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Rapper Webbie Arrested on Battery & Robbery Charges

September 13th, 2012

Rapper Webbie 2012 Mugshot
Webbie, whose real name is Webster Gradney, Jr. (27), was arrested yesterday for battery and robbery, after allegedly kicking a woman down a flight of stairs and taking some cash for himself.

Here’s the drop:

According to a police report filed in Baton Rouge, LA, Webbie is accused of attacking a woman inside a Chase Suite Hotel early this morning after being banned from the premises — kicking her down two sets of stairs before swiping her purse and stealing $340 in cash. Webbie was arrested on the scene at approximately 2:30 AM.

A rep for Webbie claims, the rapper met the woman behind the accusations at a party last night, but he never attacked her, or stole her money. The rep admits Webbie took money from the woman’s purse , but says the money is his and the woman in question had stolen it from him.

Webbie was release on $9,000 bond.


8 Responses to “Rapper Webbie Arrested on Battery & Robbery Charges”

  1. Ashwon |

    Dayum dude, hoax’s are for kids, get you a grown woman.



    HMMM…(QUESTIONS): “WHY DIDN’T HE call THE POLICE (IF SHE stole money FROM HIM”)??? …. “Did she GO SEEK MEDICAL treatment??”… “WHY is WEBBIE taking a PICTURE (HOLDING HIS HANDS LIKE THAT”)??? ;) “WHAT, (EXACTLY) does THAT ‘HAND gesture ‘ MEAN?? ;) “INQUIRING MINDS wanna KNOW!!” ;-) lol “HMMMMM.”


    crazychris Reply:

    f those signals why the hell is he robbing women and this damn fool went to jail for 300 cash.

    webbie’s smoking crack cause this is shit dopefiends do.


  3. R IN NYC |

    *****yawn***** another day, another dumb rapper getting arrested for dumb sh*t.


  4. Toi |

    smells like a trick turn one sour to me…..


  5. Mu$h da great |

    He cant be out here down bad like that …theres got to be more to this..


  6. trapnsolongimtrapped |

    He had to be Trickng!! I agree with Toi sounds like she got paid the money and maybe some slick words were exchanged on both sides and dude got mad and kicked her down the the steps and took his money back. I’ll tell webbie what a older dude told me dont get the girl u like get the girl that likes u.


  7. Woman at Center of Webbie Robbery/Assault Arrest Backs Down |

    [...] Webbie, who was arrested for assault and robbery last week, after allegedly kicking a woman down a flight of stairs and then taking money from her [...]

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