Raffles van Exel Revealed to be Whitney Houston’s Drug Dealer


Did T=Raffles van Exel Kill Whitney Houston

Update: Here is the confession of Raffles to the dutch media regarding his involvement removing evidence from Whitney Houston’s room as she lay dead.

“Someone had to do it,” Raffles told the Telegraph. “The room had to be emptied.”

Update: On March 24, 2012, two days following the release of toxicology and medical examiner reports as to the cause of Whitney Houston’s death, Beverly Hills police claim that their investigation is “still open.”

A witness, who wishes to remain anonymous is currently completing an affidavit which will be given to his American spokesperson to be delivered to the Beverly Hills PD.


HSK Exclusive – A man has come forward exclusively to HSK claiming he intends to file an affidavit with the  Beverly Hills and Los Angeles police departments. In the affidavit,  this very reliable source, asserts that the man known as Raffles van Exel (not his real name) was in fact the drug supplier for Whitney Houston leading up to her death. As HSK previously reported that the surname van Exel was taken from his stepfather.

The man coming forward resides outside of the United States and claims he has spoken to a detectives before, but at the time, his claims were “swept under the rug”. With the medical examiner and toxicology reports on Whitney’s death being release yesterday, people were left with more questions than answers.

The reports claim Whitney was using cocaine right up until moments before her death. The cause of death is listed as accidental drowning, which may or may not have been preceded by a heart attack due to corrosive artery buildup from chronic drug abuse. Other drugs found in her system at the time of death include: Xanax, Benadryl, muscle relaxer and marijuana.

Here is what the source revealed to me:

“Raffles always enters the country illegally. The first time he was deported was 13 years ago after being arrested in Chicago for shoplifting. Raffles has been deported at least 6 times now.

Raffles comes into your life when your down. He latched onto Michael during the molestation trial. He got Whitney during her depression.

Raffles served no purpose except being the drug supplier in these celebrity camps which he infiltrated with lies. Pat and Gary new what Raffles’ role was, yet they still allowed him to remove all evidence from the room before paramedics and police arrived.

Pat and Gary also new that Raffles had taken and sold the photos (gurney and tub) to the tabloids well before they invited him to fly on Tyler Perry’s private jet as Whitney’s body was flown home.”

It’s been revealed via Forbes that the gurney photo, supposedly of Whitney Houston’s body being removed from the Beverly Hilton hotel was in fact actually Bobbi Kristina being taken to the hospital following a nervous breakdown. That photo was taken and sold by Raffles. Raffles is also the person who took and sold the photo of the tub where Whitney had died.

In recent history, Raffles was fingered by the family of Jazz great George Benson after allegedly stealing $25,000 is cash from the Benson home. Raffles has been sued before as Raffles Benson, a name he assumed to commit fraud against unsuspecting victims, as evidenced in the exclusive video posted below. The Benson family previously issued him a order to “cease and desist” from using the Benson name.

Here is some of what another source revealed:

“Raffles was on SBS6 over here in Holland, he told the reporter that he was the “only” person authorized to clean all the drugs and paraphernalia out of the room.

I met Raffles through a friend, his stories were always so grandiose most people didn’t believe him. Then he would have pictures of himself with all these big American celebrities. So people figured some of what he said must be true.

A Dutch singer named Connie was conned by Raffles several years ago after Raffles told her he arranged for her to sing at the birthday party for then president G.W. Bush.  It never happened.”

With new evidence also exclusively received by HSK, we expect investigating departments to treat this the same as they do doctor prescribed pharmaceuticals.Why investigate only the Oxycontin dealer and not the cocaine supplier too.

If still in the USA, Raffles is being sought after by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement department (ICE).

Did Raffles van Exel commit a crime by removing evidence from the room where Whitney lay dead? Of course he did. Don’t believe me.. Ask Dr. Conrad Murray.

Entire Raffles Investigation revelations CLICK HERE


  1. you DO know that as soon as he got wind of all this info being told on him..he’s ghost right? Other media outlets are onto him now…

  2. Welcome to Hollyweird..As long as he can get what they need..doesn’t matter..he will ALWAYS be around as long as he continues to keep his dope connections and anything else he is into

  3. I’m going to hold off on saying I believe Raffle van Whoever is responsible. Ray J just took an ass whooping by Bobby’s sister last night on Dr. Drew and now his publicist is doing some heavy damage control by threatening bloggers with lawsuits if they publish anything Leolah Brown said last night. But where they messed up is by saying Ray J had no idea that Whitney was using cocaine. That’s a bold-face, blatant lie! Just as his publicist lied about him being “anywhere near the hotel” when Whitney died, when he tweeted pictures of himself at the hotel a few hours before she died.

    I’m not saying this Raffles guy is clean, but it could be the case that he’s being used as a scapegoat to take the heat off of Ray J.

