Quentin Tarantino: “Slavery Continues In The United States”


Confessions of a Slave Trader

Confessions Of A Slave Trader?

Quentin Tarantino may have used the Golden Globes to finally fess up to his Django no-so-Unchained doings. That’s because the awards ceremony is where the filmmaker explained — though slavery has long been abolished, it’s still prevalent in American society. Did we mention Tarantino also made it a point to spill the N-word…again!?!

According to Tarantino, our country’s drug laws are another form of slavery. This while people on the sets of countless Hollywood movies are no where near being strangers to drugs. Don’t believe me.. Ask Meagan Good.

Here’s what Tarantino had to say:

“If you go to Malaysia, there’s sexual slavery going on in places like that, but I’m more concerned about the slavery that is going on in America.

The drug laws that have put so many black males in jail that wouldn’t have existed in the `70s, that is slavery. It is just straight up slavery as far as I’m concerned.”

Is Quentin Tarantino on record saying, blacks can’t make slave movies because they’re too attached to the racist practice? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Spike Lee.


  1. Yep, he does have a point. It started with the crack laws of the 80’s. Illuminati run the drug trade not the cartels. They put this in our community to destroy the users then turn around and railroad the sellers which kept the prisons full and overcrowded. These mf sinister if u ain’t already know.

  2. I’m done with Tarantino… I was with him until.

    1. He brought the whitest white girl I’ve ever seen to the Golden Globes with him.

    2. He’s in the new W Magazine with that other black chick in the movie who isn’t Kerry Washington and had one line. The picture has the girl naked, he’s in the Leonardo DiCaprio’s plantation owner robe and has his hand on her butt. He’ll sexualize and torture black women in films but then he shows up to get his award with a white girl?!

    3. He talks all this modern slavery talk just to deflect our attention to what’s really going on. Actions speak louder than words. He’s probably doing all the drugs these black men are in jail for. Look at him, he looks like he hasn’t slept since 1988.

    Tarantino’s card has been pulled as far as I’m concerned. Glad he made the first black slave “hero” but I will never watch another one of his films. Ever. He’s a hack and a phony.

      • I don’t know why you think what Regina said was silly. I think it was a very good observation. Quentin is being controversial to sell the film, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about black men in prison, hell, he prolly owns prison stock.
        A girl in the film as a slave has to be naked next to him in a hype shoot in W magazine, GTFOH! When are blacks gonna realize that everything old is new again. We are like, demanding the chains be put back on us. And yeah, I saw that too, he def ain’t like the brothas, he had his white girl, sho nuff
        Or maybe, he is like the brothas??

        • Who cares if he cares what he is saying..what matters is what he is saying is true and black people getting mad because he is the ONE saying it(now how silly is that ) and original post makes remarks about him bringing a white woman to the awards ummm so what HE IS WHITE like what do black people expect just because he made a slavery movie he should bring a black woman to the awards show lmao…and if he did that then negros would find fault with that…..the REAL BATTLE is the one we are NOT fighting…we care about NONSENSE rather than common sense….I am offended that black people would rather comment on who is dating who rather than take a stand on what is truly going on in our communities

          • We comment on the subtleties because that is where the mind fuck and mental chains are the strongest.

          • What about all these Black men that bring White women to award shows AFTER Black women have supported and nurtured their careers?

            No wonder Blacks are repeating history…we have failed to learn from our past. I agree that we are fighting to defend nonsense as opposed to approaching our so-called plight with common sense. The hypersensitivity in the Black culture towards race and equality and social/personal responsibility is nauseating. We want everyone else to be held accountable for our lack of drive and motivation to change the dynamics that exists in our race. Shit, all I did to change my plight from a poor, rural citizen into an educated, middle class citizen was to become educated and not place that responsibility on NO ONE but myself.

            • @MeMyselfandI:
              Why not do both? Call it out and work on ourselves. We should concentrate on ourselves primarily, but we need to call out the obvious. It is only relevant he had a white date because he was touching a black girl’s ass in W magazine. It is like Madonna telling young girls to become slutbuckets and lesbians, but she is at some propaganda support the Iraq War in 1991. It is just recognition. As for black men with white women at awards shows, who says black women continue to support them?

          • First off, I am married to a white guy. I made the comment about bringing the white girl to the show because I have a problem with him running around at these press conferences looking like he just robbed a hip-hop store…. then talking in black inflections on BET and around black folks… he’s acting like a stereotype presumably to endear himself to us after he puts out Django so we don’t go Spike Lee on him. I think it’s unnecessary. The W magazine spread bothered me because he takes the hoe in the movie, gets her naked and puts on Leo DiCaprio’s character’s bathrobe as if to say he’s the “slave master”. Someone like Kerry Washington would never so something liked that and I’m sure they couldn’t get Leo to do it either. I just don’t like how he panders. The white chick at the awards show really made me wake up and see it. I’m sure she’s lovely and not with him for the money. And I’m sure he’s not with her for her looks. I just feel like he’s trying to front on so many levels.

            • ???? So your real issue is that woman like you(black) have supported him (white) so he should find a black woman like your husband did…lol…you are a confused woman

            • No, I’m saying it comes off as phony when he’s hip-hopping around like he’s a homie when he’s trying to sell a black movie but then squires a white girl around to high-profile events. He can sell a black movie without trying to pander to a steretype. That’s the issue I have with him and I’m not confused about it.

            • And by the way, Sasha what he is saying about the war on drugs is not true. Crack dealers should be incarcerated. And all this equating drugs to slavery is PR double talk. It’s like when you ask a pro-gun person about banning guns…they deflect by saying, “You should ban cars, drunks kill ppl with their cars.” He’s playing a game and its obvious. I don’t care who he bangs I’m just saying it’s a big con job and I’m not down with him anymore. That’s all.

            • Yes, Anonymous and Regina… I’m with you guys. What you said Anonymous is how I feel: “It is only relevant he had a white date because he was touching a black girl’s ass in W magazine.” and Regina you are right: “Bringing up drug laws his QT’s PR version of double-talk” He’s only going to be able to pull this trick on us once. It’s over. He can go back to making his Uma Thurman movies now. QT’s ghetto pass has been revoked and I don’t care how much hip-hop music he puts in his movies and how many Beanie caps he wears on talkshows. He needs to stop trying to act like a stereotype/carton version of a black man… it’s insulting. I actually liked him but I’ve seen underneath his kimono now and me no likey.

          • @Rgegina ..NO the people who GROW and distribute the DRUGS should be in JAIL(that would be the plantation owner) seriously Ms. Regina IF you DO NOT KNOW how the incarceration of black men and the selling of drugs are NOT related to slavery then I can go no further with intelligent reasoning…I think you are caught up in a delusional world created by your white washed world …most white men USE and abuse the black woman so sorry you didnt get that memo and that fact confuses you so

            • Sascha, your perspective on this is ignorant and I don’t subscribe to it. Everyone involved in the drug trade should be incarcerated because they are all cogs on the same wheel. The street hustlers need to be jailed because a grower can’t sell their product without distribution. Also growers face STIFF penalties. You act like they get a slap on the wrist. The fact is growers get the same penalties as distributors– as they should. Here are the facts if you care to read http://norml.org/laws/item/federal-penalties-2

              Please don’t come around here with your notions and insults unless you know what you’re talking about and have facts to back them up. Thanks.

            • Lol… Regina… came with her links, vouchers and receipts! Thank you for that info. I actually thought that possession was a stiffer penalty it’s just a misdemeanor. The growers get a felony.

              So what’s Quentin talking about? So drug trade is not modern slavery. Clearly if a bunch of black folks are in jail, they have some other legal issues before they even get hit with any kind of possesion charge if they are in prison for drugs…that’s not modern slavery…that’s modern stupidity.

            • @sasha the welfare state is a form of slavery too. it’s proven to keep people dependent on massa/gov’t and not need husbands and men in their lives. massa/gov’t will take care of you and all your children. dependence has proven to be generational. yes, white people and other nationalities are on welfare too but we’re talking about black people taking charge and moving up

    • Regina!! WHY DO YOU CARE WHO THIS WHITE SUPREMACIST CRACKER SHOWS UP WITH? Are you not aware that 500 years of invading black vaginas hasn’t cured the White man of his RACISM? He doesn’t care about black females. You thought he did cause he had a naked one in a magazine and denied dating Shar Jackson while he was screwing her, puts NIGGER in every film had a black male being sodomized in Pulp Fiction, etc. etc.???

      DO WE NOT UNDERSTAND THAT WHITE MEN DON’T LOVE BLACK FEMALES? WHITE WOMEN DON’T LOVE BLACK MALES. They make use of non-white people and continue practicing White Supremacy and maintaining and refining the System of White Supremacy. They’ve been doing this for 500 years. You should have been done with him when it was clear that he has orgasmic “nigger” rants in his movies.

