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Raffles Van Exel Exposed…

March 9th, 2012

HSK Exclusive - After reading the Forbes’ article surrounding Raffles Van Exel alleged discovery of Whitney Houston’s body, I decided to do a little digging to find out more about the mystery man.

Here’s what my insider revealed:

“Flava Flav introduced me to Raffles, I never knew he was a con man. I saw Raffles in a club running one of his cons. He told the club’s manager ‘Michael Jackson is coming so let’s block off the VIP and I need 20 bottles of champagne’. That’s when my partner and I decided to shoot a reality show on him.

We were shooting our reality show when he took over Michael Jackson’s birthday party. When they started to perform We Are The World, Raffles took over the stage. He grabbed the microphone out the hand of the one of the Temptations, pointed to Mario Van Peebles and hugged Freda Payne.

Michale Jackson was intrigued thinking he was someone of stature and took to him, he invited Raffles backstage, but MJ’s entourage got rid of him.

Raffles tells people he’s George Benson son, because he did live in George Benson’s house for a short time.

After we finished shooting the show we took it to Bunim/Murray Productions and they were planning to give us a deal. The idea of the show was, if they gave Raffles $150,000 how would he make himself famous in 6 months. So when Bunim/Murray final met Raffles, they asked him what he would do. Raffles started rambling about once smoking a joint in an Amsterdam taxi with Whitney Houston. They soon realized Raffles van Exel was unstable and pulled out of any deal.

It was all a con and we have 60 hours of video footage of Raffles committing his fraud across the USA.”

I was planning to keep this story under wraps while it developed further, but the girls over at LipStickAlley got there hands on some footage first. So consider this a detailed account of what is happening in that video.

Entire Raffles Investigation revelations CLICK HERE

Whitney Houston Cover Up

31 Responses to “Raffles Van Exel Exposed…”

  1. Original Anon |

    Just as I suspected. This guy is a wannabe and nobody.


  2. coco |

    That whole industry is just one big damn lie! It seems like just about all the people are fake and are living this luxurious life of lies. People wanting to be important so bad that a guy like Raffels can enter their circle so easily just by kissing a lot of celebrity ass.


  3. sallythesnoop |

    I was about to say who? So who really found Whitney’s body, I’m still confused about that


  4. Anonymous |

    this man reminds me of mj doctor


  5. Monica |

    He is too funny!!!


  6. Huh? |

    So is this dude a hitman and a con man?


    lynne Reply:

    I think he may be both. Thanks for posting this Jacky.


    Original Anon Reply:

    I’m leaning more towards con artist. A hitman ain’t trying to be seen, let alone making corny, fruity music videos, infiltrating celebrity parties, and getting reality TV shows.


  7. Madeline |

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for exposing this man. It is about time. I’ve been “following” this guy for the last 10 years but it seems that everyone’s trying to protect him. He seems like a psychopath, a narcissist. Very scary. Why does he wanna get close to these people? To get money from them? What is his goal? What did he do for Whitney?


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  9. Original Anon |

    Wow! According to this article, Raffles Van Exel was Gary and Pat’s paid flunky and he was the one who snapped the picture of Whitney in the casket. Why would Pat and Gary have this creep around? To do their dirty work?? Was he the guy in the room eating hamburger and fries? Did Gary and Pat pay this dude to off Whitney?



    Ebony Reply:

    I read the article, again (I’d read it before.) I did not see information that stated he works for/worked for Pat and Gary Houston.


    Ebony Reply:

    Just after I left this. I saw an article that indicated Raffle had responded. He did not fess up but he stated he was an employee of Pat and Whitney. See following article:



    Original Anon Reply:

    Honey, it’s called reading between the lines. It was obvious that’s what was going on. But thanks for the follow up article, I’ll check it out.