    • Exactly. Ray J is probably a bit of a tortured soul right now. Him not knowing that Whitney may have been using again should have been left in the rough draft pile of the publicist’s statement. Raffles is a trip. I’m not too sure Pat knew what was up with this guy. I don’t see Pat and Whitney’s husband, Gary, knowingly allowing this guy into their inner-circle without feeling he needed to be there. Whitney was photographed with Raffles on multiple occasions without incident. Whitney was a grown woman who, at the end of the day, still employed Pat Houston. As a manager, there’s only so much you can do to keep your GROWN client in check.

    • With Clive Davis aka Siva (destroyer) Devil C calling the shots while working for the demonic, fallen entities that control the luciferic music (entertainment) industry.

      Raffles, RayJ, Pat, Gary, Ray and the rest are all flunkies being told only what they need to do & when they need to do it by Clive’s direction.

      • You are correct when you say they are all flunkies getting directives from Clive. Nevertheless I want them all exposed. There is something very evil going on all industries (Politics, Church, & Entertainment)

    • You forgot Pat’s crackhead brother Ray. Now who in the heck was HE protecting with his eyes tweeking left and right? SMH. Crackheads all of em! Poor baby. There must have been no one on earth that she could trust. If Whitney ever did attempt serious sobriety she could never achieve it with those leeches sparking up in front of her.

      • I saw Ray (bodyguard) in a picture one time escorting Whitney in her car and he looked just like he was on drugs…mouth drooping at the sides and all. He does look like he is on drugs. I still think Pat knew Whitney was getting high that day…that’s why she was avoiding her.

      • say that hot shit… I thought I was the only person that really is seein this story for what it is all fake……….Y dae wanted to off Whit I don’t know but they did and now they gone pay Van ex or whatever his name is to be the fall guy cause they know he been here before and gone come out of it bigger then life…PAT HOUSTON CO-SIGNED WHITNEY DEATH

  4. I dont see any illuminati boule comments yet… so to head them off I’d quickly like to say, you don’t need all the conspiracy or secret society to control people. Raffles is connected to none yet he still managed to infiltrate and control various situations. Just prey on weak people or people with known weaknesses.

    As displayed Raffles would do ANYTHING these people wanted.. He traded on his perceived relationships to these celebrities to rob unsuspecting non celebrity types.

  5. Yeah I always felt like it was an inside job! Most people usually die at the hands of their so called loved ones. I bet the payout was ridiculous. Whitney checked in that hotel and they had no intentions of her ever checking out they called her number her time was up! People get tired of babysitting a junkie that refuses to come clean. They all kept saying Whitney was clean and that was some bullshit alltogether there… Ray-J seems to be having the hardest time with his guilt I’d hate to be him right now; cause he got to keep re-living the her death day over and over in his head.

  6. Those bumbling idiots knew of the plan to kill her, but they did not necessarily have a hand in actually executing the plan.

    I believe that Ray J is a patsy. He may have been promised money or the fame he has always lusted after. Instead he has turned into a marked man. He miscalculated the Dow side to his role I. This mess.

  7. The music industry is demonic (Chaka Khan).

    Entertainment lets take a closer look at that word:

    It’s (movies, tv, music, sports, video games, etc) just entertainment-? right?

    Enter (come into)

    Tain (to gain hold, possess)

    Ment (a state of)

    In otherwords entertainment can be defined as:

    to enter into, possess & to keep an individual in a state of possession? as a fan (fanatic: A person marked or? motivated by an extreme, unreasoning enthusiasm, as for a cause- in this case entertainment) of said entertainment and/or entertainer (idol, icon, star, role model, celebrity, hero).?

    To be a living vessel for demonic & fallen spirits via one’s own consciousness.

    To emulate sinful trends, fashions & fads implemented under the guise of “artistic expression” while acting out on said fanatical impulses, tenets contained within said entertainment and/or promoted by said entertainer(s).

    Music is the key to the soul.

    Music directly imitates the passions or states of the soul, when one listens to music that imitates certain passion they becomes imbued with the same passion & if over a long time they habitually listen to the kind of music that rouses ignoble passions their whole character will be shaped to an ignoble form.

    If one listens to the wrong kind of music they will become the wrong kind of person but conversely if they listen to the right kind of music they will TEND to become the right kind of person.

    Celebrity, the newest drug in America- gotta habit?

    Edutainment or entertainment?

    Entertainment is the business of binding SIN with SOULS for profit- point blank.

    The LOVE of money is the ROOT of all EVIL.

    Prophets or profits?

