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Rap Star’s Cadillac Dealer Timothy F. Martin Commits Suicide

May 23rd, 2011

Timothy Martin Cadillac Suicide

The Medical Examiner has just confirmed what HSK reported yesterday…. as reported here by CliffviewPilot.com.

Exclusive Update: Our sources tell us that Timothy F. Martin was being investigated for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. This after agents recently discovered kilos of cocaine in some cars belonging to his dealership. The source speculates after previous conversations with Tim, that he didn’t want to go to jail so suicide was the only other option.


HSK Exclusive - Timothy F. Martin, owner of Martin Cadillac, and formerly the owner of Englewood Cliffs Cadillac dealership in New Jersey has committed suicide by hanging this evening (May 23, 2011) at 6pm EST.

Tim Martin is well known in hiphop circles as the Cadillac dealer to almost all East Coast rap stars including Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, Fat Joe and Diddy.

According to our source Tim Martin hung himself in his mother-in-law’s house.

His company Martin Cadillac LLC, had been struggling from debt and the lingering effects of the recession and the credit crisis, having filed bankruptcy protection, GM took possession of his remaining cars and he was forced to close the dealership in October, 2010 after 6 years selling Cadillacs to NYC’s top paid rappers.

According to Tim Martin, he blamed GM for putting him out-of-business saying:

“We shut down because General Motors and GMAC siphoned the dealership of all its cash,”

Martin alleged the carmaker and its financing arm made unreasonable demands that thwarted his efforts to reorganize the business, and he planned to pursue legal action against them.

5 Responses to “Rap Star’s Cadillac Dealer Timothy F. Martin Commits Suicide”

  1. Sandie |

    I realize you are angry b/c it was your friend. But even tho someone is going through this, why not come up with a game plan – suicide is so cowardly and to leave your family – come on Tyandres? I hope if the going gets tough for you that you don’t ever go out that way. Suicide is not the way. You better call on whomever you belive in – God, Allah, Krishna, whomever…


  2. Sandie |

    By the way, look at the skull and bones patch on his shirt with the 3 masonic lines underneath. Anybody? I’m just sayin’….


  3. Associate of an associate |

    All I can say is that Timmy was a very nice man , let me tell you a story one day my husband and I were at Martin Cadillac looking at cars, mind you I have a relative that worked there . I couldn’t afford a Cadillac so anyway we were dreaming and a sales rep came up to me and said can I help u , I said I’m looking for my dad ( who worked there) , so the rep went to look for my father , my husband and I continued to look around .then here comes this tough guy and said “Hey , how can I help you.? I replied we’re just looking waiting on my father, he said who’s your father. I said (blank) he said that’s your fucking father I said yes , he said ( blank) is your fucking father I laughed said yes , then here comes my dad , Timmy said ( blank) thats your fucking daughter my dad said yeah all the while we were laughing b/ c Timmy never met any body related to my father. So he said you know what stop looking at those cars I’m gonna put you into c CTS , I said huh ,he said blank take them inside let’s go he then called this guy named Rob and said do whatever it takes lets get her into a CTS I laughed b/c I’m like dad is this guy for real , my dad said yep, so Timmy said how much you got to put down I said nothing , not to worry he said ill take care of it ,you pay me back later , I said are you serious ,he said yes cause you’re Blank’s daughter. Now this guy never met me and did this for me , from that day he helped me establish credit and everything he was a good guy I’d never forget that guy he used to make me laugh , but just going there when I would come visit my father everyone would be like scrabbling b/c my father was Timmy’s right hand guy and they all loved my dad ,Timmy was really good to my father , you never have a boss like that. Now I know he would be a dick sometimes cause I would witness it first hand when I would go see my father. But overall he was a nice guy . Just wanted to share my story and send my condo lenses to his family.


  4. Associate of an associate |

    Just let him rest in peace, he was a good guy in my book and I didn’t even know him like that but I do know , he gave to everybody and would do a lot of good for people


  5. Friend of the family |

    I used to live across the street from Tim and his family, and was privileged to have shared a friendship with them for several years. He loved his work, and he loved his cars, but above all he loved his family and would do anything and everything for them.

    I fondly remember summertimes playing street hockey with Tim, his son, and some of the local kids; he would get all geared up and stand in as goalie while us kids took turns shooting slap shots and practicing our “knuckle puck” following the “Mighty Ducks” craze.

    He frequently invited me over for dinner, would get our family into Devils hockey games for free, and even took my brother and I for our first ride in a Ferrari.

    Tim helped our family out immensely when my brother crashed our family car and we couldn’t afford to have it fixed. He had the car towed and completely repaired for us quickly and for only a few hundred dollars—all we could afford at the time, and much less than the cost of the parts alone. He had actually offered to do it for free, but reluctantly accepted payment only after we insisted on giving something.

    He and his family also personally escorted me home from school for weeks when I had a broken leg and couldn’t walk to or get a ride home.

    Tim truly had a heart for helping others.

    Unfortunately, we lost touch over the years after his family moved away, and I only recently found out about his passing when randomly looking up information about his car dealership.

    The “news” was so saddening to me, and my heart and prayers go out to Jason and Debbie as they continue to navigate life without Tim.

    Indeed, this world has lost a great man.


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