      • she cares because she married to a white man and Quinton represents what she is attracted to …subconsciously him bringing a white woman was mental rejection in her mind..nothing more nothing less

        • Sasha… instead of playing Doctor Phil, maybe you should read what I wrote. In a nutshell, it dawned on me that he’s a phony because he runs around in hip-hops clothes like he’s an extra in a 90’s rap video and bufooning in order to sell a movie. What he’s doing is essentially blackface. And it’s offensive because he is trying to represent a caricature. The white girl isn’t the issue, it was just commentary.

            • See honey and regina how this works is when somepne new comes who doesnt agree with this small gang of neo nazi gestapo types on HSK they spring into action. First they accuse u of being a sock puppet , i.e. not being who u say u are or posting under multiple names like they do all the time bit i digress. Next they accuse u of being white bcuz no self respecting negro should have self respect. Next ur accused of bring an uncle tom or a coon. Phase 4 is calling u a govt agent pulling random quotes as rvidence of such. When all that fails they just type crazy shit and put ur name on it or copy ur style and write inflamatory shyt. They repeat this until u confiorm. See its simple. Its really quite pathetic but it is their way. (Shrugs shoulders and walks away )

          • the fact that you have taken the time to evaluate a Gossip blog to that degree because someone does not agree with you just tells me you NEED TO GET A LIFE….to much time..lol and that is what I consider quite Pathetic and I would advise you to stay away you need a break…dam

            • i coulda swore i was talking to two people not named sasha so butt the fugg out. ignant ass


    • Well you’re a judgmental piece of crap so I’m sure he won’t be losing sleep over it. You have to be a real moron not to realize what QT is doing with all of his movies. Pam Grier wouldn’t have had one more good movie where she was strong and vivacious if it wasn’t for him. Sit down clowns. Seriously.

      • Right, that’s the ploy. Give black ppl roles and meaty parts by making them say dialogue and experience things on film that are denigrating. The things that come out of Sam Jackson’s mouth in Tarantino movies are things no one should have to hear…white or black. It’s a hate crime on celluoid. And you can say I’m judgemental but when you look at the work without all the marketing and explanations…it’s horrifying. If he knows people like this in real life that say things like Sam Jackson does in his movies, he needs new people in his life. It’s ridiculous and yes, Sam Jackson can thank QT for a career but to what end?

        • @the person who wrote about sam jackson’s dialogue in QT movies– sam is the fool for saying it. But he’s had ignorant dialogue in other movies, as far as I’m concerned. guess he has no prob with it. not one of my fav actors.

      • Here’s my issue with Tarantino. He uses the N-word really generously in his films. White people say it and he makes Sam Jackson say it the most…then he always has these lengthy diatribes about why. He says “It’s realistic” and “I’m not going to lie”. Okay, I’ll give him a pass on Django even though 184 times is excessive…what about the white guy in Reservior Dogs using it and talking about black men in prison like that. What about Sam Jackson and Chris Tucker in Jackie Brown? I’m sorry. I’ve been black all my life and I don’t know people like Sam Jackson and Chris Tucker’s characters who use the n-word in rapid-fire succession when talking to one another. These are twisted stereotypes in Quentin’s mind. I think he grew up a scared white boy in an all black neighborhood and this is his revenge. Yes, he’s giving people work but it’s a double edged sword and it shouldn’t be that way. Yes, Jamie gets to kill all the white ppl and be a hero but he also had to be hung upside down and show us his scrotum. Yes, Kerry Washington gets to be an object of affection but she also gets brutally and graphically whipped and locked in a box. Why is there always a double edged sword for black actors in Tarantino movies? And Sam Jackson, he’s been fashioned into a well-paid house negro and doesn’t even know it. Tarantino knew what he was doing when he wrote that part for Jackson.

      • In response to Nuh Uh… you said “You’d have to be a real moron not to notice what Quentin is doing with all his movie” Yes, you are absolutely right. We’re noticing. We’re noticing that the black characters are stereotypical cartoons and not an accurate representation of us.

        Then you said “Pam Grier wouldn’t have had one more good movie where she was strong and vivacious if it wasn’t for him.”

        This may be true but don’t act like it wasn’t true for Uma Thurman. She was long in the tooth by the time Kill Bill came out and people weren’t exactly clamoring to put her in movies anymore.

        So, sure he gets kudos for Pam Grier and Ums Thurman but that doesn’t erase the bufoonery he writes for Sam Jackson and all the other negative black male stereotypes he perpetrates in his films.

        Yeah, Django was cool but it would have been just as cool without us seeing Jamie’s nut sack and without 184 N-words. None of that added anything to the movie.

        It also wasn’t necessary for QT to drop an N bomb backstage at the Golden Globes.

        He’s a smoke and mirrors guy. He’s acts like one thing but presents another. And then spends millions of dollars to create PR spins on his films to try to convince the public that what he’s doing is just fine. It’s not.

    • Why shouldnt a white man bring a white girl with him to the Golden Globes?

      Why would this be upsetting for you?

      Im confused.

      • You are missing the point. No one is upset he brought the white girl. We are upset because he was running around acting like a imitation black man buffoon to promote the movie and Regina said that she did the math that it was all a ploy when he turned up with the white girl.

        • Yes, Anonymous. He was playing out one of his stereotypes of a black man while promoting his movie. The way he was dressed and was acting isn’t even how the majority black men dress and act. It was ass-clownery. I thought at first, “Well he just hangs with ignorant ppl and doesn’t know better”. And then I noticed the way he changes things up and realized it’s a game. That’s what my objection is.

          • That’s exactly right Andrew. On a basic level it’s just poor manors to run around acting like a stereotype of any race while simultaneously making movies about their race and using a racial slur hundreds of time throughout your career and saying it’s “realistic”. What planet does he live on? For the most part, we aren’t running around using that word. If anyone is, it’s a very small subset and most of those ppl must hang with QT because I’ve never met anyone like that and I’ve been black my whole life.

          • @jennifer-and let’s not forget ving rhames getting ass raped in pulp fiction. Talk about the ultimate in black male humiliation. I’ve never really understood the fascination with him or his films. I’m a little older than some of you(i assume) and for my money his films remind me too much of the films of francis ford coppola(all three godfathers) and especially martin scorsese(in ALL his films someone says the n-word!) Now call me crazy but if you constantly have people saying the word nigger in your films as a black woman it gives me the impression that i was not one of the intended viewing audience. The difference between them and tarantino is they make no bones about their view while he tries to explain his. If you wanna be another woody allen that’s fine but at least have the nuts to be honest about it. Just sayin’


          • Anonymous, if you don’t get it then you must think it’s okay for QT to dress up in a costume like Soul Brother #1 from a nineties hip-hop video every time he carts out a movie filled with racial epithets, and then to make a 20 yr career out of making movies that portray such negative stereotypes of black men while acting like it’s “real” means you are either slow or you are so used to seeing black people portrayed as caricatures that you think we all are running around acting and talking like characters in his movies.

            He’s built a career on making modern day Black exploitation movies where all the characters are either acting like black stereotypes or the white characters are using racial ephitets. He portrays blacks in negative stereotypes as if there’s nothing wrong with it…and obviously it’s called “Black Exploitation” for a reason and it’s not a good thing.

            As for Django… I don’t buy QT’s argument that slavery was 100 x worse so let me use the N-word 184 times. I think he likes to use the N-word as he has done for 20 yrs and then will spin any kind of story to justify it.

            Let him try to come out with a movie riddled with the N-word and Sam Jackson coonery again… it’s been a good run for him but I don’t think it’s going to fly again for him regardless of how many Kangols and beanie hats he wears.

            • Anonymous 8:11, I agree with you. It’ s the other Anonymous @7:56 who says he doesn’t get it that I am disagreeing with.

            • I think QT is an American citizen and he is free to dress up, fuck,speak, eat, sleep and fart as he please as long as he doesnt infringe on the freedoms of others to do likewise and as long as he doesnt hurt children or people with childlike minds.(negroes)

            • Anonymous 9:20. Spoken like a true bigot. I’m glad you revealed yourself so I don’t have to waste my time reasoning with you. Good day sir!

            • Anonymous 9:20 is straight up Tea Party… lol. If this is who is rallying behind QT now, his career is over. Hope he doesn’t put all of his money into drugs and girls.

            • Anon 9:20, you are exactly right. And we are free to not support his movies. I don’t think Django did record breaking numbers without us so good luck with that ever happening again. Ask Mitt Romney how well dividing and conquering works when it comes to running a successful campaign.

            • @Regina ok lmao…well how about this…I cant wait until your bubble is busted when your white husband calls you a nicca..If it has not already happened..cause we all know he thinking it…LMAO woman like you crack me up ..put yourself on this elevation because you married POWDER…believe me you have NO PRIZE and based on your stupid comments neither does he…so lost in the sauce swimming in delusion..probably the ONLY black in your circle and feel special about it..you are so easy to read…sad

            • Sasha you sound jealous girl… they clowned you on your drug war stuff and you didn’t even respond to that. Then they clowned you on your posting and you looked stupid. Now you want to fuss at somebody you don’t even know about her husband and make assumption about her friends. Chances are if she didn’t know any black people or relate to black people she wouldn’t be commenting on this urban site.