    • The fact that you are a Christian shows you are a fool! Fuck Christianity….the shit is garbage. If it was any damn good black folks would be in the fucked state they are in

      • @DopeGameBaby
        WORD. I hate when fools brag about Christianity…BP and crackheads just LOVE to quote god. When I heard a kneegrow talk about god I think, they must be a crackhead, a con man or 70+. I give elderly BP a pass on that god ish but ignore and laugh at the rest of them. Gotta say this: the main ones talking bout god are obese single mothers, smdh! If their was a god he sure does love out of wedlock poor black kids and poor fat black single mothers!

  8. ok, if you see a slick talking perso whos always trying to ACT like there helpful thats your clur right there just like these people pretending to be saved all of a sudden people wake up. whose that perfect. dude is laughing making fun at how stupid people really are and look who they prey on. people with no real family help. they know who to mess with . why didnt he go mess with someone else? why didnt ray dste someone his age with a head on their shoulders? h e l lo ? wake up americans. wake up

  9. I do not believe that Whitney died with all those drugs in her….LIES….I believe they laced her drink with something to make her drowsy….and drowned her… Raffles will be found dead soon. Dead men tell no tales fact or fiction.

  10. You niggas are garbage feeling sorry for that high ass bitch whitney….fuck her and her scarface dust sniffing daughter.

    All of these hollywood types chose this path….they had a choice in this matter…..all they had to do what make the fuckin right choice…..they knew whatthey were getting into….especially Whitney’s dumbass. She had far greater knowledge of that cesspool than most.

    Fuck Gay j too….he too stupid to know any damn thing. Whether she was murdered or not….why do you black folks refuse to accept that it was the Creator who picked out the time and place for Whitney to leave Earth?

    Good riddance….send that bitch on

      • Anger? You only see it as anger because you hate the truth. BTW, I’m very happy….I can see through things more than ever now. The Most High is doing this and it is good. Someone told me in 2009 that we are in the season of the dead celebrity. AND LOOK WHAT HAS TRANSPIRED since! Yes more will be leaving this planet. All these black celebs gotta go….I’m glad the Most if the one offing their sorry asses.

        And no I dont want the white ones to die….no not yet….they need to be alive and well when the shit turns on them….and that is coming soon! Watch when the currency in the US goes to zero….you wanna see some crazy shit?

        You think those Zombie movies were fiction? Nope because that is exactly how this muthafucka will be when electricity is fucked…no food at stores….no fucking reality tv or ipod for your enjoyment….just you wait

        • Did you know that anger will kill you? It’s true. I actually read a very interesting article the other day about how doctors can tell a lot about a person’s mental and emotional state by their bones.

          No, Honey. I don’t hate the truth. I’m trying to tell you something to help you. There is no need for all of this anger. It is all for naught. It serves no purpose and in the end it will only harm you.

          No problems with the truth here.

          No, God is not doing this. That is a lie. God is not the author of evil. Drug abuse is an awful evil that snares those foolish enough to court it.

          Honey, celebrities have been dying for years from drug abuse. That is nothing new.

          I’m sorry that your are glad that people are dying. That says so much more about you than it does about anyone else. But just remember one thing: we shall all leave this world someday. Your time will come also. I hope that the people who know you in real life will have more compassion for you than you have on others.

          I’m not concerned about white people or the economy. God said that all have fallen short of his glory. There are none who are righteous. Not one.

          Zombie movies always made me laugh.

          I am not afraid. I don’t have to be.

          I am very sorry for you. I hope you seek professional help and feel better soon.

          • Need Receipts may need a brain first……..stupid bitch did you not read where I said I wasnt angry? You must be slow and if you are then I truly apologize for your mental setbacks. But if not…………….THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP

            But let’s play with the “Im angry” angle for a second

            Ecclesiastes 7:7
            Surely oppression maketh a wise man mad; and a gift destroyeth the heart.

            Well look at my people in this nation….thank you for playing lol

            Spare me the Honey shit bitch

            The Most High isnt the author of evil? Boy should i get her? should I get her yall? ok I shall

            Isaiah 45:7

            I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things


            Celebs have always died but look at the last 3 years in particular….in record fashion basically they are ALL DROPPING LIKE FLIES. you are too stupid to realize this because your head is up the white man’s ass.

            Yep if it the Most High’s work to kill off those who deserve it am I not to rejoice at his righteous decisions?

            And when it is my time it is my time….no need to cry for me. All of my people know that. I’m at peace unlike you who doesnt have an ounce of truth slithering through your ugly body

            Sorry but the righteous are his special seed even when they are rebellious….that was never lifted you moron.

            Idiot bitch, the Zombie movies are basically symbolism for what will be happening to societies on Earth due to the system going all bad. You really think people will be all sweet and not eating each other alive? Boy you are one lost person.

            Professional help? LOL aka meaning help of a white man….you are such a sorry sack of doo because you are full of shit!

