Ralph Tresvant’s Baby Momma Hits Rock Bottom


Shelly Jean Tresvant - Homeless Drug Addict

Using Drugs To Mask Pain of Divorce?

HSK Exclusive – It’s said to have come to shacking up in seedy motel rooms – while delving deeper into drugs – for the 39-year-old mother of Ralph Tresvant’s children. That’s the latest word on the ex-wife of New Edition’s leading front man, Shelly Jean Tresvant, who’s said to have initially snapped after her ex-hubby did what he had to do “and break her heart”.

You may remember the pair divorced back in 1996, after six-years of marriage — and reports the singer was cheating with Lisa Wu. Sources say the split left Shelly Jean Tresvant distraught, leading her to encounter a string of arrests from a slew of drug-fueled¬†doings. Now, the singer’s estranged ex-wife is reported homeless in Atlanta and addicted to alcohol and crack-cocaine.

Here’s what our friends over at LSA had to say about the situation:

“Shelly snapped years ago, she lost it when Ralph divorced her.”

Shelly Jean Tresvant - Pre-Divorce Bliss

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  1. We all are going to have to age it’s life.People are writting messages saying they look old,What did you guys think they would look fourteen for the rest of their lives.As you get older looks fade it’s going to happen to all of us so why think it would be any different for them, because they have money? I don’t understand young people making fun of people who are old like they’re never going to get old it’s a joke. I’m twenty years old by the way.

  2. Ralph Jr, I think I know more than anyone what it feel like to be lied on, but please stop talking your family business on internet, I had the pleasure of being around your family and the early 90’s, such beautiful people, just a loud fame and money to tear them aparttho the grace of God, they can pull it back together, and important of family, I do remember your mom father loving your mother very much, and had her best interest at heart, it’s no more than other people that weighed on their relationship, pray there’s a happy ending, and a beautiful beginnings for all of you guys, much blessings for the Tresvant family,

  3. Let those people have privacy. Whoevers’s perfect then cast the first stone. It is all about being positive in life. Let’s get on with N.E. Heartbreak the Movement. NE4Life seen them 5 times in concert .

  4. Hey Ralph my mom Kristi used to be friends with your mom we use to hang out when we were little in Stockton my mom would love to here from your mom if she's ok


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