Ralph Tresvant’s Baby Momma Hits Rock Bottom


Shelly Jean Tresvant - Homeless Drug Addict

Using Drugs To Mask Pain of Divorce?

HSK Exclusive – It’s said to have come to shacking up in seedy motel rooms – while delving deeper into drugs – for the 39-year-old mother of Ralph Tresvant’s children. That’s the latest word on the ex-wife of New Edition’s leading front man, Shelly Jean Tresvant, who’s said to have initially snapped after her ex-hubby did what he had to do “and break her heart”.

You may remember the pair divorced back in 1996, after six-years of marriage — and reports the singer was cheating with Lisa Wu. Sources say the split left Shelly Jean Tresvant distraught, leading her to encounter a string of arrests from a slew of drug-fueled doings. Now, the singer’s estranged ex-wife is reported homeless in Atlanta and addicted to alcohol and crack-cocaine.

Here’s what our friends over at LSA had to say about the situation:

“Shelly snapped years ago, she lost it when Ralph divorced her.”

Shelly Jean Tresvant - Pre-Divorce Bliss


  1. Well, I feel very bad for her and the pain she has experienced. I mean, let’s face it: if she’s homeless and smoking rock, she must be trickin to finance her habit.
    On the other hand, although booking photos are notoriously terrible and the cause of a lot of embarrassment for those who face the fact that the world is seeing you at your worst, I think Shelly Tresvant is still an amazingly beautiful woman. I mean, with her hair done, makeup and proper lighting she wouldn’t look much different from the shot of her earlier. Most chicks I know have deteriorated 10 times as much following 16 years of serious drug problems, not to mention homelessness.
    If she could receive some real help(not a detox stay in a drug facility) and lots of counseling to help restore her self esteem and confidence, I think she would have a really good chance of leading a good, productive life. Chit, I’ve seen rap shots of white women who have been on meth for 3 years, and they look like 65 year old sea hags, and you just know they’re never coming back.
    As far as the treatment she got from her husband Ralph: there are two sides to every story and I haven’t heard enough of his. But I doubt that I’d think much more of him even after I heard it.
    Pick yourself up girl and get back into life! Your kid/s need you, and you can do a lot with the rest of your life.

    • This is Ralph Tresvant jr yes my mom is Shelley jean shelton and my mom never used a rocks or cocane in her hold life just weed yes she is a heavy drinker bt she’s nt homeless or nun of tht she just another woman on this earth trying to live that’s all and no more to it . If you want to contact me call 678 892 9600

      • Be careful sweetie! Don’t put your number out there folks are crazy! Glad you are taking up for your moms! Stay strong and be there for her as much as you can! Blessings from Yah to you and yours!

      • Are u really Ralph’s son bcuz I thought Ralph Tresvant from NE was named after his father & he is already JR. So u r a Jr as well. I thought he had 2 girls by Shelly. Since his marriage to Amber in 2004 they have a little boy now too.

      • I’m trying to figure out Y would u put your personal number out here like that on the Internet if u r Ralph’s son?

      • lil ralph wats good mane? u probably dont remember me but ur mom took me in when i was homeless in stockton ca. in the blue apts. off oak by the green frog. i used to watch you and yo sis when ya mom would go out dancing. i remember right before yall left from out here. and invited me to come with yall to atlanta. you all grown up! i hope u doin koo!

      • Hey Ralph My mom Kristi Use to know your mom we use to play together in Stockton my mom would love to hear from her and know she's ok my mom always tell the stories having fun together she would love to hear from her.

    • I saw an interview with Ralph in 2000 with he & Shelly holding hands.. They both looked really good! The lady above donot look like the lady he said was his wife Shelly! I know he remarried in 2004 to another lady named Amber…He and his good friend Ricky Bell from NE had a double wedding…. I ‘ve seen him recently & Ralph seems to be looking, sounding & doing fine. He’s enjoying his grandchild from his daughter Na’Quelle. She is speaking positive.about her dad & they have a good relationship. he is helping her with her with her solo career. So I don’t know what everyone is talking about.