            • Oh, I’ve read everything you’ve written here and many other things you’ve written other places on this website, Honey.

              You’re right. You’re not angry. You are ENRAGED. Frothing at the keyboard. How sad for you.

              Unless your name is Jacky Jasper and you have admin rights to this blog there is nothing you can do to make me shut up. Nothing at all. If you don’t like my posts I suggest you not read them.

              Oh, you like Bible verses, huh? Then look this one up: “Blessings and curses should not come out of the same mouth.”

              Honey, you don’t need to ask me or anyone else on the Internet to spare you. Get on your knees and pray to God and ask him to have mercy on your angry soul. Ask him to forgive you for speaking lies about him. But mostly ask him to guide you to the nearest mental health facility.

              You poor miserable literal creature. Grabbing verses here and there out of context and trying to use them (improperly) to gird up your hateful, miserable, angry little arguments will work on some people. However, those of us who know how to read and apply the Bible verses in context know that you have ripped that verse out of the context of which it was taken and that in this context the word evil is used as a synonym. The Bible is a complex book, Honey. I strongly suggest investing in a Bible dictionary that will aid you in reading each verse of the Bible IN CONTEXT so that you can understand what you’re reading. I personally prefer Strong’s but there are many available.

              There’s no hell coming out of me, Honey. You’re the one raising hell all up and through Mr. Jasper’s website. If you want the hell to stop you merely need to close your mouth and log off and seek the help you truly need.

              Sweetheart, ALL celebrities have not died in the last three years. That is yet another lie and distorted view of reality you have. The vast majority of celebrities are still alive. Also, the vast majority of celebrities who have died in the past three years have died of illnesses and old age, just like the rest of the population.

              Sorry. Wrong again, Honey. I’ve never even seen a white man’s ass let alone had my head up one.

              Honey, the voices you’re hearing in your head is not God. I promise you. Please seek professional help. They can give you something to quiet those voices and help dissipate some of this incredible anger, hatred, and angst you are deeply burdened with.

              The only symbolism in zombie movies are the ones that you choose to give them. It’s just make believe. “Entertainment” for those who can be entertained by such silly things. They are strictly for entertainment purposes, Honey. They are not real and cannot hurt anyone.

              There is plenty of food in the world. People will not eat one another. Please, please, please get yourself some help. Your perceptions are off. I know you believe all that you say and feel. However, none of it is true or has any basis in reality.

              There are plenty of black professional psychiatrists who would LOVE to help you with your issues. I’m sure they have a professional organization online that is easy to access via Google, Honey. You don’t have to carry on this way. There is help for you if you choose to seek it.

            • DopeGameBaby Reply:

              “Need Receipts may need a brain first……..stupid bitch did you not read where I said I wasnt angry?

              Classic. LOL

    • DopeGameBaby has no future. His mom and dad were brother and sister which is why he is full of anger. His dad went on to rape him @ least a dozen times. He grew up having sex with his sisters, so you can see the problems this troubled soul has.

      Anger Management classes will not help at all. He is a product of incestous relationships that can’t be cured. He hates Whitney because she came from a loving home with loving parents.

  11. DopeGameBaby attacks everyone…Nobody is safe. Enlighten us DopeGameBaby – what do you really love? What’s your passion? And I’m not being sarcastic – I’m serious. *getting in a comfortable chair*…ready.

    • My passion is watching the Devil’s reign come to an abrupt end. My passion is seeing the economic systems around the Earth collapse. My passion is hearing the rumors of the impending third World War and seeing it come to fruition. My passion is watching you beg and pleading niggas’ cries fall on death ears.

      My main passion is my people….the chosen ones waking the fuck up and refuse seeing through the rosy colored glasses this society has provided you

      You know why? Cuz I actually give a fuck about my people. Education,Govt,Economic and Judicial system has failed us…so has the pitiful Jesus Pimps and Macking ass Imans at the Mosques around this shitful place


      • I care about my people too. Where does a strong brother like yourself have your ministry — outside of HSK? What books do you read? I hear your frustration. Where do birds of a feather flock together?

  12. What the incredibly angry poster above me was trying to say (between all of the f-bombs and name calling) is that Whitney Houston was not innocent in her own death.

    Whitney was a hopeless addict. I say hopeless because when I saw her on Oprah after she supposedly got clean she said that she still drank. One of the first things they counsel addicts on after getting some sobriety is that you cannot exchange one drug for another. So, I knew she was not clean when she said she still drank alcohol.

    Whitney duped the public (for a while) and some in her own family into believing she was clean the way she fooled us for so many years before. Sadly she gambled one too many times with her life, and like most addicts, she lost in the end. How sad.

    Ruffles (he looks suspect) should be arrested if he handed her the fatal dose or tampered with the crime scene. But let’s be real: the way this played out is the way it always plays out. Only this time the addict was a huge star and we know (allegedly) who the dealer is that gave her the fatal fix.

