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Raffles van Exel Still Spending That Houston-Casket Cash?

November 28th, 2012

2012 Raffles van Exel Spottings

HSK Exclusive -┬áThe con-man known as Raffles van Exel may be still trying to live under the radar, but the powerful Hollywood hanger-on – who sources say “has sold more drugs to stars than Nissan sells cars” – was caught forking out big bucks for a set of VIP passes to the 2012 American Music Awards.

The sighting happened the day before the event, at downtown Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre L.A. Live’s Ticketmaster office, and, even though it wasn’t the day of the AMA’s van Exel was still suited in his best — appearing to be ready to deliver his swindling spiel, if the opportunity should present itself.

Life looks to remain luxurious for Raffs. Don’t you agree?

22 Responses to “Raffles van Exel Still Spending That Houston-Casket Cash?”

  1. Yuuuup |

    Didn’t know ppl paid for those tickets… Lame!


  2. Anonymous |

    My question is: What the hell is Ruffles doing back in the U.S.? I thought he was in Suriname. This piece of poop obviously has friends in high places. Will his shenanigans ever end?


  3. mel |

    What a low life….he must be so proud.


  4. namelessbutterfly |

    Hilarious…Wow. He’s only allowed to do it because people have let him. Not hating but one embarrassing day he will get caught & now that he has aired this clip. Good luck!


  5. 187 |

    Dude’s a fool……….lol.


  6. Anonymous |

    I think I remember seeing a guy wear a pompadour
    in 1962.


  7. andKrumpets |

    Is Raffles still staying at Tohme Tohme’s place and driving MJ/Tohme’s car?


  8. keepitrealnotkeepinitreal |

    That nicca lookin st8 like he starring in the Jackie Wilson story. Lol


  9. mooki |



  10. Kim |

    I read somewhere that he may be cult leader Jim Jones out of wedlock son.


  11. Satan'sBusinessPartner |

    OMG, This sissy still alive!!!!???? shit, where’s a hitman when you need him…..


  12. Anonymous |

    Raffles scumbag attorney should be looked into with his practice. What type of council represents a piece of crap like Raffles?


  13. OH REALLY |

    He can’t be THAT powerful if he has to pay for VIP tickets.


  14. Anonymous |

    dudes lookin old. SAme old queer shit in hollywood


    Anonymous Reply:

    He has aged significantly.
    Look at his hair and his jowls.


  15. Anonymous |

    Poor Raffles. Did he run out of clients to con into paying for his VIP tickets? I GUESS no one has died lately for him to use their event tickets like Whitney. And get this….Direct from his mouth Raffles claims he is organizing Elton John’s benefit. Just like he organized Mohammed Ali birthday party.


  16. Anonymous |

    like to know whos laundrying this balding gay black elvis ‘s money.


  17. JaJa |

    Nice article, but what does it say? Nothing. He spends money. What does that tell. Nothing. He is in the US. What does that tell? That he is allowed to? Is he illegaly in the US? Where is the evidence then?

    Where is the proof that he is a conman? It must be out there, because I too, still believe he is. But once again… what is the point of stories like these? Raffles wears a suit and has tickets. So???

    They prove nothing.


  18. Anonymous |

    The guy is a blood-sucking vampire … a genuine psychopath without a conscience.


  19. JaJa |

    So, what about the news stories about Whitney being murdered?


  20. anonnymous |

    why isn’t this man caught


  21. Hate this guy76 |

    This scum is clearly is a totall low life had no regard too Houston family and nor too cissy nor too bobby (witneys daughter) whom just lost their daughter and mother I hope any case made agaist this low life cissy wins as this photo never should of been released


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