Puffy Pays Up After ‘The Bar’ Blasts He Left NO Tip?


Daddy Too Cheap

Sean’s Super Bowl Sunday Shenanigans Make Cents After All!

HSK Exclusive – It appears the NYC Dream Hotel bar that put Diddy on blast for skatin’ on a waitress — without leaving a tip — may have landed big buck$ from the Bad Boy after all. Know why? Just days after ‘The Bar at The Dream Hotel’ took to social media to spill the beans, not only is The Bar’s Facebook account — used to get word out of the incident — deleted, there’s now no mention of the ordeal on its Twitter account.

Here’s what was previously posted on The Bar’s FB:

“Although [Diddy’s] Net worth is in the millions, he felt it necessary to stiff a hard working young girl for $40 bucks. What a gentleman….!!!”

Check out what sources said about the incident:

“Diddy and his entourage rang up a $200 tab at a NYC bar during the Super Bowl … then STIFFED their waitress on the tip … according to the bar which is now publicly shaming the multi-millionaire.”

Is this the first time Diddy’s been outed as a cheapskate? Of course NOT! Don’t believe me.. Just ask some of his former Revolt Burbank employees.


  1. Puffy has to be worth at least $300 million. His actions are inexcusable. I don’t know why people support him or anyone as despicable as he is.

    • Puffy has no respect from the average citizen. The only reason he has any money is because he’s a liar and a thief. Anything he has was gotten by screwing someone else over. His homosexuality and pedophilia are the only reason he gets any attention. As long as he keeps doing the Devil’s work, we will have to keep hearing stories about his triflin’ ass.

  2. He does not have to tip, unless he subtracted the gratuity from the bill, why does he owe anyone?

  3. maybe she didn’t deserve a tip. maybe her service didn’t warrant a tip. just because he has a guap of money doesn’t mean he has to automatically give it away because he ate or drank at this place. Did he or did he not pay his bill and usually if there is a group with a certain amount of people the gratuity is included.

    • I doubt she gave him bad service. As a server myself, we know where our bread is buttered. Most servers make less than min. wage an hour. I myself make only 2.65 an hour, ( I work at a chain sports bar) so we rely on tips. Point is, if a multimillionaire sat in her section if she was at all about that paper she’d be on it. And if she didn’t know she was waiting on Diddy one of her jealous co-workers would’ve told her, and she would of been on it. As far as gratuity goes it is discretionary, so that could the tip they talking about he didn’t pay. He just sounds cheap to me

      • Thank you, Cevon. I’m nowhere near wealthy financially, but I tip sometimes as much as my bill total. I’ve had servers give me tip money back because, their words, I gave them “too much.” Good service should be a standard, but it isn’t. So when I am the recipient of A-1 service, I respond accordingly. Its the right thing to do when you respect people and you have class.

      • Right! There is no excuse for Diddy not tipping that young lady. I bet girly would’ve gotten a big ass tip if she looked like Jennifer Lopez.

  4. I agree with the posters who say that Diddy probably didn’t tip the waitress because of poor service,

    But, it’s been reported numerous times that Diddy not only does not tip his waitresses but, he has walked out on his bill.

    Some of these celebrities feel entitled, thinking they should get everything for free.

    The “Do you know who I am” syndrome. LOL

    • Yeah i read Diddy didnt even want to pay his toll through the nj turnpike and excepted to go thru free just cause hes Diddy

  5. Why is this news, people get stiffed on tips all the time. Plus a tip is a gratuity hence showing gratitude for a service rendered. if the service sucks so should the tip. And why expect a tip from a megalomaniac like Buffy Combs, you lucky he didnt ask you to pay for the privelidge to serve him. You want to talk about cheap, talk to some of theses doormen at some of the apartment buildings that are crash spots or homes to theses wall street white collar crooks that make Buffy’s entire net worth in 3 to 5 year timeframe. Look up the koch brothers worth a combined 40 billion dollars, assholes wont tip you If you saved their lives. Theses are the same cocksuckers that wanted to pay zimmermans legal fees, the same dudes that are determined to abolish social security. Talk about them f*ckers. Not a waitress that didn’t get a tip for a 200 dollar tab. Shit if you ever been to a semi upscale spot in NY to have a drink you will know that 200 won’t even get you an entire bottle of congnac. Muafuggah tried to charge me 35 dollars for a shot of Hennessy xo in NY. Plus Buffy probably didn’t pay the tab himself, he made a broke member of his entrage pay, the person prolly couldn’t afford to tip.

    • I agree with you re: the Koch Brothers. I never see Black blogs mention those mfs and all of their dirty deeds. I also find it interesting that Donald Trump said when he eats in NY, he never pays. He doesn’t carry cash, just s credit card, which the restaurant refuses to accept. Funny. Meanwhile, a homeless person in NY would never be treated so well.

      • Thats a shame. But businesses do that to capitalize off of the shallowness of the common everyday person. They give rich celebs stuff free so they will continue to come back because they know that if the word gets out about a celeb frequenting their establishment, then aloof the minimum wage start struck people of today will break their neck to say that they go to a resteraunt that this or that celeb frequents. The sad thing is that it works. But the business aspect of it is smart but only smart because people don’t use their pea brain. People want status andnrecognition no matter how they get it. How dumb and shallow are people……wanting to alight themselves with people that have little to no morals. The average person is brainwashed In the worst way and really don’t know what important in life…SMH

      • But I think these black blogs are afraid of backlash from these rich people. They have the money to bury the blogs if they report on them, But thats some cowardly shit. The blogs have the chance to expose somethingsand to teach people about the eviil doings of the rich. They have power and don’t even know it. Too worried about losing their blog. But we came a long way as black people and it’s due to strong brave fearless brith era and sisters. But I feel thatwe won’t make much more progress in the future because the people that have been give a platform are cowards and sell outs. But thats just my opinion.

        • I agree!!! Black folks need to learn how to publish sites in an anonymous fashion. You can’t sue people for telling the truth. Slander, defamation and fact are 3 different things. If someone sues someone frivolously simply because they don’t like the facts that were published about them, they could lose their suit and end up making said publisher/blogger rich.

    • I heard a horrendous story about Mo’nique picking up a ton of free food from a mom & pop restaurant. She didn’t leave a tip. Why not?!. That’s ridiculous, IMO. I went to a party at her home when she lived in Encino. Her home was huge. I know she had some sort of means of leaving a tip. That was beyond uncool.

  6. They most likely deleted their account because of all the bad publicity they got for trying to shame a customer for not tipping. He isn’t the first patron not to tip in their establishment. They crossed the line by trying to make him look bad. I imagine they lost a ton of business behind this mess.

  7. Use to work at a restaurant, when a server see a famous person they automatically think dollar signs when their waiting on that person.lol


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