Quentin Tarantino: Modern Day Slave Trader…


Become a Modern Day Slave Trader

Lights, Camera, N-Word, Action Figures!!!

First, Quentin Tarantino promoted Django Unchained as a ‘love story’. Then, the slavery-based film grossed $77.8 million — as movie goers were exposed to the N-word 109 times. Now, the film directer is cashing in for a second time over his further exploitation of African American slavery, green lighting his Django Unchained cast to be peddled as action figures. The nerve of this guy!

Here’s what’s being reported by The Daily Beast:

“Last fall, the National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc. in tandem with the Weinstein Company, announced a full line of consumer products based on characters from the movie.

First up are pose-able eight-inch action figures with tailored clothing, weaponry, and accessories in the likeness of characters played by Foxx, Kerry Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Remar and Christoph Waltz.

The dolls are currently on sale via Amazon.com. No one will go on record to discuss the action figures, which can easily be viewed as highly offensive. But it is unlikely that any outcry would make Tarantino rethink making slave masters and slaves toys for children to play with — he did, after all, go out of his way to make the abuse and degradation of African slaves for profit funny.”

Quentin Tarantino seems to fail to realize – or simply not care – that blacks have yet to be granted any sort of reparation for their holocaust, by continuing to exploit American slavery with this latest shameful production of the film director’s biggest movie ever. To be sure, every other race degraded – other than blacks – have been presented with some sort of retribution for their pain. That’s why assholes like Quentin Tarantino and Steven Spielberg need to go sit the fuck down and stick to making Nazi films. Don’t believe me.. Ask Professor Eric Michael Dyson.

Oh, and did I tell you that Leonardo DiCaprio is known to have long been a collector of slave dolls? Just sayin’…


  1. I saw the movie and it was excellent! It was a love story, and so much more.

    The move was very well done, the use of the N word was appropriate based on the subject of the film. The use of the N word I. His other films… not so much!

    We can’t complain about anyone using the N word when so many blacks insist on using it! There is a concept of freedom of speech, and the N word will never be a term of endearment! I don’t care what the original meaning of the word is, I know what context is it MEANT to be used in.

    Now, as for the action figures, what the fuck!

    • You may have a point. I do not understand why so many black people love to use that word. It makes me so uncomfortable. I do not know if it’s true or not but I think that so many black people have forgotten the meaning of the word. That word is used to demean, dehumanise and put black people in their place. How can anyone think that such a word is OK to be used? I do not know. It is not a term of endearment.

      Also I am sick and tired of some white people who think it’s cool to be black, like we are some kind of fashion fad/fetish. Blackness is not some damn coat that you can put on take off whenever you choose. If they did have a choice to be black they wouldn’t take it up. They know how we black people are treated and viewed in this world. Check out Chris Rock.

    • I agree. The movie was a period piece and during slavery that was what we were called everyday all day in addition to coon and wench. Black people have now taken the word as a term of endement and use it 109 times a day seven days a week. I hope movie encourages African Americans to dig deeper into our past our struggles and our courage. Maybe some knowledge of self will help us to be more selective in the names we call us and the way we treat us.

      • Period piece my ass- under the guise of artistic expression lies..like we really need another period piece aka The Help- recognize hollywierd mind control game.

        There are 3 branches of the government- Executive, Judicial, Legistlative as well as a 4th- The MEDIA!

        Media =s Medium =s Hypnotizing Minds

        It’s (movies, tv, music, etc) just entertainment- right?

        Enter (come into)

        Tain (hold possess)

        Ment (a state of)

        To enter into, possess & to keep an individual(s) in a state of possession as a fan (fanatic) of said entertainment and/or entertainer.

        To be a living vessel for evil fallen spirits via one’s own consciousness on a direct and subliminal level- where do thoughts come from that just pop into our mind?

        To emulate sinful trends, fashions & fads implemented under the guise of artistic expression while acting out on said fanatical impulses, tenets contained within said entertainment.

        The entertainment industry binds sins with souls all for profit- point blank, The NWord is a demon!!

    • Django Unchained was just nominated for Best Picture of the Academy Awards. Christoper Waitz was nominated for best supporting actor. QT did not get nominated for director.

      And a little Black girl of 9 was the youngest person ever nominated for Best Actress.

      Gay Boy Bradley Cooper was nominated for Best Actress.

  2. Now Jacky I know you aint say the “R” word. Thats the problem with us blacks, I know Ima catch hell for this, but we insist on being paid for what WE as people right now did now suffer through. We as black people are hypocrites, we greedly seek out money for injustices that did not happen to us. We hinder ourselves from moving forward because we insist on recieving something that we did not go through to get. And futhermore even if we were to get some kind of reparation it will never be enough and yall know Im right, they give us a check for 15000, and well say ” oh 300 years of being beat and punished and thats all we get is 15000 damn dollars”. We as black people will never be satified. We seek justice for the wrongdoings of our ancestors, by a monetary payment given to us, is that truly fair? We wanna make all this noise about what was done to our great great great grandparents and so on but I know so many of us that wrong not only people of our own race but even members of our immediate family. Dont believe me….ask tracy morgans mother. Bottom line, no slavery was not right, but we are going about moving on the wrong way, especially us blacks in the 21st century.

    • Seeking justice via monetary payment for the free labor of our ancestors is definitely fair. Our ancestors built this country for free and were released from enslavement with absolutely no economic base to build upon. This created a situation where there were no economic resources to pass along to future generations. Whites are still benefiting from inheritances that were founded upon slavery.

      Considering the fact that the jews, indians and japanese have gotten reparations, how can you consider it o.k. that we have not?

      Yes we deserve reparations. We suffered through enslavement (free labor for whites), we suffered through the sharecropping system (free labor for whites, for the most part) and we suffered through the convict lease system (free labor for whites). A disproportionate amount of African Americans are filling the jails now and are being used to enrich businesses and corporations much like the convict lease system. This is just another form of slavery.

      When we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and built prosperous communities (Tulsa’s Black Wallstreet) the government assisted in bombing the community and destroying what was built. The insurance companies refused to pay on claims so again we were left with nothing.

      We absolutely deserve reparations. We live in an economically driven society and we’re the only ones who were exploited economically over and over again without recompense.

      • So we get paid….. Then what? Your arguement is extremely valid, but I invite you to do some dissoi logoi. If you had to argue in aggreance with my perspective what would you say. My point is, we get paid, is that really justice, will we as blacks really be satisfied? If I go out and build a house and do all of your work that you were supposed to do, and you got paid for it, is that truly in anyway honoring me?

        • I’m not sure I completely understand what you’re asking so please correct me if I’m off base. If I worked and didn’t get paid I would definitely want my heirs to benefit if I were no longer alive. I would want them to have the economic resources that I would have been able to provide if I had been paid personally. Honoring me would be paying what I’m rightfully owed so that my children would not have to live in poverty or try to start building economically with absolutely nothing.

          As far as what we could do with the money…well, let’s see…the indians built casinos….so perhaps we could build factories to employ our people. Maybe we could build our own schools so that we could make sure that our descendants were properly educated to contribute to the advancement of our people. I’m sure that with the intelligence that can be found in the black community we would figure out how to allocate those resources so that our race could prosper for generations to come.

          As far as arguing in agreement with your perspective, if that is what you asked, I can’t. My argument is and will always be FOR reparations for the enslavement of our people.

          • You got everything I asked correct, and the point you made about building schools I couldnt agree with you more. My point is that if anything, the race as a whole should get a reparation, i.e paying tuition, build schools, build homes, create jobs. But if we were to get money individually many of us would do nothing but put it directly back into the white mans hands. So many of us as black people have been given opportunities and squander them. We need to learn more as a race. Observe other races and why they are successful and even sucessful blacks. They pool their resources, they invest, they donate, etc. Its a general consensus among black people, that they want to see you doing good but not better than them. There are so many things that we just need to improve on.

            • I can agree with you totally on this post. I don’t think we should receive any money individually because we as a people have not been taught to handle wealth. It would be squandered in a weekend.

        • I agree @ so we get paid then what? That’s exactly how I feel. No amount of money can erase the pain and anguish I feel everytime I look at a picture of a man or woman being lynched, a demonstration of a man being tarred and feathered, a picture of a little girl and a little boy having a dog sicked on them, read about a hate crime based on the color of one’s skin, read excerpts of a journal describing the brutal rape of women and children, hear stories of men being jailed, beaten, and sometimes castrated for supposedly whistling at a White woman, and the times I watch movies based on slavery and see how slavery tore fathers from their families and ripped children out of the arms of their mothers and sold them as if they were clothes on a rack. I don’t want any monetary reparation because no amount of money can heal the damage that was done.

    • From my perspective, Blacks are still suffering from the enslavement of our ancestors. They built this country through free, forced labor and were released with absolutely no economic base to build upon. This eliminated the ability to pass along economic resources to future generations. Whites are still benefitting from inheritances that were founded upon the enslavement of our people.

      Adding to the economic exploitation of our people was the sharecropping system and the convict lease system. These economic systems also made millions if not billions for whites from the hard labor of Blacks while we ended up with nothing.

