Rapper AP.9 Reveals He & Coco “Had Unprotected Sex”


AP9 Smashed Coco w/ No Condom

“I don’t have a reason to lie. She has a reason to lie. She’s the one who’s married.” ~AP.9

Beyond The Peep Show?

HSK Exclusive – What happens in Vegas may not necessary stay in Vegas for Ice T’s wife Nicole “Coco” Austin. That’s because the rapper at the center of a set of scandalous pics with the Peep Show headliner says he and the former model did the do — RAW DOG!!! That’s before we’re told Coco ended her reported “one night stand” with AP.9, leaving Sin City’s Wynn Hotel first thing in the morning to meet with her mother and sister.

This news comes almost three-months after the first set of images of the pair – looking very up close and personal – were leaked. You may recall reports revealed Coco and AP.9’s hook-up happened within the first week of Coco moving to Las Vegas to fill an interim ‘Peep Show’ spot, with Holly Madison on maternity leave.

Now, AP.9 is revealing the dirty details surrounding his Coco experience — and we’re told the rapper’s recount of the set of events is set to be published in Star Magazine.

Here’s what AP.9 exclusively told HSK:

“I met Coco the first week she arrived in Las Vegas for her ‘Peep Show’ rehearsals. After that, I would drop by Planet Hollywood to see her.

One night at the club, she asked me, ‘What are you doing after the club?.’ We ended up going back to the Wynn and I f–cked her without a condom. It was early December, I think it was the 6th. Coco left the room at five or six in the morning. She told me she had to go meet her mother and sister.”

Here’s what AP.9 revealed to Star Magazine:

“I first met Coco at Surrender Nightclub. She invited me to her table; I had a couple of drinks; we exchanged numbers. I could tell we had a physical attraction. She asked me, ‘What are you doing after the club?’ I said, ‘I’m probably just going to get a room and stay right here.’ She said, ‘Well, I’m going with you.’

We had sex. I don’t know who made the first move. It wasn’t making love; it was just sex. We had sex unprotected. I really hope she isn’t pregnant!

She did an interview and said, ‘Oh, he was a superfan, everywhere I went he showed up and ran up to me talking pictures. She threw me under the bus like I was some groupie stalking her.

Ice-T called me and said, ‘My wife wouldn’t f**k with you. You need to tell the truth because my wife wouldn’t do that.’ So I told Ice-T: ‘You want the truth? OK. Me and your wife had sex!’ I got respect for Ice, and I’m not mad at her. But don’t lie about me. Everyone is looking at me like I’m the bad guy.

I don’t have a reason to lie. But she has a reason to lie. She’s the one who’s married.”

CONFIRMED! Coco & AP9 Had Unprotected Sex


    • This must be an audition for the Jerry Springer show.
      I Had A One Night Stand And Can’t Shut Up About It.

  1. If ice t was a real pimp his first reaction would not have been to cry on twitter about his bitch being outta pocket.. he woulda said I dont care who she fuck as long as I get my money..

    true colors eventually show.. COLORS!!!

  2. Ice T is a legend. He lives a blessed life and he will be alright. I’m sure he is living the life that the negative commentors wish they lived. I do hope that Ice will cut her off and move on. As a fan, I want to see him stay on the level that he is on in us fans eyes. He’s that dude. He can scoop a new bad chick and set her up like he did CoCo. At this point, she is damaged goods (whether she did it or not.) Regardless, she shouldn’t have even been around someone like that other dude.Just my opinion. Have a blessed day people.

    • He is playing himelf with this dame and she is going to have the final laugh watch. Right now Ice is giving Coco the change to set a ground under her own feet and once she does then what? I see Coco leaving Ice very soon what kind of man allows his wife to make money off of her body and sexual situations and then get mad when she plays her role. Coco is playing the game and Ice is going to find out the hard way.

  3. I know 2 wrongs don’t make a right but Ice was cheating on her with superhead & probably a hundred other chicks 2 so… .

