Pusha T Checks Consequence On Kanye-Funded Fronts!


Pusha T vs. Consequence - Kanye Refs

The same mouth Consequence used to spill the beans on Kanye is the same mouth Kayne once hooked up. That’s according to Pusha T, who recently reminded Consequence of the time Kanye covered the pricey cost of his veneers.

If you recall, Consequence recently revealed Kanye was smashing Kim K while she was with Reggie Bush. Now, Pusha T says the ghostwriter is ungrateful — even after Kanye previously sent him to the dentist over jokes surrounding his former friend’s f*cked up grill. Don’t believe me.. Ask Big Sean.

Here’s what Pusha T took to Twitter to say:

“Confucius says if a man purchased the very teeth you have in your mouth, you should never speak ill of that man.”

Did Consequence challenge Kanye West, Pusha T and Big Sean to a five-minute street fight? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask DJ Envy.


  1. Pusha t,c’mon mayne,and consequence is a big mouth,shut you pie hole nicca,and Jen the Jew is going to stick it to you mayne!

  2. This sounds like a lover’s quarrel gone wrong….bunch of faggots airing out their dirty laundry or in this case fucked up fake teef….(geesh)

  3. It must be just me BUT his grill still looks fucked up… Could they not find smaller teeth to put in that mans mouth so that he can AT LEAST close his mouth when he wants to???? Him and that Malaysia chick must’ve gone to the same dentist.

  4. I didn’t know Kanye has always been a trick. He allowed Consquence and his Dentist to scam him out of money for teefasis. Kanye should have demanded his money back. Why is Consquence looking like went to a back alley Dentist and pocketed the rest of the money? No way did this clown go to a legit Dentist and pay to walk around looking like the donkey from the movie Shrek. WAS (what a shame)

  5. There is no way that man could come near me or my nether region with those teeth, one would be maimed and mutilated beyond repair.

  6. I agree with Pusha T, although Kanye can fight his own battles, he did buy this dude a new grill. Any doctor he goes to is just going to change the teeth, it’s not going to change the shape of his (early man) skull. He will forever look challenged.