        • If he showed up at the awards show with a white woman on his are, wasn’t he still doing the stereotypical imitation of the black man buffoon?

          • @jennifer Yep you figured it out you are so smart I am very jealous over an INTERNET post…yea that it…and I am just so mad that I married a handsome black man when I could of had a pink Bleep…and for the record I truly believe you and regina are one in the same like who comes to the rescue of another poster with such foolishness and FYI a silly article proves nothing so sorry you are that DUMB….the people that distribute and market drugs is the GOVERNMENT IDIOT and you can best believe they are not being prosecuted..AGAIN it is so irritating to converse with people who think they know something but dont KNOW SHYTT..go read a darn book lol WOW

            • Sasha, the govt from time to time has distributed some drugs in certain areas (for instance The Compassionate Investigational New Drug program is govt pot) but not all of the drugs in the US. People get arrested for growing drugs ALL the time. I’ve known ppl with massive grow houses who are private citizens and they aren’t gov’t owned. Again, you need to check your facts before you come along tryng to insult people. I’m not even sure why I’m humoring your ignorance.

  3. Yet he continues to glorify this stereotypical image of Black males being in trouble with the law to benefit his industry and his own pocket book.

    Tarantino has a long history of not showing any respect to the African American people. Remember who asked a “casual” friend in Samuel Jackson’s character, did his house look like a”dead nigger storage” in Pulp Fiction, not once but twice?

    What baffles me most of all is the silence of veteran Hollywood actors who went through the struggles of the 60’s and 70’s.
    Men like Bill Cosby, Harry Belefontae, James Earl Jones and Sidney Poitier to name just a few…
    Where is the outrage from these actors?
    These men who not only pioneered a new generation of Black actors, but who refused to play Step N’ Fetchit roles, where is the disgust for a man and a film who used a term that degrades an entire race of people who not only helped build this entire country but have created genres of music that is not only stolen but BLATANTLY stolen right in front of our eyes?

    This ass clown cannot continue to get a “free pass” to disparage an entire race of people simply behind the guise of “art”.

    If that be the case then how come child pornography and snuff films are illegal?
    One could certainly make a point that not only does it fall under the category of “art” and if you go by this moron’s claims, it should be protected.
    By law those things are not protected nor should they be, which brings about outrage.

    So where is OUR outrage?

    Don’t we deserve SOME respect?

    • You know why? Because we don’t respect ourselves.When we let our “liberal” white friends like the Paltrows,mahers disrespect us public,instead of making them accountable we defend them.

      • yes paltrow said the n word and our good old pimp buddy ice t defended her I remember when white america wanted him to take his song off the bodycount album.

        fuck paltrow with her non dancing ass.

        mayer already called out kerry as a dick sucker guess q know that now too.

        bill’s not in good health these days.

        if sidney, harry, and jamers said somethibnfg they would be shut down by whitey and be told well they’re married to white women the hell with those old black men.

        • @crazychris: agreed. Those men (except Bill Cosby) are married to white women. They endured the 60’s and 70s for that purpose and none other. Those white women can shit on their faces every morning and they won’t open their mouths, so you know they won’t say anything about QT.
          Also, cosign with anon, we don’t respect ourselves when a little ugly jwe bitch like paltrow gets a pass about callin’ black folks niggas.

          • Gwenyth Paltrow is a non entity. When was the last time she was in a hit? Her husband Chris Martin has far more power than she. Just pay her bony YT ass no attention like everyone in Hollywood does these days.

            And not to be argumentative, she is technically not a JEW. Her mother is a Protestant, Blythe Danner from “Meet the Parents”. In the Jewish faith it is the MOTHER who makes the child Jewish, not the father. That is why Jews go batshit whenever one of their sons marry a shiksa.

            Does she have Jewish blood in her veins? Yes.

        • Right, I know she was just making a reference to the song but she could have at least thrown some asterisks in there to keep it in good taste. Hell Idk….somethin


          • Paltrow said it once to take our temperature so QT could come back later and say it 184 times. Next time it will be in the title. Mark my words.

            • She said it because Jay-Z and Kanye west made a hit song at the expense of black people let’s call it what it is.

        • Don’t expect Ice T to counter Racism. He’s married to Racist woman. That will neutralize a negro’s understanding of White Supremacy and his/her will to fight it.. it’s like Kryptonite to the urge to work for your own black self interest. Sex with a white person (Racist Suspect) it will trash a victim of Racism’s mind every time and you will get Victims of Racism DEFENDING Racist man and woman when they are practicing Racism. This is why despite enslaving black people, maintaining Jim Crow and doing everything that they can to make sure that black people remain below the boot of White people, White people STILL won’t stay out of bed with black people. That’s what domination looks like. They know it leads to our braintrashing. That’s why they made it “LEGAL”

          • Fertile,
            It seems you have studied the material and philosphies of Neely Fuller, France Cress Welsing and Gus T. Renegade.

    • I was talkin to my man about that “dead nigger storage” line the other day. I’m cool with Tarantino and his movies, but that shit was unnecessary. Although we were laughing pretty damn hard while discussing it.. It was still unnecessary. LOL


    • The White Supremacists at the academy , ALWAYS nominate the most Racist movies with the worst deptictions of black people.. Go back and take note of all the movies nominated and that won.. Precious, The Help, Mammy from Gone With the Wind.. White people LOVE degrading images of black people and when black people behave like the worst in films.. Halle Berry being a c-m bucket for Billy Bob Thorton in Monster’s Ball, Denzel playing the worst of the worst in Training Day, Monique in that Horrid work of the black degenerate (Precious-which I have never finished watching)…HOllywood is run by White Supremacists/Racists.

      • @Fertile:
        Hollywood is run by jwes who have a vested interest in a race war. They were the slave traders and owners of slave ships, but you won’t see that on film. If you ever have an opportunity to see a mounting of the play, The Whipping Man, by Matthew Lopez (who might have descended from NY jweish slave traders) you will see what I mean.

  4. I agree with Tarantino’s summation. He left subliminal messages throughout his movie, “Django Unchained”. The ending showed it the most when the prisoners still sat in the cage when the door had been opened to set them free. The prisoner’s minds had not been freed, so they just sat there. The same behavior was displayed in the beginning of the movie when the slave was handed a gun and he just held it, instead of using it to set him self free. The character of Stephen is seen so often throughout America, it is just plain “sad”.

    • I thought I was the only 1 who noticed that. Slavery is more than just physical it’s mental as well and as long as we keep glorifying everything that’s tearing our community down the “white” people don’t have to physically hold us down they can just sit back and watch us do it to ouselves. Sorta like the character Django was playing to get close to the Slave owner Candy I can’t remember what they called it.

      • I concur. The term for it, is “conditioning”. John Watson, a behaviorist, once said, “Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own specified world to bring them up in and I’ll guarantee to take any one at random and train him to become any type of specialist I might select – doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief and, yes, even beggar-man and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations, and race of his ancestors.” It is the three dimples in the back of the skull. 🙂 If you went to the movie you know what I mean.

      • To me, slavery is a lot more mental that physical. Think about it.

        I’ll bet that on any given plantation the slaves outnumbered the “masters” two to one.

        And while they didn’t have access to guns, they surely could have had the cooks poison them with one meal.

        • and they would have been slaughtered by the militia when the white slavemaster didn’t show up for church/synagogue. there were slave revolts all of which did not end well.

          • How about doin it on a Tuesday and having a five day head start to escape? Just a thought.

        • @mama-where would the blacks have gone once they took out massa and the overseer?

          @anon- synagogues? there were some whites who were prejudice against jews too? you ever see “Queen?”

    • Spot on, Honey! That subliminal message was awesome. If we stop fighting over the used of the word nigger in the movie and on the skin color of the person who made the movie, then we would not miss the meat that this movie has shown. It is ironic how Black people want everyone else to be color blind when we are the most color conscious. We are color conscious even towards our own race (light skin, dark skin, yellow bone, jet black, etc). I am so glad you brought out this point to the ignorant naysayers!

      • I concur with you as well. The movie also showed you that the people in power were/and still are quite illiterate, ie, “Calvin” and his sister did not manage the plantation, Stephen (the African American) did. The character, Stephen, was the second part of a two-headed monster in the film. Let’s not forget how “Django” got his guns after being caged. Hey, when Dr. Shultz put guns in Django’s hands, he used them. I thought the movie was spot on and is even applicable today. We have the tools (knowledge, skills, and abilities) to forge ahead, but like “Keepitrealnotkeepinitreal” noted, many are still sitting in the cage waiting for their 40 acres and a mule.

        • Now THAT right there was a trick.. a white supremacist trick.. got you thinking that the White folks are stupid and the slaves running things are “smart” NOT AT ALL.. The most powerful people on the planet are the White Supremacists and they are the SMARTEST people on the planet, which is why they have been able to dominate the non-white global majority and the majority seems to love being under their feet and can’t figure out how to destroy the system. If anyone is confused about Racism-white it is and how it works, it’s BLACK people.