    • That’s why I’m wondering was this staged….so they stay relevant, BUT I don’t know it makes them both look bad so go figure. The truth lies somewhere between the lines. Perhaps they have a open relationship? If so, they need to stop…too old to be swingin’.

  4. I agree. By the advertisement and the way he has bigged up Ice in the past, I thought that they were boys. To call him out about the Google search is a low blow so maybe they had a falling out of some sorts.

    Either way, I am a fan of both guys so it is what it is.

  5. Lol at Jacky’s reply. Classic. Gotta love it. One of the reasons I love the site over any other urban news site. No wonder so many playas love it. Jacky keeps it real 100%.

    It is almost to the point that I take is “Who I am talking about” series at face value because Jacky is proud of keeping it real all the time from what I can tell.
    He also has a brain and doesn’t participate in the dumbing down of our culture like Fred over at MTO. Those guys purposefully misspell words or they ignore their spellcheckers to perpetuate the “ignorance” of our communities.

  6. I knw it was some kind of association with Jacky nd ice t. My post about calling ice t’s skank a ho, was deleted. This dude ain’t lyin on her, the problem is ice t didnt give okay on this one.

  7. Not the first time Coco has stepped out on Ice T. She banged Snoop and others. Ice begged Coco not to hang around Snoop anymore and she didn’t listen. Others have tapped Coco on the low.

    Ice is not a real pimp. It is purely an image. You don’t beg your girl not to see another dude if you are a pimp. There are numerous photos of Coco and AP together with different outfits on. The poses clearly show something was going on. NO LOYAL WOMEN, ESPECIALLY ONE IN A FAMOUS RELATIONSHIP allows herself to be photographed like that. There was a another pic of Persian looking guy palming Coco’s ass. Only a HO allows a man to do that to her, especially on camera. She forgot she was a celeb for a minute and her HO fell out.

    Stupid girl really believed ol boy wasn’t going to say nothing. Coco ain’t the baddest chick but there are a million guys that would take her down just for the bragging rights. AP-9 was one of them.

    • Ice T is always putting her on a pedestal while acting like all other woman is not worthy of his time and she is playing him big time. On there show he be trying to act like the perfect husband giving her everything that she wants this is not the mind state of a pimp. I saw some pics of Coco before the surgeries and she was nothing to look at really she is his own personal Barbie Doll because he basically made her. From what I heard he is supposed to be her handler and by the way Coco acts she definitely seems brainwash to be a sex kitten.

  8. You look weak, Tracy.
    Your reputation as a “ladies man” just dropped down to “simpleton trick”.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again; if she stepped out on him in Vegas for the entire world to see and take pics of, then she’s most likely done it before.

    Hope you got a pre-nup… Dumb ass.

    • COSIGNING! He is weak! He can’t help it! Self hatin nigga who needs validation by having a white woman on his arm.

  9. Tracy Marrow of the Marrows in Halifax County, NC. Your supposed to be my cuzn. Put that tramp where she belongs. There are tons that would do you better.

  10. Damn Ice aint u s’psd to get some scratch or scribbles for a date wit cho prossatoot?

    • @Keepitrealnot Thank you for providing me with my daily screen spew. If it weren’t for you and Madraven, I would flee a site which judges me based on blood purity. Thanks man.

      • U get love from me. Be careful tho the haters dont like those who show me love. Keep doin u ma.

  11. These hoes be acting up…and these niggas is lettin them ..including self proclaimed pimps!…. If she was my hoe.i would send her back to peep show with two black eyes…She made that man look real …soft.

  12. Jacky always report da truth.. Believe dat..he DNt put nothing out unless he checks his facts.. For all u doubting his stories

  13. It’s clear to me that this guy is looking to become famous from this. His 15 minutes of fame are now over.

    • More like 5 min. I’m sure the sex lasted longer than his fame will. I didn’t even know who the hell he was until this incident.

