Queen Latifah Set to Let Her Lesbian Self Shine



Better Late That Never!

It’s no secret — Latifah’s been hiding her homosexuality in Hip Hop for years! Now, nearly a quarter of a century since releasing her first album, the Queen is Hyped up to finally let the world know she’s a lesbian. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Latifah’s homey, Robin Roberts, who’s recent coming out is reported to have inspired La to do the same.

“Latifah’s about to come out the closet to let the world know she’s lesbian and she’s in love with her girlfriend Eboni Nichols.”

Here’s the thing … this won’t be the first time La took a step out of the closet. Back in May 2012, at the 29th Annual Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival, the 43-year-old lady lyricist-turned-talk show host made a proud stance … before later recanting her statement. Just ask MC Lyte.

“I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time and i’m proud to be among my people.” -Queen Latifah

Here’s what a source recently told the National Enquirer:

“Latifah never wanted to be labeled a gay spokesperson or role model – that’s why she’s never come out. Her sexuality has been one of Hollywood’s biggest non-secrets for years, but since Robin came out she’s been thinking long and hard about doing the same. Latifah always wanted to keep her private life out of the spotlight, even though she’s never hidden her girlfriends from her close friends and family.

She’s performed at gay pride festivals, so in her eyes she doesn’t need to make a statement. But deep down inside she knows that going public, like her friend Robin did, will go a long way toward furthering public acceptance of lesbians and gays. Latifah respects and admires Robin’s decision. Although she’s still on the fence, she’s finally thinking about coming out – and that’s more than she’s ever done before.”


  1. While I don’t support filthy gays and their nasty way of life, I do support the truth. If you are gay and if you truly feel that it is normal, then you should not have to hide or lie about it. By lying about it shows that you know it is not normal.

    In Queens Latifah’s case, we all knew the deal, so we knew she was embarrassed about being gay. If she finally makes it official, she would only be doing it because Robin Roberts seemed to have gotten positive press, in the illuminati press. Gays had better watch out that they are not being set up for a future slaughter though.

    • Josh what about keeping your personal business under wraps to save careers and general persecution from an ill-informed public. There is no logic in your diatribe. If you are not gay then leave gay people alone would be a good start for the New Year. Why don’t you come out of the closet with all your bullshit and see how well society receives you.

    • “Gays had better watch out that they are not being set up for a future slaughter though.”

      I am so outraged by such a demonic statement. Your statement is very dangerous and should be taken seriously by all. Check the stats and see the amount of gay people that are killed annually just because they are gay. Words are very powerful and can instigate harmful actions by irresponsible people. Although your fellow bloggers may giggle and laugh, you should really rethink your behavior. Not funny at all!

      • Anonymous: Typical gay response of always trying to bring normal people down with you and accuse us of being gay. Most of the world is not gay you know.

        As for the ‘slaughter’ comment, that shit is real. You people are so consumed in the powers that be forcing people in politics and entertainment to kiss your asses, you make not see that right hook coming for you later on!

        • And there is a lot of shit in the pipeline for you too Mr. Josh and hope that you can block that right hook. Your contribution to society is running neck and neck with your IQ level. Keep on Mr. Josh keep on!

          • Anonymous:

            Don’t try to bring ME down with the gays. Just accept facts and not get mad. You keep oiling up your butt and do you, i’ll live a normal.

            • Josh, be careful your true colors are showing, you sound too knowledgeable and excessively interested. Keep it under wraps and watch out for that right ***k, or whatever it is that is coming up your way. Wink wink!

      • I don’t think he was trying to be funny at all. I hate the way gays jump all down the throat of anyone whose opinion differs from theirs. Go sit down!

    • Gay people always accuse people of being gay. Some people just straight up don’t like gays. It’s a prejudice, but that doesn’t make them homosexual, it makes them bigots

        • No. I’m straight. But I don’t think everyone is straight, just because I am. I don’t get it why gays think everyone who dislikes them is secretly one of them. You are pretty astute too. So explain that.

  2. On the real, Latifah should be a comedian, because the only people who (have) believe(d) her JOKE of being straight are naive middle-aged white women, who also happen to be her ideal demographic.

    ‘Ladies First’ indeed.

  3. Good for her. Its about time. She is such a dynamic businesswoman, I honestly don’t believe her revelation will adversely affect her or her business. Still a fan.

  4. Come on out, Queen, Your fans already know & ain’t gonna go nowhere. Real talk, we got our confirmation from the movie “Set it Off”.

    If I were you (and I know I’m not), and I’m rich, been nominated for awards, have a TV show, I would LEAP out the closet, grab Flava Flav as my hype man (cuz I heard he drive a Hyundai & we can’t let the homey go out like dat, get on that stage and start rapping about my gay azz with a vagina shaped mic. Live your life, Boo.

    • Why would she take your advice and become a low life buffoon/coon. She is not of your cut of cloth. She will do it her way without the thug hood antics.