          Racist man and woman putting guns in your hands would be for HIS/HER BENEFIT ultimately. Always be suspicious. Deception is essential to the practice of White Supremacy.

          • FertileYearsOver;

            As an educator, I stand by what I stated. For clarification, I was discussing what happened in the movie. I still say most white people are “not” intelligent and unfortunately for us, they don’t have to be. They cheat, lie, and steal everything they can. They have the money and clout. Money talks, —- walks. It is as simple as that. Case in point, George Bush, Jr = not intelligent and barely made it out of college. He laughed about it, you know why, because it did not stop him from being president. Money put him in the white house. He was poised for that job before he went to college. Presidents are selected, not elected. I can go on and on, but why bother. People in power don’t have to be intelligent. Nepotism is alive and thriving. Everyone in high positions if they are white, doesn’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed. They just have to show up.

            • Wow…Honey…you are on point!! In fact…I will venture to say that most White people aren’t smart at all. That comes from living in the suburbs and in gated/closed White communities where everybody looks/thinks/acts the same as you!! Whereas Black people are “street smart.” You have to be. A naive Black person cannot live in America safely!!

          • The smartest people on the planet are the Talmudists and their conspiratorial actions. If anyone on this planet is stupid, it is white folks because they have total freedom (the phrase, “free, white and over 21” was not about being legal to drink, if you know what I mean) and they are in total mental and spiritual bondage to the Talmudists.

    • Honey,

      We aren’t in cages anymore. We know what time it is. The movies are still portraying us in cages and tell u s we are so they can sell us a message. We’ve been free. It’s time movies reflected this instead of acting like we still need to kill whitey to get free. It’s ridiculous. And QT wants to act like changing drug laws is the key to modern slavery. Uh no. People who sell drugs need to be in jail doesn’t matter what color they are. If there are more blacks selling drugs then that’s on us to change it. We need to start by shutting down all these knuckle rappers who rap about drugs and selling drugs. You don’t change laws to support bad habits. You change the mindset of what’s tolerable in the black community. OT’s a moron and reflecting archiac 1970s “black man” thinking.

      • Black people are absolutely in cages. I guess you are ignoring the PRISON INDUSTRY and all the CAGED black people in it. Black people are still being dominated all over the planet, they just have the liberty to roam around on the plantation so that they THINK they are free, despite the obvious and continued domination by Whites. Black people are confused AND DON’T KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS.. black people think having a mulatto president is “freedom” …meanwhile there has never been so many death threats on a president DAILY in the entire history of this govt. Meanwhile the white ppl are hanging effigies of him, trashing his wife and making monkey pictures of them and threatening them with IMPUNITY.. White people are shooting black folk dead and calling it “standing your ground” and getting away with it, meanwhile black females firing warning shots and hitting no one are sentenced to 20 years. White children gunned down in a school are mourned internationally and 500 black people dead in Chicago from guns don’t even get significant mention by your mulatto president or the White Supremacist who run him….But ya’llz free.. Oh and yes get on those rappers and ignore THE WHITE MEN RUNNING THE COMPANIES that PAY them to put that crappy music out and distrubute it world wide through SOLELY WHITE OWNED DISTRIBUTION COMPANIES… make sure you don’t deal with the fact that the U.S. GOVT is bringing the drugs INTO black neighborhoods.. CIA, CIA, CIA, biggest drug traffickers in the nation..Right, you keep pointing at the victims of Racism and the Racist will keep doing it to every generation.

        • If you focus on the media, you’ll think like that. But for the most part, if ignore the things you know to be crappy and not good for you like the stupid rap music, the news, you’ll realize that none of that has an effect on your daily life. Who cares that the president has a bunch of death threats. No one has shot him? Who cares if people are hanging effigies. you can’t control ignorant ppl, but if you aren’t a victim of it, why on earth would you let it take up any space in your head? The death threats to the president don’t effect my day to day life whatsoever. They actually shot Reagan…and killed Kennedy. Presidents get shot sometimes..what does this have to do with any of us individually? Yeah, they bring drugs into black neighborhoods, and that’s terrible but they put GMOS on everyone’s grocery shelves and that’s terrible too. You are a person with free will, you don’t have to do drugs just because they are in your neighborhood. I lived in Harlem before it was gentrified..pushers on my corner. Never did drugs. People need to stop blaming people and control themselves and focus on where their going instead of watching the scenery go by.

          • Well if you lived in Harlem before gentrification, you saw what the drug trade did to Harlem. But maybe you weren’t a brownstone owner so you didn’t care. Everyone in Harlem took a hit but the brownstone owners took the biggest hit. Payin’ property taxes and the cops did nothin’. Also, they had to move or undersell to the demonic fuckin’ jwe filth that put the drugs in Harlem, via the Italian mafia, glorified by ignorant rappers.

            • Bingo!

              The cops did nothing about drugs being sold openly on Harlem street corners, until the property values of the beautiful Brownstone homes were down 60%-70% and life was unliveable for the decent Harlemites (95% of the people) who were begging the police to do their job.

              The police were told to stand down so the BLACK homeowners were forced to sell before the values of their homes dropped further. Plus the quality of life was terrible because an open drug market
              in a residential neighborhood attracts prostitution, violent crime,children afraid to come out and play and elders forced to remain hostages in their homes.

              Once white started buying homes and their numbers got up to about 30%, then the Police suddenly started doing what they were paid to do and send the low level street dealers away.

            • @Anonymous 10:12: you hit the nail on the head. The cops work for white supremacy and when the phony, supposed drug war takes one of them down, I say, good, rot in hell. And the jwe rat bastards were just waiting to snatch up the brownstones at below market and then sold them to white yuppies at a killing. They are truly the devil’s representative on earth and stupid white mofos and black mofos are to blind to see what is up. But all cops get it back with karma through their kids since they are so hell bent on ruining someone else’s kid.

            • That could be true about “other” folks snatching up brownstones in Harlem at WAY below market value.

              BUT…black folks have more disposable income than we know what to do with.

              If we can keep the preachers in benzes and bentleys we could have pooled our resources and bought the brownstones ourselves.

              But we can’t stop doing shit that never appreciates in value:

              – paying a million dollars for weddings

              – buying every version of Jordans that hit the market

              – running up high ass cell phone bills

              – driving on rims

              – standing in line to get the latest I ANTHING

              – paying for lottery scratch off tickets

              – making casinos RICH

              – getting pay day loans

              I could go on forever but I’m sure you get the point.

              We can’t blame others for taking advantage of shit we should be holding onto (especially in Harlem, which is rich with BLACK HISTORY).

              That shit ain’t nobobys fault but OURS.

            • Actually I did live in Harlem during the drug years…and it was devastating but here’s the deal. The was a time of great opportunity because they were GIVING AWAY brownstones for a $1 in the seventies. Two was the limit. My grandma bought two, and her friend bought two. They were both working as maids. They are very wealthy women right now. They rent them out and have been for years… paid everyone’s college tuitions with that money and are living it up in Florida right now. They live on a golf course in a nice gated communities as neighbors just like they were in harlem all these years. That’s what happens when you stay off of drugs. You make better decisions about what to do with your money.

          • I agree wholeheartedly, Charlie. Black folks need to stop being victims and start being VICTORS.

            Nobody puts a gun to our heads and tells us to drop out of school; use drugs; join gangs; abandon our children and turn our communities into War Zones.

            We are way too complacent. When the first driveby took place in the hood we should have DEMANDED the same kind of action whites did when that fool snapped at Sandy Hook.

            But what do blacks do? March, light candles and leave teddy bears (until the next incident).

            What did whites do? Lit a fire under their elected officials asses and the white house. Today the prez signed a bunch of executive orders re: guns.

            You teach a person how to treat and respect you and until we get our heads out of our asses and stop focusing on BULL SHIT and turn our attention to REAL SHIT we’ll always be the after thought.

            • @Mama:
              I believe you are from Chicago, please don’t speak on Harlem. You don’t think blacks were trying to get together to buy the brownstones? You know the City wouldn’t cash the checks of the property taxes of elder brownstone owners, moved in to take possession, turned them into crackhouses and then sold them to the development corporations (read jwes) for $1.00. The jwes then sold them for one million and got City money to rehab them. Yes, our tax dollars. You think that empowerment zone money went to regular folk?

              Our problem is that we don’t shift gears. We vote the same way all the time and we don’t see the sell out devils right in front of us. You think someone can beat Charlie Rangel? His election fraud is better than anything you ever seen in Chicago.

              About not buying shit that doesn’t appreciate in value, I agree. We need to cut off the television. Bring Tha Noize always breaks down what enter tain ment means and I love it.

            • Mama;

              You are spot on. If we could just come together and agree upon “something” for a change, we would be powerful as a people. We really just don’t get along very well.

          • FertileYearsOver has a victim mentality…people who think and worry about stuff that’s bad at a distance (like the stuff on the news) instead of focus on what is immediately under their control, (like their own education, income and skill set) never get ahead in life. You’re so busy watching what is going on that you aren’t handling your own business. Lots of that going around.