      Futhermore, when we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and built prosperous communities (Tulsa’s Black Wallstreet, for example), the government assisted in bombing the community and killing Blacks. The insurance companies refused to pay on claims, so again, we were left with nothing.

      The indians, jews and japanese have all gotten reparations. Their suffering was no greater than ours. We deserve to be compensated for the abuses our ancestors suffered and for the opportunities that were lost. I personally think the ancestors would want it that way.

      We are the only group that does not have an independent economic base to sustain us as a race and it pains me that some people feel that this is not a problem.

      They continue to fight us on this issue because they know that with our creativity and resourcefulness we would quickly surpass many other groups if we just had an economic base to build upon.

      • Excuse the double post. There was a delay in my response posting to the site which made me think it was lost.

      • Let’s get this out of the way. After the end of slavery, reparations were offered…monetarily along with 40 acres and a mule. HOWEVER, it was the tiny so-called “BLACK ELITE” that voted against any reparations for Blacks citing the fact that if the responsibility to rebuild within the Black community was placed on their shoulders, then that will suffice. That is the foundation for the rise of the so-called Talented Tenth came how institutions, such as Tuskeegee Institute, was founded. Booker T. Washington founded the institution to teach Blacks to remain agrarian. Many Black students wanted to become professionals: Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, etc. However, he fought against their desires so that he would still get money for the institution from White benefactors. So that fight is over, said, and done…case closed. One last thing, who pushed for affirmative action and who benefitted from it? The “BLACK ELITE” pushed for it because they felt equal intellectually to Whites since they went to their elite universities (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc). They could not get jobs at those schools so they came and exploited Black institutions even though they did not care for the Black students. Therefore, since only White women and elite Blacks benefitted from affirmative action, I don’t flinch at any push to get rid of it. It never have and never will benefit me.

        • @MeMyselfAndI

          Thank you for that comment, I truly appreciate your insight, I learned things that I didnt know and I really appreciate that. And the arguement from you viewpoint is extremely valid you are trying to make people see things for what they really are. Thank you

        • According to Dr. Claud Anderson, it was Lincoln who rescinded the order of 40 acres and a mule for Blacks. Not sure if the Elite were behind it or not but the fight isn’t over and the case isn’t closed.

          This is a movie length video but it’s well worth the time to watch.


          • Fraud Anderson and his “Powernomics” bullcrap is a crock. He only put that out there to fuel book sales because that is all his “Powernomics” bullcrap amounted to. If his “Powernomics” platform was plausible, people, White, Black, and otherwise would have grasped it. He only sold books at his ill-attended seminars.

            • Dr. Anderson has been sounding the alarm for over 30 years. His plan was for the benefit of Blacks, so whites would not have grasped it. If anything, they would sound like you and try to make us think that it’s all bullshyt.

          • Fraud Anderson and his “Powernomics” bullcrap is a crock. He only put that out there to fuel book sales because that is all his “Powernomics” bullcrap amounted to. If his “Powernomics” platform was plausible, people, White, Black, and otherwise would have grasped it. He only sold books at his ill-attended seminars

        • Lincoln approved General Sherman’s “Special Field Order No. 15” that provided 40 acres to newly freed slaves- he did ask local black leaders what their people wanted and whether they wanted to integrate or separate- the leaders, who didn’t include Booker T. or WEB DuBois, told him that the people wanted land, and separation- hence the 40 acres; when Lincoln signed the order, the reparations were implemented- this was Jan 1865; when Lincoln got assassinated in Apr 1865 and his successor Andrew Johnson took office, Johnson rescinded the order took the land from the blacks and returned the land to the white previous owners. Reparations were short-lived and it shouldn’t be over- Also, if I’m to watch a slave movie, I’d rather see a bad-ass slave, killing whitey left and right- than a slave getting beaten by whitey in every scene! Damn you Roots and Color Purple!

      • Wow!! your comment brought tears to my eyes. You are 100% percent right in every word you wrote. I will always have a deep hate for white people because it seems that they do NOT understand that slavery is the reason why the black race is so freaking divided and also the reason why we are not at the level economically we should and could be at is because we were denied and still are till this day. A White man could not vote in the late 1800″s to early1900″ unless they owned land. I refuse to go see the movie because I know its going to piss me off so I’m good. And as far as the dolls go,that ish sucks. It”s going to be a joke for white people. Their going to have them hung in there homes in all types of vulgar and disrespectful ways and its going to be something that we will have to accept. Like we have to accept them saying the words Nigger as long as their singing it in a rap song. I was just saying were going backwards and this proves it.

        • @ LoveChild
          You hate white people? So that I can better understand your perspective explain to me, how is your hatred of white people going to help propel the black race forward? It is this exact type of thinking that is hendering us as a race. We want to blame others for why we cant do anything, why we cant move forward why we cant be successful. Is this what God has instilled in us to do? Christ suffered unimaginable torture so that we may be cleansed of our sins yet we still have the nerve to carry this anger for so many years for what did not happen to us. And to set the record straight, it was our own ancestors that sold us to white slave traders as slaves to start with, it was only when the need for more labor ensued in America that they were taken unjustfully. We enslaved our own people in Africa, we did wrong, and so many of us dont even know this yet we want to continue to place blame on others, not just whites. So when you say you have a deep hatred of whites, I just can not understand how you fathom that our race can move above with thinking like that. Our ancestors have long passed since then, and God is the only person who can make just what was done to us, MONEY CAN NOT. Im not a person who is trying to bash my own race but I am trying to get others to understand that this hateful way of thinking is hurting US and not anyone else. If we continue to stay bitter and stuck in the past then we will never move forward. Black people continue to argue that whites are to blame for us being unsuccessful,etc, but look how much history we have made, look how far we have come, and none of our success or rights have come from hating others or blaming others, I know sooooo may black people that are CEOs, presidents of comanpanies, and have good jobs, homes, and families yet that still is not enough for us, thats why I continue to reiterate that we as a race are hypocrites and we will never be satisfied, nothing will ever be good enough and how dare we put a price on the sufferings of our ancestors, to benefit us? When we grow up as a race and learn the importance of forgiving, investing, learning, blessing others, strategizing, etc. then we will realize there is no benefit in any handout from a white man. All a reparation is the white man saying “Sorry for enslaving your people, heres $1000” Thats the biggest spit in the face I can think of. Bottom line is once the money is given and spent, once the schools and homes have been built, one the people are given jobs, what would we have learned as a race?…..Nothing, we will have our hands out claiming that it was not enough

          • @Renee..

            Dont tell me NOTHING about my hate for white people. I went to a predominately white high school and white people are as evil as they come. you must a be a white person sitting here expressing all that bull ish or I’ll just assume fucking a white person because all that you wrote I will not even think about reading that crock of bullish. screw you… Next………………..

            • LoveChild: I definitely understand how you feel. However, I beg of you not to let the hate distract you from the work that needs to be done. You sound like you would be a sincere soldier for the cause of uplifting our people. I’ve had some unpleasant experiences with them, too and I agree that most of them are evil, soul-less cretins. However, we do have to interact with them in this society. Don’t hate. Just remain aware that their agenda will NEVER be in our best interest. Go out and educate as many people as possible, especially our children. We have to keep up the fight to save ourselves whether we get reparations or not. We are on a path of extinction.

              Check out Dr. Claud Anderson and Dr. Umar Johnson on youtube. They have some information that we need and are outlining some practical plans for our salvation.

              Reading some of these posts have me wondering how deeply set the conditioning against our advancement really is. And not saying that Renee is white or against the betterment of blacks, but I have noticed that since SB set it off up in here last year, we have a whole lot of whites on this board.

              This site used to be full of conscious minded people giving very valuable information. Now there seems to be many people trying to throw us off as far as what is real and what we need to know and do to advance ourselves.

              My heart tells me that the alphabet boys are all up in this site watching our every move. I have so much more information that I’d like to share but this is no longer the forum for it.

              Much love to you and yours…and again don’t let hate cloud your vision.

            • First of all, im not even going to waste my time arguing whether or not my ass is black, u have to be kidding me. Secondly, its a shame that you all are put a price on what was done to our ancestors to be given to us, shameful. Youre saying you hate all people in an opposite race and a person you dont know, shameful. My point is that we need to be trying to life each other up rather than spending so much time hating another race. Fine @lovechild, white people are the reason blacks are where we are now, so what now? You gonna bitch about it over the internet the rest of your life. There are going to be injustices in the world, period, what about poor children in other countries who cant even eat yet, we support the companies that promote their unfair labor. We all have sins we have to answer for, Instead of hating other people thinking thats going to get you somewhere in life use their heads as a stepping stone. Instead of bitching about what was done to my ancestors such as My great great great gradmother Polly Lewis Quick, or Johnnie Mae, and Lillie Cox Spann, I live my life the way I know they would have wanted me to, by praising God, working hard, going to school, graduating, taking advantages of opportunities, caring myself AS A DIGNIFIED CLASSY BLACK WOMAN, and appreciating all the rights and privileged afforded to me by the hard work they did. I dont want a white persons pitty money, I have more respect for myself and family than that. Ive done my research, Ive visited the graves of my ancestors, where my great great great great uncle was buried in north carolina after dying and they wrote his mispelled name many of the letters backwards on a cut down tree stump because they could not read nor write at the time of his burial. SO DONT SIT NO GOD DAMN WHERE YOU UNGREATFUL STUPID ARROGANT UNTHOUGHFUL BITCH AND TELL ME THAT I AM NOT BLACK AND I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING FOR MY RACE OR HERITAGE!