    This same scenario plays out all over the world (to a lesser degree) every day: drug addicts die and dealers keep dealing. This case is no different.

    I don’t agree with bashing Whitney or dogging her for her problem. She was sick and needed a lot more help than she got. I also don’t agree with all this finger pointing and blaming other people for her death. Raffles, Ray J, Pat, and others were in Whitney’s life because she wanted them there.

    • no dickhead….that was not what I was saying. Man you are so lost

      I want this system to end period…this system causes for our people to perish

      When we get back to our true selves then we will be free

    • I agree to a certain extent. People like Raffles are sick individuals that don’t care if you stuff a million dollars down their throat- they always want more. Ray J has been on my hit list from the day Whitney died because he is a different type a con artist cause he wants all the attention on him whether it is good or bad. I’m glad that Raffles, Ray J, Pat and Gary are being exposed but the sad part is that nothing is going to bring Whitney back. She had an idolized life and unfortunately her success and connections could not get her to stop her substance abuse. If Whit was ordinary people then she probably wouldn’t have been on drugs or alcohol abuse cause she wouldn’t have the money, time or connections that celebrities have full access too so I hate the bs talk that Whit should have just quit drugs cause its really hard to once you start. As for drug dealers especially black drug dealers who’s the bigger evil? The dealer or the drugs? I know everybody gotta eat but murders, drug OD deaths and high rates of black male incarceration will continue to exist because of greed, selfishness, and hate instead of love, unity and cooperation with one another. Also, let’s not forget we are a minority in a country that whites are the majority! It goes the same way whether you are American, Canadian or British. Blacks stop being ignorant to the stuff we cause upon ourselves! When one black person bleeds, we all bleed so don’t act so brand new like this stuff doesn’t make us look bad cause it does! I don’t know not 1 family that doesn’t Have dysfunction and that goes for all races but making a mockery of blacks comes second nature to the media so it ain’t gonna stop

  13. Honey, it’s quite clear you want everything and everyone to end. But you know what: it’s not going to change a thing about how miserable you are inside. You are miserable right down to your very soul. How very, very sad for you. You are so angry. You are so confused. You accuse others of being lost, yet you contradict yourself at every turn. You’re having a psychotic episode on an Internet message board and taking all of your fury, anger, hurt, and rage out on Whitney and other celebrities who have died. Yet you call on the name of God. You claim to love “your people” yet you celebrate their deaths. You’re already dead inside and you want everyone else to die too. So sad.

  14. Haha miserable? I’m watching the end of the Devil’s reign and the soon to be freedom of my kinsmen! What else can be better than that?

    How am I contradicting myself? You cant even explain that lol. They are lost. People saying things that are completely off and wanna kiss these sellout celebs ass deserve to get checked on it.

    Taking rage on Whitney? LOL that bitch lived a good life as a wicked diked out bitch! She indulged in the Devil’s game head first and got slashed by the Most High when no one really saw it coming. The Most High took out his rage. You dont know a damn thing at all.

    I love my people who are down for us for real not just having a certain skin tone. Whitney chose her side so she wasnt with us…..dummy

    Dead inside? I feel more alive than ever….I can see what you idiots obviously cant

    Black folks so dumb to exalt these celebs who have most definitely sold them out decades ago. The Most High is cashing in on accounts

    • I do notice you calling out homosexuals=homophobes. I live in a city with lots of gays. I have discovered, that homophobes are 99.9% closeted homosexuals themselves.

      Rabid anti gay=gay (downlow)
      Carry on with your rant, my dear little closeted homosexual man!

      • Yawwwwnnnn typical from a black bitch to mimic her slave master’s words. Maybe you haven’t read history especially in Western Civilization, but when homosexuality is running rampant and is accepted the society collapses in free for all speed mode……I’m not attacking all homosexuals….only the black ones because it has been a detriment to our people. WE NEED FATHERS not sissy ass drag queens. WE NEED MOTHERS not dumb broads with fades and mohawks acting like men. Come on woman wake the hell up. Shit is getting very serious and soon you not gonna have time to get back

        • either u really need to come outta the closet or u really need to come into the new century.which one is it? u are attacking homosexuals using the same tired ass lines as those idiots in the westboro baptist church.people are gonna breed,that’s the way we are wired.gays haven’t stop that so far,u would have to be a damn fool to think they would now.what do u care about gay black men? the only way they can effect ur heterosexuality is if u are really gay.what are u stuck in the 1920’s,when blacks were ashamed to be themselves & gays could not openly be themselves?not only do u sound like a homophobe(might be closeted idk) but u sound like some self hating black man bent on trashing his own people.word of advice,get help little brotha b/c u sound like u have some serious issues to work out.