    • I dont need any subliminal messages for this ugly white bastard. He needs to send subliminals to his own racist people who run and control this racist system.

  5. When you can take the shackles off of feet & place them on the mind…that’s POWER.
    The same power that was used when claims were reported that black women lose weight at a lower rate than other races genetically.
    (Make them lose hope about becoming healthy & they won’t even try anymore)
    Control the mind because the mind controls the body.
    I will NEVER forget when Adidas came out with the “shackle” sneaker.
    All I could think was who was this product being marketed to & the visual confirmation that THIS is what “they” think of you.
    Matter of fact, here’s a link.



    • You don’t have black “leaders” AND BLACK PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SAYING WHAT THIS WHITE SUPREMACIST IS SAYING FOR PUBLICITY mind you, FOR YEARS.. try looking for a book by Michelle Alexander called The New Jim Crow.. old news. Tarantino is an opportunistic RACIST.

      • listen personally I dont care who says it ..what I care more about is WHAT we are doing about it..NOTHING but whining about it…so sick of black folk complaining about conditions they are NOT willing to change..then we argue about what the white man was doing, aint doing SMBH …its sad that Quinton like him or hate him is the spark to get black people to talk about their issues…you are either part of the problem or part of the solution if you do nothing but type on blogs then you are part of the PROBLEM

  7. I am doing something about it. I’m not supporting his films anymore. I personally don’t know anyone who is in jail for drugs (or anything else) so that’s not even an issue for me. If drug dealers are going to jail that’s too bad, get another skill set.

    • Either you are part of the problem or part of the solution and Regina my dear biased on your comments you are obviously part of the problem

      • Actually I think you are part of the problem Sasha. You act like blacks need pity and someone to show them the light. We aren’t stupid. Either you’ve been watching too many movies and don’t know any successful black people personally and/or you live in a cave. There are plenty of black people who aren’t the victim or live a life where they live in danger of being incarcerated for drugs. Most of us are thriving these days.The ones in jail are lost and all we can do is use them as an example of what not to do…and how selling drugs isn’t cute or cool.

        • @Lauren girl please get your immature mind in gear…some successful black people is NOT enough in my world…and for you info I have my own business (employ black people}work with 2 organizations that helps to aid in the advancement of black people (my people)because we have had issues with other races trying to hold us back so if I pity black people that is OK because I am out doing something about it… I truly do despise IGNORANCE a mind is such a terrible thing to waste….the war on drugs was created TO put young black males in prison..85%of black men are in jail because of this crime HOWEVER if you molest a child you usually get probation ..WHY??? because the people who commit that crime are white males between the ages of 26-54)…but of course the seller is held more responsible than the producer of the drugs (white america)I can go on but I truly believe you lack intelligent reasoning..no you would rather take the same position that white people do and people LIKE you is the main reason black people are so divided

    • lol I meant do something about the conditions of the black community ..who cares about a freakin movie when we have issues to solve…WOW…just WOW

      • @sasha, who cares about a movie? entertainment influences people. how many people out there will take all of that stereotypical crap to heart? someone posting in here is repeating Jewish stereotypes. Jesus had nothing to do with hurting anyone and He is a Jew. How can someone complain about QT’s behavior when they’re hatin’ on another group of people? God put us all here. There are rotten folks in all groups and all religions.

  8. Look, we can’t do anything about it, because these drug laws exist because of the Univ. of Maryland basketball star Len Bias. He died from a cocaine overdose the day he signed with the Boston Celtics. Google search that and get back to me.

    All of America, black white Hispanic went crazy. We were screaming and crying over how no one cares about the drugs in the black community and the whites were screaming to end the “drug scourge”. Then on the West coast, a football player died. Sorry, I don’t remember his name and this was 1986 and there was no internet and the LA Times and the San Francisco Chronicle arrived a day late in NYC.
    Although both men died from cocaine, the Congress decided to attack the black community in the form of help by making it a federal crime to own 5 grams of crack although you needed 15 grams of cocaine to get the same 5 year sentence. The sneaky little bastards decided to conflate the issue and the media helped them by always associating coke with the deaths of those men, even though they died of cocaine, not crack.

  9. My read on Quentin is coming across as….”hey don’t through shade at me for using the “N” word in my movie a thousand times. Everybody is using slavery in one form of another with minorities and making a profit. I don’t care about your feelings, I care about making money and if I can find a ……. who whose is willing to go along with me and make a quick dollar or two then that’s what I’m going to do.”….or something along those lines.

    Glad I never go into this dude or his movies.

    • He used the “word” because he was portraying a time period when that is what African Americans were referred to. We were not being called by our biological names. I am sure the name was also used in “Roots”. Our own people use the word on each other “everyday” somewhere in America.

      • @ Honey, you are right. the n-word is used in Roots and blacks were called the n-word instead of even the names given to them by their masters. But anyone, including whites, can act niggardly. The scary thing is that all of that conditioning has still survived–black people refer to each other as the n-word or guerillas instead of their given names. Same thing with the sexualization of slaves and how that has had an affect on present black culture.

  10. Here’s the deal. We don’t need to change drug laws…and most of us aren’t pushing crack. Personally, I think it’s divisive and deflective for Quentin to even bring it up.
    The N-word is just stupid. No one who is educated or brought up properly uses it. It’s like using the word “ain’t”.

    So the thing is…. Quentin is taking all these things that happen in a very ignorant subculture of our culture and making it apply to all of us. Blacks that are affected by the drug laws and use the N-word are akin to whites who are trailer trash. You can’t lump everyone of the same skin color together and make the slang and the problems of that subset seem like they are universal.Whites aren’t all Honey Boo Boos and we aren’t all characters in Blaxploitation movies. . I don’t personally know anyone who has been arrested for crack or anyone who uses the N-word and I know a lot of people.

    As for the white-chick he brought to the awards… who cares. He brought a Black Chick to the BET Awards a few years back. He’s into the swirl and he’s probably paying these chicks anyway. He’s going to end up with hefty child support payments when one of these hoes gets knocked up on purpose anyways… so don’t be mad.

  11. I used to like the idea of marijuana , up until about two months ago when it was legalized in certain states.

    Now I wont even fuck with it anymore because the Gov’t has there hands in it (upfront) now and that means they’ll start lacing it and experimenting on people now with some GMO weed that’ll do something fucked up to your mind and body.

    Fuck weed

    • You are right about that Anonymous. How about we throw the gov’t for a loop and get on a holistic mind/body regimen and stop all this drug nonsense and they won’t have any way of holding us.

      • Clayton

        Thats the most Revolutionary thing a conscious person could ever do. Cleanse, fast and exercise everyday.

        It helps develop the psychic powers.

        • Yep, ppl don’t realize that the drugs ALWAYS wins. It’s like Vegas…the house always wins. Just because you can sit at the table a long time before you lose everything doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. QT is worth like 90 Million. Whenever he marries one of these hoes he’s fond of, he’ll be worth 45 million.. then once the drugs catch up.. the scripts won’t be as good.. then he’s done so hopefully he’s not spending all o his money on drugs. Would be nice if could ride into the sunset and find a nice woman who is grown and has her sh*t together like George Lucas is doing. He’s doing it right. Tarantino should take a page out of his book.

  12. Quentin is a talented storyteller. It’s just a shame that the black men his mom brought home exposed him to the worst parts of our culture. If his black characters are based on the lens he was shown black culture through… then it’s a shame that he didn’t grow up with a more rounded view of our culture. If he had, he would have been exposed to the more enlighten aspects of our culture.In my family no one used the N-word. We read literature by Lorraine Hansberry, Zora Neale Hurston, James Baldwin. Both my parents were professionals. We watched films with Poiter and Bill Cosby. We didn’t even get to watch Blaxploitation films because they are just that.. exploitive and not even an accurate portrayal of us. I admire Pam Grier and I like Tamara Dobson but for the most part Blaxploitation films are crap and shed a negative light on our culture.

    At any rate, Quentin can only write from his own experiences but maybe some day he will get to know some of us who don’t live and act the way some of his black characters do in his films. (Samuel Jackson) I like Django and it gives me a little hope that he cast Kerry Washington because she’s classy and there are a bunch of us out there like her.

    And the N-word is stupid I agree with the person who says it’s for uneducated people and most of us are educated these days.

    • I agree with you Gina. The drug war is BS anyway. The govt put drugs in the African American communities in the late sixties after our civil rights leaders were assassinated. Then of course the drug trade mysteriously organized itself out of the black neighborhoods. (Mind you the poor blacks from the South who were so uneducated they couldn’t get jobs, organized a drug trade… that’s what they have us believing.) Anyhoo, the legalization of marijuana is going to make this interesting. Already the music industry is putting out rap songs about other drugs like Molly, because they want to move the blacks off of marijuana and onto pills that can reek havoc on a new generation…. we need to be a village and keep our kids from listening to these dumb rap songs and not let them be exposed to things that denigrate us. I don’t let my children listen to the radio and I supervise them and have them in all kinds of activities so they don’t even have time to get into trouble. If everyone did the same, the drug laws wouldn’t even matter.