          • I agree that hate is not going to solve the problem. But GOD ain’t comin to solve this. If he/she were going to rectify this situation he/she would have done so already. And I don’t look at reparations as being an apology so much as saying…o.k. I cheated your people for hundreds of years so here’s something for you to work with. The spit in the face of slaves is when caucasians go about their business everyday as if they are not benefitting from a major wrongdoing and blacks still don’t have a level playing field to operate from.

            • First of all, im not even going to waste my time arguing whether or not my ass is black, u have to be kidding me. Secondly, its a shame that you all are put a price on what was done to our ancestors to be given to us, shameful. Youre saying you hate all people in an opposite race and a person you dont know, shameful. My point is that we need to be trying to life each other up rather than spending so much time hating another race. Fine @lovechild, white people are the reason blacks are where we are now, so what now? You gonna bitch about it over the internet the rest of your life. There are going to be injustices in the world, period, what about poor children in other countries who cant even eat yet, we support the companies that promote their unfair labor. We all have sins we have to answer for, Instead of hating other people thinking thats going to get you somewhere in life use their heads as a stepping stone. Instead of bitching about what was done to my ancestors such as My great great great gradmother Polly Lewis Quick, or Johnnie Mae, and Lillie Cox Spann, I live my life the way I know they would have wanted me to, by praising God, working hard, going to school, graduating, taking advantages of opportunities, caring myself AS A DIGNIFIED CLASSY BLACK WOMAN, and appreciating all the rights and privileged afforded to me by the hard work they did. I dont want a white persons pitty money, I have more respect for myself and family than that. Ive done my research, Ive visited the graves of my ancestors, where my great great great great uncle was buried in north carolina after dying and they wrote his mispelled name many of the letters backwards on a cut down tree stump because they could not read nor write at the time of his burial. SO DONT SIT NO GOD DAMN WHERE YOU UNGREATFUL STUPID ARROGANT UNTHOUGHFUL BITCH AND TELL ME THAT I AM NOT BLACK AND I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING FOR MY RACE OR HERITAGE!

      • Damn you could have not said it better!!Im so pissed off wright now at some of these comments I cant even write!They just don’t get it!

      • Thank you for the clarity of historical perspective! Some folks on here need an education fo real fo real!!

      • Exactly! That’s just one of many ways you can tell white people coming here fronting as black people. SMH.

    • Yea its wrong to acknowledge that as a people we have been wronged & deserve just compensation but its “right” to assist in the degradation of our race by actually enriching whites that seek to humiliate & exploit our current & future generations…please stop!!

      • Sharia: Some people will never get it. The conditioning is so deep that it is pointless to even have a conversation about this with some people on this topic. I would suggest that there be an opt-out form so that anyone who feels that reparations are beneath them do not have to benefit from any improvement in the economic condition of Blacks if reparations are granted.

  3. This ugly white mofo is sick….But not as brain trashed as the negroes who are lining his pockets to watch his garbage on celluloid.

    • Agree all the whites got Golden Globe nods and no blacks. I am not going to watch it when it goes to video or tv.

      QT mom dated black men, so his hate for blacks started at a young age. He probaly got his azz beat by a black too.

  4. Oprah will be first in line for these invaluable pieces of “cultural history”. She is said to have the largest collection of N*gg*rabilia in the world.
    Looks like Broomhilda will fit right in with her 200 mammy dolls.

    I once bought a white lawn jockey for shits and giggles…but that was just as a gag gift for a house warming.

    As for reparations, it’s simple. Every Black or 1/2 Black child born between 2014 and 2024 should be given a free 4 year college education.

    That would do more to uplift the Black population than any piddling check for $20G’s per adult could ever do. If 10 years of college educated Black citizens cannot effect tremendous change in the country, as well as our individual communities by providing young adults who are primed for good jobs, and the minds to make necessary cultural changes(like promoting family life by encouraging men to marry our women before the babies come) then I honestly don’t know what will bring about a major shift. I have written my senator who is white but very liberal about my plan, and he seems at least receptive to it.

  5. Give the black people as a race a reparation,if anything, build schools, pay tuition, buy homes, help place children in need with supportive families, etc. and I really mean that, but if you pay each individual black person money we will do nothing but put it back in the white mans pocket. If that is not a spit in the face to our ancestors idk what is.

    • That’s exactly why I say use the money to make a major GAME CHANGE in the U.S.
      Guaranteeing a free college education to a generation will do more than 500-1000 Blacks a year attending Ivy League Institutions. Yes, that’s where the next Black president will come from, but now that we’ve had a Black president, we need to raise the lowest on the ladder up many rungs. It won’t make a difference to the super gifted who are already attending the elite schools, but it will make a world of difference to kids who see hustling as the only way to be paid. AND, parents will not need to struggle with 2 jobs in order to send the children to school, so they will have much more time to watch and raise their kids leading to solid families.

      • I like your idea. What concerns me is the alarming rate our kids drop out of high school which negates having a free college education waiting on them.

        • if we instill in our youth the importance of an opportunity, and help to give them more hope, then we can still have a chance

        • *puts on rose colored glasses*
          Keepitrealnot…Dontcha think that at least 86% of kids, if they know from birth(as they would in my scenario)that they are bound for college and a future with a career and not a McJob, they would have enough enthusiasm and pride to stay in school and hit the books in order to catch the brass ring? I watch a lot of serious documentaries about the hopelessness which goes on in young lives today. I’ve heard it said 100, why graduate hs or get my GED just to earn $10/hour, when I can slang rock and get PAID?!
          Hence they drop out. With the opportunity of a lifetime, and the future of our race on their backs, I enthusiastically believe that the kids will respond in kind. *rests case*

      • Why would they do that? The thing is for them to remain on top, we have to remain on the bottom, so the only they will be doing is helping to keep us there…ie movies like django to brainwash us into thinking we come from slaves, as if we have no history before american slavery, as if we had no language before english, as if we had no religion before christianity…”they” will never do anything to help nubian’s because you are exactly where they want you to be…

        • As recently as 6 years ago, great Black minds were saying with absolute certainty, “there will never be a Black president in my lifetime.”

          There are people who don’t want us to succeed, I’ll give you that. But eff em. Get used to it white and Latino folks, it’s time we have the opportunities which were stolen from us 400 years ago. Get over it! Times ARE changing even w/o my plan. With my plan, we have a righteous, honorable means to be a race who’s preferences and ideas MEAN something. Democrats and Republicans will have to both fight for our votes, just as they do for the Latinos.
          We need to start hollering for meaningful reparations, rather than chump change ones.
          Shut the mouths of the YTs who say, “they just want some money to buy a big flat screen and some weed.” YT earnest liberals would be shamed to vote against it, and we sure would vote for it. That’s all it would take. And the Supreme Court would have to concur with the plan, especially since Obama will be appointing 2 judges during his tenure.

    • You could not have been more correct Renee.

      If you gave the average Black person, I said ‘AVERAGE’, they won’t do what needs to be done…

  6. So who will launch the national petition against this? Who will seek out boycotts against the toy maker, film company, etc. Or is bitching on a blog enough? (Some hater will nominate me with their predictable ass.)

    The problem with reparations is how much is enough? If its 40 acres and a mule money in 2013 dollars thats one thing but a few grand? If it’s a few grand (in my Chris Rock voice) Niggas will buy nigga shit. Black people with awareness will start or add to educational funds for their kids, paydown/refinance the house for an easier road for years to come, or start a small home based business to create an additional revenue stream (or some other intelligent and impactful use).

    How mad are we… really?

    • Thank you @keepitrealnotkeepinitreal that is one of the main arguments I have been trying to make throughout this post. So many people that argue about getting reparations, are the same people that continue to blame others for why they arent succesful. If we never recieve a reparation in your life, who will we blame then. I tell people all the time, every place ive gotten in my life it has been on my own merits or it has been with the help of…… you guessed it…. white people, and every single door ive ever had slammed in my face, has been from a black person, I hate to say it but I have not had single hand out from a black person, its almost like we dont want to help each other advance but we are quick to say why we cant move forward in life

      • Renee- I caught the end of an impactful documentary the other night. It was called (dont quote me) What Black Men Really Think. It was above average. However, one quote stuck with me. Dr. Alvin Poussaint said something to the effect of (paraphrasing) “so is our (blacks) plan to wait until things are perfectly equal and fair to begin our quest for success?” That blew me away. Read that quote again. Tape it to ur computer monitor. Thats our dillemma in a nutshell. We waste so much time and energy complaining about the past injustices that before we know it middle age has set in and we havent accomplished shit nor do we have good relationships with our kids. His point is (my take anyway) It ain’t about to get equal or fair or hand-holdy out here anytime soon. So stop bitching about it, get off yoyr ass and make some shit happen for you and yours. I love it.