          • Dope Game=HOMOTHUG – is a stank ass closet case HOMOTHUG. So concerned with what gays doing. Mane, this ain’t your ghetto, I see through you, boo.

            I’m surprised your down low ass didn’t bring up Willie Lynch, fool.

            I’m straight and I could give two fucks what a lesbian does! I never diss them, let them handle they biz.

            You ain’t straight homes…. you’re fronting. Straight men don’t give a fuck what gay men do! Only those trying to pass as straight. I’ve read your bullshit. You a loud mouth punk. You a ghetto minded fool, if you not dissing gay people you try to bully others down. Bitch, please I don’t let a homothug like you control what I say, LOL.
            DOPEGAME IS A HOMOTHUG. YA HEARD.Just ask his babymama why he hang with the boys.

        • @Dope Game

          Willie Lynch would be so proud of you. You definitely have proven the experiment. Going against your own people…If you are indeed black.

          I agree, You are indeed ANGRY. Seek some counseling.

    • DopeGameBaby is indeed a closeted Homosexual everybody. We have been having sex for about 3 years now. He says he is on the Down Low, but I don’t understand why he always want me to put my right index finger in his asshole when we are in bed together.

      Don’t get me wrong he is the TOP during sex, but he tells me that he has a fantasy to be a BOTTOM to experience the feeling that I feel and his baby mama feels when he is fucking us. I don’t understand why he is so angry with everyone on this site.

      Someone stated correctly that he was molested as a young boy but it was not by his father but it was by an older boy who lived next door to him. He turned to drugs at age 17 and that is where the hatred and anget came from. He had to suck men off to get the crack he was doing on a nightly basis.


        BUSTED!!!!!!! I knew it, I knew it!! Mimi/DOPE GAME HOMOTHUG are one and the same, fam. Don’t be fooled. Only a down low homo would go to all that trouble creating a female alter-ego who defends him.

        Self hating undercover freak! LOL BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED

        • You called it, Pretty Chocolate Kisses!

          Dopey’s Mimi is a limp sock puppet in the most painfully obvious way.

          Only pathetically needy people do the humpty-hump on their own comments.

          Dopey = Poseur (failed)

  15. “Sources connected to Whitney Houston who were with Whitney the day she died tell TMZ … an individual removed all traces of cocaine from the room before authorities arrived.

    The Coroner’s Office says Whitney used cocaine “immediately prior to her collapse.” Investigators who arrived on scene found no traces of cocaine or any other illegal substance.

    One source who is extremely close to the situation tells us … the individual who removed the cocaine was also the person who supplied it to Whitney.

    As we previously reported, other items were removed from the room as well, including bed sheets.

    The Beverly Hills PD just told TMZ … its investigation is not closed. Cops will not comment on whether they are looking at evidence tampering.”

    So is this supposed to be this Raffles guy?

    • Although we may not like the way dopegamebaby is expressing himself, he is speaking truth. I am sorry that mrs.houston died but we have drug addicts who die everyday cause she was a celebrity its no different from loved ones who suffered from addiction and died. I believe in the saying you live by the sword , you die by the sword. Was it a planned homicide yes but whitney died a long time ago. Just like every other addict she had enablers and leeches who only cared about themselves doing the heavy drugs like crack and pills made it easy for those who didnt care to help kill herself, it happens everyday, in every suburb, every neighborhood and ghetto.I pray she repented before she passed and i pray her daughter dont follow in her footstops

      • Naw, that homo thug is a fool, think this page is his ghetto corner. Fuck DopeGameHomoThug!

  16. Raffles is a sneaky son-of-a-bitch but he didn’t kill her. I definitely believed Whitney died accidentally but then again even if she hadn’t died on February 11, she probably wouldn’t have made it past 50 anyway. Cissy Houston wrote in her farewell eulogy or letter to Whitney that she had a feeling that her daughter wouldn’t be here long and she was depressed for two months before February 11. Call it “a mother’s intuition”. Raffles (if it’s true he was Whitney’s L.A. dealer) reminds me of that woman John Belushi was fucking with only for drugs before his death. The only thing I can see if the L.A. cops definitely think Raffles was the drug dealer, they would only charge him with tampering with evidence because he moved the cocaine out of the room. That’s why “no illegal drugs” were found.

      • Word!! LOL. Homothugs usually have deluded ‘hags’ riding their jocks the same homothugs got no love for them unless the hag is cheerleading. Homothugs call a chick a bitch in a hot second, they bitchy like that, LOL. Can’t hide, boo. Usually me and homothugs get along quite well, LOL even though I’m not a hag if they cool, I’m cool. But when they come incorrect I OUT THEY CLOSET GAY AZZ.

