Puffy Takes It To Social Media To Save A Buck…


Diddy's Frugal 2013 Fashion Week

A Bad Boy’s New Frugal Fashion?

HSK Exclusive – We’re learning Puffy’s recent Instagram fashion show was nothing more than the Bad Boy founder’s plan to dodge expenses for a fashion tent during the years New York Fashion Week.

Sources tell HSK that’s why Puffy pulled out, opting to use Instagram to showcase his latest “Sean John” pieces – along with his recently “New York”-inked arm.

This news comes days after the Big Apple was slammed by a blizzard. That’s why we’re told the fashion houses involved occurred additional last minute expenses to battle the harsh winter conditions during the event.

Here’s what an insider revealed:

“Diddy is using instagram to stay relevant. First he posted himself and other models on his Instagram wearing his clothing line.

Then he posted a pic of him getting ‘New York’ tattooed on his forearm, he knew the tattoo would get more coverage than his fashion.”

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