    • Ok I’m confused there was a recent interview done with RALPH’s eldest son by HSK. He said that his mom never did hard drugs just alcohol. He said everybody have their low moment & his mom is doing fine in ATL. He also said in the interview which is very important. That his dad and mom divorced bcuz the chemistry was gone. He said HIS DAD NEVER CHEATED ON HIS MOM! So those rumors about him cheating & beating were not true….Read the interview by HSK with Ralph Tresvant Jr…

  2. Wow she was a beautiful woman. I can still see the beauty. I hope that she can sort her life out. Good luck with that.

  3. They were both junkies and then he (the breadwinner) hit rock bottom. It was only inevitable that the second thud would come soon afterwards.

  4. I’m not trying to be rude but its going to take alot of make-up,a good hair-doo and some more shyt, cause she looks madd old,and beat I pray their daughter is in good hands.

    • I hear ya busybee. But have you ever seen a “beautiful” model or celebrity without hair, make-up or good lighting? YIKES.
      The picture above on the right shows a beautiful woman of 39 who has the bone structure, skin and eyes of a beauty. She just doesn’t have that “used up” look yet.
      Hell, I scare myself some mornings when I first look in the mirror.

  5. Sorry to say but, Mrs. Tresvant did’nt doing drugs when Ralph left her. Ralph was on drugs with his wife. He decided he wanted his career back, so he dumped her. It’s sad, but Mrs. Tresvant has to want to get clean for herself. Until then, there’s nothing anybody can do except pray for her.

    • My mom never did any real drug like crack or cocaine just weed if you really wanna no why she looks so rough it’s because my dad use to beat the hell out of her golf sticks and all my number is on one of the comments above hit me up if you wanna no more about Shelly the real story

      • Who puts out their real number?……hmmmm. Ralph Jr….huh? I have never heard it reported about him beating her in all these years until now. I believe that would have been major news like they say Bobby Brown did to Whitney Houston. Introduced her to drugs & beat her…If true this story sounds similar. I’m not saying its right or making excuses but If people can forgive Bobby Brown certainly they can forgive Ralph T. My prayers go out to Shelly & Ralph too… I still wish the best 4 him in all he do. I pray the best 4 Shelly as well….

  6. That’s why you have to have some independence and stop relying on someone else for 100% of your existence and happiness. No matter when she used and who she used with, it will always end up being your problem not theirs. I still see her beauty and the pics of course were probably taken after a marathon of crack smokin and sleepless nights. Like CrazyChris said thank God it wasn’t meth. That little girl is beautiful. I pray for both of them.

  7. Totally agree @ jc

    WOW! hard to believe that’s the same woman. Everybody handles heartbreak differently—couple that with substance abuse and you have a nightmare. Lisa Wu is a hot ass gold diggin mess. Glad Keith Sweat got away from her and took his kids with him. I hope Shelly has a support system still, that she can fall back on. She needs help, but has to want it. Praying that 2013 will be her year of change.

  8. another example of what happens when entertainers lose their popularity.

    how many folks go go to the extreme to support their habits.

    • Long term cocaine snorting can alter the nose significantly in some ppl. Just like long term drunks get that big ass WC Fields nose.

    • Hello everybody am Andre Tresvant Ralph’s lil brother, that’s right Shelly looks bad there but she need God and God can make her even better then she use to be before but your right she has to want that herself, Ralph knows God is able and so do I, if she get in a good church with the anointing of the spirit of God and start hanging with those powerful mothers and anointed sisters who is living for God she will find her true self and be able to have a testimony to help somebody else pray for her not put her down God where it’s at!!

  9. God will have to step in as long as she opens her heart. My cuz is doing good.. dre ski your right. I know my famly ralph is better than ever. Fuck you bum ass nukkas.

    • Lol Zane..I know who you are and I know Ralph. They don’t know. He’s finer than ever and truly blessed.

  10. Just pray for her and don’t blame Ralph for her problems. Btw..he’s doing great. He’s onstage doing his thing, enjoying his friends and family that love him and he looks great. Trust I know for sure.

