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R. Kelly’s Japanese Girlfriend Will $ma$h The Homies

September 22nd, 2011

R Kelly Japanese Girlfriend
R. Kelly was touring this summer and guess what? R. Kelly and members of his entourage were secretly sharing the same girl. Know why? Because R. Kelly’s Japanese girlfriend Mai is a prostitute mane.

Here’s what Mai’s pimp Carlos had to say:

“I met Mai in K-Town she came from Chicago. She wants to be a singer. R Kelly and his boys got her out here in the studio. They’re all going up in.

She broke me off cuz I got her work. But R. Kelly and his nigga’s was toss’in that up all summer long.”

Could a prostitute become a groupie? I don’t know, but I know Mai the Japanese prostitute was the singer Joe’s ex-girlfriend. Don’t believe me? Ask Mai’s ex-pimp Carlos.

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2 Comments on "R. Kelly’s Japanese Girlfriend Will $ma$h The Homies"

October 3, 2012

Haha!! I know her and she CAN’T sing…..stick to sexing hoe!


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