  13. You have some brainwashed (media brainwashed) people out here who behave as if giving this racist your money to watch his garbage is the determining factor of ones logical reasoning ability.

    “Did you even see THE MOVIE”?

    “THE MOVIE”?

    Who made going to see this or any movie obligatory or a necessity to define one’s personal integrity?

    FUCK THIS MOVIE, and fuck this guy…60 days from now, no one will even remember this movie….ITS ALL HYPE. ITS ALL MARKETING. This MOVIE will not cure cancer and it wont make your life better. Its a fuckin western set within a plantation background….

    Did you all see the “MAGNIFICICENT 7”?
    You didnt see that? How do you live?!

    • You can’t blame the media if people don’t have their own common sense. The people who work in media are victims of the same shit the public is… everyone is drinking from the same water. These people in media now a days don’t even do proper reporting.. they just rewrite each other’s stories. If you take the media seriously, you’re stupid. Listen to public radio.

      • @clayton-no clayton no! Read a newspaper, pick up a book. Seek out the knowledge for yourself don’t wait for someone’s interpretation of it(radio and tv). When i was growing up there was a racist joke that said-if you want to hide something from black people where they will never find it where do you put it? A BOOK! We need to seek out the knowledge for ourselves and not wait for someone to tell us. It’s all out there, all you have to do is go get it.

  14. The Sun will probably come up tomorrow if you dont support Hollywood.

    Maybe it wont, but Im betting that it will.

    Read a book….Non-fiction.

  15. No, I didnt see ther movie and I have been having bad luck since Christmas and its hard to not see it as a coincidence because I havent done my duty to enrich Mr Tarrantino.

  16. Hey i feel everyones pain and all know what you are talking about. but black folks need to get their script writing game up and make better films. Truth is This white Terantino man made a damn good movie that showed more class and brain than most of these supposed new black movies out now . I still don’t cut for him using the n word though so that makes this film suspect . Im watching it again to see the subliminal message. Samuel L. “You can’t just up an kill all the white folks Jdango , this was candyland and always will be candyland bitch!

  17. He’s right Jacky. The American prison system is the worst comparing to other first world countries. Especially for the black men.
    American black men get life for bullshit in the US, I would get 12 months tops (drug related that is) where I’m living right now. And the prison system over here is like going camping comparing to the US system. No rape and all the luxuries just like home. And you know why?
    The European prison system is build for the white men and the American prison is designed to keep the black men down.
    Just put them in a fucked up environment with no social-economic security, throw some drugs and guns at them (looking @ you Reagan), and voila! Free labor for the white corporations.
    Concept is still working in 2013 shiiittt. It’s very sad though, so many young brothers & sisters never get a second chance at life.

    My colonial past tied me to Europe, but I do feel the pain for my Afro-American people. When it comes to the prison/justice system, you suffered the most.
    America can be a wonderful place to live in (when you have money so it seems), but it can be your worst nightmare when shit goes down. Death row or life is just around the corner.

    I also believe that the US prison system is a modern way of slavery for the black men.
    They will give you life for some bullshit and then you can work for the system until you die.
    Yes, it’s modern slavery.

    • Excellent! Working in a corporation where the man on the top (CEO) gets the most money is a “slavery” system. The people at the bottom do the most work for the least amount of money. It is the pyramid system at it’s best. The people at the top are laughing all the way to the bank.

      • Yup! That’s corporate slavery and it affects white people. Maybe we should make movies about the poor white ppl chained to their desks…and tell them that their cage is open. They are free to be unemployed.

    • Of course it is modern slavery and You have to be an IDIOT in a major way not to see it or living in a delusional white washed world and to imagine black folk getting in more of an uproar over the FACT it was a white man saying it rather than being more upset at what he said being true…I have said it so many times…black people DO NOT KNOW how to choose their battles they get in an uproar much ado about NOTHING and do not get agressive enough when it comes to the real toxins that invade us

  18. Sorry, I disagree. The prisons systems suck in the US on the same level as the sucky public school system. We don’t do anything as nicely as the Europeans when it comes to social services. The thing is a lot of white people take advantage of social services too, as quiet as it’s kept so it’s really not designed just for us. I’m not denying that there was a plot against the black man in place in the late sixties…because drugs were definitely brought in. But NOW in 2013, anyone who is a victim of any of that is victim of their own cage and most of us who are free and walking around aren’t victims of that system. It’s really easy to not go to jail. Don’t sell drugs, don’t touch anyone’s body and pay your taxes. Why is that so hard? If it’s too hard, then you belong in jail.

    • I concur. “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou would be an excellent read for all African Americans,today.

      • Im not going to read Maya Angelou because I dont feel like being depressed.. All her stuff is depressing.

    • @Stephanie, I only disagree on one point. As a former grand juror and I won’t say state or federal, it is very easy to go to jail in this country.

  19. Maya really is a great writer but a throwback to bad times for us. I love Maya but you’ll be 50 pounds overweight like Oprah drowning your sorrows in soul food lif you spend too much time with her writing. Why do you think white people write so many fairytales and legends? they talk/write about the way they want stuff to be, not the way it is…then they sell that fantasy that we need their help to see the light to us and make millions. Meanwhile, we’re so focused on “keeping it real” we don’t see the forest for the trees. I prefer Zora Neale Hurston personally or even Toni Morrison/

    • Thats the very same reason why , its white people who loves “THE BLUES”, not black people.
      Go to any Blues concert and 90% of the audience will be white. They feed off our misery and depression like honey… The Blues were our Lamenations of sorrow and misery and it was crying and despair in the form of music…Thats the energy these people feed off. Thats why they love Maya Angelou and thats why they have their muse Oprah doing all of these Color Purple, Brewster Place, sad and depressing slave time shows…

      They want to keep you trapped in the past and keep you depressed and feeling like a victim, when you are no longer a victim….You can do anything you want to now. The shackles are gone.

  20. Since we are being real here about Mr. Quentin Tarantino, you know what bugs me? How he invokes the name of Sidney Poitier in his interviews now as if Poitier is the black Pope and can ordain him to do whatever he wants with black culture. I am quite certain that Poitier said, “Go ahead and make your slavery western.” But I suspect he did NOT co-sign on the N-word 184 times nor on Quentin running around in pseudo blackface (hip-hop clothes and fake street hustler speech intonations) to promote this thing.

  21. I’m scrolling down these comments and it’s so nice to see so many ppl voicing intelligent opinions. Yep, we’ve had enough. All of this begs the question, what kind of black folks has Quentin Tarantino been hanging out with? I am a 40 yr old black man and I’ve never met any black person who acts like Samuel Jackson in Pulp Fiction. His character wss a farce for sure. Why do we even take this seriously? And Tarantino needs to take several seats for all this “drug war is modern slavery”. where I come from crack is whack and your butt better be put in jail if you’re caught with it. He’s hanging with the wrong black folks if this is really his mentality.

    • The Samuel Jackson character from Pulp Fiction is a Cartoonized Hyper Nigga character…A coon on steroids type of character who doesnt exist in a real world , except in the imagination of the racist mind.

  22. All this for a movie…this is why QT is rich. This creates enough emotion to make any angry racist person salivate to watch.

    PR equals money, as long as you are incinsed with emotion and seen the movie..keep talking about it Money
    Bad or good…he is making money.
    N word has no power in my home, say it all you want but words like laid off, shut off, probation has way more effect here.

  23. Damn it feels good to see ppl up on it. Just a thought – it is okay to start ur own corp and sit at the top of the pyramid. Get busy livin or get busy dyin.

    • You are SO right about that KeepitRealNotKeepinitreal.
      Don’t let people convince our community that being educated, having corporate success is wrong and street hustling is good. Tell those stupid rappers to take a hike. They are our Honey Boo Boos and should be treated as morons instead of celebrated.

      • @Lauren “Honey Boo Boo’s” hilarious lol, my mother spent almost 20mins trying to explain to me who she was and why people thought she was important….Needless to say I never got it so I commend you on your reference, you couldnt have been more accurate lol

  24. well, when black male youths are incarcerated at a ratio of 33:1 vs. white male youths for the same crime (marijuana possession), with the majority of those black male youths being sent to serve their time in adult facilities, I’d say slavery is alive and well in America.

    But let’s not focus on that…..let’s focus on gay marriage. (sarcasm)…and yes, Jesus, take the wheel.

  25. Cara,

    You have your facts wrong. Here’s the actual stats.

    A black boy born in 2001 has a 33% chance of going to prison & a Latino boy 15%. 7.1 million adults — one in 33 — 1 in 18 males — are under some form of correctional supervision including prison, jail, probation, or parole.

    Maybe black communities need to stop tolerating and glamorizing marijuana and drug use and sales. We are the only community that does that so it seems logical that we would be the ones with the problem.

    It starts with us, not the prison system. You don’t change the laws to make it easier for people to do wrong. Maybe black men need to get out of the drug trade and transfer those skills into something legal? Just a thought.

