Pusha T Says: Drake Signed a Bad Recording Contract


Lil Wayne Pusha T Twitter Beef

Pusha T released a new song for the movie “Cruel Summer” and guess what– the lyrics in Pusha T’s latest song takes a direct stab at Young Money rapper, Drake.

Here’s a quote from Pusha T’s lyrics:

“Contract all fucked / Explain up I guess that means you all fucked up / You signed to one Nigga that signed to another Nigga that’s signed to three Nigga’s- / Now that’s bad luck”

To which codeine addict lil Wayne took to twitter to respond as seen above.

Is Pusha T right about Drake, the alcoholic rapper, signing a bad recording contract? Of course he is. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mannie Fresh.


  1. A contract with kissing Baby and fucking Wayne in the benefits package is never good.

  2. and pusha whateva, aint he too old for that name, pushing what cuz it damn sure aint great albums is signed to a cross dresser who had talent, but gave it all up for fame, none of these dudes are artists that i would play in front of my son, if you are over 25 and like this shit you need help, if you are under 25 you need a hugg.. lemme guess they will squash this and say they are making a song 2gether, same marketing ploy for overrated/saturated artist and we eat it all up..these dudes are trash point blank..only their handlers win, and we all lose because our culture is being destroyed faster than we created it…shalom

  3. Drake is the one running around with a battery in his back that Wayne and Baby… haha Baby.. placed there. He should stop taking subliminal shots at everybody expecting no retaliation or better still.. hoping no one would catch it.

    Well he was caught AND the balls in your court crybaby!

  4. birdman cash money ceo real owner of young money gives 30 year old weezy an allowance. birdman screwed everybody at cash money out of millions and we’ll see how long drake last he’ll fade out in due time. saying he’s one of the best rappers is dumb and drake has’nt masde 1 song that will be remembered in 10 years.

  5. Lil Gayne is mad somebody talked about his Boyfriend Aubrey aka Drake the Fake. The Canadian Gay Rapper. Gay Money are a bunch of fake ass wanksters. My gs said Gayne won’t say that shit to Pusha’s face without his security around him.

  6. I heard Drake gives the majority if not all his publishing to Cash Money..someone validate that please…

  7. We Ride for my man Pusha…From NY to VA, Dwayne better be careful before he gets run up on by the wrong people…

  8. I’m so sick of that homo thug wayne. Just go away already. Pusha got flows & Drake is talented but gimmicky & commercial. Wayne is just another sellout slave for the illuminati like his molester daddy.

  9. To me they all some sellouts. Pusha T don’t even look like he belong in Kanye’s camp. Let’s not talk about homo cause I believe they all are. Big Sean starting to look like he been touched the wrong way too. Let me say I do not have a problem with men who like to mess with the same sex,but if u repping females but behind close doors getting down with men it’s a problem. To me none of them (Wayne,Pusha,Drake)are in a good enough position for the pot to call the kettle black

  10. You know who has a Mad Contract?The Lady with the Tatted name on her forehead. PRINTED: Drake.Damn.

  11. it’s true Drake with a major label deal sprite endorsements etc. …He made the same money as Wiz kalifah AKA Snoop Light who had no deal at the time..Wiz even turned down going on tour with Drake who had a number one single at the time..

  12. I hope Pusha T isn’t gay, I sic of hearing these rapping azz gay ni66as on the low, we call them “UNDERCOVER BUDDIES”,we like real street str8 solid ni66as where I’m from!!!

  13. The author of this article is clearly biased Lil Wayne and Drake… Like theres no need to call Lil Wayne a “codeine addict” and Drake an “Alcoholic Rapper” come on this wasnt a hard story/article to mess up but you did.

  14. stop hating on wayne and drake …they are PAID and making music that is bananas on the air waves…they are living large…rap is a sport and a business dont be mad at Baby ceo cash money,,,,he has to get his too.

  15. Why would Pusha Ts care about another dudes finances….He’s been at this for a decade I think….so why even care about any rapper 25 & under… Pusha Ts gotta be at least 35 yrs old now…grow up man and stop starting bitch fights with niggas that was 10yrs old …when you was age 20

  16. Nigga Pusha Ts probably mad he wasnt on Kendrick’s “Poetic Justice” like drake….hahaha!!

    These transsexual ass rappers…smh