    • Ms G “Set It Off” is one of a handful of films that even though I have seen it many times, every time I hit on it while channel surfing I HAVE to watch it again. I love seeing the women carrying a movie.

      Oh and PS: I took RC’s and installed Firefox as my browser, and so far(fingers crossed) my auto-refresh problems seem to have disappeared. Maybe you should try it too??

  5. She is a really nice person. I hope everything works out for her. I don’t think her coming out is going to hurt her career at all.

  6. BTW, Jacky that larger photo is a really nice photo you put up of Queen. But that smaller one looks like she just got out of Cell Block D. I see the shade…LOL

  7. Of course WE all know and have known the real Queen for about 23 years now, but the elephant is that White America likely did not know. Dana has high value contracts with Cover Girl, HSN and other revenue building entities. her management was likely behind her closeting.

    • Well she can come on out now. Ellen is so gay she’s practically a dude and she has a cover girl contract to. I honestly think people won’t even care

      • Not according to the persecution of gays that I read here. You people speak with too many different tongues.

        • And just what do you mean by “you people”???

          jk I was thinking of the Ross Perot gaffe back in the 90’s 🙂

      • I don’t think she can. I think it might really affect her career. She’s not as loved as Robin or Ellen IMO. I could be wrong.

        • I don’t know of anyone who is loved on the level of Robin Roberts except maybe Tom Hanks.

          RR has become a near Mother Theresa in the past 5 years and I love it!

          • Yeah. I’m sure Ellen hasn’t forgotten the hell she was put through after she came out on her sitcom! All them old White ladies dancing in Q’s audience would not be so supportive.

  8. If the Queens life is so transparent, why does she need to make any kind of statement at all? She goes on with her life and calls it straight and you continue to see all that you see and call it gay. Good common ground for everyone agrees and moves on.

  9. Had the pleasure of the Queen’s company on several occasions and can assure all of you, she is well equipped to handle her life successfully. On her behalf, I thank you all for your positive energy and humane intentions. Lovely group here!

  10. I like Latifah & I hope that coming out won’t hurt her brand, but I dunno… The public embraced Robin Roberts because she’s a cancer survivor. She went public with her 2 cancer battles & THAT’S what made White women embrace her so strongly — Sisters already dug her. And America had been used to seeing her on the news every day for years before she came out. Whereas Latifah was a star to us but not really an A-list mainstream celeb until she got her talk show, which is doing really well. But it’s still her 1st season. I’m a little worried about the reaction she might get to coming out.

    I just want to be sure she will be embraced the same was Ellen was, but that may not happen because she’s not White. American can be VERY shady towards Black lesbians. Think about all the Sisters in the public eye who are rumored to be gay. Then think about how many Black lesbian celebs are actually out? I can’t think of a single one. And Black men, esp. rappers, can be really offensive towards lesbians sometimes.

      • Am I the only one here who never did warm up to Ellen? And it’s not because she’s a lesbian. I just find her fake and annoying.

        • I agree, Christa — Ellen annoys me too. She’s corny, self-centered, can’t dance worth a damn & is not all that funny. But Whitefolks love her talk show, she’s be on since 2003.

          Just_Joi, it really didn’t take any time at all for America to embrace Ellen as a lesbian. She was slick about how she came out. Back when she had her sitcom (ELLEN) in the late 1990s, her character on the show came out to a gay woman she had recently met & wanted to be with (google “The Puppy episode”). There was a lot of advance media hype, some sponsors dropped the show but overall, America’s response was amazingly positive. That episode won 2 Emmys & a Peabody award & got renewed for a 5th season.

          Everyone already knew she was gay, but because Ellen came out on the show & publicly at the same time & did it with humor, everybody loved her for it. I hope Latifah gets the same warm reception.

          But I’m not betting on it.

          • I swear to gawd RC: whenever I have the misfortune to catch her show(maybe once every 2-3 months) and she starts that dance schtick, I have to run to the damn bathroom in case I need to hurl. I will only tune in if someone I ADORE is booked as a guest.

            I s’pose that there are some folk Black and white who feel that way about Wendy…but at least she is undeniably funny most of the time. And funny “off the cuff” too…not funny in the Ellen scripted to death way.

            • Ellen’s non dancing ass remember when Obama was running for office and they was dancing looking like an interracial gay couple.

              but hey barack had to prove he had love for the gays.

              why not dance with a man looking white bitch who looks more man than he does.

            • I like Ellens show. I dont check for her like that but if its on and shes not interviewing Miley Cyrus, I might tune in.