  26. Anybody here saying that white people are not smart are not living in a world of reality.

    White people are by far the smartest people on the planet at this time and era.

    They are a small minority on this planet but they own the vast majority of the planets wealth.

    They are a small minority but they have a military stronghold on the planet and they can walk into any country and demand they change their leader or be bombed into extinction.

    They are a small minority on this planet but have managed to use other races to kidnap and subjugate one another with them as the bosses , reaping the majority of the profit.

    Lastly, every black person in here is speaking ENGLISH.
    How many white people do you know need to speak African or Ingigenous languages?

    Stop trying to make yourself feel good and deal with reality. White people are far better informed about this racist global system than blacks are…by FAR.

    • While white folks are trying to figure out how to get than UNOBTANIUM from the Congo at cut rate prices, your main concern here is why an outright racist like Quentin Tarrantino did not bring a negroe date to the Golden Globes.

      come on mane

    • And everything you just said about white people being smart: you are talking about the jwes. The people who do their dirty work and lose their lives in the oil/colonial/natural resources war are whites.
      But as MLK, Jr. said, “no lie lives forever”. When various races, ethnicities wake up, the minority, white, as you say will be ineffective.

      • I dont segregate white people amongst their various tribal distinctions. Racially speaking I cant tell the difference between the Pope and Benjamin Netanyahu…They both look like white people to me who have adopted different reigious dogma.

        The Jews do not run the Vatican, who had a huge hand in the kidnapping of Africans in the 1400’s-1700’s.

        The British(Anglo-Saxon Protestants), from their little island set out to shed the blood of people of color to and fro on the planet and they didnt care if the numbers of people they had to slaughter millions of people to subjugate those who they classify as not white.

      • I cant tell the difference between the Pope and the Prime Minister if Israel…They both look like Caucasians to me…One just are part of a tribe who adopted Catholicism and the others tribe adopted Judaism.

        The people of that litle island called Britain were controlled by Anglo Saxon Protesants and they killed and subjugated millions without the help of anyone.

      • Well Honey, I know a jweish girl and she is dumb as fuck.

        Unless its some part of some master plan she has to ultimately cheat me or do me some harm, then she a very good actress.

  27. And I think too many people make scapegoats out of the Jwes and its inaccurate.
    The leaders of Americans Ivy League Institutions is where the IMF, World Bank Leaders and the Presidents are chosen from..They not Jwes and in fact that discriminate against them and they wield great power worldwide in every aspect of human interaction.

  28. You guys are all right in certain aspects.

    1. Yes, at the very, very, very top of the power grid is a handful of whites/non-Jews… descendants from Anglo-Saxon/British rulers. For example, The Bush family, Obama (on his mom’s side) and Cheney are all distant relatives from Britain. They make the decisions on World Leaders, etc.

    Read about it here: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/regional/item_KJXdKMwZqBgHPdXXdGWnEP

    2. However, the Jews are by far the smartest because they are the fewest in numbers and have control of the real estate and financial markets..which ulitmatly is the real power behind the throne. They like to stay in the background and run things and remain low-profile because their end gola is money not the trappings of ego per say so they get the ego filled Anglos to be front men in politics . This is why ppl have been trying to destroy them since biblical times…they get in the middle of everything and figure out how to profit from it.

    3. And to debunk a myth Jews were not major AMercian slave traders… Jews were virtually non-existent in this country until the Nazi’s started taking over Europe and the Jews had to flee. That was in the 1930s/1940’s. And in the Caribbean, the Anglos wouldn’t even let the Jews be growers so they had little use for slaves. REad about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jews_and_the_slave_trade_%28antisemitic_canard%29

    4. The drug war is not modern slavery because if you look at the laws the growers (the modern plantation owners) and distributorss get the stiffest sentences. And the more crops you have the stiffer the sentence. Possession is only a misdemeanor… so the black men in jail for marijuana obviously have some other things on their records. What we need to do is stop the glorification of thug culture and start the glorification of health and education and that would stop.

    Red about the Federal drug laws here: http://norml.org/laws/item/federal-penalties-2?category_id=833

    5. Crack vs. Cocaine possession…first of all crack laws changed in 2010 decreasing the ratio from 100:1 to 18:1. Now, for example, a person must possess with the intent to distribute 280 grams of crack (instead of the 5 grams) to face the mandatory minimum sentence of ten years. and this is more akin to the cocaine laws… so again…this is isn’t a conspiracy… how about we just get out of the crack business and put all the marketing, sales and PR knowledge to work in other areas?

    Read about that law here: http://www.brodenmickelsen.com/blog/106/

    • Regina

      Most times black people are completely confounded about how a small group of people who call themselves whites were able to sail up to Africa and rock the whole Continent…Take control of the inhabitants,have the others kidnapped and transported to another land and then take control of the wealth and resources and have them transported to Europe where they are used as the base to create commerce and employment for their own people.

      They were able to pull this off because the Melaninated people of the Continent called Africa (by the whites and the Arabs)did not see themselves or classify themselves as A RACE…They just saw themselves as human beings and they didnt realize that a group of Caucasoids and CAUCASOID Arabs had united amongst themselves and began to call themselves a RACE. They didnt know they were in a competition until it was too late.

      So it was easy to creep on the coast of Africa as friendly trading partners and then study the people and figure out who had disputes with this ethnic group and what weaknesses they could exploit to be able to pit one group against the other, until they were able to get a foothold of the interior and the coastal areas…They arm one side with guns to ovepower and kidnap a rival ethnic group and when that group finished the job then the whites attacked the group they armed and then got further and further inland..

      Wash , rinse repeat.

      • Anon, None of that has any relevance on what we as black people ccan do right now. Stop focusing on the past. Get the lessons and move on. The lesson is that we together have to get on the same page and say no to Rap music, idiotic Thug behavior and focus on modeling what powerful whites have done. They build up their people with rich positive storeis, they protect and educate their children.They don’t let the Honey Boo Boos of the worldand other negative stereotyps become their main images. For every Honey Boo Bo there’s a Hilary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren or KAtheryn Bigalow. . Unfortunately, we have a lot of Honey Boo Boos ( aka Nicky Minaj, Rianna and all the other rappers and singers and basketball wives out right now) and very few Michell Obamas . We need to change that. Girls should be learning to keep their clothes on, speak well and be educated and feminine.

        • You need to know how and why your car malfunctioned for it to get in to a crash so you can put the car on the rack and repair the issues, so it wont happen again.

          A fool and their money are soon to part.

          What good is an education if you arent using it for the right reasons?

          What good is it to learn German, if you are only going to use it to speak to German strip club customers?

          You have to have some social and cultural consciousness in order to know what you need to do and why.

          • Remember….You speak englishand live under English rule..The english arent speaking Yoruba and living in and under Yoruba rule…

            There is a reason for this…This just didnt happen by happenchance.

            • Anon 7:25

              There are a lot of languages we don’t speak… Spanish, Greek, German, Italian…to name a few. The English were in the conquering business. What’s your point?

              There’s a lot things we can and are taking advantage of at this moment in history… blacks have it better now than they have ever in this country. We got a lot of game pulled on his. They repealed segregation laws in the late sixties and then before the successful blacks could move into other parts of the cities, they brought in drugs to slow everyone down and reak chaos on our family structure. Then the kids of these people started profiting from the backward lifestyles with rap music, and that glorified it which made it okay and fun to be “ghetto” and be a drug dealer and do drug…and it’s not.

              Now we are slowly moving away from that… the thugs are dead (Tupac/Biggie) or so drug-addled that they can’t really create good new music (Snoop and Dre) or irrelavent and silly and addicted (Lil Wayne) that it’s a good time to see what clownish behavior is really going on… and stop supporting that music and start supporting music, TV and media that doesn’t promote the coonery. If you stop watching, the networks will be challenged to bring you more thought provoking TV from people who aren’t ignorant like Shonda Rimes…and it’s programming that uplifts everyone…everyone..black, white, Latin, Asia deserves to see a positive version of themselves in movies, TV and music.

          • Anonymous 6:56: Yes one has to be educated but it really only takes about 2 hours to read all about the slave trade…. and how whites take over an colonize…maybe two days if you’re slow.We are well versed in what happened to us happened to us. We now need to fto the present and future and take more ACTION in productive ways. By turning off the TV shows and rap music that promote an ignorant version of our culture. We need to start exercising… we are very fit human beings. Our African ancestors had the best bodies into the world. but we poison ourselves with bad diets and don’t exercise… the majority of successful, rich and powerful ppl have a workout routine. Sisters, brothers get to the gym or hell, start jumping robe in your home. Get the brain cells moving, stop taking the drugs so you can wake up and move forward tot a more positive future and teach our children to do the same. Stop believing you are victims and you wont’ be. It’s good to be black right now. We have the power to make our culture whatever we want it to be if we pay attention and remove the negative elements.

            • Knowing your history is not the same as obtaining a vocational skill and an education.

