how does this prove bobby lied about getting whitney hooked on drugs? This is from 2005 when both of them her in the throws of addiction.

    Did you know Whitney got caught with weed at an aiport? It’s likely she got dope herself for her and bobby.

    Bobby didn’t keep Whitney high. Whitney kept Whitney high. Before, during, and after marrying him.

    Did you know that Bobby didn’t even has access to Whitney’s money while they were married? He was on an allowance. Whitney was the one holding the purse strings over his head. Please don’t paint her as a victim since she’s dead.

      • GTFO! He wasn’t blackmailing Whitney with shit. You stans are fucking ridiculous. Can’t believe you let that bullshit slip through your fingertips.

        Every single one of Whitney’s drug dealers from Jose Diaz, Kevin Ammons, Kevin Skinner and others have said Whitney herself came to them. Another drug dealer from before she even became famous spoke out. Whitney wasn’t new to the game, she was true to it.

  20. I’ve got the true tea babes. Bobby didn’t bring Raffles to Whitney. Whitney brought Raffles to them. Don’t believe me? Ask bobbi kristina

    • The man has photos with Bill Clinton and Opra so obviously this repitile could slink into anyone’s circle. In other words it doesn’t matter who he conned first.

      Jermaine probably introduced him to her at the MJ anniversary.