Puffy’s Revolt: From Flossin’ To Frugal?


Puffy Faces Cheapskate Revolt

HSK Exclusive – Puffy seems to have disregarded three basic principles in real estate for his music television network. That’s because Revolt Network’s Glendale, California headquarters is far from being considered “location, location, location”. Sources say it all boils down to cutting costs for the Bad Boy.

Employees are sayings the music mogul had the offices set up in Glendale over Hollywood in order to save on the company’s monthly overhead. And, we’re told the frugal moves don’t stop there!

Sources say Puffy’s Revolt employees are being paid just $400 dollars a week! Now, Puffy is reported to be blaming his underpaid team of noted “flunkies” for not meeting the network’s previously scheduled November 2012 launch date.

Here’s the drop:

“The President of ‘Revolt’ Andy Schuon, got fired from MTV.

Trying to launch and run a network channel ain’t easy, and Puffy’s is finding that out the hard way, as his employees revolt.”


  1. This does not surprise me at all. After all, this is the same guy who was bitching about fuel cost for “his” private jet a few short years ago and how he finds it reasonable for him to just take commercial flights with the likes of Delta in which he flies coach. I say “his” private jet because he was flossing as if he actually exclusively owned one when in actuality he only had a share in one with the likes of several other celebs such as Christina Aguillera. However, his inability to keep up with his part of the cost of maintenance cause him to be upheaved from his part of ownership and forced into riding and standing in line with the commoners in the likes of Hartsfield Jackson a few times. I seen this shit with my own eyes and heard the ceaseless bitching with my own ears.

  2. I guess only whitey corporate exec types can own planes and jets! I would love to see fluffer nutter fly on the soul plane though with Kevin “with no” hart.

  3. I thought it was all common knowledge that don’t nobody get rich with Puff except Puff himself???
    Theses mf’s betta start preparing for that MTV & BET treatment….. :tip: <—- find a side hustle

  4. This man constantly brags about having $500 million in the bank, yet he flies coach? I know I always use Boondocks references, but this shit reminds me of Gangstalicious; in more ways than one!

  5. P-Shiddy should have consulted with Oprah on how NOT to run a network.

    This fool will be a footnote in Hollywood lore, he’s in over his head and doesn’t realize how far from the bottom his feet are in the cesspool!

    These sharks like blood more than they like their young boys on the side, he’ll be used as a scapegoat when this “channel” goes belly up and the financiers need a head on a platter to shun and no matter how tight he thinks he is with Will Smith and others, when it comes down to money and needing it, rich people turn their nose up faster than a White chick at a chitterling eating contest!

    • IDK about that because she just learned what not to do.

      Maybe if he spoke to the guy that runs Bounce TV, he would be more leveled.

      However, because he’s always been so full of himself, the full picture has never been in full focus. He knows how to market and get the money but the in-between is what’s questionable.

      Not sure about his alliances (Donald Trump is a publicity ho) or real friends but let’s not forget that Oprah got Tylisha Perry on her team before the ship sank.

    • The same person financing his network also financed sean john and magic johnsons network and la dodger deal and al gores current tv

  6. you all are a bunch of liars. If puff offered you a job you know you’d be begging for pennies from the devil.

    • Not really. $1600 a month before taxes means you will live in a studio that’s nowhere near Glendale and will probably need to take the bus to work. No bueno.

  7. If it fails they’ll do him like they did Oprah and knock him off his high chair. I’m curious how puffy got 500 million…not that I like Jay z but puff is no jay z. He has let down everyone he has ever produced.

    • Because puffy writes hits.. He starred out writing for MJB on the what’s the 411 album.. He also wrote for Jodeci and all his acts up to date.. That’s why he got money..

  8. Video City TV is the answer for Revolt TV
    We are all over the streets of New York City finding talent better than the ones on MTV and BET but nevr have gotten the right break like… same goes for us as a TV Show we have been on the air for 15 years exposing talent. We even gave Nicki Minaj her 1st appearence see clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8upgaUF_pxc

    we are just thankful for Diddy for bringing a channel that provides for a TV show as well