        • Mimi and DopeGame are the worst attempts at sock puppetry I’ve ever seen!
          Interesting MtoF gender choice for macho boy’s sock…
          Thanks for the laughs, Dopey!

  17. Whitney was a black sock puppet of ”them” you know what i mean? She didnt give a fuck about the preservation of black music/culture. They are killing us from inside out degrading our musicial heritage, it wasnt enough for them to enslave rape and force us to forget our mother tongues now they pimp our culture, a new African culture we created after being robbed of our history. You worked for them Whitney but may you get peace. Bobby and Whitney were quite perverted sticking his finger up her arse when she was constipated. http://WWW.WHITEWATCH.INFO

  18. Aw come on Mimi
    if there is a God….SHE made them that way. Why is it then, all around the world, gays behave the same way? Did they do a conference call, LOL? I seen it with my own two eyes, from Brazil to England, same characteristics!

      • I think, Mimi and DOPE GAME HOMOTHUG are the same sock puppet. If not, she just one of those obese, church-going single mothers getting pimped and played, with a slew of bastard kids at home, and a man who sits with her and disses gays then goes out and creeps with them abut I’m leaning towards Mimi/DOPE GAME HOMOTHUG as the same lame sock puppet aka fake personalities.

    • THANK you. Coons are blind. Listening to rap/hiphop makes young fatherless BB violent, dumb and colorist. I stay very clear away from young men who love hiphop, they have no soul, are selfish, anti-family and basically operatives for the KKK. Adding, down low. Lil Wayne straight out tells them to murk, rape and hate brown skin women.

      • im sorry but that is an unfair generalization.i love hip hop & i don’t even listen to lil wayne or ignorant rappers like him that are here to dumb down the younger generation.not every young person that listens to hip hop listens to those clowns.not all of them are ignorant,fatherless,selfish,violent,lacking self control,soulless,& misogynistic.i know b/c i been a hip hop fan all my life & i am niether one of those things.

  19. You are full of sh!t, @Mimi and the fool for white-knighting DOPE GAME HOMOTHUG. So hateful against gays, smdh. Chicks like you, who diss gays, end up with a down low man, you and he sit up talking smack about gays while he creeps. Seen it! Also lady, how the hell you know what that queen DOPE GAME HOMOTHUG is thinking? Weak chick, white knighting a closet case. if you not a babymama getting played, I’ll cut off all my natural fluffy hair!

    You crazy. some WP say that Black is a curse, you saying the same thing about gays. You should be glad that Jacky allows you to post such nonsense.

  20. Unwanted Kisses….aw shut the hell up. Thug? What about me is thuggin? I don’t even surround myself with those types because they deep down hate black people and work with the cracka in destroying us….I’m just sick of people like you throwing out false claims. So if someone hates a murderer does that mean they are really a murderer? You are beyond stupid. You father should have shot you on a napkin. I actually give a damn about our people….THE CHOSEN HOLY SEED who is fucking up royally! Don’t you care? Don’t you see through all the lies and bs we have been given? Mimi is a real sister and told the damn truth. We losing as of now and you folks defend those who are working against us

    • DOPE GAME HOMOTHUG…Queen, you already outed yourself as a stank misogynist undercover gay, trying to troll as a blustering bully and making it worse with every word you print. Only queens continue to fuss with women, boo. Str8 men say their piece and move on but you got that down low bitch in you, can’t help yourself, got to get the last word, like a woman…or an undercover QUEEN. Everybody has read how I outed you, you been outed already by others. Go take a nap with your down low homie boo.

      Fake ass Black nationalist you don’t give a shit for family, if so, you’d be married. QUEEN, BYE. Take your undercover gay ass on.

  21. Rap is controlled by white folks you morons lol……and true hip hop doesn’t glorify violence…this is why you should shut up now. Bet mtv vh1 and that bullshit on tv doesn’t mirror true hip hop. Bunch of pop music enhanced with machines and shit talking about absolutely nada but a few token songs here and there. Y’all idiots love your black celebs but if you read a book you would know where that idea originated.

  22. My god…lil wayne is just like whitney….a good paid house nigga plotting against the field niggas. I haven’t bought a damn pop rap album in years now….why would I?

  23. You’re retarded to epic levels. Out me? Hahahahahahaha with what internet sites or detectives to shoot you proof? You’re only mad as many others are because hearing the truth hurts….Black Nationalist? Fuck them guys too. I run with no organization or any affiliation connected to those chumps. For what? They get infiltrated and poisoned by the devil all the time. Heard of COINTELPRO?…..Married?Lol when did that come about. Now you aren’t making any sense and are reaching. It looks pitiful. Worship these folks and defend your heros and see what it has got your family and kinsmen……nothing!….Have a good night

  24. Last thing…Black people….do you realize you can end the nightmare tomorrow? Only the ones with open eyes know what I’m talking about.