  11. First, I would like to send prayers of love, encouragement, healing and recovery to Ms. Shelly Jean Shelton Tresvant and family. Shelly is a beautiful young woman who experienced a crisis and was unable to pull it together. Her current status is not to be judged and scrutinized but a cry for help! Think at this point of the disruption not only to her life but her children’s lives and other significant family members. Yes, our Christian and human responsibility is to respond with support of providing needed resources, counseling, and prayer with Godly teaching of how to cope and survive using the word of God. If you are in ATL and come across Shelly help! Yes, Shelly has to want the help but we can pray, encourage and help build her self confidence to move towards that direction. God uses people to be in position to help other people. Do not give up on this loss/lost woman, mother,sister, child, aunt, friend and saint= sinner who fell down and need help getting back up. Divorce, Drug use and abuse, homelessness are directly correlated and prevalent issues in America. I impacts individuals, families and communities. We’ve got to band together and move forward. No, Ralph Tresvant is not the blame for this situation. Thank God he is in a place to support his children. Yet he is also impacted as he has an awesome responsibility to blend a family and provide a sense of normalcy and stability to that family unit. God be with them. A special prayer to Amber. God send her continued strength. Please let’s not use negative words to kill the character and morale of these individuals and this family. God please guide, mold and shape and order Ms. Shelley Jean Shelton Tresvant steps in your word. God Keep Naquelle, Mariah, Ralph jr. And any other loved ones in Your care restore heal and revitalize. I hope their family remain intact, overcome, prosper and succeed individually and collectively. A Family test! Unity Togetherness N Faithfulness .

  12. One more concern it degrades and discounts Shelly’s and Ralph’s character to refer to her as Ralph Tresvant’s Baby Momma. She and Ralph were married. They had children as a result of that marriage . The marriage ended in divorce. She Is the ex wife and mother of hiS children like he is the ex lhusband and father of her children. Those children were created as a result of a Godly legal relationship . Just saying.

    • This is ralp Tresvant jr son of Ralph Tresvant and Shelley shelton hit me up for more info 678 8929600

    • Fam it’s all good. Do not let these suckas words f*** with you like that. You did the right thing and spoke up for your mom. We heard you and I’m glad you did speak up…a lot of those talkin sh** you’ll NEVER meet. Know why? Because they’re hiding behind a computer on a keyboard. I don’t believe some of those takin shots at your family have a MOTHER anyway…FOR REAL. DO not let them stress you out or try to battle everyone. Ignore it fam…matter of fact don’t even read anymore about it. YOU SPOKE UP. WE HEARD. I’ll pray for your mom and family. Be cool.

  13. As far as looks go, Ralph, Bobby and Johnny don’t look as good as they used to. But look at Ricky, Ronnie and Mike. They look better now than they did when they were younger and they’re in great shape. Especially Ronnie. I find it ironic that the guys in the group that nobody thought would do anything were able to be successful and perform now just as well as they did years ago. Good for them.

  14. Yeah they do look good. Isnt Michael and Puffy really tight? I think they produced a show together and work on a lot of projects together.

    And to Ralph Jr. Please tell ur mother she raised a very outstanding and honorble young man. Dont worry. When people talk the way do they r mostly insecure. Thats y they visit gossip sites. To take the focus off of their problems.

    • Hey my name is Susan! Just would like to say Mrs tresvant whatever you ypu went through may God bring you out. Just keep your head up keep the faith and believe that god can do all things. Love u mama god bless!! To your family pray and prayer changes things.Love you Susan

  15. We all are going to have to age it’s life.People are writting messages saying they look old,What did you guys think they would look fourteen for the rest of their lives.As you get older looks fade it’s going to happen to all of us so why think it would be any different for them, because they have money? I don’t understand young people making fun of people who are old like they’re never going to get old it’s a joke. I’m twenty years old by the way.

  16. Ralph Jr, I think I know more than anyone what it feel like to be lied on, but please stop talking your family business on internet, I had the pleasure of being around your family and the early 90’s, such beautiful people, just a loud fame and money to tear them aparttho the grace of God, they can pull it back together, and important of family, I do remember your mom father loving your mother very much, and had her best interest at heart, it’s no more than other people that weighed on their relationship, pray there’s a happy ending, and a beautiful beginnings for all of you guys, much blessings for the Tresvant family,

  17. Let those people have privacy. Whoevers’s perfect then cast the first stone. It is all about being positive in life. Let’s get on with N.E. Heartbreak the Movement. NE4Life seen them 5 times in concert .

  18. Hey Ralph my mom Kristi used to be friends with your mom we use to hang out when we were little in Stockton my mom would love to here from your mom if she's ok