        • @keepitrealnotkeepinitreal scroll up and read @LoveChild comment and my response to it. You and I are arguing the exact same thing, how long black people, how long are we going to continue to blame others for why we arent where we need to be and how long will it take for us to wake up and realize how much time we have wasted. If a black person took every ounce of energy they spent bashing a white person and put that energy towards, reading a book, finding a job, caring for you kids, working on your marriage, taking care of your health, investing in a stock, learning a different language, talking to God, turning off the tv, etc. WE WOULD BE SUCCESSFUL AND WE WOULD NOT HAVE TO BLAME OTHER PEOPLE FOR ANYTHING. Thats is what these other races do and that is why they get ahead. Period period period

          • @Rennee your delusional sweeetheart. If you are black, I HATE black people like you. Let me explain something to you sweetie…. The reality is that we want whats best for us or culture, or children and our families. But the problem is that there is a glass ceiling for us. We are and can only get so far because WHITE PEOPLE are in complete power in every industry and they got that power by not giving any one else opportunities. However, if we were able to get in the higher positions at the rate whitey does, we too would use Nepotism to our advantage. So your just assuming that every black person don’t want to get great jobs and do great things for our communities? There are many blacks who graduate from great schools and yet they cant even get an interview with certain companies because they are black. I am blaming white people for the failure of blacks. We get less business loans then any other race, we get less internship opportunities, its not that we are not trying we are just getting denied. Also the judicial system was designed to make us fail too, the drug felony charge killed the black home it took father”s away from families because white people use more drugs they any other race. so again, all that ish you wrote is a cock of bullish.

            • Kick through the glass ceiling. You are only limited by the size of your imagination, talent, drive and dreams.

            • And thats exactly why you, will never get any further then exactly where u are in life, saying you hate complete strangers. If you do believe in God, youre a shame.
              @keepinitrealnotkeepinitreal, exactly thank you.

            • And that shit about taking Black men away from their families, you weak minded fool im not even going to waste time goint their with you. Dont do the crime in the first place. Raise your kids honorably in the first place, do your job as a father in the first place, you cant be serious. People want to blame the judicial system but if you wake up and your car is stolen, somebody robbed you, somebody killed your brother, who do you call?…. the cops, what do you ask for justice. Youre the highest among hypocrites. and you have the nerve to call yourself @LoveChild, there is no love in you whatsoever only bitter misplaced hate.

            • Lovechild forgot to add that it wasn’t just the drugs that were placed in our communities by you know who that took our men away from us, either through addictions or jail. I remember hearing the old folks talking about how families couldn’t get any government assistance years ago if there was a man in the home. I remember hearing stories of men leaving so that their children could eat or how women had to hide their men’s belongings just so that they could get some assistance until the man found another job.

              My point is that this whole system has been designed to break up one of the most powerful unions on the planet. The Black male/female relationship.

            • The problem is aspiring to “work for” someone else or in someone else’s company…even these athletes, its a disgrace if your ultimate “dream” in life is to be the whiteman’s prize investment, if your ultimate dream is to be an employee for somebody else…the problem is looking at the world through the eyes of someone else!! You shouldn’t even want to get a job!! You should want to create a career for yourself, if you dream of working for somebody else, wish to complain about how you can’t be the white man’s employee…you already lost

            • @ Sharia 11:45
              Haven’t you ever seen a case of triumphing from with in the system? There is no entity I dislike more than Walmart for a host of reasons, BUT, I saw a piece on 60 Minutes documenting a Black young lady with a high school education who began as a floor worker at Walmart. She was a very smart cookie, and within a year she was an asst manager. Fast forward 4 years ans she is now a Sr.VP controlling all the purchasing at the largest employer in the world.
              I guarantee you her mind never let her acknowledge the word “can’t” or “won’t.
              Not saying it’s easy, but women slowly are breaking the glass ceiling; OF COURSE WE CAN. But ya gotta be willing to get on the playing field with the opposing team to win.

    • By signing petitions and boycotts and bs like that , it only serves to give this crap our ENERGY and free publicity…

      just fucking ignore it and do your own thing…It’ll go away on its own.

      Boycotting it would be like having your girlfriend break up with you and then you make a picket sign and march around her condo everyday saying how unfair she was to dump you…People are going to be looking at you march and they’ll be thinking that chick must got some of dat good pussy and dudes will want to see what the fuss is all about.

      Just get another girlfriend stupid..

      • You missed the point,,, once again. We DO have the power to run a toy company out of business. They want you to think that we don’t and you fell for it. That is the only thing I suggested boycotting was the toy company. We could run Hasbro or whoever else produced this racist shit right the fuck of of business.

        • Our interests should not be in running someone else out of business.

          Our interest should be in running and minding our own businesses.

          You can boycott the Electric Company to, but what do you do when you realize that you dont have your own alternative?

          • You run people out of business by making their business irrelavant by your ability to replace their niche in the market…

            Thats economics 101.

            The stuff you are talking about is outdated , 60 year old Civil Rights tactics that were good in its day but needs to be upgraded and refined just like the enemy have upgraded and refined their system of racism and white global hegemony.

            • My thing is that throughout living my life I truly realized that if I dont have everything I want in life its because I didnt go after it, and if I did not receive it was because there was something better for me planned or it was just not meant for me to have. Instead of trying to hate and ruin white people I try to better myself and focus on what I want in life, There has been so many people, white, black, indian, mexican that have gone out of their ways to do something to help propel me forward soley because I was good to them. I constantly try to help others by doing good for other people.

            • So you’re buying your Djando doll? Just give them a pass? Outdated or not stop flip flopping. Either youre pissed about the goddammned doll or you aint.

          • To Anonymous 10:40

            Yes we should run/boycott said business out of business especially if that business is a detriment to our community. It would be stupid to boycott a utility company. That would b a no win situation.

            • Exactly Black Pearl! What if every black person in the world woke up tomorrow and returned every toy they bought someone for Xmas? Think the analysts would have to re-estimate fourth quarter earnings? Think a company or two would have to pull back bonuses and lay yt employees off? Think they wouldn’t have the cash on hand to pay us and have to issue some kind of credit before quietly filing for bankruptcy thirty days later? Dont ever get it twisted – we spend a shitload of paper (mostly on stupid shit but thats an argument for another day. lol)

            • I think we are saying the exact same thing…
              Im saying that putting energy in a negative does not PRODUCE jack shit.

              Put the energy in replacing what the competition is producing by producing something to replace it and you’ve solved the whole problem..Not just 50% of it….

              Ultimately we know children needs toys…
              Why cant we produce them and market them?

              We like entertainment and cinema…
              Cant we buy cameras and produce movies?

              We like generating electricity to run our stuff.
              Cant we produce solar and wind generators?

              Isnt our energy best served by creating corporate entities that generates income instead of being mad at other people for trying to do their business?

              Dont get mad, get busy motherfukka.
              What better revenge is that the revenge of success?

            • The problem with some of you old niggas is you want to do 1955 tactics in a 2015 world…

              These young people need new ideas and they need to be able to compete on a GLOBAL LEVEL in education and economics….

              We dont need any championship marchers and boycotters in 2013….Thanks to the ancestors who did that in 1955, but we have to change with the times and not get stuck in a 60 year time warp….The enemy has certainly updated and upgraded his tactics because thats what sane people do…

        • How can you kick the glass ceiling when you don’t even have the opportunity to get through the door. Do you really believe that they are giving us the same opportunities? I have not worked for anyone since 2008 and I refuse too. I refuse to take authority from any one let a lone a white person sorry thats just me . Not to be bussing my ass to get passed over for any promotions. i have a lot of white clients,and many of them did nothing at all to be so rich and wealthy besides being white. I play the game just like them and then keep it moving. I worked in corporate america my first years out of college for a very major company and out of the staff of i”ll say 500 in the New York office four of us were Black. Now, I am sure there were many Black, Hispanic and Asian people who were qualified but they did not get the opportunities wonder why? maybe the name or even the zip code is a factor. Racism is real my friends.. and so is Nepotism. Have you ever volunteered in the inner-city ? if you ask most of the children about their fathers many of them will say that they are in prison. in the late to early 1980s, blacks excelling in all industries and education. we were going to college and graduating at the exact or close to that of white people. After the iran Contra scandal with President Reagan, Drugs began to mysteriously land in our neighborhoods which destroyed our race and culture. if you don’t believe me ask Ricky Ross (the real one) as matter of fact pick up a book a read. fuck what your saying.

          • @LoveChild:

            People don’t remember the 1980s, they cannot imagine the penury, not even poverty, but penury black folks lived under and cannot imagine how racist the 1980s, even 1990s were.

            However, those who forget history, are doomed to repeat it. And with some, but not all, but some of these comments, repetition is in the crystal ball.

      • No boycotting it would be like your ex stalking you & getting a glock to clap back…or the police harassing you & filing a complaint with your governor to put them back in check…it’s about self-respect, having standards & not allowing people to degrade nor disrespect you

      • You are equating boycotting picketing and those are two different acts.

        As far as signing petitions, I have no problem with that as long as they are online. Nothing wrong and not a lot of time and energy with an online petition and it is just as powerful.