  14. @MD-More like HE better get to the doctor cause if she’s throwing the punani around unprotected like that he might have herpes simplex 10 or anything else! If coco is a cheater like that he isn’t the first one she’s done that with. He better hope his dick doesn’t turn green and fall off. And on a side note am i the only one who thinks this might be staged? I mean if you’re cheating would you really be taking pics of the man you’re cheating with grabbing your ass? Just a thought.

    • Exactly. Women are discreet with their stuff (even the morons), and if they aren’t, then it is because they don’t care…anymore. There are way too many BOLD pics like this. Either it is PR for their show, or she is trying to send him some type of message.

      • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

        I agree totally with the 3 replies above, started by Mad. If that chick doesn’t have herpes after 20 years of hoein, then I’m Kathy Lee Gifford.
        His only hope is that she is on Valtrex or her disease was dormant at the time.

      • All most men want is sex so who gives up there stuff constantly for someone else agenda not me. I am the selector you are giving an invitiation that why I think that being a lady is so much more honorable and valuable then being a hoe. What the fk do I can about a man wants and needs if I can’t get more from the situation in general #1 getting treated the way that I want to be treated #2 seeing real and honorable manly behavior in action. Sex is too overrated without intimacy to be giving to everyone a taste who wants it just because the idea is just laughable. To me when you have respect for yourself sex is never #1 priority on your list in life.

        • cudos for that comment!!!

          brainless bimbos nowadays think just because a man is willing to fucc them that they are hot shit and all the confidence and selfesteem lies in that alone … pretty sad, pathetic existence, if you ask me!

          and now they want to push that stupid, dumb, disgusting behavior on our little kids … as if sex was some new invention and will die out if you don’t do it … smh!

          i hate this world and it’s idiots!!!

  15. I knew she was a heaux!! Dude is a Beetch for telling, and he hit it raw so now he has whatever they got…and thats what he gets!!







    • I agree 100% Chris. He must have loved it. He’s still talking about it. Like he lost his virginity or something.lol

      • just like when pac said he slept with faith whether he did it or not pac wanted to destroy big’s crediblity as a so called street player and pimp.

        it worked pac also said that he used to beg women to have sex with biggie.

        you know big was crying behind closed doors when nobody was watching.

    • I agree with u totally.

      He should’ve left that trash where she was. He did his son’s mom wrong so now its his turn.

  17. Would say it’s karma then again I’m leaning more in the direction of WHY? Why would you tell anyone that’ll listen especially the media and tabloids you slept with another man’s wife? If she gave it to you wouldn’t you wanna keep it discreet? Why say “I respect Ice-T” yet lol you sleep with his wife,post pics then sale your story? That’s lame. Dude can’t even creep or be discreet right. These cats today are hilarious. He has no beef with T but braggin about sleeping with his wife…so your point is?????
    Sorry this story just reminds me how far hip hop has fallen. Instead of promoting his music he’s promoting his story…lame.

  18. *sigh*
    I liked coco, she didn’t seem like a typical blonde bitch to me.
    Oh boy how I think differently now. I do believe this clown ass nigga for some reason. He does talk to much, he is looking for publicity that he can’t get on his own. Which make taking the badest white bitch in the game from a well respected rapper turnt actor ideal for publicity..Even if its just fucking her..When theres smoke, there’s fire. Why would you be out taking these type of pictures with some random ass NO NAME, if you haven’t established a relationship of some sort already ? Ice, check your bitch mane! “Willie D” that broad if you have to, thats the bottom in the stable right? N if that don’t get her mind right, bow down and respect the game..”PIMP’N” lol

  19. She put herself in this position. When you’re married or in a committed relationship you don’t put yourself around ANY man where someone can doubt your loyalty. All the hands on the booty pics, holding drinks hugging pics & head on breast pics will make ppl doubt YOU! He’s a douch regardless but now you’ve embarrassed yaself & ya husband. So he’s taking it a step further claiming to f’you raw!?! Chile please! Now even if ya husband stays he’s always going to have a nagging feeling b/c that shit was real disrespectful.
    Ice too old to start over. I wonder if he will. He’ll turn into the old man at the club.

