Rapper Juvenile Arrested After Miami Hotel Brawl


Juvenile 2012 Mugshot
Former Hot Boys rapper, Juvenile, was arrested for disorderly conduct at a Miami hotel last night after allegedly being involved in a fight.

Juvenile, whose real name is Terius Gray, had just earlier in the evening reunited with Lil Wayne on stage at LIV nightclub. Juve and Wayne, who were in the Hot Boys together back in the 90’s, had reunited for the first time since their group has broken up.

Here’s the drop:

Around 7:00am, cops say Juvenile was involved in a fight that began inside the nightclub and spilled outside to the front of the hotel. Security reported that the people involved in the fight were “creating a threat to life and property as well as the overall safety of the patrons inside.”

Miami Beach PD responded to the scene and arrested Juvenile taking the rapper to a nearby station where he was booked and later released.

Juvenile & Lil Wayne Reunite


  1. Juvenile? At some point you need to start acting your age and not the ddefinition of your name. smdh

    • You must not have seen some of his latest interviews. He knows his age. No matter what your age, fights can be brought to you. Because you are a certain age, are you supposed to not fight? You “mature” people crack me up, always trying to live up to that Dynasty lifestyle…

      • I STILL say he needs to grow up. I would say how I really feel about your lil comment but I am too “mature” for that. <<<<<<<<<<see how that works…..?

  2. Why is it ltrying to live up to some “Dynasty lifestyle” to be the bigger man and walk away. Or better yet not to put yourself in a situation wherein some ignorant ass is going to start a fight with you. Just grow the hell up…too damned old to be brawling in some club.

  3. Damn Juvenile was my fav hot boys rapper, but his life is getting outta control. I wonder what that fight was about……to be a fly on that wall.