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Quentin Tarantino has a Fetish for Black Women

January 2nd, 2012

Tarantino Qiana Chase

Three’s Company & Two Is a Crowd: Don’t Believe me? Ask Quentin Tarantino!

Hollywood director Quentin Tarantino has two Afro American models living with him and guess what– The screenwriter is also a horny landlord. Know why? Because Quentin is smashing both Afro-American models on a nightly basis. Don’t believe me? Ask Playboy model Qiana Chase (neude photo of Qiana here).

Here’s what an insider had to say:

“Tarantino has two black chics living with him. Qiana Chase and Miya Jordan.

They gotta sleep with him, but they don’t gotta pay rent. Quentin Tarantino loves black women so much he’ll pay for their sex.”

Is an Oreo cookie sandwich the best way to describe Quentin Tarantino’s threesomes? I think so, but I’d like to know your thoughts?

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29 Comments on "Quentin Tarantino has a Fetish for Black Women"

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T. Wade
January 14, 2013

Sho nuff?


T. Wade
January 14, 2013

Times is tough. Gotta get paid.


January 9, 2013

This guys movies are freakn sick!!! I love em!! who he sleeps with and how he sleeps with them is his business. He’s rich as hell. I’m pretty sure the women he has living with him are getting way more than a place to stay. If they are whores, who the hell cares! So what if they’re black. Fetish? Look up the meaning! Liking black women is a preference. Stop being jealous or hateful. Its stupid and ugly.





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