    • @EbonyLolita-You know initially when this story first broke i was like ice is getting what he deserved for leaving Darlene. But now this is pissing me off cause even if it is a staged publicity stunt it’s making ice look like a damn fool! And for a black man to be made to look like a simp by some trailer trash tranny wannabe is insulting. But when you sell your soul to E network home of the kardashians i guess you get what you get. And if this is a stunt coco needs to be ashamed for letting herself get slutted out like some ten dollar street hoe. And for letting anyone let alone a tv network make her embarass her husband like this. But i guess you can’t play the race card here cause right up the dial is basketball wives and love and hip hop where a bunch of black women act just as ratchet and thirsty for fame. I’m gonna start watching animal planet instead of these bullshit reality shows cause at least when animals act stupid it’s cause they don’t know any better.

      • And if this is real i don’t give a damn how old ice is he better RUN to the nearest divorce lawyer and handle his business!! Now being a female myself i’m not gonna advocate beating up another woman(even if she looks like a goddamn man). HOWEVER i would have no problem with ice slapping the cowboy shit out of her man faced ass! But to be fair it does beg the question did ice do something to make her be this blatant? I mean i know ice is no spring chicken anymore but old rats need cheese too. Could he have cheated on her? You know older men sometimes get antsy if they’ve been in a relationship for a while so maybe ice fukked up and that part of the story hasn’t come out yet. All will be revealed in time i guess BUT if he didn’t do anything wrong she needs to get that old school willie dynamite backhand to her very prominent jawbone! Hey just sayin’

    • that was hilarious. The thing is Ice T doesnt have to be in a club. Given his status AND financial stature, he is around beautiful smart women daily- be it lawyers, publicists, stylists, journalists, etc. I get the whole “shock value” comments and all that- I would like to see more intelligence in opinions rather than just spewing hate. GOD bless.

  20. 99 smashed alright this aint nothing full force karma on ice t behalf he got this women ass shots and breast implants with quickness an used her as way to rub in black women this old piss colored creep is getting what he deserves you damm right coco went out and got herself a real black man and not a half of one ice t aint sh!t hope he got somthing from her! both him and her probably itching like hell around house right now.

  21. This seems like pr or a way to keep her in check . Or a slick way to advertise that she provides bbfs to prospectives. Shrug?

  22. Isn’t she a man? Seriously, she is completely manufactured from head to toe.

    This dumb man is bragging about having sex with a man. Ugh, he needs to get tested for every STD.

  23. sex scandals are the thing these days and it’s all about sex.

    all these people getting over because of sex how many married couples we see cheating.

    hollywood is full of infidelity.

    ap9 made a foll of ice so did coco no married woman lets other men grab her ass and not 1 but 2 men coco and ice is about to call it quits.

    and ap9 will get some cred by doing this since a lot of black men like coco and see her as the ultimate prize he will get some street cred 4 a minute then folks will look at ice’s track record cand clown him for it.

  24. Can a woman feel it if a man grabs on her plastic ass? Coco may not have even known the hands were there.

    • How about all over her body if it is90% silicone.

      The beginning of the takedown in total of the black man. The white woman treats him like a bitch in front of the world! And he wifed that ho, LOL!!

  25. Ice T once said that every married man needs a whore and he got one. I’m sure this is not the first time she wanted some black dick. Just look at her! She looks like she sucks dick for a living. I just hope Ice T got his shit together on the funds end so that she wont get half. That’s what niggers get for marrying white whores. She wouldn’t want him if he was a regular street king right Jackie? Don’t ask me, ask the KKK.

  26. Coco this is fucked up, at the end of the day you are married. U should have been more lady like instead of being a dumb ass…Ice is a solid dude and u got caught doing this shit which means this is not the first time… In the south we call this real shitty shit