  25. Yeah, but he needs to have people he can blackmail. They will forever be indebted to him…plus people are money hungry. Whitney was worth more dead than alive. She couldn’t sing anymore. What was she going to sing at that Grammy party? Sorry, but Ms. Whit would have been whistling.The logic would be to kill her and reap the benefits of her death. Bobbi Kris gets the money and the life insurance policy, since the death has been ruled accidental. Clive gets money from her record sales or what future ones there may be. He is releasing something of hers later this year, correct?

    I’m not sure whether or not I believe the whole conspiracy thing, but rumors aren’t usually totally fabricated. There’s some truth in there somewhere. We just need to figure, what is true and what’s not.

  26. i think Dopegame is basically saying stop being stupid and look whats in front of your fuckin face btw the churches have been compromised by greedy money hungry men and less i left the church 10 years ago i went to It Is Written Bible College got 2 diplomas and i’m done because the whole Churches have been compromised also i want to say there are crazy bible thumpers out here i do not quote anything from the bible..

  27. I’ve never commented but I’m amazed. The strong backlash DopeGame & Mimi received shows just how brainwashed most sheeple are . wow

  28. […] HollywoodStreetKing is reporting that the man filing the affidavit lives outside the U.S. and has spoken with the authorities prior to Whitney’s death, but the claims where “swept under the rug.” Now that Whitney’s cause of death has been revealed, there’s been more questions and less answers. Whitney’s toxicology report claims that the fallen star was using cocaine right up until moments before her death. With other factors weighing in on Whitney’s death, like an accidental drowning, it seems that drugs were the culprit. Other than cocaine, Xanax, Benadryl, muscle relaxers and marijuana was found in her system as well. […]

  29. If they close this case, it will be an injustice to Bobbi Kristina. Too many things scream out that it wasn’t an accident. I hope the authorities get the real answers so Whitney can RIP.

  30. […] HollywoodStreetKing is reporting that the man filing the affidavit lives outside the U.S. and has spoken with the authorities prior to Whitney’s death, but the claims where “swept under the rug.” Now that Whitney’s cause of death has been revealed, there’s been more questions and less answers. Whitney’s toxicology report claims that the fallen star was using cocaine right up until moments before her death. With other factors weighing in on Whitney’s death, like an accidental drowning, it seems that drugs were the culprit. Other than cocaine, Xanax, Benadryl, muscle relaxers and marijuana was found in her system as well. […]

  31. Whitney’s family knows she was murdered. They’re afraid and that’s why they’re suspiciously silent. They haven’t questioned anything and appears relieved to move on with themselves! I believe she was killed on that Friday because there’s no actual sightings of her on that Friday or Saturday. The most photographed face. They didn’t have problems showing the bad photos that they splashed everywhere when she turned up dead! I know certain people claimed to have talked to her… I’m very sceptical. About a week or two before the autopsy report came out, Dionne Warwick claimed on Good Morning America that she believes Whitney’s heart “just gave out on her.” Oh, and let’s not talk about that ‘work of fiction’ autopsy report! She was marked for death a while ago. In 1993 or 1994 at American Music Awards a reporter asked Whitney did she want ‘I Will Always Love You’ played at her funeral! She was initially shocked by the stupid insensitive question and then joked and laughed it off. They were messing with her mind then. She had her hair styled very similar to the way it was done for her funeral. The ‘Body Guard’ movie was pretty much about her but slightly different. (1 example) In the movie she sings ‘Yes, Jesus Love Me’ and the sister dies. In real life after she sings it to Kelly Price, she dies. there are other ‘too’ coincidental moments also. 20 years after that movie and 10 years after her $100 million contract expired in 2011…and she suspiciously dies. The powers that be plan things in advance. They already had a pattern/foot print for her. They made sure they had their people around her so that when her number was up, everybody would immediately think it was drugs. Wow! Those who attended that party literally and figuratively celebrated her death and danced on her grave. It’s been over 3 months since her passing and many of us are still disturbed and shocked about the circumstances, unanswered questions and inconsistent answers surrounding her death. Whomever played a part in her demise will reap what they sowed. Whitney was the greatest singer ever and had the most beautiful voice of them all. May this lovely songbird rest in peace.

  32. I couldn’t read these accusations beyond the 4th paragraph and finding “your” for “you’re” and “new” for “knew”. If you expect readers to take you seriously, you need to get a grasp of proper English. If nothing else, at least use Word or a similar word process to check your grammar.

  33. Since you didn’t specify who your comment was directed at, I’m going to guess it’s toward my extended comment. Where exactly in my comment did I use the words “your” or “new” english professor? By the way, you can believe what you want and I’ll do the same. Criticising someone’s comment is the best you’ve got? Wow! Speaking of talking someone serious…