    • @keepitreal-some people wonder why i say i like you and this post is why. Black folks love to blame the white man for all their problems but that’s easy. The hard part is like connery said in the untouchables-what are you prepared to do? But this does not just pertain to us regular folk cuz we can just not go to these kind of films and if hasbro thinks making slave dolls is ok don’t buy anything hasbro makes EVER AGAIN!!! But the part that isn’t on us is the idea of movies like this being made. Quentin tarantino can write stuff like this all day but if no black actors/actresses agree to act in it then it will remain an unmade screenplay. I get tired of black actors/actresses making this shit and trying to act like it’s ok. Viola davis and octavia spenser defended being in the help by saying-well black women were maids back then. SO WHAT?!!! That doesn’t mean i wanna go see that on the big screen! And like i told you before if playing maids, slaves, thugs, drug dealers and other stereotypical black roles are the only acting jobs blacks can get in movies then maybe black actors/actresses need to change careers!!!! What are you prepared to do? Are you that thirsty to be an actor/actress that you will have no standards and play ANYTHING??!!! It’s bad enough that you have to suck dick/eat pussy/get fucked(men and women) to get a job but you’re going to do it to play a CRACKHEAD or some other deragatory part??!!! Really?!! If i was an actress and those were my choices i would have to see if UPS was hiring! And that isn’t just the white folks that see us like that we do too! When blockbuster and hollywood video were still popular i would go in the black section looking for something to watch and know what i saw? Hood bullshit!!! Crap whose titles were self explanatory-no need to read the back of the box you knew what you were getting!! “Two G’s and a Key” “Ghetto Dawg” “Groupies” “Protect Yo Hood”and my personal favorite “The HipHop Witch”! *groan* Now if this is how we see ourselves why would you expect white hollywood to see us differently? I haven’t seen the help and i won’t and i don’t care if it is good. I will not support fuckery!!! When movies like this do well it sends a message to hollywood that says make more and that’s not just with stuff like this it’s with everything. If you doubt me think back. Remember the big horror movie boom that happened after the first scream came out? Right. And yes reneeblack26 is right, hating white folks gets us nowhere! White folks aren’t going anywhere so we might as well learn to get along with them as best we can. There is a reason they call it history-cuz it’s over!!! Now be clear i am not saying FORGET or even forgive but we must move on. There is much work to be done to secure our future but we can’t do it if we keep dwelling in the past. The jews motto about their holocaust is never forget and never again. I say we need to adopt that!

      • I appreciate the love. The late 60’s and early 70’s were a bitch on our community. I was fortunate to be surrounded by strong men and women. True, welfare was not provided if there was a man in the house. Peep the movie Claudine (great Curtis Mayfield soundtrack btw) for a light hearted look at that scenario. The brother got with a sister with a boatload of kids too.

        However, THE KILLER for BMs was tricking our asses into joining the army. Vets came back from Viet Nam strung out, lost, PTSD’d out, and most importantly having missed out on those critical college years that the YT draft dodgers used to get a leg up on degrees and a corporate Amerikkka presence. This country actually treated POWs better during war time than black soldiers when they returned. Those vets deserve reparations for that alone.

    • Al Sharpton rounded up the usual suspects to protest the dolls on Thursday.
      Then shock of shocks, Wendy Williams went on full blast against them on Friday’s show.


  7. Fuck Reparations.
    Pay yourself by learning skills that you can use to feed your family and ultimately to Nation build.

    Computer Science
    Satellite Technology
    Skills to build infrastructure like road, bridges , etc.
    Carpentry , Plumbing, electrical

    simple stuff like shoe making, photovoltaic, and wind generation….Making clothes and tailoring…

    Financing and learning the real estate game and how to obtain banking capital to invest in developing markets and dont forget making links to develop at least some form of international trade…International Trade is the key to corporate soverignty…

    The economics that we are taught in school is fake economics and its only theoretical forms of trade and its not meant to make you wealthy but to maintain your slave status…Rich people learn true economics form their parents and NO ONE GETS RICH ON SOMEONE J-O-B…Its not designed that way…People get wealthy and are able to maintain wealth from investment, commodities, and CAPITAL GAIN EARNINGS.


  8. I will not now or ever condone this movie and the gratuitous use of a word that was meant to belittle and destroy my ancestors and my family.

    If you guys want to pay this clown to see HIS depiction of what it was like in the slavery times, then so be it, but I can assure you, it won’t stop with him.
    Next will be a movie Black life in the Depression and of how “swell” we had it then as well!

    Don’t you see?
    It started with “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” when the Negro slaves came in from the fields WHISTLING and SINGING HAPPY FUCKING TUNES!!!
    How stupid did they really think we would be???

    So, go and watch this farce, and when you’re done, go and read a book to see how life REALLY was hard for our ancestors, and not how some racist pig who hides “ART” creates his fantasy of how Black people should be belittled and should love it, because he knows our struggle waaaay better than we do!

  9. i wouldnt take a dime of their stinking blood money.

    There is no monetary amount of money that can be paid to the human lives lost, the families destroyed the nations demolished the children molested, the men mutilated and the women raped over multiple generations.

    Taking money for something like this would be like spitting on the graves of our great ancestors…What we should be asking for is divine justice and having our stolen lands returned to us and then leave us the fuck alone.

    • thank you thank you thank you, please if you get a chance read some of the comments especially my response to @LoveChild I have posted above, we as blacks need to change our way of thinking

    • So you take the land and don’t have a dime to buy a seed to feed yourself from that land or a tool to extract the resources from that land. Yeah…that sounds like a plan to me. SMH

    • Now I would definitely take the $$$, but I doubt they would ever give it & i’m not begging them for shat!!

  10. If we just woke up and realized we are livng in the greatest economic and technological power on earth right now we can retrieve our own REPARARTIONS by taking advantage of the great educational and economic opportunites that only exist here in the US.

    Some people would give their right thumb(literally) to get just a chance to get a visa to come to America. Go travel the world and see for yourself. We have all the tools opportunities we need to do whatever we want anywhere on the planet once obtained…

    • Thank you, we want to complain about how little we have and how far we cant get but yet there are people around the world that can not even eat everyday, are we as blacks helping them?, no all we are concerned about is what happened to our ancestors our past, why we cant have a lexus and the “white man” does. Its sad. We are truly a race that can not get past our transgressions, we really cant.

      • Forgetting is definitely NOT the answer…also what is going on in america is the same thing that is going on across the world. Whites have colonized the earth, EVERYWHERE from S. Africa to Brazil you have a minority of whites controlling people of color, enriching themselves with OUR natural resources & free labor! This is not just something that happened here, this started as soon as we educated these people & alexander ran up in egypt…the problem is you can’t see the “forest from the trees” first it was the persians/arabs, then the whites this is about world domination & the regulation of blacks to their labor class…

        • where in the world in any of my statements did I say “forgetting” was the answer, please dont paraphrase for me or take my words out of context. I truly mean that in the most respectful way. Also, you need to do more research, before the europeans began taking us unjustly due to greed we sold our own people in places like Ashanti, and Yoruba, the tribes of Imbangala, would act as middle men, capturing other africans and selling them to the European and POW’s from other native african tribes as well were sold. White people definetly did wrong to us, but it is just as hard for me to watch a documentary about how white people beat and tortured us as it is for me to watch a documentary about how we are killing each other off now. We need to band together and stop all this nonsense and hatred amongst each other, thats what white people want, us to keep killing each other off, so they dont have to do. What are we teaching our children? People are so ready to go on other races not just white, but have yet to look in the mirror. People hate Mitt Romney, (and dont worry I strongly dislike his ass too, I wont say hate) but half the NAACP founders were republican, Daddy Martin Luther King was a republican. Our ancestors did not want us to grow up hateful and angry of everybody. My grandmother would tell me about her growing up in alabama how when she was little if she wanted to try on a hat in a department store they would make them put a piece of tissue paper on their heads first if they let them in in the first place. Crazy shit like that, yes it makes me angry but the best revenge I can dish out is by living my life to the fullest with the highest respect for those that have past, do right and volunteer and help out in the black community, and love everybody that I possibly can.

          • @ Sharia: I apologize if I came off as rude i mean no harm to you, its just that I see the road black people are heading down, and we just arent honoring our ancestors in the correct way. Help out in the community, start a non profit fund, go to africa, hell go to a nc or sc, revisit whereever youve come from, be humble and thankful, not spiteful and hateful. I will tell you a story, i needed surgery extremely bad in 2010, I went to 3 different prestigious black doctors, the surgery on average should have cost about 8000, do you know none of them would take me as a patient or even see me for a consulation. Why? Because the only saw esteemed black people with a lot of money, and I did not meet the criteria. I was devastated and this is not the first time something like this has happened. I ended up having my surgery done by a man who was half spanish and half white. That man saved my life,took my insurance even though it cost him money to do so because he was out of my network, made arrangements to do the surgery at a hospital that was near me because I was too sick to travel to him, and knocked 2500 off the surgery and allowed me to pay what I owed in installment. I had complications afterwards due to my inability to heal and he traveled on Christmas day to check on me. That man saved my life, im tearing up because there are so many good people in the world yet we refuse to allow ourselves to think so. We stay so closed minded.