          • I guess I remembered it a lot differently. I didnt even remember her show being renewed after her coming out episode and damn sure dont remember any Emmys. Hmmm…I wonder why???
            I think the dead giveaway personality-wise is always the spouse. Porsha seems like a bitch and so I think Ellen could be as well. Jay Z seems like a Camel Heathen and so I think Beyonce worships Satan.
            Chris Brown/Rihanna
            Bla bla bla

    • Leave The Queen alone and let her continue to pursue her dreams, live her life and try to find the same happiness that we all hope to find. If we try, we can do better…

      • Just my opinion, but I think the Queen has reached the Snoop Dog, Denzel and Samuel Jackson level. White America loves her and she is now on the untouchable plateau which they have reached.

        I knew Sam had truly arrived when he began doing those prestigious bank card commercials on TV. That does not happen unless a celeb’s Q rating is sky high with all folks.

        • and all sam did was bend over for George lucas and take a white dick in the ass.

          kind of weird it took lucas damn near 60 years to conceive a child with any woman we know hes married to a black woman.

          • You are BAD Chris!! Seriously I had not even thought of or pictured Lucas as having anything to do with Sam. But even though it is a vomit inducing thought, I am the last person to say that anything isn’t possible in Hollyweird with its casting couch.
            I have heard from some good sources that man many many gay men developed a “Samuel Jackson fetish after peeping him in (my fave film) Jackie Brown.
            Yup. Ordell Robie was a very sexy daddy fantasy for some of my gay male coworkers.

          • George Lucas & wife Mellody Hobson saddled their daughter with the unfortunate name Everest Hobson Lucas & although he has 3 adopted children from this previous marriage, Everest is his 1st bio baby, via a surrogate. Which is freakish for a dude who’s 69, but she’s only 44 & not as lucky as Halle Berry was, I guess.

            • I have recently heard through a VERY reliable source(although there is always room for doubt) that Halle’s children with both men were not produced from her eggs. Yes, she carried them, I am not saying it was a fake pregnancy, but as is sometimes the case with women over 40, her doctor warned her of potential problems with her own eggs. Supposedly she opted to use the healthy young eggs of a woman who matched up well with her own heritage and had them IVF implanted.
              Buy it or not…I just thought you might like to hear the tea.

  11. White America MIGHT be in “love” with the “queen”, but let’s not forget she is still a black woman. And one false means all her shit will be aired out by that same white America.

    • But shes cool with the Scientologists, so shes safe until, shes not anymore.

      John Travolta was her first guest.

      • another closet fag and we know about scientology didn’t cure his homosexual tendencies like they said.

        closet dykes love closet fags even those who claim they can save the world from a fake ass invasion.

  12. who’s she fooling we all knew queen was gay.

    whats amazing is she thinks nobody knew but her.

    it may not be our business but please quit throwing hints then denying it.

    • Hints? Is the gay parade a HINT? Shes probably trippin about why people still dont know! Shes like wtf?! Lol.

    • To calm the masses, let’s say The Queen makes a big coming out announcement (why you need info. on other people’s sexual proclivities beats me) that you all been waiting for, giving you bragging rights with chests sticking out. Two days later, you’ll be right back on the blogs demanding bathroom crotch shots of her to see what she’s working with down there. It will never end with most of you; don’t seem happy unless you’re apart of the sexual act itself. Until you get a life of your own, there will be no satisfaction. The Queen should keep the bull in the pen, the horses in the gate and the closet doors closed. Long Live the Queen!

      • Not sure where all of THAT is coming from because no one on here really cares whether she comes out or not, the main point was, damn near everyone already knew and then life went on. And as far as calling her a “queen”, that she is not, because no REAL queen is a carpet muncher.

        • “No one on here really cares whether she comes out or not”

          Maybe you should take some time and read the comments prior to yours. Or maybe just speak for yourself.

          • Maybe you should get off the Kings sick and accept that different people have different opinions. Troll ass

            • Again, reading comprehension should be fundamental but clearly, it’s not. The rebuttal was not about different opinions but the need to use “because no one on here really cares whether she comes out or not” to validate your point was the issue given the fact that you’re trying to speak for a board is anonymous to you.

          • Trust child, they really don’t. Are you forgetting that this is a gossip site where people come to voice whatever they’re thinking. But when they leave this website, they also leave the gossip behind, because in the end NO ONE CARES. Life goes on. Common sense kid.

  13. manson was into scientology and brainwashed his family or clan with its methods the power of lsd and hippie music.

  14. she should have been out the closet the door was never closed she was just standing there smh! and that Revlon make-up is the worst . I hate that ish,it makes you look fake as heck! touche’

  15. I’m glad she’s still quiet about her life. Who will believe her playing a love interest to a man in a movie now?

  16. Sick and tired of the statement and announcement of the Gaystapo if there was NO money in it do you really think that the African nation would be down on it.As mentioned previously population control and genetics however I also have hue man rites and refuse to bow and take it up the backside . I am not interested, the Gaystapo cannot define my reality or normality and as for latifa she is a coon wearing a blonde wig unconscious and perverted nothing Queenly about dat


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