              Knowing who you are is your link to your ancestors and your past…If you dont where you came from and how you got to where you are, you wont have any idea where you need to be heading…You are like a tree with no roots…You’ll sway in the wind of every new Reality Show or movie promotion that comes across the airwaves because you dont have any CULTURE, other than the culture of the people who had you kidnapped, raped and tortured into submission.

              No, its not about reading a book…Its about regaining your own mind and becoming a whole person again.

            • Anonymous, you sound confused. We have culture… if you are black, Africa is our motherland. Just like if you’re Italian, Italy is yours or if you’re Russian, Russia is yours. We are all American (if we live here) and that’s our nationality…American. At this moment, I own land in America. My mother’s family owns land on the east coast and down south where the ancestors on her side are from. My father immigrated here from Africa in the sixties and we own land there.

              To be honest, in your terms…we are all screwed because the Chinese actually own us…they hold most of our National Deficit.

              So unless you start thinking in terms of what you have now and how to build on that, you’re always going to be trapped in the pit of looking behind and lack. Live in the now, we have a lot to build on.

          • Anonymous, some of us are in different stages.. maybe you dont feel like a whole person, but you are You can get our act together now, if it’s not already and start making decisions on what you watch on TV, put in your mouth and how you raise your kids and how you support yourself.

            • You can never be whole, until you have land you can call your own.

              A homeless people can never be whole.
              Why do you think the Israelites had to wander in the wilderness for 40 years.

              They were homeless and had no land they could truly call their own.

            • Anonymous, you sound confused. We aren’t homeless.

              We have culture… if you are black, Africa is our motherland. Just like if you’re Italian, Italy is yours or if you’re Russian, Russia is yours. We are all American (if we live here) and that’s our nationality…American. At this moment, I own land in America. My mother’s family owns land on the east coast and down south where the ancestors on her side are from. My father immigrated here from Africa in the sixties and we own land there.

              To be honest, in your terms…we are all screwed because the Chinese actually own us…they hold most of our National Deficit.

              So unless you start thinking in terms of what you have now and how to build on that, you’re always going to be trapped in the pit of looking behind and lack. Live in the now, we have a lot to build on.

            • Regina

              You can have Africa, if you want it…Im not trying to stop you from going home.

              America is my land and my people are Indigenous to America…We were here before white folks knew this place existed…They stole our shit.
              You go have fun in Africa…Im staying close to my land…Im a Native and Im Indigenous and we were here before the Confederates set up their laws.

            • Well, if anyone needs to get it together it’s the Native Americans. We are all landowners of your homeland… except for you guys. I own more land here than most NAtive Americans and I’m black. I actually think it’s wrong what was done to you but you guys need to get off the sauce and do something about it too.

            • Regina

              You sound like those self hating Sambos who fought for their own kidnappers against Ingigenous Native people who were referred to as called the Buffalo Soldiers…

              And I dont know if you realized it but the first a great percentage of Indigenous people who were here when the whites came here were Black with wooly hair who had migrated here from Africa 1000’s of years ago.

            • Anonymous, I would never side against the Indians. I know not to trust the white men who are trying to conquer. I just am not stupid enough to sit there and watch them do it. I make sure I have my own land and my own means instead of letting knuckle headed rappers and reality TV stars show me how to live.

              I’m up on my history, I am just not chained to it. I take the knowledge and take ACTION not stew in it.

      • @ anon, while you were mentioning the caucasoids and arab caucasoids, you forgot the black africans who were involved with the slave traders.

  29. And just for the sake of clarity… on point #1, I’m not saying Bush, Cheney and Obama specifically decide the world leaders,I’m saying there is a group of people of Anglo-Saxon descent that are at the top of the grid and decide the world leaders… althought the Jews control finacial and real estate dealings so in essence they are the power behind the throne… which I explain in point 2.

  30. The bottom line to all of this is that Tarantino is a great storyteller but his movies are full of negative stereotypes that clearly he enjoys. When I watched Reservoir Dogs on a date at 19 years old I felt like a hate crime was being committed to me. No black person should pay money for this unless they are masochistic or self-hating. It’s on par with the David Chappelle Show. Absolutely ridiculous.

  31. I think anyone who is African American and bashes Jews is moronic. The Jewish struggles mirror ours and they are the minorities who are really running shit. We need to be watching and learning from them. Don’t let the Anglos try to make us hate them. Watch and learn. They are very tribal and family oriented and very particular about what they eat and their habits. Self-discipline is the key to everything. Block out what isn’t good for you.

    • right, my grandmother used to always say if a jew liked you, you were in good standing. She said Jews could always relate to blacks because they were killed, totured, raped, beaten, etc. for nearly the same reasons.

    • The Jewish struggle mirrors ours? That is laughable. We should watch and learn from them because they are always using us. The relationship between blacks and the socalled jwes is a parasitic one. If you cannot see how they destroyed the education system in major cities, run the Hollywood machine, always promoting, however subltely, white supremacy, and how they used their banking and financial machinations and schemes to defraud and foreclose on blacks, you haven’t had much interaction with them. It also shows that the media is doing its job by protecting the jwes.

      • We can still learn from them. Learning to control entertainment, banking and financial systems is exactly what we need to be doing. I know a lot of Jews. I’m not saying they don’t do shady things but they are smart shady things, not stupid shady things like thugs.

        • youre comparing the then to the now. Im merely speaking of then. Theres no denying the injustices that were done to them, adults and children likewise, many people were killed for thoughtless reasons. Thats where my comparison is stemming from, and nothing else.

      • EXACTLY..I cant lie Anonymous I was floored with this comment..I was thinking no black person can be this naive and now I am convinced these posters are WHITE hiding behind black illusions…its better than thinking black people have become that disconnected….to suggest that we should mimic the structure of WHITE supremacy is a super injustice to ones level of rational reasoning

        • Is my analysis still stupid? You just entered phase three of accusing someone to be white. Told ja! lol

        • @Sasha, ain’t it ridiculous. It shows you how weak whites are that they must come and hide behind a screen to spread their nonsense and stupidity.

  32. Hey Everyone, I wouldn’t worry too much about what Tarantino says or thinks… he’s at the end of his rainbow/career. He’s peaked and he’s done. Let’s do the math:

    1. Django Unchained cost $125 million to make. So far it’s only grossed $100 million. Sure it’s going to gross more but it lost 44% of it’s audience from last week to this week alone. Not sure what international box offices will be like but traditionally movies like this don’t have MASSIVE box office receipts in the international markets.

    2. Blacks are starting to realize Tarantino is not doing us any favors and doubtful they will support his future endeavors. He’s basically doing Black Exploitation films and those films are not our friends.

    3. The good news for blacks? Django grossed $100 million so far and it had a black main character. This is good. If we can get some inventive scripts together with solid black lead and a white ensemble… then we can certainly get studios to fund $50 million dollar budgeted movies. Tarantino got $100 million but that’s the last time that’s happening for sure.

    4. Les Miserable only cost $60 million and Zero Dark Thirty only cost $40 million and both of those movies are making major profits because the budgets were significantly lower. So that’s more bad news for Mr. Tarantino. The studios look at profits. There’s no profit for Django yet and it’s because of Tarantino’s inflated budget. If they can do Les Miz for $60 million, they probably could have done Django for around the same money. Tarantino doesn’t pay his actor beaucoup bucks. They get backend but so far, no backend because the movie hasn’t made it’s money back yet. And I’m sure no one is buying those stupid dolls… this isn’t Star Wars.

    So…if we just let Tarantino be, he’ll poof and be gone all on his own.

    • LMAO…so you still think this is about the making of a silly movie and a silly movie director…SIGH and SMH

  33. @Anonymous 06:46 07:25 etc. Preach and Teach.
    The knowledge that you shared was priceless. I used work with an historian (internship) by the name of Dr. Ben Jochannan. He studied primarily in the history of Egypt. You sort of remind me of him. Your accuracy and intensity is so refreshing. A lot of the information you share was also very revelating.
    In order to get where you are going, you must 1st find out who you really are, and who/where you came from. We are all from different tribes and have different expertises. We must focus and tap into that expertise. Our enemy knows us better than we know ourselves As long as we continue listening to their lies and be distracted they will continue to divide and overpower us. Never seen any of a Tarantinos movies. Dont need to. I already got an idea and an example of what and who he stand for. Question. No pun intended. Has Tarantino ever pledged or donated any proceeds from his past or present ventures to demostrate his support for the Modern day Slaves?
    A lot of the issues and suggestions ive heard before. But the knowledge you shared was uplifting. It gave me insight and hope. Whether or not we realize it. We are in a serious war and our future is at stake. Thank you once again.
    *Please excuse any errors or ignorance on my behalf.Im just learning and want to be enlightened.

  34. @Sasha
    You also made some valid points. @Sasha and @Anonymous, the 2 of you should give seminars or courses. I would pay to hear you speak.

  35. I was curious as to what QT would say after his best screenplay win. I also wanted to go baCK aND read the comments here. I just heard him say how smart he was and what a great job he did casting kerry and jamie. Wow. What a dyck.