        • Whites comprise about 11% of the planets population…They cannot colonize the 89% without our WILLING PARTICIPATATION AND COOPERATION…

          It would be impossible….

          • jUST like Django and Love and Hip Hop would not be a success without our willing COOPERATION AND PARTICIPATION…

  11. to the original comment: everything you just said shows that all blackwomen and men that think like this have completed their transformation into a modern day slave. why not advocate for the people who received a form of compensation to return it? any amount of money would not make up for slavery, the only positive start would be to turn over the whole country to the red man and the blackman.Remember white people can’t repair the damage done by slavery, which continues to this day, just look at yourself and the way you think.there is more I want to say yet it would be wasted on you, just know your comments are a clear indication your mouth is glued to the anus of the whiteman, I hope you don’t have any children.

  12. White people are not going to be able to REPAIR us, even if they really wanted to (AND THEY DONT, BECAUSE IF THEY REPAIRED US, THEN WE WOULD NO LONGER BE UNDER THEIR GLOBAL CLUTCHES) they couldnt.

    Only WE can repair us…If some outside entity repaired us then we would then become their slaves and be indebted to them(again)…

    Its easier to repair ourselves this year (2013) because in many of us, our DNA is shifting and our collective memory is returning. Some of the children being born now are very old souls and will help us remember who we are.

  13. The true slave minded individual is the ONE WAITING FOR THE YT MAN TO SAVE US YET AGAIN BY GIVING US SOME DAMN MONEY! Save ur damn self.

  14. @keepitrealnotkeepinitreal by far the smartest person on this page @LoveChild by far the lowest and most ignorant, not even stupid, truly and pitifully ignorant.

    • What ever?????????? what your talking to me is bullshit and in my opinion your the most ignorant to me on this site. Again, if you are black. I”m always around smart educated Blacks as a matter of fact, thats my back ground therefore, what your saying is funny to me. Anyway, The truth hurts 🙂 see ya later honey!!!!! LOL laughing to yoga..

  15. Man, Quentin Tarantino is the only white director who respects black culture. His STEP DAD WAS BLACK. QT is the only doing things like this, not Spike Lee, damn sure not Tyler Perry. I’m with QT all day.

    • His full name is Quentin Jermome Tarantino. He is the only White person I know whose name is “Quentin” and “Jerome.” LOL! His family must have some respect for Blacks somewhere to give him a first and middle name that is traditionally given to a Black male child. I just had to point that out.

      Spiteful Lie and Twyla “Tinkletoes” Prissy have done more to set us back with their bafoonish movies that this movie. I just sense a boatload of jealousy because they did not have the sensibility of the ingenuity like Quentin to come up with a movie such as this. Even if they did, they probably wrote it off as a movie that would not be successful. Spiteful Lie is just upset that Blacks have responded openly to this movie. Now he and Travesty Smiley are just going in because they feel as though a White man should not have been allowed to make this movie. I am going to see it again…and buy it on DVD. I won’t be buying the action figures. I find them offensive and insensitive.

      • spiteful lie, lol u know u wrong lmao, and I like how nobody has brought up that comment Jamie Foxx made, saying that in the end of the movie “he killed all the white people like it should be” I think acting, not even fame has gone to his head, I think he spends so much time conditioning himself for these roles he loses track of who he is a person, probably cuz his real life is a lie in itself. I just hope he doesnt end up like Heath Ledger, you know. White racists people are worst than blacks because theyre hatred has no ground, but hatred is hatred and racism is racism, its wrong, when I see young children playing together regardless of theyre color i know racism is taught. Now were doing it to the mexicans, I hate to say it but im guilty of it too so now I try to catch myself when im about to make a racial slur against them……Lol just a side note. This topic is so close to my heart, because I personally know the good and bad in white people, and the good and bad in blacks.

        • I agree. I have White friends that I am very close to and I have to check them every so often. When they get comfortable with you, you can really scope out their heart. At that moment, we have to debrief or else that sh*t can fester within and our friendship would be over.

          I have read Roots and watched the movies when I was younger. Now that I am a little older, I was so surprised how hard it is for me to actually watch this movies. I guess I am becoming overly sensitive to the plight of our young Black males. My heart bleeds for them because it does seem that the Black man is singled out for systematic destruction. I just hate when Black males destroy other Black males. That is not a problem for White people to solve. Only Black men can lift each other up and form a brotherhood that will give little to no power to racism.

          Just think, as Black women, we may not have our sh*t all the way together, but we do lean on each other. I see this all the time at church and in the workplace. Even on FB, I can put up a status that I am going through, and my real friends and FB “friends” (LOL!), mostly females, rally to the post and sends out words of encouragement. I then notice that whenever a male has a status about going through, there are just not a lot of people, male or female, rallying and offering encouragement.

          I did notice that about Jamie Foxx. Remember when he did the movie about the homeless, schizophrenic violinist that went to Julliard School? He was supposed to be nominated for an academy award for that performance. But what does he do? Go on his stupid satellite radio show and say that the 16-year old Miley Cyrus needs to go ahead and do a sex tape or pose nude and get it over with. After that time, no matter how great his performances have been, he has not been nominated for any of the major awards. He is his own worst enemy and needs to come out of character the same way he insisted that Terrance Howard come out of character after the movie shoot.

  16. Perhaps the greatest misfortune in all of this debate is the fact that anyone who does not embrace victimology as their personal philosophy is labeled white on this site. As if only whites can be intelligent or embrace success as an expected or routine occurrence. As if “massa shole been bad to me” must preceed every thought or idea one has. I grew up in a cradle of black success and millionaires and scholars and educators and entertainment execs and entrepreneurs just to name a few and I fully expect that we will resume our place as kings and queens. Im baffled by how you can interpret anything else from my comments. Step ya games up cus sittin around smokin weed and playing x-box while eating Doritos and railing against the man aint gonna get er done. I have never said I do not support reparations. What I asked was are we going to sit around and do absolutely nothing until they come? Has my road been easy? Absolutely not. I have been victimized in this land but I am not a victim. I am a king.

    • @keepinitrealnotkeepinitreal, you are a man amongst men, I have such a high amount of reverement for you because of your post on this topic, but its sad that people see us as bashing our race when we are trying to give them the keys to success so that they wont have to blame anyone. Some people you cant help, ive learned that, but for the black people who are tired of being told what they cant do, and are ready to step up and make a change, I am always willing to help.

      • Geez, get off of keepinitrealnotkeepinitreal’s dick already! Look through a lot of his past posts. He’s not that fond of black women.

        • Not true. I love black women. Dont always understand them but I love them in spite of any of our differences. I hate that they have to see us in such a sorry state as men. Is there more they could do to support us in our plight? Yep, I point that out on occasion. Let me be clear – I do not find yt women attractive. Black women are the most beautiful creatures on this planet.

        • @the “anonymous” faggot
          grow one, maybe then you can get someone to hop on yours, no one was talking to you in the first place

    • its reality. why do blacks have the worst schools? why do they get the least funding for their schools by the government? why has that always been the case? how are we going to compete, when better education opportunities go to whites? what are we suppose to do go in and hold the government up? you cant be serious? why do we get denied for loans although our credit scores could be equivalent or better then a white person? whats your answer just curious?

      • During the time leading up to the Civil Rights Movement, Blacks had the worst schools period (second to third hand severely worn textbooks; poor buildings–many met in church buildings which included grades K-12th grade). However, Black achievement was high and most of the students did not drop out of school. Today, we have more money, better funded school, and more freedom than even our grandparents (and for me my parents) could ever dream of having. Yet, their generation is outdoing our generation bar none. Our problem our priorities are skewed and screwed. We must stop begging others to do right by us and we must start doing right by ourselves. I honor my ancestors not by begging for money. I honor them by using my gifts to make a difference first in my life then in the life of my family and finally in the life of my community. If we take care of our individual well-being, then we can and will build strong families and in turn a strong community will become the legacy.

        • You would have to show me the stats on that, black achievement in the age of Jim Crow. Many blacks dropped out of school because of poverty.

          Just remember, we paid taxes and did not get services.

          The biggest threat to us is the television and entertainment. If you have kids, you really should not have a television.

      • Kids are miseducated in public schools regardless of cost…why should black children be taught to worship white hero’s like “alexander the great” when he attempted to destroy us & our history? Why should our children even be taught the white man’s version of history?? The 1st school wasn’t made in america!! Life didn’t start once whites started building on this stolen land! Slavery was NOT the beginning of time!! Why are you comparing yourself to whites? Why do you even want what he has?? We come from a history that he can not even begin to duplicate!! Screw his schools & his miseducation you should be teaching your kids the TRUTH anyway & you shouldn’t be encouraging then to “dream” about working for the people that seek to oppress! Dream of CREATING your OWN, of your OWN blueprint, going your OWN direction not aspiring to be the devil…

    • Yes you are and by the way i answered your question on the zoe saldana twice a dumped beard thread. Don’t know if you read it. If so tell me what you think.

      • @vermithrax173 me or keepinitreal? because I remember asking you a question and I wasnt sure if you responded

        • @reneeblack26-what question did you ask? And on what story? Tell me and if i didn’t i will here.

