Raffles Confesses to Removing Evidence from Whitney Houston Death Scene


Raffles van Exel Confession

HSK Exclusive – On February 15, 2012, just 4 days after the Whitney Houston was found dead in her bath tup at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Raffles van Exel went on record with a newspaper from his home country, the Netherlands.

Here is a loose translation of the Dutch article seen above:

Raffles van Exel (32), the Dutch confidant (support) of the deceased Whitney Houston, pulled out all the goodies left behind by the deceased singer from the hotel. “Someone had to do it,” Raffles told the Telegraph. “The room had to be emptied.” The house friend of Whitney comes from Deventer, and had been friends with her for a long time. He is also the main support to the bereaved relatives. “We are going through a very tough (rough) time.”

Whitney’s ex, Bobby Brown, is quite upset. Raffles must comfort him regularly. “Things are going well with now”. “I’m with him”. (Can also be translated as: “Now that I’m with him he is doing well”.

The Deventer (The person from Deventer a town in Holland, i.e.; Raffles) was also at the infamous parties last week where Whitney was completely over the top because she thought that her young love was flirting with a younger girl. Raffles had to drag the singer outside (the party). “Now she’s dead.” “I try to sleep, but I cannot.”

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  1. Raffles is full of it. He could be lying about removing the items from Whitney’s room to stay in the spotlight. He’s an egomaniac.

    • But can we have the police ask him questions under oath so we know the TRUTH about events as they played out??

      Anybody can say anything, but what matches events will be considered truth.

  2. i truly hope brany dont think her note is a secret.with all those cameras around she must be kidding its only a matter of time before that comes out. there waiting on her .

  3. Well done HSK (and others) on this investigation on this dodgy guy. TMZ are suspiciously quiet on these revelations. No doubt because he duped them with the photos he sold them.

    The lesson: always get your news from multiple sources.

  4. 32years old???? Never in a million years! He’s close to 50! He was always trying to get over here in Chicago back in the 80’s and 90’s! Don’t even try it! Yes and his name is Raffles Dawson.

  5. The police have now determined that there will be no further investigation. They claim that the initial investigation included the collection of a “white, powdery remnant” that tested positive for cocaine. Additionally, it was decided that the Xanax, Flexeril, marijuana, and Benadryl played no part in Whitney’s death. Following is a excerpt of the decision to end the investigation:


    TMZ also reported that Beverly Hills Police detectives are not investigating the rumors that a friend of Houston’s allegedly removed cocaine from the room following her death because they are not convinced evidence of the drug was swept away before their arrival.

    I wonder whether this flaky investigation has more to do with protecting pharmaceutical companies than protecting Raffles? Xanax is a bitch, and some have deemed it as bad as or worse than some of the street drugs. Google Xanax to read some of the horror stories.

    • Maybe if the authorities fessed up to the year-long radiation LA (and the rest of the country) is getting from Fukushima, people would understand why relatively young people are dropping dead from heart attacks, and then we wouldn’t all feel such a need to come up with so many well-meaning theories about the unexpected deaths.

      It offends me greatly that cocaine use would be put down as a contributing factor to Whitney’s death (feeding into the image of her as a drug addict, and the other side of that which is the natural concern of who is supplying the drugs), but not radiation which is known to damage the heart muscle and cause premature heart attacks. When you eat particles, you get the side benefit of poisoning 24/7, for the rest of your life until the particles by some fortune or even miracle get excreted.

      Simple math of radiation fallout for 12 months from 3 reactors and 2 spent fuel pools, factor in the large amount of fuel in each one, ongoing fallout with no end in sight (contrary to the lazy lying mainstream news making us feel all is under control and the radiation can’t hurt you) and the numbers are much much much higher than those from Chernobyl – and their radiation reached us too.

      But I guess it’d be too scandalous to admit our celebrities may be falling over dead from radiation, just like the rest of us. Why, there might be an outcry from the public or her family…. We can’t have that, so let’s all pretend it’s ok to eat radiation at every meal and pretend Whitney Houston died from her own habits, yeah, no one will notice…. That’s more believable and acceptable to a scared government and a public that really would rather not hear any more bad news….


      • (Correction – I meant Cesium-137 will supply you for the rest of your life with ongoing ionizing radiation, if not excreted. And that’s one we know specifically damages muscle, including heart muscle. Other isotopes’ lifetime in your body depends on their half-lives, but there are at least several nasty ones from Fukushima that have half-lives of I believe hundreds or thousands of years.

        Something like Iodine-131 only has a half-life of 8 days so multiply by 10 – the rule of thumb – to get 80 days til it’s basically gone.)

    • When I read that I wondered if the cops were trying to lure Raffles out of hiding by floating a story that the heat is off. If so, it seems to be working because a recent comment on HSK says Raffles is in Vegas, and he’s lawyered-up and will soon be making a statement and suing lots of people.

    • CLEANER!!!

      Your comment is not supported anywhere. Only partially by TMZ who is in cahoots with Raffles. and only the part that a “police source revealed they found cocaine.”

      NO ONE from the BHPD spoke to anyone and they haven’t since their investigation began. Its POLICY!

      • Who are you replying to? You’ve posted “CLEANER!!” on two pages, and I don’t see who your comment applies to, since the only “Cleaner” would be Raffles van Exel.

        Also, police often plant stories in the media to manipulate suspects, and TMZ is not the only media outlet running the story that the cops found the cocaine and are no longer interested in Raffles. I don’t believe that story is true, I think they’re still investigating Raffles. I hope they get him.

        • Who ever the person who is claiming Raffles is hiring lawyers is a lying cleaner… also whoever (the same person) who stated that investigators closed the case. also NOT TRUE..

          • It’s entirely possible whoever posted that Raffles is in Vegas and that he’s lawyered up is telling the truth. Of course, Raffles has lawyered up! He needs all the legal help he can get because he’s in serious trouble. By lawyering up, Raffles can avoid talking to the police. Also, it makes sense for Raffles to hide in Vegas instead of leaving the USA. So, whoever posted that was not a “CLEANER,” just someone sharing some inside info they’ve heard.

            • raffles does not get to lawyer up and not talk to the police… INS grabs him immediately for sneaking into the counrty and he talks to everyone that wants too..

              I believe Raffles is in the states but that person is propagating FALSE information. hence the label CLEANER

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