Puffy & Mase Bury The Hatchet @Drizzy’s OVO Fest



HSK Exclusive – Puffy and Mase seem to have made amends. The one time beefing Bad Boys reunited on Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheatre stage, last night — making a surprise joint performance during Drizzy’s OVO Fest.


You’ll recall it’s been about five-years since Puffy released Mase from an iron clad Bad Boy contract, over ATL’s radio airwaves, finally clearing the rapper to work with other artists. Now, it looks like it’s all good between the pair. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Drake.



  1. Puff need to do a concert with all his Bad Boy alum from the 90s

    Craig Mack
    Lil Cease
    Lil Kim
    Black Rob
    Faith Evans
    Carl Thomas
    Junior Mafia

    • The way he’s screwed the majority of the artists on your list, I doubt they’d be able to afford getting to said concert, let alone wanting anything else to do with Puffy.

    • His roster could have been making some serious coin now on the old-skool concert circuit if he hadn’t tried to destroy them all.

      He was very short-sighted in that respect.

      • He didn’t destroy them. They are still living their lives They can have a reunion if they wanted too.

    • Lil Cease, Lil Kim and Junior Mafia were never signed to Bad Boy. They were affiliated with Bad Boy because of Big.

        • They were on Atlantic records and they were never distributed by Bad Boy. What are you talking about? Big never had a label. He was on Bad Boy records. Old dumbass! LOL!

  2. Mase needs to get his phony preacher self somewhere and sit down. Knew he wasn’t real when he was all up on TBN preaching.

  3. Call me judgemental but I wouldnt care to see my near 40 year old pastor sing nursery rhymes such as “cant no phd nggas hold me down”. Did anyone audience born after 1984 know the lyrics to mo money mo problems? At least he could have performed “I need to be” now thats a teenage favorite!

  4. “Back Together! Back together again, the world will spin!!!! a do do do do do – a do do do, oh yeah!!!”… NegaDome & BabyChin; back together! Sheeeeeit! Ha!