        • @keepitreal-No not offended at all but read it and tell me what you think. You asked me several questions and i believe i answered them all. If i missed one let me know. @reneeblack26-i was talking to keepitreal uptop. And yes i am fans of you both.*smile*

          • Im glad you maintained control in that scenario. That was what I truly hoped you would do. I get it. Glad you didnt reproduce wit one of em. I dont mind an equal swirl so so much. Dont like my sistas to be taken advantage of. Its all good. You would not believe some of the ignant ass answers I have gotten when i ask that question.

  17. Plus this movie ISN’T ABOUT SLAVERY!!!

    Sure it happened during those times but this is no AMISTAD this is a REVENGE/LOVE story thats it!!. No Lynching or raping went on in this film.

    • Then why haven’t they done a holocaust love story, say between the Nazi guard, and 16 year old jweish girl, and, right before she takes a shower, they profess their love for one anoher.

      • Are you familiar with the film “The Night Porter” starring Charlotte Rampling? It’s been done.

    • …Spiteful Lee, is that you? LOL!

      I believe your sentiment is the feeling that Spiteful Lee is feeling and that is why he is so salty.

      I wonder why some people feel that Black filmmakers are the only ones allowed to tell our story.

  18. so let me get this right your saying that all the jews were giving reparation and all the slaves in egypt were also given them and as i recall the white people did not just come and take the African people they were sold by there leaders

  19. Who cares? If you don’t like the premise of Django then don’t watch it. I am not going to see the movie for the reasons mentioned above but ranting on a gossip blog about racial geopolitics doesn’t advance anything.

    You want to help out people (other than your immediate family), go mentor or tutor some young children or work at a soup kitchen for battered women. Help elderly people that need to obtain prescription medications. Otherwise you part of the problem

  20. I am sick and tired of these thug ass rappers, hip hop artists, comedians, sports players degrading and calling Black women bitches and hoes, gold diggers etc. These same idiots refer to each other in greetings as my nigga daily, all day. And some of you same people actually think the white folks feel they can’t do the same, please in their eyes its the perfect reason to call us that word, of course they don’t like us Black people and respects us, thats why white folks feel they don’t have to, they see how our own Black people treat each other, and its disgusting. And I am sorry, many of these Black man are the worse with their self hatred! They treat Black women like dirt, but love and treat white, hispanic and asian women like queens, and they are some of the biggest hoes, bitches and gold diggers around, hell they invented the word gold digger, and slut. We need to quit being like Samuel Jackson’s character, and start showing true Black love and respect for one another, then the white folks won’t be able to use that word, make reality shows or films portrarying Black people in the most racist stereotype way and making a mockery of our beautiful Black enriched culture.

    For my Black sisters, we have to stop this self hatred too, you don’t have to bleach you skin to be light bright damn near white and get nose jobs to be accepted by the white folks. We need to love and ambrace ourselves. My Black sisters you are beautiful as you are, you don’t have to change for no one. Remeber who we are as a people – BLACK, BEAUTIFUL AND STRONG, after all we raised the white man’s babies because they couldn’t.

  21. I’m gonna do a drive-by on this one, ain’t spendin’ a lot of time on this one.

    If you don’t think anything is wrong with these Django “action figures”, then try making up action figures of the Nazi guards and their jweish prisoners and see what happens to your ass.

    Anyone who doesn’t know the value of the intergenerational transfer of wealth, be it by reparations or by inheritance is a damn fool and too stupid to even work in the field in a plantation

    If you are not offended by the word nigger, then ask yourself why and then go ask an Italian-American if they are offended by dago, an Irish-American if they are offended by the words drunken mic, an Hispanic-American if they are offended by the word spic, and then tell us the results from your hospital bed CUZ YOUR DUMB ASS BELIEVED THE TEACHER IN SCHOOL WHEN WE WERE TAUGHT THE SLAVES WERE HAPPY

    If you haven’t questioned why our story is told through the lens of the white man and not by a black director, then you are right, YOUR ASS DON’T DESERVE REPARATIONS CUZ YOU WILL BUY SOME DAMN CHAIN SLAVE SNEAKERS FROM NIKE.

    Have you asked yourself if the proceeds of these “action dolls” are going to the benefit of the black community in any way? f not, you deserved to get smoked in whatever cliff, fiscal, cultural, social, nuclear that may be coming.

    • Whooo….this wasn’t a drive by. This was a snipe from the rooftop by a highly skilled marksman. I take my hat off to you as I watch you pack up yo shyt and leave. LOL

  22. I realize that I am a little late for the party with this observation, but we all got derailed by the serious topic of reparations.
    The more I think about it, I am a bit skeptical about those collectible action figures. The whole thing is so tasteless, it smacks of an internet prank to me.

  23. My grandmother is 102 and still sharp.She stated how a racist establishment would tell our story in a positive light.They are still dividing and conquering.What love story can one draw from slavery.There is nothing pretty about slavery.

  24. Well im not 50yrs old yet and my mothers father was born into slavery
    He was freed when he was 7yrs old only to become a sharecropper to feed my mother and her siblings
    my mother had 2 drop out of school b4 she was 12yrs old 2 help out and she left home and the south when she was 14yrs old with a family she didnt know who also wanted 2 escape the poverty and residue of slavery of the south at that time
    My mother at 1 point many years later after years of struggling and severe racism (physically, mentally and sexually) landed a city job.
    But she is still physically and mentally scarred. Basically she is still traumatized.
    And guess what i was tremendously affected by her post trauma stress which has also affected others in our family and our social relations
    Money can heal all of our past scars, but 100,000.00 (all at once) can help us on our path of healing
    Yes I work and go 2 school but with sum of the money we could pay 4 intense psychotherapy and began our path towards becoming whole and a down payment on a house and land so she rest comfortably before leaving the earth
    Hell she worked hard enough and suffered enough 2 be entitled to some type of reparations

    • Stuntman: Thanks for the shout out. Your family’s story is the story of millions of African Americans. This is why I will always be an advocate for reparations regardless of how many degrees I acquire or how much money I accumulate. We,as a race, are suffering from Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome and reparations would go a long way toward beginning the healing process.

      I’ve noticed that some on here advocate getting your own. My motivation for getting my own was to be able to be of assistance to others who for reasons that may be unknown to me didn’t have the opportunities or advantages that I did.

      Others have advocated lifting your family up and letting everybody else do what they need to do for themselves. I find this to be the most unenlightened opinion of all. I feel that any stranger that I pass by on the street could be my family. The way we were stole and sold I don’t know who could be family so I look at everyone like they ARE family.

      Your mother is obviously a very strong woman to have endured so much and still stand. I bow to her most humbly and wish her all the best.

  25. Oh yeah my aunt(whos now deceased) was gang raped mutiple times when she was a child by these white racists(even though she had a learning disability) probably wont mind if us ones whose living recieve her share of reparations 4 her pain and suffering.

  26. Agreed. There are more infiltrates on this site as well. Mixing truth with lies, pretending to be down but really not, posting under multiple handles. I really enjoyed this site in the past, but like always, when too much info is given, minions swoop in like clockwork to disrupt the flow.

  27. Its amaxing how people have been programmed to stay on the porch, stay in their place even when the door has been left unlocked. Wow. Is it Stockholm? Shouldn’t past injustice make you hungrier? Living well is the best revenge. Come off the porch and stomp in the yard with the big dogs. The chains have been removed. Jus sayin.

  28. @vermithrax173 I could not have said it better myself, at first im like how could someone who does not even know me go as far as they did to make such an accusation. But then I remembered, they are cowards over the internet, who wouldnt have the nuts to say any of this shit to my face, Cowardice at its best. I dont have to prove my race or heritage to some whack ass bitter coward over the internet, im both confident and proud of who I am. So many of these people are making these comments about not being black, and how we need to support our own race (which I do every day I wake up) but I promise you they are the same black people who wont extend their hand to help another brother or sister in need. I see it all the time, they bash people of all other races but dont do shit for their own, only concerned about themselves. Please, so @Stuntman since you have no life or job and apparently have plenty of time on your hands to insult others, take a really good look in the mirror and tell me exactly what you see, if you are proud of yourself congrads, but your whack ass comments have done nothing to hurt me or change my opinion, im the same person I was yesterday and still am just as proud of myself today, I appreciate the insight of intelligent people on here whether or not their opinion matches mine, and the people who remained tasteful and respectful, its people who see differently than me that help me to gain more knowledge and a different view of life. But its the people who come on here to do nothing but degrade other BLACK PEOPLE who prove my point that their are so many of us that continue to hurt our own kind. People on here are blaming others for why WE are killing each other off now, where is our responsibility to make a change. I know from stories passed down, my ancestors would not be proud of me if I went around degrading my own people, and people of other races that did nothing wrong to me. I have encountered racism from white people and I have no respect for their lame asses, not one bit, but Ive come to expect that from ignorant people, life goes on, but what hurts me is that I see more reverse racism these days and that shit makes me sick to my stomach, how so many black people have turned the other cheek and refuse to help their own kind but they are the first muthafuckas on here talking about “down with whitey”. Everytime you degrade one another, every time you disprespect one another, everytime you refuse to help one another all you doing is carrying out a white persons work for them so they dont have to, wake up people you are the ones being brainwashed not us the people who are trying to support wholeness and unity. Dont you get it? They want us to stay angry, they want us to keep killing each other off, to keep getting addicted to drugs, to go to jail to drop out of school, to not learn, duh, that is how they keep us ruled and under control, if we rise above and do the opposite of what they think we will do, then we get back the upperhand. Dont give anybody a leg to stand on againdt you. Rise above the bs. And to @LOVOECHILD, I was my own hypocrite yeterday and did not practice what I have set out to preach so to you, I apologize for any disrescpect towards you. And for enybody else who wants to come for me and my heritage, dont waste your time, youre only proving my point. I dont need to prove im black to anybody, I prove it to myself everytime I wake up in the morning.