  10. Trent |

    I just want to know why Whitney family has not apologize to the funeral home, knowing they know who did this. The is a place of bussiness. They don’t have time to be involved with this Houston Family Monkey Bussiness. Pat knows who did it, she already lied in the Oprah interview, she knows it was more to that Whitney & Frances crap, talking about the girl just kept following them, she knows some swinging went on. So for me I think they all in it for the money. BobbiK watch out, get someone that’s not in your family to look after your funds.


  11. punkfunk |

    First Michael, now Whitney… every artist better not put their trust behind this man. I don’t trust him. Apparently, Van Exel was the one who leaked Whitney’s casket photo and Pat has Raffles in her payroll or something. Just makes Pat more suspicious. From the video I saw, why would anyone trust this fool?


    punkfunk Reply:

    Hmm, I read it somewhere, I think on LSA or whatever that it was Raffles. Then again that could be wrong. I guess Raffles wasn’t there at the viewing so then that still leaves Pat as the guilty party as far as the casket photo. I still can’t get over what she said about the photo. “I’m more mad at the tabloid for printing it”. What?


    Ebony Reply:

    It has been reported. He was the only outsider on the jet bringing Whitney’s body to NJ. He was the only outsider at the Friday viewing and the viewing, at the funeral home, before going to the cemetery. He was seen taking a picture of Whitney. He rode in Pat Houston’s car for all events surrounding Whitney’s homegoing services.


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  14. Teela |

    I don’t think he actively or directly had anything to do with MJ or Whitney’s death but clearly this man is not trained to be anything in the Entertainment or Security business. To have someone in their midst that wouldn’t know what to do in an emergency was dangerous. A better trained bodyguard should know how to do CPR correctly and take over the situation to make sure that things were done correctly. He would have been the rusty cog in the wheel in both situations.


    Ebony Reply:

    No, no, no. It was not Raffle van Exel who was the body guard or the person who gave Whitney CPR. Ray, Pat Houston’s brother, was the bodyguard. Remember, in the Oprah interview, Pat said she told Ray to stop; the paramedics had arrived.


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  17. Billy Morris |

    This is too weird and crazy! I met this clown here in LA many years ago while working at The William Morris Agency. I was introduced to him by comedian Eddie Griffin who at the time owned a small bar on Sunset Blvd. He had somehow found his way into Eddie’s circle.

    I would then see him all around and notice him with other celebs that I knew or was acquainted with thru work or personal (the late Michael Jackson being one). I could never really figure out this guys angle however, my associates and I were always skeptical about him. I would noticed him at many events and pics with celebs. I always found it weird that he had worked himself into MJ’s circle and was doing the same with so many others although, he would never have a real job title or function.

    Anyway, after MJ’s death and now Whitney’s, I recently asked and began looking around to see if Raffles was anywhere around.. To NO surprise @all, I found him front and center again. Before, during and after!

    My guess is that MUCH MUCH more will begin to come out regarding this guy and who he really works for. Also, I wouldn’t @ all be surprised if he ended up dead or missing to keep from exposing all that he really knows or may be involved with.

    Obviously Raffles is a FRAUD but I doubt that he works alone. There is something very sinister going on here and around him….


    Bella Reply:

    Thank you, Billy. This is exactly what I’ve been saying. I believe we’re meant to think that “Raffles” is a con man but he is something more sinister than that and being paid well by someone. When he weasled his way into the Grammy party, it is said that he told everyone that he found Whitney dead. Maybe he did indeed “find” her dead.

    And, I agree with you, we’ll next be told he is “dead” or something. Already, he can’t be found. This is cray.


  18. Bubbah |

    What island is this man from? Where and how does he live? What women is he involved with? The people from that island, and the women will gladly talk if asked anything.


    andKrumpets Reply:

    Raffles is from Dutch Suriname, but also ran at least one big scam in the Netherlands.


    HSK4LIFE Reply:

    Raffles would tell people his family was Suriname upper-class socialites.


    Goosey Reply:

    The actor, Jimmy Smits, is from Suriname.


  19. lovelylady |

    He not really a con man. He telling us what he is doing. Just kind of funny. Con man don’t tell on themselves.


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