    • @reneeblack26-thanks you know us uncle toms and house niggas gotta stick together!!! ROTFLMBAO!!!!!

  29. I saw the movie and would love to know how many black people Tarantino hired BEHIND the scenes in the extremely long list of names in the credits at the end of Django. Most minorities would be shocked to see how few the numbers of minorities are on production crews for films and tv shows even when the cast is predominately comprised of minorities. A fraction of the budget and revenue from the film and anything connected to it won’t benefit minorities. Can you image how much money Tarantino could contribute if even 1% of Django’s revenue went into a scholarship for minority youth or a charity to help all the poor minorities children who can’t afford a Django doll? Quentin understands that Black=$Green

  30. Just want to point out that, yes, your ancestors were slaves, but they were SOLD by your other ancestors. Y’all seem to forget that.

    • I see that this is the story you guys are telling yourselves to ease your dirty conscious. A small percentage of slaves were sold. Most were stolen. Traders realized that the guns that they carried gave them the power to take what they wanted so there was no need to pay for every slave they loaded onto the ships.

      And of those that were sold, they were not sold with knowledge that they would be brutalized or held in slavery for the rest of their lives.

      You can take your slant on the truth over to TMZ, I’m sure they would be happy to cosign this bullshyt over there.

    • Hmmmmm. Haven’t I heard that somewhere before?

      OH I remember now. It was from the senile old grand pappy of a WHITE friend. Thanks for reminding me crakkka.

    • Allow me to address the argument that white racists use about our ancestors selling us to Europeans which legitimatized the kidnapping and torture of those transported to the Western Hemisphere against their will…

      Our ancestors did not sell us to anyone. Race was not a component of the various ethnic groups on the landmass now known as Africa. The people (inclusive of our ancestors) did not refer to themselves as African and still do not to this day.

      Race and racism is a social construct invented by the Caucasoid (the only true race on the planet)in order to make some sense of their spiritual, physical and mental sickness and obsessive need to subjugate and oppress human beings…

      Europeans first became white in 1885 at the Berlin Conference during what is now known as the Scramble for Africa…They did that because they were of lesser numbers and they had to invent a pseudo-science of racial superiority to justify their sick and demented atrocities against human beings the world over.

      What we call Africans today, always refer to themselves based on their ethnic affiliation…Yoruba, Tikay, Mandinka , etc. etc.

      There were definitely some disputes and some warfare between various ethnic groups as times, the same way as there are ethnic warfare amongst Caucasoids (WW1, WW2) and in these wars sometimes prisoners are taken, but not demeaned and humiliated and subjected to torture…

      The white man with his few numbers could have never been able to infiltrate the interior of what is known as Africa were it not for Sambo ethnic groups who united with the Caucasoids to begin a for profit enterprise called the Kidnapping trade (you cant call them slaves because you dont have to kidnap slaves..Slaves put in an application for employment and hope to be hired)…

      Kidnapping is when you are taken against your will and then sold or harmed and tortured(of course against your will)…

      If Hulk Hogan punches a 7 year old french girl in the face, knocking her out and offers her for sale on Ebay to Mike Tyson… Would Mike Tyson be apart of the criminal act (assuming the little French girl was desiring to return to her parents), if he bought the girl from Hulk Hogan for $14,000? Would Mike Tyson not held accountable because both Hulk Hogan and the French girl had the same skin tone and hair texture?

      • The very moment one of our ancestors were successfully able to communicate to the Europeans at the shipping docks that they were not willing participants in getting on those ships then, at that very point the European then becomes accountable for their own actions….Once a human being says “NO”, and you continue to proceed to ignore their humanity then you assume full responsibility and all future karma against the innocent blood shed.

  31. I totally agree with your interpretation of the film. I’m also glad that I made the decision to see the movie instead of forming an opinion based upon the opinion of other people who did not see the movie.

    It was well put together and I actually found it to be psychologically empowering. Within the first 20 minutes of the film, a slave was offered his freedom, offered payment for his services and saved a black woman that he didn’t even know who was about to be whipped. Django wasn’t a slave, he was a Boss. Just like I want to see our men depicted.

    I also came to the conclusion that all of this controversy may be an attempt to keep black people from seeing this film.

    And yeah, that move at the end brought me to my feet. Every black man I came in contact with the next day got a smile and a nod from me. I love you, MY KINGS. It’s time for you to remember who you really are. Loved it.

  32. Thank u so much @Anonymous 08:24

    And i c that the Uncle Toms and House Negros responded. (didnt even read their garbage)

    Im so glad they have identable handles so when i c their names i can skip their handles
    Especially @Renee, @Vermithrax and u all know the top fraud of the bunch, @Keepitnotreal (an excellant name)

    Now I will go back into hiding
    Thanx again @Anon. 08:24

    • Well Vermithrax, we were destined to be clumped together as Female Uncle Toms I guess.

      Now that I have been educated by way of this blog as to the true character as to Uncle Tom, I am proud to carry the mantle and you should be too.(even though I realize that was not StuntMan’s intent.

      StuntMan, Uncle Tom has been proven to have been the near polar opposite as his legend would have us believe. He was much like an older Kunta Kinte who served as a refuge for mistreated slaves; sort of a man of high respect who would resolve grievances with the Massa in favor of the workers. Therefore we here at HSK have stopped referring to those of his misunderstood reputation are now called Sambo’s here.

  33. @keepitnotreal
    Stop talking about ur mother like that. Lol.

    @Christa, @Renee, and @Verimithrax

    SEE how ur hero (@keepitnotreal) adresses and respond 2 ladies? Even if i am a man y would he call me the f word? Such a derogatory word. Smh

    I know a few of u r new to this site but when u get a chance, go thru some the archives within the last 3years and youll see what type of TRUE character @keepitnotreal is.

    Believe me u all are the 1st group of ladies to admire and co sign any of his bullysht
    In fact he was all messy and and in the mix when we were censured in August

    That is also 1 of the reasons we now go under anonymous handle

    Now i will try once igore this ignorant person

    • @stunt man-you have a man’s handle-stunt man-who knew you were a woman? And after you called us house niggas and uncle toms you can’t think we will be on your side do you? You can talk about keepitreal all you want but this back and forth between you and him doesn’t make me hate him it just makes me more suspicious of you. When renee and i addressed you in a calm, respectful manner you ignored us calling our posts garbage but when he jumped on here and dogwalked your ass you responded! Now you want us to feel sorry for you cuz he insulted you. Well you didn’t have a problem insulting us and you don’t even know us. You can try to paint him as a bad guy but he has never been anything but respectful and nice to me since i came to this site. I can’t say the same for you at all! After all i am “bright”enough to know not to turn on people who have done nothing to me and side with people who have disrespected me like YOU. So go trolling for pity elsewhere cuz i won’t speak for renee and christa but you will get none from me!

  34. Oh and @keepitnotreal
    My name is Mr. MASSA to you and dont you forget it ors iz gonna bes hell 2 pay.

  35. a minute ago we were sock puppeys. Now ur weak ass is vying for attention. U pathetic ass weak ass slave minded minimum wage losers.

  36. Four years of college an 16 years of working hard only to be defined as a polite sycophant. My moms would be proud.

  37. On one of the panel shows on a 24 hour news channel they were debating the level of racism of the special edition Django dolls. They sell as a set on Amazon for $600, but the Kerry Washington Broomhilda doll is going on EBay by itself for $900.00 WTF?

    And a gentlemen I am not familiar with in the US Muslim community called the movie excellent and has seen it twice. He was then asked, “weren’t your people responsible for a great deal of the slave trade and he agreed. Then the token Black chick Harris Faulkner said she likes them and plans to buy a set, and “FREE THEM FOROM THRIR BOXES”

    You can;t make that chit up.

    • Dang Keepitrealnot…I know you are a successful business man–but I think you may have another calling! You and Vermithrax make me laugh like none other! Thanks for the humor mixed in with the real.

  38. I saw the movie last week. Enjoyed it tremendously. I admire Quentin Tarrantino’s work and I admire Jaime Fox’s work (comedy, character acting, singing, more character acting), the two together in film? Brilliant. I knew before watching it, that Q would be taking a different spin on things. He and Jaime did not disappoint. Im gonna stay focused on their art …

  39. Most brilliant directors: spike lee, QT, SS .. provoke thought and stir controversy. These here? film with intent, not malice. ..just sayin..

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